Why do the top fitness trainers in India try to go abroad for work?

A top fitness trainer of a top international gym in India shared with me that he's going abroad after having done great here and that the level abroad is much ahead of here. Another fitness trainer shared that he lost opportunities because of how the officials here treated him when he was doing well in international competitions.

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Before I start sharing about why the top trainers in India try to go abroad for work, I thank God and my web design, graphic design, content writing and online marketing client Life Coach Ms. Jasmin Waldmann who's in India (Gurgaon, Delhi and other cities) from Germany adding value to the health and fitness of people including to trainers in India.

Please get value from and please share about Life Coach Ms. Jasmin Waldmann. I've created her site www.jasminwaldmann.com. She just messaged me at 4:26pm (15 Jan' 15) "hi. please call me asap. thanks a lot" and today I've been updating this and other pages on my Health Fitness India Network site with my Health Fitness India Directory site and my Google+ and Facebook links. I'm thankful to the best for enabling so much in our world. 

You can see below my LinkedIn article in which I share that God is Amazing and mention 6:24pm and this article is about top fitness trainers in India going abroad and a wonderful international trainer coming to India. Moreover, dad just gave me the newspaper to see the iPhone 5c upgrade offer and my aunt in Switzerland had just called mom about she gifting me a mobile by buying it online. Dad's mobile number has 426 in it! I wish my efforts would also help more and more people in India to learn about health, fitness, beauty, fashion, career, security and more. This is my LinkedIn article www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140703191526-517504-4th-of-july-god-is-amazing

A boy was cycling fast and passed me by while I was walking. It made me think that he would be breathing in air that much more and deeply. Then I thought if he would be taking in harmful to very harmful chemicals in air due to pollution that much more and deeply. This made me think about the top trainers in India that do they take in harmful to very harmful chemicals in air that much more and deeply. You might get value from my LinkedIn article "On India's Republic Day, do you wonder?" www.linkedin.com/pulse/indias-republic-day-do-you-wonder-shakti-saran

A day after writing above about my aunt calling:


Thank You God for my uncle and aunt who're moving to India after a decade in Switzerland!

They give me much. Yesterday, I had wished them that they would do great!

Today I saw the 10 year graph for Swiss Franc to INR (link below)

19 Jan 2005 00:00 UTC - 16 Jan 2015 09:32 UTC
CHF/INR close:71.09358 low:32.56447 high:75.19262

Difference is of 42.62815 between 10 year low and high.

Yesterday, I had written related to them that God is Amazing and 426.

Graph http://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=CHF&to=INR&view=10Y


Kitne Indians jab apna sadna realize kare to bahar jaane ki sochne lage ki apne human potential ko to maximize karun agar kahin aur bhi par apni duniya mein to sahi?

How many Indians when they start realizing that they're rotting that they think about going even if somewhere else in our world to maximize their human potential?

What an advantage! An RJ said this while talking about Nicole Kidman that she has both Australian and US citizenship. This reminded me of a friend who told me that his roommate went to Australia and now has a citizenship there and that he also wants to go abroad. His roommate is doing very well and is now in India getting married.

I shared with him that how many people in Bangalore having several MNCs would be listening to this and would value this like him. He has shared about wanting to go abroad since several years, however, he doesn't make even the basic efforts properly which is to give IELTS like for Canada.

I also told him about a recent news that people in Bangalore on average breathe polluted air as if they had smoked six cigarettes a day and people in Delhi on average breathe polluted air as is if they had smoked twenty cigarettes.

Do you wonder how many graduates from IITs and also those not from IITs try to go abroad sooner or later? Is that also why things are like this because those who're highly aware and care much generally go abroad or else how could the conditions be like this in general?

I also shared with my friend that what would his child in future say about the quality of mother's milk given the harmful chemicals in air, water, food, land and products going into the girls who'll later become mothers? Is this also why even the fitness trainers who I've known and some of them who're seemingly top quality try to go abroad?

I think he can do well abroad and then can also get great reception in India as an NRI like his friend gets according to him. He has around nine years of experience including in TCS about which there was news that the company is letting go of people above eight or so years of experience and so he wants to join another company because of the atmosphere of uncertainty there. I wish him best!

Over the years, some different fitness trainers in India having top certifications including the international ones and having worked at top gyms in India and having several personal training clients in India have shared with me about trying to go abroad for work.

I'll keep sharing in this blog post from experiences with trainers in India trying to go abroad.

18th October 2015: Why Indians want to work abroad? Some different fashion designers working for reputed Indian brands have shared with me how they're not paid or their pay is delayed by months. Is that also why Indians try to study at fashion design colleges abroad so that they might work abroad after that?

