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It is not that a serious cause for concern, but the key aspect is to seek treatment at the earliest. The first and foremost line of action would be to get in touch with a hair transplant surgeon in Delhi. Only opt for an experienced surgeon as he has hands-on experience in dealing with such issues. They are pretty much aware of what are the issues which bother young men and ready made help is sort in this regard. He could also explain to them that this is an inherited problem and there is nothing to lose sleep over it. For minors, they would also suggest having a guardian around as well.Thus we can conclude that it is the best option for the person who wants to avail the services of hair transplant Delhi which helps them to solve their major problem of hair loss...[Read More]

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Our world is changing every day, the increasing pollution rates and industrialization are directly affecting our health and giving rise to various diseases along with skin and hair fall problems. Few medical studies from all around the world have proven that the hair and skin related problems have increased by a significant number.

Baldness and heavy hair fall have become a serious threat to today’s generation. For many years most of us spend days searching for the right products like medicines, shampoos, and other techniques for our problem but most of us fail to do so and left with no option other than spending the rest of our lives playing as a bald person. But with the improvement in the hair transplant technology in metropolitan cities like Chennai, we can now fill happiness in their lives.

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure by which we can transplant hairs from hair rich parts of our body to hair deficit parts. This method can be used as a permanent solution for hair fall and is used by thousands of people in Chennai.

The hair transplant in Chennai is a systematic process which is divided into two phases, in the first phase hair follicles are removed from different hair rich parts of the body such as legs, face and other parts of the head. In the second phase, the extracted hair follicles are then planted on the hairless portion. This procedure of hair transplant is known as Follicular Hair Transplant (FUT). There are two methods for performing follicular hair transplant, strip harvesting hair transplant, and follicular unit extraction hair transplant.

In strip harvesting, a region with optimum hair growth is searched from different parts of the body. Once found, the strips of skin are taken out from the body and then transplanted on the hairless region of the head. This procedure is time-consuming and takes a bit more time to grow hairs.

In follicular unit extraction, hair clusters along with their roots are removed from the hair rich areas of the body and then manually planted on the hairless region. Both of these techniques are popular worldwide but the strip harvesting method is used more often by the doctors.

If you are looking for a fast safe and pocket-friendly hair transplant clinic in Chennai with a team of highly trained professional doctors then you can go for DermaClinix. Healthy hair, a happy patient is the main motive of DermaClinix. It is a place for complete skincare and hair care solutions and the best thing they operate throughout the country so even if you are not living in Chennai you can get a treatment in the other cities.

It may happen sometimes that because of some medical anomalies few people start experiencing side effects after the hair transplant procedure.

Some of them are discussed below-


This side effect mainly occurs with the people who are prone to scarring. This side effect is extremely rare but if you are suffering from it, you need strict medication because in some cases the patients start to develop a genetic predisposition towards extreme scarring.


The main reason for cysts is the improper growth of hair follicles, sometimes the hair follicles damage your skin by pushing themselves deep into the skin layers which results in small lumps on the skin. They automatically disappear from the body but in some cases, they can become dangerous.


Numbness is the most common side effect which occurs in the donor areas after the hair transplant procedure. It can last for around five months and if it remains even after five months then you must consult a doctor.


Right after the surgical procedure some patients suffer from swelling on their forehead and on areas surrounding the eyes. The swelling can last for around two days and in very rare cases it can cause the black eye to develop.

All these side effects are very rare and you don’t need to worry about anything because in the past few decades there is a huge advancement in hair transplant technology and if you are willing for one such surgery then you must go for it.

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Victim of hair loss? Thinking on the lines of a hair transplant? Availing the services of the best hair transplant surgeon in India is the best option. More and more people are choosing this hair restoration method to get back their lost confidence and hair back. Desirable results also churn in which does mean they are safe. Though it is a safe procedure, but there are some complications you need to be aware of.

Though the side effects of hair transplant vary from an individual to another one, you are likely to experience some problem with grafting and you enjoy good looks without any risk being part of it. But there are some side effects and let us go through them in details.

Hair Becoming Thinning

After a hair transplant you may feel that the hair is about to grow. This is not the case though, as patients do face loss of hair after surgery. It is referred to as shedding and works out to be a normal process after a surgery. The hair root is intact and the shaft falls down creating new space for the hair to emerge. For a couple of weeks hair fall is common, but if it stretches for a longer period of time, it does indicate that you have got the surgeon performed from an in experienced surgeon. Any top notch clinic does perform counselling sessions for a client.


One of the minor side effects of hair transplantation is numbness. This is going to stretch for weeks after transplant. But if it goes beyond repair avail the services of a doctor.


Hair transplant patients do experience a degree of itchiness. Due to evolution of crabs it does take place, and this is exactly after the procedure of grafting. With the help of a shampoo or moisturizing oil this problem could be overcome. If the problem exceeds a desired level, then it is suggested to visit a doctor.


No matter if it is a full hair transplant risks or nicks are bound to be there. The chances are pretty high that you would need to face some infections. For this reason it is suggested that a few bouts of antibiotics or a counselling session is necessary before you head for a hair transplantation procedure.

These are minor risks associated with hair transplantation procedure, though it should not be major ones.

