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Quite a few adults in their 40s start facing problems with their vision. In most of the cases, they are not able to see or read anything at a very close distance. This causes major inconvenience to them in their daily routine life and even while working at home or office. The main sign that you are developing presbyopia is, when you need to hold a book, newspaper or mobile phone farther from your eyes to read what is written on it clearly.

This problem is scientifically known as presbyopia and usually requires bifocal lenses to correct the same. Bifocal lenses help people suffering from this problem have clear vision at all distances through the usage of lenses of two different prescriptions together. An eye doctor can help you diagnose this condition and based on his tests prescribe the correct prescription number of glasses or lenses you need to wear to address the problem. While glasses are a handy solution to this problem, some people may not be comfortable in using the same, especially if they have never worn glasses before in their life.

Glasses need proper handling and care especially while travelling, since they are prone to damage. People also need to be able to adjust to the habit of wearing glasses daily and accepting how it changes the way they look. Luckily, the eye doctors nowadays can also prescribe bifocal contact lenses that can be used without any inconvenience. The wearer may a little a different in the beginning, but the convenience they offer is worth the effort and time you take to adjust to them.

What is a Bifocal contact lens?

These lenses are designed to provide clear vision to people who face refractive errors or are also experiencing age related eye vision problems such as presbyopia. There are two types of bifocal contact lenses available based on their design. One of the designs is similar to the design of eye glasses with a distinct separate section for each prescription; i.e. the near and the far one. This type of lens is known as a segmented bifocal lens with the lower part of the lens being made for the near prescription and the upper part for the distance viewing prescription.

The second type of bifocal lens has a concentric design, with the centre part making up the normal distance vision lens and the outer part making up the near prescription lens. Both these lens types have been around for many years and people adapt one based on their personal convenience in using them and how comfortable they feel in them.

The contact lenses however offer a distinct advantage over glasses and are therefore preferred by many people. People using the bifocal contact lenses for the first time need some time to get used to and it may be couple of weeks before it becomes a habit for them. Adequate precaution also needs to be taken when using contact lenses, to avoid any form of eye infection. An eye infection usually occurs when the lens get contaminated when they are touched with dirty hands or when the contact lens liquid used to store them is dirty.

This leads to the growth of bacteria on the lens which can cause major eye infections when they come in contact with the eyes. To avoid all these problems most of the eye doctors prescribe using daily or weekly disposable lenses, which should be worn only for the period recommended on them and then discarded. It is also advised to wash the hands before putting and removing the contact lenses in the eyes.

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