Later they can also come to India and even do work at high levels. A major e-commerce company in India has hired their head of products who went abroad and then came to India for this job. I've created the Fashion Designers India https://www.fashiondesignersindia.com site. You can ask me for details.
Also, what about fitness trainers working in India? I've heard from several fitness trainers in India that they're not doing well. Are you a trainer and getting fooled by any fitness certification businesses?
Do you wonder what quality milk and related products you, your mother, child and family in general will have during the great time of Diwali and have been throughout the year? Do you ever check? How to easily check? Can we take things to somewhere nearby and get them checked well? What quality levels do you see of the expensive things got from abroad?

31st October 2014: Some high-quality Indian trainer said why people in India have to bring trainers from abroad to India. Aren't the trainers in India capable enough.

I responded that build valuable relations with (good to great) trainers abroad to bring even higher value to people in India.

The same trainer said that why are several of his experiences negative with people in India.

I responded that harmful chemicals in air, water, food and land could be rotting the people here. I wish our efforts would help to improve things.

29th May 2014: Yesterday someone visited and said ki aap to jaante hai ki hindustan ke log kaise hote hai related to products with harmful chemicals being sold in India. 

I had met him for the first time. He had come to deliver some product of a top international brand. He had shared on a variety of products sold in India related to harmful chemicals. 

I wondered that what were his experiences that he said such a thing and that how many others would also say such a thing. Is this also because of the mother's milk that Indians are drinking that Indian people think and say about Indian people like this? 

Indian suar, kutte ya sher ke bare mein kaha hota to samajh mein aata ki shayad woh aise hai kyunki woh janwar hai, lekin insaan ke bare mein bhi aisa general mein kaha. I'm sure there would be better people also, however, still how many Indian people would be getting milk of mother's tested since harmful chemicals in air, water, food and land would be harming that milk and then the Indian people since they're babies. 

Suaron ke group mein to sher jaisa hona bhi na samajh mein aaye lekin insaan to duniya ke best se easily seekh sakta hai aur apne aap se bhi seekh sakta hai. Mere kitne relatives aur jaan pehchan ke hain jo ki India mein very senior to top reach karne ke baad abroad jaa rahe hain. I wish ki woh aur Indian logo ko bhi sikhate honge ki best kaise hai aur best kaise bane. 

Next generations mein kitne Indians sochenge ki maa ka doodh hi achcha hota to kitna achcha hota. Yeh to insaan hi soch sakta hai, na hi suar aur na hi sher. I wish us best.

Hence also I think that the top Indian fitness professionals are getting international certifications and also trying to work abroad because more people in India might value it.

25th May 2014: When girls in India start drinking mother's milk then do they start becoming inferior from their initial human potential and does that make them suffer even more in life due to harmed mind and body?


21st May 2014: Fitness trainers who work at places without uniform air cooling risk their health. Do you realize what can happen to the health by working out and body getting hot and then quickly going to a much cooler area and this happening several times in a day? Sudden change from hot to cold can harm health. "Eye infections, respiratory infections and muscular spasms are caused by this change in temperature," Dr Shah said.


19th May 2014: I'll share the details later. First, I'll share in brief. I asked a trainer that why doesn't his employer who has the contract to manage the gym gives him some gym t-shirts so that he can be a lot more comfortable doing his workout and work. This trainer seems to sweat much when he works out and his non-gym t-shirts seem to make it much worse for him. This can be an issue at the lower-end gyms in India where there's no standard apparel provided by the gym for the trainers and the trainers might not know well enough about the gym t-shirts to buy themselves.

There can also be issues faced by the trainers at the higher-end gyms which can eventually make the top trainers want to go abroad unless they start their own business in India and also do well. Of course, there would be good gyms here too, however, how many of them keep losing their top trainers who generate the highest revenues for the gym? A gym or fitness center will have to do increasing well to retain their top employees. If you require professional assistance in this regard then you can also ask me. 

I've heard great things about experiences abroad from the top certified and experienced trainers in India who've traveled to or even worked abroad. I'm not saying that a fitness trainer can't have great experience in India, however, how many of the top fitness trainers in India working as employees think that they're having the best experience that there can be for them. Also, is it because the employers of fitness professionals in India just can't do enough to retain them or don't want do what's required for any number of reasons?

Today I wore my www.healthfitnessindia.com site embroidered cap to the gym. The trainer who I mentioned above said that the people abroad have such good bodies on which I responded that if his conditions like air, water and food were as great then he would also be much better by doing the same amount of workout which he does now. Moreover, he'll be able to do even more in the same amount of time when the environment would be much better. He also tried to share with me something about front dumbbell raise shoulder exercise which I thought was more of textbook knowledge than the experience of getting a more diverse workout while keeping the workout safe. Although, I'm thankful to him to share with me his thoughts which I think he did for the first time ever about my workout.

