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Hi All, 

First, which has details on adulteration of milk of Indian mothers capable of causing neuro-behavioral problems in infants such as disorientation, concentration problems, confusion and irritability.

Sochiye land, water aur air pollution aur food adulteration ke bare mein. Maa ke doodh se akaal bhi kum aur badan bhi kharab ho sakta hai bachpan se. Hum insaan to hai lekin kaise jahaan itne kharab issues ho gaye hai. Kaise ban gaye hum aise? Doodh se? Sochiye.

You can also get value from Jo Indian mother ka milk piye

You can also get value from Indian Badboodar

When girls, women and others in your family go to a salon and get a hair wash, do you wonder what quality water gets used? What about the towels they use?

If you're not sure then do you tell them to carry their own water and towels from home?

The salon professionals could be good, however, perhaps not the other things.

Emailed CBI Cyber Crime Cell


17th July 2014: Indian Maa apne doodh mein harmful chemicals test kare, shayad koi badboo based test ho jaise ki agar pani ya pipe mein kharabi hai to pani mein kharab smell aa jaati hai aur phir proper lab tests to honge hi.

Kharab maa ka doodh aise logo ko baby hone se sadana shuru kar sakte hai aur phir ye aisa bhi ban sakte hai aur aisa bhi kar sakte hai. Thanks! Best!

Indian mothers test for harmful chemicals in their milk, perhaps there's a bad smell based test like if water or pipe gets a problem then water gets a bad smell and then there'll be proper lab tests also.

Bad milk of mother can start to rot such people since they're baby and then they can become like this and also do like this. Thanks! Best!

Bangalore shocker: Six-year-old gang-raped in school; parents protest

4th May 2013: Amul finds caustic soda, urea in milk - "Generally, urea and caustic soda raise the level of fat in milk. The Amul Dairy has taken the lapse seriously and has served notice to the society," a source said. Thank You Amul for being serious! Such milk would make a nice bawarchi into suarchi by making harmful food to be eaten by humans.

Making our world beautiful. Making ourselves healthy and fit.

This added on 17 Feb 2013: Lord Hanuman, Such weakness in me! Were you also made of amino acids? If so then what did you not do to my elders that we've so many extremely severe issues with food and also with water and air and land? I'm unable to have eggs since I recently read about how chickens are being grown which seems extremely harmful to humans. I'm trying to find out if those details are right or wrong and from where I can get healthy eggs. Perhaps you're upset that Gods are being offered extremely adulterated sweets and so you're also not caring for us. Hum suar nahin hai yeh to aapko bhi pata hai phir aisa kyun ki itna adulteration or pollution hai humari society aur environment mein? Maa ke doodh mein bhi adulteration ka issue aa raha hain aur logo ko pata chalne ke baad bhi woh test kara rahein hai ki nahin?

Achcha hai ki best logo ne computer, Internet, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, printer aur cheeze banayi hai jisse main kum se kum thode aur logo se yeh share kar sakta hun. Elders to jaise bhi ho, youth bhi kaisa banega aise adulteration aur pollution ke bad? Logo ka dimaag aur sundarta bhi bahut kharab ho sakti hai aise issues ke baad. Share karne se shayad aur log bhi behtar karenge aur behtar jeeyenge. Hum suar nahi, Hum sher nahi, Hum insaan hai!

Agar aapko pollution ke issue ke bare mein nahin malum to dekhe

Agar aapko food adulteration ke issue ke bare mein nahin malum to dekhe

This para added on 2 Feb 2013: Aapke bachche ki maa ke doodh mein kya hain? (What's in the milk of your child's mother?) Kya aap chahate hai ki aapka bachcha soche ki aapne uski maa ke doodh ke bare mein kyun nahin parvah ki (Do you wish that your child think that why you didn't care for mother's milk?) Aap kya sochte hai ki itna kharab pollution maa ke doodh ko kya kar raha hai? What do you think is the very harmful pollution doing to mother's milk? Aaj aapne iske bare mein kya kiya? What did you do today about this? Sabhi bachcho ko insaan banne ka achcha mauka mile! All children should get a good chance to become human. Jaise do strong, strong x strong ho sakte hai, waise hi do weak, weak x weak bhi ho sakte hai. Like two strong can be strong x strong, similarly two weak can be weak x weak.