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You could be anyone, a doctor, an engineer, a manager or even the CEO of a top company and you could still, possibly be united by one common problem: hair fall. Hair fall is a common medical condition which affects both: males and females. The reasons for hair fall are many. Maybe you are suffering from thyroid or anemia or maybe you just have low vitamin levels. In short, there are many medical conditions that lead to hair fall and so far, there’s just one solution: hair transplantation.

Within India, Delhi is one of the best known locations for hair transplantation. However, the question as to ‘Who is capable of performing the best hair transplant in Delhi?’ is a question that’s unanswerable. Why? Because there are just too many options to choose from. There are so many good hair transplantation centers and clinics spread across the city that it’s hard to determine which one of them is responsible for the best hair transplant in Delhi. Maybe it’s all of them? Maybe the medical facilities in the city, with special emphasis on hair transplantation facilities, are so advanced that all the clinics and centers perform abnormally well? Whatever may be the reason, there’s one fact that’s established through all of this: Delhi is the hair transplantation hub of India.

If you are living in Delhi and are wondering, ‘Where should I go to avail the best hair transplant facilities in Delhi?; the answers are many. Multiple centers and clinics are set up across the city, each specialising in something or offering something unique with the object to set themselves apart from the competition.

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After that, it is very important that you can search for the right surgeon for hair transplant. It will be better to use online services to search for the best hair transplant center in Delhi for the services. Make sure to make research online and know about the skills and experience of all these hair transplant experts at some of the best clinics. You can also check out the reviews of other patients about the surgeon before making your final decision...[Read More]

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This can be regarded as a highly refined method, where surgeons go on to harvest donor hair from a portion of your scalp and then transport to the other areas which are thinning or balding. Though the process can be time consuming and is going to cost you a lot, but with hair transplant in Delhi it is going to provide you with a natural looking hair...[Read More]

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Now, booking appointments with any hair specialist in Chennai has become much easier. You just have to get into the official site for clicking the booking button. Just one click is enough for making the booking done. Your booking will be get confirmed by the clinic representative either via e-mail or via telephonic conversation.

The online option has now become one of the trendiest solutions for booking the best hair specialists of any location. This kind of booking can be done anytime and from anywhere. Not all doctors allow this kind of booking facility and thus you should make a careful selection. In the case of online booking, you can also get the privilege of choosing the desired payment mode.

How to Place the Booking?

  • First, you have to choose the best hair specialist in Chennai having the highest reputation. This is the most challenging task but you can easily do the same by means of making proper surfing online.

  • You have to look for the booking terms and conditions from our website. You should agree to the given terms and then only you will be allowed to move ahead for booking purposes.

  • The treatment options should be considered so that the best one can be chosen. Until and unless you finalize the treatment you will not be able to place the booking online.

  • If you wish you can also get into an online conversation with the specialists in order to make sure that you are making the right decision at the end of the day.

  • You have to enquire regarding how to make the payment. You can choose either card payment or else can make a wire transfer.

You can also rely on phone appointments. You can make your name registered so that appointments can be attended duly. But for that, you have to mention the name of the hair transplant specialist in Chennai so that your appointment can be confirmed well.

If you are seeing any specialist then you should be taken an appointment for meeting him every time. Hair specialists also recommend different useful advice for improving your hair. You can have conversations with existing patients in order to understand the potentiality and skill of the specialist you have chosen.

Make sure that the hair transplant specialist is using only advanced treatments otherwise your hair issues will not get resolved easily. The treatments need to be continued for receiving improved hair transplant results.

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With cosmetic procedures on the rise, and pretty much a cost effective option you can desire a youthful experience. Male want to change their looks and male baldness tops the list. No wonders to the fact that hair transplantation procedures is one of the most sought out procedures.


Fundamentals Of A Hair Transplant Procedure?

Hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure where healthy hair is restored on to the bald areas. To counter male baldness this procedure is used and hair is taken from the eyebrows or the beard.

From the donor hair, the follicles are taken which is then moved over to the bald area. A natural growth pattern as far as possible is created. Typically the donor area works out to be the back of the head where the scar is hidden.

Cost of a Hair Transplant

At DermaClinix you can gain instant hair transplant results. The costs tend to vary in the bracket of $ 4000 to $ 15000. People are looking to harp upon medical tourism hubs where the cost of treatment is on the lesser side. You can get quality treatment as you are in the hands of experienced surgeons.

Points to Consider Before You Opt For A Hair Transplant

With the help of hair transplants, a new lease of life to people who are prone to male baldness. Before opting for the procedure there are a couple of points to consider.


First and foremost a surgeon has to do a honest assessment to the fact that even a full hair transplant is not going to achieve full proof results. A substantial portion of the baldness could be covered. The improvements will ensure better quality of life.

Secondly in case of certain people hair transplant results are not positive. The follicles simply refuse to comply and no improvements in hair coverage are witnessed. This is a huge risk for a large amount of money being spent. On the positive side, even a small covering of your hair is worth the risk. Do weigh the pros and cons before you opt for this surgery.

A quality surgeon will explain the expectations before the surgery. If someone promises something out of the blue, then an element of suspicion does hang.

With more and more people opting for hair transplant this procedure has soared in popularity. It does provide value for money.

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