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What is an alternative to CBD oil?

What is an alternative to CBD oil?

More and more people have access to medical cannabis throughout the world. However, medical cannabis is still expensive and not always consistent in quality. You might easily find information on the high CBD strains on the internet but it is not always practical to get your hands on these buds. Even if you do get these CBD buds, it can be tricky to find a way to discreetly consume or process these. So, is there an alternative to CBD dominant cannabis strains? Fortunately, most cannabis patients can now choose CBD hemp oil as an excellent alternative.

What is an alternative to CBD oil?

Cannabidiol or CBD is helpful for a wide variety of medical conditions and symptoms. However, it is only one of the 113 compounds that can be found in the cannabis plant and this CBD can be found in both medical cannabis as well as industrial hemp. Research has proven that CBD is a powerful antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory.

Due to its neuroprotective antioxidant properties, CBD is helpful in treating everything from seizures to head traumas and neurodegenerative disorders. CBD is also used as a potent analgesic helping ease the pain in patients who are dealing with complex health issues like cancer. It is not uncommon to find many patients rely on medical cannabis as a replacement for prescription drugs like antidepressants, painkillers and anti-anxiety medication.

The problem with this is that you would need a doctor’s recommendation to acquire the CBD strains; and even if you did get it, in the absence of strict quality standards, these could be contaminated with mold, pesticides and mildew.

CBD hemp oil offers a natural alternative

CBD hemp oil offers legal access to CBD. This is an oil extracted from organic industrial hemp which has virtually no psychoactive THC. This means you cannot get a ‘high’ from these hemp products.

There are several benefits of CBD hemp oil over medical cannabis:

  • Easy and discrete usage
  • More precise dosage is possible with CBD hemp oil
  • It is legal to order it online
  • It is less expensive than some of the medical cannabis products
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Why you should start to take CBD tincture

Why you should start to take CBD tincture

CBD tincture contains no or little THC. It has grown highly in popularity over the past few years. One reason for this is that the liquid CBD drops have proven to be able to stop tremors and seizures when they start. The tincture has gained a lot of attention because of this capacity.

CBD tincture does not have any trace of the psychoactive effects that is a result of THC and not the helpful CBD. It is an alternative to the addictive medications given as prescription that result in other side effects.  

CBD tincture offers a powerful relief against different ailments and it does not cause any stoned or drowsy feeling. This is why it can be used with children and old people. It is also appropriate for anyone who wants to benefit from it.

Taking tincture helps to take the right dose of cannabis in a convenient and quick manner.   

What is a tincture?

The CBD tincture is a supplement solution and it is made by dissolving the cannabis into alcohol. Most of the cannabis tincture is found in bottles with a dropper to ensure easy dosing. The tincture can contain a certain percentage starting from 10 to 25 percent. It does not take long for the drops to take effect since the highest level of CBD will be achieved between 30 to 90 minutes without affecting your mind.

What can the tincture be used for?

CBD tincture can be used for different situations and many more are being discovered each day. Doctors have found out that CBD is able to fight cancer by inhibiting the tumor and cell growth. It cuts inflammation to 50 percent and it reduces organ damage that may be caused by a heart attack to 66 percent. The CBD is used for treating different conditions and diseases.

The conditions that can be treated by CBD tincture are fibromyalgia, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, bowel disorders, autoimmune diseases, anxiety and acne. Others are schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, nausea, mad cow disease and multiple sclerosis.

How CBD tincture is made

CBD tincture is made from the CBD rich strains which contain a higher level of CBD.   The tincture has to be put under the tongue and this way the medicine will reach your system and begin its effects faster.

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Hemp as a treatment for muscles and joint pain

You suffer from joint pain when there is inflammation of the ligaments, cartilage, tendons or the muscles. It is usually associated with one or the other form of arthritis  and it occurs in the joint. Your joint pain could vary from being a severe pain that is debilitating or just a mild discomfort.

Conditions that cause joint pain

Discomfort or pain in the joints is mostly a symptom of an underlying disease or condition. The most common component of joint pain is inflammation. Some of the conditions that include joint pain are:

  • Lyme disease
  • Cancer
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Injuries due to sprain or strain
  • Any kind of arthritis like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or degenerative arthritis

Why is joint pain caused?

The main focus when it comes to relieving the pain in your joints is to reduce the inflammation. An acute inflammation is your body’s response to an infection or injury. It is part of the body's healing process and you will see swelling, redness, pain and loss of joint mobility. Usually, such kind of acute inflammation is your body’s response to a surgery or an insect bite and only requires temporary pain relief.

If you are suffering from chronic inflammation on the other hand, this is due to an inflammatory disorder and you will find it in cases where a severe condition like arthritis or cancer is present.

Benefits of Hemp for joint pain

The hemp plant has several substances in it which fights inflammation and pain; it contains beta-caryophyllene which you find in culinary herbs. There have been many studies which show that cannabis can help maintain and prevent joint and arthritic pain.

  • Hemp prevents joint pain by inhibiting the breakdown of arthritic cartilage.
  • The cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant reduces inflammation and pain since it signals your brain to reduce the pain causing acid.
  • Cannabis also attaches itself to the pain receptors hence reducing pain signals. There is no proof yet that it repairs arthritis damage, but patients who have been using hemp topically or ingesting it have shown longer periods of remission.

Hemp treatment options

  • Hemp can be ingested in the form of tinctures, oils, root or seeds. The plant can also be made into tea or added to smoothies as well as other foods.
  • Topical hemp is made from either the root, seed or the whole plant. You will find serums, creams and massage oils which penetrate your skin to the cellular level. The C2 receptors send a signal urging the production of a protein which reduces the acid that causes inflammation.