Today a gym trainer asked me whether I was married. I told him that I'm not interested (meaning that I'm not actively looking for a spouse like how people do including the trainer who mentioned that he wants to get married by some period). Also, this doesn't mean that I couldn't later depending on the person! He related marrying to being an Indian. I told him that I thought that such thoughts would be more in tier 2 and 3 cities and that not in a top gym in Delhi. I also told him that people who do the many cultural things can still be very negative. He and I agreed that what we can do is to be nice. I asked him whether he has run a gym on which he said that some discussion is going on. I told him that I know a top gym that wants to grow from one to several outlets and that based on the several inputs that I've given to this gym's owner, the gym owner is willing to hire a CEO to run his gym. He thanked me for sharing the same and that I wish the best for him and also for getting a CEO for this gym.

When I got off Vaishali metro station, I got an auto rickshaw who yelled at a manual rickshaw because he wasn't driving properly with some passengers on it. I told him that there're so many Indian street dogs and that like how people have gotten used to them by going around them however they can, it's the same how this person might be driving the manual rickshaw. Then I thought on whether the milk of Indian mothers and of mothers in other parts of the world would be more, equally, or less adulterated than the milk of cows used to make the best chocolates. I also thought on what would be the relative adulteration in the milk of mothers in the different parts of the world and that how much it depends on how the majority of people are in the different parts of the world. I wish that there can be milk testers for mothers at gyms, fitness centers, clinics, and other places including because I've read that their milk is getting more and more adulterated which also leads to mental and physical problems in people from birth. This should also help to make the majority of people realize that they've to make efforts towards reducing and stopping problems that would be leading the milk of mothers to become adulterated. It's highly unfortunate that there're so many Indian street dogs while the Indian forest tigers are near extinction. I wouldn't suggest it but I had seen an Indian tiger at a short distance away and that I was in an open jeep and that the tiger was sitting in open and that we didn't have any weapons for protection. From that experience and from readings and videos on tigers, I think that it would be great to have at least enough Indian forest tigers and none or almost none Indian street dogs.


Shakti Saran

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Comment by Shakti Saran on May 1, 2012 at 12:19am

Today I saw a lady exercising using machines and that something didn't seem correct about how she was doing the workout. When I saw her at the water cooler, I asked her whether she has learnt about lifting weights before or that she learns about it from online on which she responded that she's doing by learning from the gym itself which perhaps meant that she asks the trainers on how to do exercises and that then she does them by herself. I didn't mention to her there about getting personal training if she can at least when she's beginning weight training because that would help her a lot. I did share about my Health and Fitness India network's site with her. It's nice that she's serious about fitness and that she resides around 3 km away and that comes from a distance. I asked her whether she calculated the distance using Google Maps on which she responded while she was driving :) I wish that the site would also be of value to her.

I realize that I keep telling about the site to people including those who I've met for the first time and that I wish that they receive it positively! I do think that the site can be of high value to Indian women for the things I keep sharing on it. One crucial thing for Indian women is that if they're turning into mothers then they must get their milk checked for adulteration because that can unnecessarily harm their babies including mentally and that could also negatively impact the society.

I do avoid interacting with people who to me seem to have a negative feel about them like if they've shown negative or unfriendly attitude with me or someone else. It also seems that women in general in India for whatever reasons aren't as socially comfortable or conversant as women from some of the developed nations that I've been to and that I'm unsure about the other parts of the world. A friend who's a combat instructor just returned from Mauritius after his honeymoon and that met me at the gym today because he had to take the combat class. He told me that I should go to Mauritius since he thinks that it's a great place for me. He said that there's a lot of respect for women there even though there're beaches and that people have a lot of fun there and that there're several people of Indian origin there and that the education and health are free there and that there's also a lot of work. I told him that if I can get a dual citizenship then I could even think more on that since that should also help me do business between there and here and that I would research on the same!

