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Bruce Lee's power full kick

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Comment by Shakti Saran on June 30, 2013 at 6:27pm

I welcome you to browse World Martial Art Association site:

World Martial Art Association welcomes coaches and players from worldwide to actively participate with us in our efforts as members. Thank You!

Dear Martial Art Coaches and Players,

We are running the World Martial Art Association since 1993 under Registration No. S-23857 of 11.2.1993.

We propose to organize various Martial Art related events from time to time. We will promote various forms of known and not popularly known Martial Arts by organizing seminars, demonstrations and workshops.

In the light of above, we request you to send us the details of Martial Art clubs and associations in your country and also your contact details including email id and website. We look forward to your active participation with us as Member which is free for one year.

Best Regards,

Umesh Kumar

General Secretary


To promote martial arts and martial artists around the world.

To encourage and develop meaningful co-operation among the members of the association.


Arrange & organize martial art seminars, exhibitions, tours, camps and tournaments around the world.

Publish books, charts, illustrations, magazines and others in different languages.

Mr. Umesh Kumar, General Secretary, World Martial Art Association

NIS Judo Coach, Black Belt V-Dan,

M.P.Ed., M.Phil, Ph.D.


Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences

Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences

University of Delhi

Shakti Saran, Secretary & CEO, World Martial Art Association

Founder and Director at Jeevika Socii (P) Ltd., Shachi Health Fitness India (P) Ltd., Umbra Security (P) Ltd.

Education, Work, & Travel around the world.


Creator of Health and Fitness India network

Learned several martial arts over the years.

Comment by Shakti Saran on June 30, 2013 at 6:29pm

Mr. Umesh Kumar is also the General Secretary and Mr. Shakti  Saran is also the Secretary & CEO of

International Sports Institute under Registration No. S-29626.

World Arm Wrestling Association (Reg No. soon to be shared)

World Karate Association under Registration No. S-23798.

Asian Karate Association under Registration No. S-25197.

International Judo Association under Registration No. S-23957.

Martial Arts Federation of India under Registration No. S-28441.

Comment by Shakti Saran on June 30, 2013 at 8:17pm

Before sharing the above video, I had shared this on my networks: Amazing! During morning, I had called the physiotherapist that if I could come during evening on which he had told me that he's off during Sunday evening. I generally take the stairs, however, today I went to the elevator because I was feeling lower energy I think because I hadn't had proper nutrition. Few seconds before the elevator came, another one came and that my cousin who's also partner came out with some wooden boards because we've been shifting our office. Parents weren't home and that if I had taken the stairs or if the elevator had come few seconds before then I would've missed him. He and I said it was perfect timing!!!

After physiotherapist, I went to the gym and first watched The Kick movie on the HDTV system of LifeFitness treadmill which has nice action. After that I changed channels and started watching Bruce Lee movie The Big Boss and that few minutes later, one person spoke about the kicks of Bruce Lee as being nice. It does seem that the martial art movies sometimes go way over the board in their action sequences. I do wish that they inspire people to be healthy and fit and possibly also learn martial arts for positive purpose. Best!

Comment by Shakti Saran on July 1, 2013 at 12:02am

I had shared this few days ago on my networks: 

Photo: link

Two days ago, I had non-veg (chicken) after several years. I was thinking for a while about having non-veg due to some different reasons. 

One reason was very harmful things being used to grow fruits and vegetables. I do have to research more about chicken and fish meat related to what if any harmful things they might contain. 

Another was everything being energy and that how I can be positive while having non-veg because for several years I did have non-veg while being positive. Moreover, non-veg seems to be of high value for gym.

Another was the recent Kedarnath catastrophe that what if I've to survive in such a situation and that I'm not used to non-veg.

Another was I watching the movie Hitman day before yesterday on the HDTV screen of the nice LifeFitness treadmill. In the movie when the lead character who's the hitman asks another lead character who's a cop on when does a good man decide to kill then the cop says that when he or his family is threatened. So day before yesterday when I still wasn't sure of having non-veg, it so happened that I had to find a place to eat outside by myself and then I decided to have non-veg. I had even asked family to bring me food since they were eating out with a relative who's visiting Delhi area. Moreover, my parents are vegetarian and if they had brought dinner then I wouldn't have eaten non-veg that day and perhaps even not even till now.

