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Suggestions on buying good quality training accessories

The time is changing so is the mind of people. We can see that many like to participate in sports event. But one should know all the basics rules of the game and should be properly trained by a professional coach. The coach suggests you to buy some equipment for practicing. The equipments you need to buy should be of good quality. Track n Field Gear allows you to choose from the best quality sports and Athletics training equipment. We sell all kinds of sports…


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The Need for Quality Safety Equipments for Sports Activities

Like all other spheres of human activity, sporting has also become increasingly competitive and for a sportsperson to excel, he/ she will have to extend to the farthest limits.Most sports spectators must be familiar with scenes like a player not getting up in pain after a fall, a race car driver sitting motionless after a crash or an injured player being escorted out of the game. This is the reason why it is imperative that sportspersons must wear the prescribed safety gear…


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Range of Training Accessories at Track And Field Gear

When you want to get trained the right way and increase your potential, you choose the best coach and get the right tips from them to enhance your potential as well as performance. When you are working hard to follow up with the tips and advice your coach gives, you will need necessary sports equipments to support you at each and every step. It is very important that you find the right place for getting good quality sports equipments in Texas.

If you…


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A brief insight into soccer and its techniques

Soccer is one of the most recognized and it was the game of life for a lot of countries as well. The love for this sport is so innate that parents make available gear for soccer to their kids at a very small age. Guided by these points, soccer is a favorite past time for middle age people and a number of children are given soccer once they learn to walk, if not earlier.

As far as the…


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Saakshar Bharat Yatra Culminates; MoS HRD Releases Literacy Video Campaign, ‘Shiksha Ka Suraj’

Hi All, The well-being of a society crucially depends on the health and fitness of its people including its young people whose health and fitness crucially depends on the education and awareness of their elders besides other things. Kindly share this with others: 

Shiksha Ka Suraj - a music video on Indian Adult Literacy: 

From …


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An insight into shot put techniques

When it comes to track and field events, they are separated by two different sets and it includes track events and field events. Between these two track events include sprints, relays, hurdles, middle distances and long distances. Coming to field events, it includes high jump, pole vault, long jump, triple jump,
shot put, discus,

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Cheerleaders, Cheerleading, Indian Premier League (IPL), Sports, International Work Opportunities

Today at gym, IPL was going on the treadmill screen that I had got on and that I saw cheerleaders and that then thought of reading more about them since the little IPL that I've seen including due to being very busy, I've mostly seen international girls and that some weeks ago a girl at a dance school in Delhi had asked the salsa dance teacher whether he could help her work at IPL as a cheerleader on which I had also told her that I could try to…


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Goals ... Are they for you or somebody else?

Last night I was teaching my normal kid's class in a small gym not far from my home. Sometime during the class, there was a girl who looked at me with an "amazed" look & said "Your belt is black!!!". To her I responded "Yep, several times over" & walked toward her.

Now... let me stop here to clarify things. First it's not a belt, but a silk sash with a red tassel on the ends. It was my teacher's & he gave it to me when he retired, unfortunately too recently in my book.…


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Introducing Topend Sports

My website Topend Sports ( is a great resource for fitness industry professionals. A large part of the site is about fitness testing, with over 200 fitness tests described. There is also information about fitness training, nutrition and other sport sciences. Have a look and I am sure you will find relevant and interesting information. If you have any questions, just ask. Rob

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Gym equipments in India

Syndicate Gym Equipment affords you a top quality workout! Syndicate Gym are built to perform to the scrutinizing standards of commercial health club equipment & Cardio equipment in India . Compare the features of the Syndicate Gym equipment and you will find how quality components, precision engineering, state-of-the-art electronics and the best warranty in the industry combine to make Syndicate Gym the premier name in commercial gym equipment & home cardio fitness in India

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Gym, Republic Day (India) [26th Jan 2012]

My post and some comments on my Facebook

Shakti Saran

Our apartment's president is a nice leader. I went to my gym in C.P., however, when I reached there, it was closed with a notice that today it would close at 5pm. I returned and that saw some people in the…


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Self Discipline -- Route to Perfect Practice or Practicing Perfectly?

Bugger that word... perfect. Perfect is a state of mind. How about rather than focusing on that, let's look at the first two words... Self Discipline.

Self discipline is the driving force to practice. You have to be willing to focus on achieving and surpassing your goals and nothing else when engaged in the practice. Everybody has their passion. For me, martial arts fills that gap. I've been at it now for over 30 years. At this point honestly self discipline has gone a bit lax. I…


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Plateau - be in and enjoy it and also try to come out of it simultaneously

Hi All,

Yesterday someone mentioned to some people that he wants to get motivated back into the LESMILLS BODYCOMBAT class and that he had been highly regular with it before. I mentioned that he could've hit a plateau and that then shared some things on which someone else mentioned that whether I had a read a book because what I was mentioning was very similar to the book. I told him that I haven't, however, I had once hit a plateau and that then my martial arts teacher had shared…


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Asians work a lot and so people here don't have time...?