Some while ago, I had shared with a woman regarding how to use the spinning bike because otherwise she could've hurt herself and that we had spoken for a while, however, after that day even if she walked by me she just looked the other way. Similar has happened to me with some others also, however, I still think that the negative experiences don't mean that one shouldn't pursue the positive experiences. Today while I was working out, a woman was working out nearby me and that since I was almost facing her while doing my workout, I happened to look at her a few times and that I would've perhaps smiled to acknowledge her and that I would've also said hello and that would've also shared about the site but she seemed to ignore me and that when my instructor took me to the stretching area, she was there facing me at the equipment but that I decided to not do or say anything to her because I had already tried for the same before and that I didn't want to make her uncomfortable and that she could've also acknowledged me. In some developed nations, several women seem to be as socially conversant as men and that perhaps even more. One major reason for that here might be that the women in general here are concerned a lot for their safety given all the unfortunate incidences. In this regard, I had met a woman a week or so ago who I had noticed for a while to seriously workout at the gym and that today I shared with her that she should also try to attend the combat class besides doing weightlifting and other exercises because that should be of significant value to her. She had mentioned that she sometimes goes to the initial part of the class on which I shared with her that she would also benefit a lot by attending the complete class. She flies internationally as an air hostess and that I had told her that I was in the States for several years and that she had told me that she likes the States a lot and that I think she had said the best (she perhaps meant in terms of the places that she has flown to) and so I wish for her that she can visit there more. I respect her because she has a two year old child and that she still seriously exercises unlike some different people who've told me that they've had to give up their fitness due to their young children. I've shared the site with some different women in the past months since I started it and that I wish that more of them would join it over the while and that they would also contribute to it including for the masses. Best! Shakti Saran

Comment by Shakti Saran on July 9, 2012 at 12:42am

At a store today, the lady in front of me at the cashier called a child by her name "Srishti" (which in Sanskrit means Creation or Nature) and that the child had picked up a Kit-Kat and that the lady had picked up some 5 Star bars. Both of them have trans fat Besides the severe health issues related to trans fat as mentioned in this article, it also mentions that "According to the comprehensive Nurses' Health Study -- the largest investigation of women and chronic disease -- trans fats double the risk of heart disease in women." I wish that Indian mother's milk doesn't keep becoming more and more adulterated because that can lead to physical and mental issues in the babies and if so then that would further lead to issues in India.

Comment by Shakti Saran on July 9, 2012 at 12:43am

2. Get in the habit of reading nutrition labels, the ones headed "Nutrition Facts." Look at all the fats listed there. Keep in mind that saturated fat is also unhealthy. If the label lists Trans Fat as 0 g, look at the Ingredients List for the words "partially hydrogenated." Any oil that is partially hydrogenated is a trans fat. So a single serving of cookies could have as much as a half gram of trans fat and be labeled "0 TransFats." Be aware, too, that often a "single serving" is often less than an average person would eat.

Bottom line: When choosing foods with "0 grams trans fats," evaluate the total fat content including the amount of saturated fat. Choose foods that have the least amount of saturated fat and that use healthy fats such as canola oil in the product.

Comment by Shakti Saran on July 9, 2012 at 12:44am

Funny are things! I just had pizza from Pizza Hut because dad ordered it for dinner. PepsiCo owns Pizza Hut. PepsiCo, Nestle, McDonald's and KFC denied the allegation and said their products were free of trans fats, the worst kind of fats. "Most junk foods contain very high levels of trans fats, salt and sugar, leading to diseases such as obesity and diabetes," said CSE Director Sunita Narain.

