• BLU IRIS Hotel: This hotel is very luxurious and it is only 500 meters from the MGM Hospital.


  • Radha Regent Hotel: Radha Regent is near the MGM Hospital and it is only 2.3 KM from the hospital.


  • Green Park Chennai Hotel: This hotel is 5-star and very popular for its luxurious service and is 4.2 km from the hospital.


  • The Pride Hotel Chennai: This hotel is 4.4km from the hospital and you can also use public transport or if you have your own vehicle then you can go by your own.


  • Hotel Atchaya : This hotel is near the MGM hospital. The distance is only 2.6 km.


  • Fab hotel Emerald Manor: This hotel is easily affordable by tourists because rooms are available at a very low cost and it is just 2.1 Km away from the hospital.


  • The Belstead: This hotel is 4.7 km from the hospital and this hotel provides some basic facilities.


  • Hotel JP – CMBT: This is a four-star hotel and it is very popular in Chennai. It is 3.1km from the hospital.


  • Beverly Hotel: This hotel is 3.5km from the hospital and they provide some luxurious things on your budget.


  • Madras Regency: Madras Regency is 3.2 km from the MGM hospital and in this hotel, there are various types of rooms available.


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