Hi All,

Some govt. economist told me that asian people work alot and so people here don't have time to pub club like the west. I asked him what about chinese and japanese pubbing clubbing on which he didn't say anything. I told him that different people can have different perspectives and that I'm not interested in judging (whats right and wrong). However, I think that particularly for single guys and women in general the reasons are different and not because they don't have time…


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Strength & Conditioning for Kids: How and Why?

Someone in class tenth asked me today that whether doing push ups stunts height because that's what his school teacher who has a PH.D. told him.

I told him that I would search on this and then share the same with him. 


Age Guidelines

Generally, if your…


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My tentative schedule at Fitness First for December 2011 (Left gym on 29th March 2012)

Hi All,

I might go to Fitness First in morning or evening or even during afternoon. I'll also try to mix between morning and evening classes during different weeks. If you're reading this blog post without being a member of our network then you're welcome to connect with me on our Health and Fitness India network!

My tentative schedule at Fitness First for December 2011 which depends on discussion with personal trainer and that I'll update this after getting inputs from the…


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For business owners, professionals, and enthusiasts in health and fitness

Hi All,

During mid October, I decided to leave my gym then which has nice facility, equipment, and trainers and that I recommend it to people and so my reason to leave wasn't because of gym itself. So I went to a gym nearby that is an international chain of high repute to learn about it. I was told by the salesperson there that he was giving me a great discount and that it was only valid until the end of October. However, I couldn't join it for November because my gym then told me…


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At least 1 billion people undernourished, while 1.5 billion people overweight

Hello Everyone,

Kindly let me share this with you:

"At least one billion people are undernourished while a staggering 1.5 billion people are overweight, including an increasing number in low and middle income countries," World Disasters Report-2011 by International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies stated. …


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Home exercises to burn, reduce and lose fat and get slim and fit - Health Fitness India

Posted by Shakti Saran on September 1, 2015 at 6:12pm 0 Comments

Hi Everyone, I keep hearing from people on how to burn, reduce and lost fat and get slim and fit. People say they don't have time or money or both for going to gym. 

If you're struggling with fat and want a slim and fit body then I'm starting this post to share valuable videos that you can do at home.

At first before you start doing any exercises, make sure that you've no health issues or get a doctor…


How to lift weights, lose fat, tone, sculpt and build body at gym - Health Fitness India

Posted by Shakti Saran on April 2, 2016 at 5:55pm 0 Comments

How to lift weights, lose fat, tone, sculpt and build body at gym

Click each image below to see several videos on Health and Fitness India

Ladies, don't be turned off by lifting weights because you see a girl with lots of big muscles. It's very difficult to get lots of big…


Krav Maga India - Martial Art Self Defense - Schools, Trainers, Courses

Posted by Shakti Saran on September 20, 2015 at 6:07pm 0 Comments

Krav Maga ("contact combat") is a self-defense system that consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from Aikido boxing, judo and wrestling along with realistic fight training.

You can read more about Krav Maga in

Health Fitness India site suggests to learn from well-qualified Krav Maga instructors and to use the…


Very fat to Very fit - Fitness Trainer and Model Manisha Ramdhin - Health Fitness India

Posted by Shakti Saran on June 26, 2015 at 5:30pm 0 Comments

See how Manisha Ramdhin who had a very poor physical fitness and a very fat body has transformed herself into a slim, toned and muscular body that looks very fit.

Her Facebook link. This article will be soon updated with more details about her.

Manisha's photos are also…


Food Adulteration in India - Issues and Basic to Advanced Solutions for Reducing and Stopping it

Posted by Shakti Saran on March 18, 2016 at 5:30pm 54 Comments


Hi All, Please share about food adulteration with your family and friends which should also help to make things better or else your conditions might also keep worsening. I share details below from different sources but can't say for…


Anti-Pollution Mask, Delhi Metro Police, India

Posted by Shakti Saran on February 21, 2016 at 2:26pm 86 Comments


Lung Screening for Children and Everyone in India on

Hi All, Please share about air pollution with your family and friends which…



How much physical activity do adults need?

Started by Shakti Saran in Uncategorized. Last reply by Dr. Suruchi Puri Jul 21, 2018. 27 Replies

From Important Health BenefitsAdults need at least:2 hours and 30 minutes (150 minutes) of…Continue

Tags: adults, need, activity, physical, much

Starting an Exercise Program

Started by Shakti Saran in Uncategorized. Last reply by Dr. Suruchi Puri Jul 21, 2018. 14 Replies

From toughest and most important step in an exercise program is getting started. People often think they need to…Continue

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You MUST Research health and fitness inputs given by family, friends and others

Started by Shakti Saran in Uncategorized. Last reply by Shravan Joshi May 31, 2017. 12 Replies

Today after an awesome LESMILLS RPM class, I asked the instructor on whether there's a recommended way to breathe during the class. Another person there said that thinking logically, it would be breathing quickly at short intervals. He also said…Continue

Tags: long, instructor, intervals, short, deep

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