Moreover, when I had added this photo and was writing this, he had called me. Perhaps he couldn't get through parents who had gone out. I didn't receive his call. No disrespect to him because I was busy writing this. I generally don't respond to him because of some issues and again no disrespect to him because it's due to others. 

Around the same time, a girl had also called who has told me that she loves me when I had told her from the start to not have such feelings for me. She has even told me several times that she's over me, however, she keeps calling me, however, I don't respond because that's the only way I think that she would move on and that I wish find someone for love as she wants. 

I had stopped having non-veg for years because I had thought that it was affecting meditation which I had started seriously then and now I'm going to feel if similar would happen again. I've had non-veg for previous two days and it's fine for now.

Moreover, I'm going today to have chicken with a friend. (Update: Friend kept waiting for my call and I thought the friend would call and so it's canceled for today. Also this gave me time to write this.) I've only been eating chicken as non-veg during previous days. I'm going to have fish as well on which I would research more.

When this friend had said few hours ago about Indians not attacking anyone in long term history, I said that Indian people in general seem to keep harming or not caring about their immediate society and environment. I said that I'm not supporting attacking others just like that, however, what if someone's trying to harm you. I would also say that to attack or defend for a positive reason, one has to have that much strength and courage. 
Comment by Shakti Saran on July 1, 2013 at 12:04am


After being with my friend, I spoke to some security guards. We spoke about rain and nice weather. One guard said that it should rain after he reaches home at night because the road gets very muddy. He said that the local leader got a nice road built very quickly from main road till his house because it was the wedding of his daughters, however, after that it took much longer and that road to his place still has issues. I asked them what would happen to India on which they said "kuch nahin ho sakta" ("nothing can be done"). Similar has been said by well-educated and well-to-do people.

I had told my friend before meeting the security guards that if the people in general had cared about more than their homes then our society and environment in general would've also been great.

I wonder why God has made me so highly unfortunate. When my friend said that perhaps some things would work out, I said that we've to say that we've to make them work on which he agreed. 
Padhne ke baad kya karenge? (What will you do after reading):

Indian ki maa ka doodh kaisa? (How's the milk of mother of Indian?) What's the fault of baby?

Indian ki hawa kaisi? (How's the air of Indian?)

Indian ka khana kaisa? (How's the food of Indian?)

Indian ki society and environment kaisi? (How's the society and environment of Indian?)

I wish that we humans worldwide can maximize our potential and for which I think that we should save time including by like how we avoid or ignore Indian street dogs, pigs and others. By improving our society and environment, we should also reduce Indian street dogs, pigs and others.

We're not Indian street pigs, dogs or any other animals who really can't do anything about their issues. We're humans and that having a great society and environment should be of value to all and for which we've to also keep raising awareness and for which I wish that my overall efforts would be of increasing value. Best!
Comment by Shakti Saran on July 1, 2013 at 12:06am

Also, I had shared this on wall few hours ago before sharing the above:

Amazing! Thank You God! After the physiotherapist and the skin specialist (acne due to high testosterone according to doctor) who're both nice, I went to the gym where on the HDTV screen of the nice LifeFitne
ss treadmill, I watched the Die Another Day James Bond movie. 

After the movie and the workout, I thought of buying Probiotic milk because the movie includes advanced medical treatments and that recently I had shared about Probiotics on my Health and Fitness India post.

I went to Easyday shop in the same mall as the gym and that bought Yakult. When I was at my apartment complex, a man and woman came to me and the man asked me from where I bought Yakult. I asked why on which he said that they do home delivery of Yakult in the area and I saw Yakult cases in their vehicle. He said that they were passing by and saw me carrying it (case of 5) in hand. They said that they can deliver to home much more fresh Yakult which will have more of the good bacteria. If you know about any research on Probiotics then please share. Best!


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