Nutrient Administration and Resistance Training


Skeletal muscle tissue is tightly regulated throughout our bodies by balancing its synthesis and breakdown. Many factors are known to exist that cause profound changes on the overall status of skeletal muscle, some of which include exercise, nutrition, hormonal influences and disease.

Muscle hypertrophy results when protein synthesis is greater than protein breakdown. Resistance training is a popular form of exercise that has been shown to increase muscular strength and muscular hypertrophy. In general, resistance training causes a stimulation of protein synthesis as well as an increase in protein breakdown, resulting in a negative balance of protein.

Providing nutrients, specifically amino acids, helps to stimulate protein synthesis and improve the overall net balance of protein. Strategies to increase the concentration and availability of amino acids after resistance exercise are of great interest and have been shown to effectively increase overall protein synthesis. [1-3]

After exercise, providing carbohydrate has been shown to mildly stimulate protein synthesis while addition of free amino acids prior to and after exercise, specifically essential amino acids, causes a rapid pronounced increase in protein synthesis as well as protein balance.[1,3]

Evidence exists for a dose-response relationship of infused amino acids while no specific regimen exists for optimal dosing upon ingestion. Ingestion of whole or intact protein sources (e.g., protein powders, meal-replacements) has been shown to cause similar improvements in protein balance after resistance exercise when compared to free amino acid supplements.

Future research should seek to determine optimal dosing of ingested intact amino acids in addition to identifying the cellular mechanistic machinery (e.g. transcriptional and translational mechanisms) for causing the increase in protein synthesis.

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Yesterday I told a trainer who has told me to be a professional bodybuilder that I'm having stomach ache because I had protein shake during workout. I shared that I uased to have ON Hydro Whey which I was able to take in during workout whereas it's not available in market for a while (how to get much better in India?) and so I'm having ON 100% Whey. The trainer told me that isolate is faster absorbing than hydrolysed protein. I told him that isolate has a lot more protein content but hydrolysed is faster. I also said that I'll search again and that I just read this

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Then there is also hydrolyzed whey protein (also called hydrolyzed whey peptides). When a protein is hydrolyzed is means that it, by technological processes, has been split to smaller chains of amino acids, called peptides 16, 30-33. The hydrolytic process mimics our own digestive actions; thus it can be said that hydrolyzed protein is a predigested protein. Hydrolyzed proteins contain mostly di-peptides and tri-peptides, and are absorbed more rapidly than free-form amino acids and much more rapidly than intact (non-hydrolyzed) proteins 34-46.

Consumption of whey protein hydrolysate in post-exercise (and before strength training workouts) drinks is preferred because it results in a faster increase in blood amino acid concentrations and a higher insulin response during a 2-3 h period than does intact protein 47-49. The simultaneous increase in blood amino acids and insulin levels in turn significantly promotes muscle protein synthesis and inhibits muscle protein breakdown 50-58.

It is especially interesting that consumption of protein hydrolysate solutions (that also contain 15 g glucose) result in peak blood insulin concentrations that are two and four times higher than after the ingestion of milk and glucose solutions (15 g glucose in water), respectively 49. This despite the fact the milk dose in that study contained nearly three times more carbohydrate 49.

Thus, when one consumes protein hydrolysates in post-exercise drinks (and pre resistance exercise) one can create a powerful response in blood amino acids and insulin levels without having to ingest large amounts of carbohydrates and unnecessary calories. Another practical advantage is that one can ingest a protein hydrolysate-containing supplement immediately after exercise without becoming bloated and not excessively suppressing appetite, so one can eat another meal sooner, possibly optimizing the post-exercise “anabolic window”. Have you been frustrated over protein powders that clog your shaker? Then you have an additional reason to get a whey protein powder with hydrolysates because the hydrolysates increase the solubility of the product 32.

Skeletal muscle tissue is firmly managed all through our bodies by adjusting its combination and breakdown. Numerous elements are known to exist that reason significant changes on the general status of skeletal muscle, some of which incorporate exercise, sustenance, hormonal impacts and ailment. Muscle hypertrophy comes about when protein union is more prominent than protein breakdown. Obstruction preparing is a famous type of activity that has been appeared to increment solid quality and strong hypertrophy. When all is said in done, obstruction preparing causes an incitement of protein union and additionally an expansion in protein breakdown, bringing about a negative adjust of protein. Giving supplements, particularly amino acids, empowers protein amalgamation and enhance the general net adjust of protein. Techniques to expand the focus and accessibility of amino acids after obstruction practice are of incredible intrigue and have been appeared to adequately build general protein synthesis.After work out, giving starch has been appeared to gently fortify protein blend while expansion of free amino acids before and after exercise, particularly fundamental amino acids, causes a fast articulated increment in protein amalgamation and in addition protein balance.Evidence exists for a dosage reaction relationship of imbued amino acids while no particular regimen exists for ideal dosing upon ingestion. Ingestion of entire or flawless protein sources (e.g., protein powders, dinner substitutions) has been appeared to cause comparative changes in protein adjust after opposition practice when contrasted with free amino corrosive supplements. Future research should look to decide ideal dosing of ingested flawless amino acids notwithstanding distinguishing the cell robotic apparatus (e.g. transcriptional and translational systems) for causing the expansion in protein blend.

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