Comment by Shakti Saran on July 10, 2012 at 2:15am

Great to read this! In my very little capacity, I've been writing on this for a while: " most visible goal is to do something in the field of nutrition for children and pregnant mothers in India, because that would change the mental and physical health of our population in the years to come" said Rata Tata Best! Shakti Saran

Comment by Shakti Saran on September 1, 2012 at 3:18pm

Today I asked a professional bodybuilder preparing for a high-level competition that whether he uses any Indian protein on which he said that "yahan par maan me paap hai" (here mind has sin) and so when people here start to make it and that start earning well then they start to cheat by mixing it with other items to reduce the actual amount of protein that should be in the box. Another person there asked me from where I purchase protein on which I shared a bit and also about I felt sorry for this professional bodybuilder who seems to make tremendous amount of effort and that I felt like an Indian street dog considering the world. Best! Shakti

Comment by Shakti Saran on September 4, 2012 at 12:41am

"Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at D5 Conference" If people are key to progress then even though humans are capable in general, how would people in general here would be becoming like given the many severe issues here including pollution, food adulteration, very poor public infrastructure in general, highly inferior research at universities, and others. I wish that most people here aren't getting used to living like this. It's highly unfortunate to feel like an Indian street dog considering the world because today an auto driver after a lengthy conversation told me that he feels the auto job much inferior to driving the school bus which he also does because how people treat him when he drives the auto. I tried to share some things of value for him and that I wish that people who feel like this can do better for themselves and also for society and environment. Best! Shakti

Comment by Shakti Saran on September 4, 2012 at 1:43am

Amazing! I just watched "NCIS - Season 6 Episode 9 - Dagger" and that it ends in a bus and that I mentioned about bus in my post before watching the show.

Comment by Shakti Saran on September 5, 2012 at 10:45pm

Even if one considers kundli which might be very general or even the ideal scenario, given the many issues in India including high pollution and food adulteration I think one should also consider getting Indian mother's milk tested for adulteration for the best of their babies.

Today I got an sms "Aapki Kundli Mein Chhupa Hai Aapke Jivan Se Jude Har Swal Ka Jawab, Jaane Apne Business, Marriage Love Life ke baare mein. Dial 011-47344330" Shortly after that sms, I received an sms from my previous gym trainer that I should add him on Facebook and that he shared his email id. I've suggested him some different times to connect with me on Facebook and that I've also shared my user id with him before. He had mentioned to want to do modeling before and for which I had found him a photographer for him to get inputs. I also found him a person who runs a company that provides training in ACE, ACSM and other fitness certifications and that I would've requested that person to help him since he can't afford those certifications. However, he still didn't try to add me to his FB by himself so that I can communicate with him better since we don't meet often and that I also connected him with others of value for him.

I then remembered about a person who keeps writing to me for help regarding job, however, he doesn't do whatever I suggest him like he was going to meet me but then he didn't. He had recently sent me some attachment on FB but which came as unavailable when I clicked the message. Dad had previously told me about him since he had been dad's student earlier that he just talks but doesn't do. Perhaps it's their kundli that even though I'm willing to help them and that with my best, however, they've been like this for a while and so I've decided to not add the previous trainer to my FB and that to not discuss further with this person for helping him with job because my efforts for them would most likely get wasted. Before leaving my previous trainer, I had even told him that I'm leaving that gym, however, I can continue with him elsewhere if he finds me another gym on which he hadn't done anything.

Two days ago, the trainer had called me that there's someone who wants to get a web-site for 10k, however that person hasn't been properly reachable for a discussion which further wasted my efforts. I've recently started growing my IT company which also does Website Development, SEO, and Custom Software Development work to pursue all levels of work since there would be customers who would first invest little and that then grow from there. My team has worked on hundreds of web-sites over the years and that we would like to discuss and share with you on your Website requirements. I can also get directly involved in a project depending on the requirements of the client. Otherwise, my partner works primarily to manage the team for executing the project and that I provide much higher level inputs as the project requires. Best! Shakti

Comment by Shakti Saran on September 6, 2012 at 11:19pm

I just saw Indian street dogs having sex nearby my apartment complex. Earlier today I had had a discussion with a partner on the importance of ideas which comes from thinking. After thinking that the Indian street dogs do few things throughout life and that would produce more of them and that most likely without even thinking much about the same, I thought that how much do Indian mothers think about when feeding their children including related to adulteration in their milk and in food in general and that then what do they about the same? Also, today an auto rickshaw driver asked me about bodybuilding on which I shared with him things on exercising, eating, and getting rest and that suggested him to find a nice trainer. Best! Shakti


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