Always talk to a healthcare professional before using hemp products since they could have contraindications with other medications or to know their side effects.

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What is Hemp?

What is Hemp?  

So what is hemp? If you want to know what hemp is, the first thing to keep in mind is that hemp sometimes may be confused with marijuana, but they are not the same thing. They have different uses and they offer different benefits. What makes them different is that marijuana is normally used for medicinal and recreational purpose because of its psychoactive properties or non-psychoactive effects because of the cannabinoids content. With hemp, you will not get high. Hemp has been known because of its environmental and industrial uses with the benefits it has during the entire history.

Why hemp is confused with marijuana

Hemp is being mixed up with marijuana because they are both obtained from one type of plant called Cannabis Sativa L. Marijuana and hemp have female and male sexes and the female plant is what makes the difference. With marijuana plant, female plant is capable of producing flowers and buds for the users in order for consumption due to its non-psychoactive or psychoactive effects.

When hemp is used, on the other hand, the female plant contains bare seeds with strong fibers. This is the reason of using hemp since you are not able to get high.  Marijuana may have 5 to 20 percent of THC while hemp will contain 0.3 to 1.5 percent of THC.

Why you should be careful with hemp

Hemp is sustainable renewable and it may grow in different conditions and climates in the entire world. The plant offers many benefits but it is most of the time confused with marijuana and hemp cultivation has been made illegal in many places. Up to now, hemp has been put in the category of controlled substances and it is viewed in the same way as ecstasy, LSD and Heroin but it is not possible to become high when you take hemp.

Hemp is among the oldest crops that have been domesticated by humans. It has been used for cordage, textiles and paper for many years now. Hemp is among the most natural, durable and strongest fibers that you can find in the market now. Nowadays, it is being used for rope, plastic, housing, clothing, medicine, oils, fuel and paper.  There are many uses of hemp and it not easy to list all its usage in the history of humans.


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Will CBD Vape Oil Get You High?

Will CBD Vape Oil Get You High?


Whether CBD vape oil can get you high or not has been a huge debate for some time. CBD is just one compound found in Cannabis; in either hemp or marijuana. Each plant has its own degree of THC, but for the hemp it is not a specialty strain and it will have low quantity of THC. It is not easy to tell if hemp oil has some level of THC or not when it is smoked, vaped or ingested, but generally speaking CBD oil cannot get you high due to absence of THC.

When taking CBD oil by itself, it will not get you high; cannabidiol is just the Cannabinoids in hemp and marijuana. There are other compounds like THCA, THC, CBG and CBC. CBD is not a compound that makes someone high while THC is the compound with psychotropic effects that gives someone euphoric effects and get high.

So to answer the question - will CBD vape oil get you high? It will depend if it has a high level of THC within the oil or not. Most CBD products have a low level of THC which is not enough to make someone get high. However, when you use CBD oil gotten from Marijuana, it will have a high level of THC and it may get you high.

Many people who want to take CBD oil, look for oil that is extracted from hemp plants. People want to get benefits from CBD without getting negative side effects from the THC. The CBD oil is a concentrated form of Cannabidiol when it is in a liquid form, inhaled and heated using a Vaporizer, Vape Pen or E-Cigarette. Vape oil may be bought in a bottle and you can use a vaporizer which is refilled or it can be a one-time cartridge as a Vape Pen. If you have to take a drug test, you should not use CBD made from marijuana since it may affect the test.

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By increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital. "Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body, including the skin," says dermatologist Ellen Marmur, MD, author of Simple Skin Beauty: Every Woman's Guide to a Lifetime of Healthy, Gorgeous Skin and associate professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. In addition to providing oxygen, blood flow also helps carry away waste products, including free radicals, from working cells. Contrary to some claims, exercise doesn't detoxify the skin. The job of neutralizing toxins belongs mostly to the  liver. "But by increasing blood flow, a bout of exercise helps flush cellular debris out of the system," Marmur tells WebMD. "You can think of it as cleansing your skin from the inside."

Exercise has also been shown to ease stress. "And by decreasing stress, some conditions that can be exacerbated by stress can show some improvement," says Brian B. Adams, MD, associate professor and director of the Sports Dermatology Clinic at the University of Cincinnati. Conditions that can improve when stress is reduced include acne and  eczema. Although researchers are still investigating the link between stress and skin, studies show that the sebaceous glands, which produce oil in the skin, are influenced by stress hormones.


I thought of starting this blog post after the following experience. Like how a suggestion from a friend helped me, I wish that this blog post including the comments would be of value to people. Most of the following isn't related to improving facial skin quality (do see the comments below for skin related updates):

I started going to gym in my apartment complex. During evening, I went to salon in my apartment complex. The owner is my friend. I asked about (glycerin + gulab jal + lemon) mix to apply on face for several pimples that have come on my face. He said I should try it. He also said to drink Safi. I said that I'm looking for a new gym since not working out regularly in recent weeks has probably also brought several pimples. He said that why don't I go to the one in my apartment complex. I said that I'll check it out which I did and they've serviced the equipment only a week ago. It's fine and moreover it saves my time a lot which I can use for dance class that I've wanted to join for a long while. Also, I've always wanted to go to gym twice in a day with cardio in morning and weight training in evening which I can try to do now much better.
After checking out the gym, I went to the salon and asked my friend to come along with me to workout on which the person said that the society doesn't allow them for which I felt very upset. I said I would try to speak with society management on which the person said that it has already been discussed. I wish this person can exercise regularly. I'm very thankful to this person for the suggestion. I also keep giving this person my suggestions on marketing and other things. I wish that we can be of value to each other for the long term.

I also spoke to a yoga teacher who had held a class for ladies in the community center. He's trying to setup a power yoga class for males and which I'm looking forward to if the batch can be made.
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