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Yoga for Beginners and intermediate

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What to Consider for Successful Results with Hair Transplant Surgery?

After that, it is very important that you can search for the right surgeon for hair transplant. It will be better to use online services to search for the best hair transplant center in Delhi for the services. Make sure to make research online and know about the skills and experience of all these hair transplant experts at some of the best clinics. You can also check out the reviews of other patients…


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A Hair Transplant Surgeon That You Ought to Know!

Fun fact: Chennai is the medical capital of India. Similarly, although unofficially, Delhi is the hair transplantation capital of India. Hundreds of hair transplantation centers, hundreds of seasoned professionals and surgeons and the most advanced hair transplantation facilities has given Delhi this much deserved title.

Hair transplantation in India, is a medical discipline that relatively lacks seasoned and experienced professionals. Hence, the presence of doctors such as Dr.…


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Treatment Options in Advanced Grade Baldness

This can be regarded as a highly refined method, where surgeons go on to harvest donor hair from a portion of your scalp and then transport to the other areas which are thinning or balding. Though the process can be time consuming and is going to cost you a lot, but with hair transplant in Delhi it is going to provide you with a natural looking hair...[…


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Laser Hair Removal is a Highly Demanded Treatment in The Present Times

Many people complain about unwanted hair over different body regions. Methods like waxing, tweezing, use of razors etc. are time consuming and painful processes. By following these methods you will see hair regrowth within a few days. If you need permanent solution for hair removal then consider opting for laser therapy. You can get the best laser hair removal in…


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Learn what is the dream defect and its treatment method

As much as it is necessary to enjoy married life, understanding each other, appreciating each other, the more important it is to satisfy each other physically. Physical happiness is a major requirement of a successful married life.

Acharya Chanakya also said that a man who is able to give physical satisfaction to his wife, his married life is very strong.

But sometimes it is not possible to do this, due to which one is mental stress and the other is…


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Due to accumulation of fat on the stomach

It is considered normal to have some fat on the stomach. It is said that if it is in a certain amount on the waist and abdomen, then it protects our bones like a cushion. Also, the internal organs of the body are able to function well. At the same time, if this fat is more than sure, then many diseases can be faced. Here we will tell you about the major causes of excess fat on the stomach.


According to research by scientists, some fat cells in the body grow genetically. If…


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Doesn't a woman get pregnant by having sex during periods

The notion that having sex during periods does not result in pregnancy is completely false. However, it is true that in many women, menstruation is the period when they are least fertile. It really depends on the menstrual cycle. Fertility occurs during ovulation. Usually occurs about 12 to 16 days before the start of the next menstruation. More eggs are formed at this time.


  1. Is blood during a period dirty?

People believe that the blood coming…


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What to do with sanitary napkins after use

Do not throw the sanitary napkin used every time. Nor put it in the trash. Nowadays many types of machines are available for disposal. Always put it in it. But, if you are putting it in the dustbin, first wrap it well with a cover and then throw it. If thrown open, bacteria and infection can spread. Never flush the pad, as it blocks the toilet. Clean the hands after changing the napkin too.




Avoid dehydration

Drink six to eight glasses…


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What is Skin Biopsy?

Skin biopsy involves taking a sample of cells or skin from the surface of your skin. Examination of the sample taken provides information about your medical condition. Doctors use skin biopsy to diagnose many skin diseases.

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What type of disease is Thalassemia?

Thalassemia minor is not a disease and people suffering from it have mild anemia. - A person with Thalassemia minor has a copy of the beta thalassemia gene that has a completely normal beta-chain gene. In the patient, its symptoms are mild and it is also known as beta-thalassemia.

Health related and medical tourism

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How is Sickle Cell Anemia treated?

Sickle cell is not fully treated. In this treatment, doctors control the symptoms, which gives relief in pain.

If you and your child are in a lot of pain and the medicines are inactive, then the doctor will inject the strong pen killer directly into the muscles and joints. Hydroxyurea erythrocyte pulp is given to prevent frequent pain.

You or your child constantly needs extra water and nutrients. Also, regular blood transfusions are also needed. Meanwhile sickle blood…


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What are the causes of Sickle Cell Anemia?

Sickle Cell Anemia is caused by mutations in the gene that make hemoglobin (protein beta-globin). It is an iron-rich compound and this makes the blood red. Hemoglobin helps red blood cells transport oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body. When you have sickle cell anemia, the abnormal hemoglobin makes the red blood cells hard, sticky and deformed. Sickle cell genes are inherited from generation to generation.

In cases where sickle genes are present in both parents, their…


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Avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome

There is no proven way to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy, but you can reduce the pressure on wrists and hands in the following ways:

If you are doing work from home. If you have to use the computer keyboard continuously for work, then press its button lightly. If you have to write for a long time, write with a large size pen that has a soft place to hold it.

Keep the posture fine while working. If the posture is not right, your wrists, fingers and hands may get…


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What are the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy?

Numbness or tingling of the fingers, wrists and hands of the hand. This trouble is increased during the night.

Swelling of fingers

Having trouble working

This can happen in one or both hands. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a 2012 report, 50 percent of women reported having problems with both hands due to carpal tunnel syndrome problem in pregnancy. According to a report, 40 percent of women in the 30th week of pregnancy have seen carpal…


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What Nutrients Are Important During Pregnancy?

There are numerous supplements that you and your infant should be solid. A few supplements, similar to folate (folic corrosive), iron, calcium and omega-3 fats are particularly significant during pregnancy.

Folic corrosive

Folic corrosive is a B nutrient that helps assemble new cells. Folic corrosive is the structure found in nutrient enhancements while folate is the structure found in nourishment. Getting enough of this supplement can help bring down the…


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What is Osteoporosis Disease?

Osteoporosis disease is a disease of bones. This disease occurs when the bones additionally reach the body and the bones become weak. Osteoporosis disease can occur in both of these conditions.

Osteoporosis disease leads to weakening of bones. In some severe cases, there is an increased risk of bone fractures when falling. Osteoporosis disease means 'porous bone', which can be seen with a microscope. However, healthy bones look like honeycomb. Osteoporosis Disease: Holes between bones…


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What are the types of stones in kidney?

Kidney can mainly consist of four types of stones or stones:


Calcium Oxalate Stones

Calcium Phosphate Stones

Uric Acid Stones

Cystine Stones


These things have to be avoided if there is calcium oxalate stone

If there is calcim oxalate in the kidney, you will have to remove food items that contain a lot of protein, sodium or oxalate from your diet. Some such food items are:







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Signs and symptoms of basal cell carcinoma

Basal cell carcinoma usually occurs in those parts of your body where the rays of the sun continue to fall. Such as on your neck or face. Basal cell carcinoma can appear on the skin in these forms:

Embossed like a pearl or pea
Brown scar
Bleeding from the skin

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What are the symptoms of strep throat?

Symptoms appear 2 to 5 days after exposure to strep germs. These symptoms include:

Sore throat or having trouble eating food.


Having a headache.

Red rashes fall

Having a stomachache.

Loss of appetite and nausea.

Pain in muscles

Feeling of strain in joints

Swelling of the fingers of the feet or white spots or pains.

Small red grains on the mouth.

Swelling or hardening of the throat lymph gland.…


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