I think that almost every trainer who has been at this gym has asked me that from where to buy sports shoes, track pants, and gym t-shirts and he also asked today. He also mentioned about my cap which says my site. Today I wore it for the first time and got it recently embroidered with my site. I told him that there's a large building next to Mandi House metro station where he can get such items at reasonable prices. I thought that it wouldn't make sense to share shops that sell such items for much higher prices. I also said that I'm trying to start custom printing of t-shirts and if it happens then his employer can buy from me gym t-shirts branded with company or gym name or anything else.

Also, if you know from where people can buy fitness apparel at lower prices then share with me and I'll share it here.

If you are a fitness trainer, nutritionist, dietitian, martial art instructor, aerobics instructor, dance teacher, yoga teacher, Kettlebell trainer, CrossFit trainer, TRX trainer, BOSU trainer, ViPR trainer, gym, fitness center, a shop selling fitness t-shirts, track pants, shoes, protein supplements or anything else related to health and fitness or doing anything related to health and fitness then also register free in the Health and Fitness India Directory on www.healthfitnessindia.in

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  • Girl Power! Yesterday a nurse after flying to Bangalore from Delhi sms'd "Shakti I have reached my favorite place... Gud night..."

    I responded "Hi, just saw your message! Is that where your husband is? :) Mami was right about girl power supporting the family! Best Wishes!"

    She was attending to grandma at my mama's (grandma's son's) place. Her husband hasn't been working for a while and she's earning and supporting the household. So my mami (aunt) had said girl power to her. In a month, she's going to Kuwait because she can't earn as much in India as she can there! Best Wishes to her!

    Moreover, her sms had come at 10:37pm and she has a Christian last name and recently I had written about another Christian friend whose fiance has 137 in his number. I had then shared about Nothing Is Impossible With God - Luke 1:37 and that there's a spoon (seems like a gift item) at my aunt's place which says the same thing!

    Also, my mami sent me an SMS today morning asking how I was and I told her to get on Facebook so that I can share better with her! She sees Facebook updates of others through my mama's id, however, I wish that she can be directly on it. Soon she might be moving to US and then it'll be nice to have her on Facebook which is a great platform! Do you wonder why such a site just couldn't get made in India even though we've seen people trying to? Do you think it's also because of how society and environment is making us like here? Yesterday I told an auto-rickshaw driver that the pollution here is very high on which he said that this is nothing and that while going towards Delhi the pollution is much higher. I stay a short distance outside of Delhi. I felt very sad that how people including me are rotting.

    Is that also why the top and other fitness trainers in India are trying to work abroad or working for international brands in India? Google "fitness trainers work abroad" and on 1st page is my Health Fitness India article http://www.healthfitnessindia.com/profiles/blogs/why-do-top-fitness...

    Also, today morning a fitness trainer (kick boxer) wished me a very good morning at 5:33 and I've written several things related to 33 and my grandmother including in a LinkedIn article https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140807215516-517504-utsav-supermar...

  • Before posting the above, I had written this on my FB Shakti Saran wall: 

    Hi Manjunath, I received a suggestion from you that I live in Bangalore? A short while ago, I posted about thinking to move to Canada. 

    Google "india fitness trainer abroad" and on 1st page is 


    I was going to share the same on this article and came to copy my post and saw your suggestion!!!

  • Dear All, 

    If you can please share with me anything of value for moving to Canada then that'll be great. I just shared this online: 

    i'm thinking to move to Canada because for brain work, quality of air, water, food and land matters greatly and if things were really improving well then that's different, however they don't seem to be. 

    Since i also do computer science work and hence i require much better environment. i do wish those people the best who're only or mostly doing social work because then perhaps they've to generally be nearby the affected areas unless they're at higher positions.

    So if you're doing more of awareness work then you can also go to canada, usa or anywhere else and do the same through the internet

    I wrote the above to someone who messaged me to sign a change dot org online petition related to art and culture of Bihar. 

    Person responded: ya thats a good idea. let me know if people are interested doing something related to films in Bihar


    Indian ke bachche ko in general pehli baar kab samajh mein aata hai ki uski maa ne usko kitna sadaya hai jaante ya bina jaante hue? 
    Soche quality of air, water, food and land ko aur phir soche human hone par aur woh bhi independent nation ke human ho
    ne par jo ki kabhi historically great tha to phir aisi soch to aa sakti hai. 

    General improvement hoti hai to great hai, lekin apne mein se to sadiyali kum karne ke liye best kare nahin to phir human kaise hue aur agar great ban jaate hai to phir aur great kaam bhi kar payenge nahin to shayad sochna bhi chodh denge ya kaafi kum kar denge ki quality of air, water, food and land kaisi hai.

  • A top level sports person of India shared with me in chat: Infrastructure and system is not there to support them so they do this types of jobs

    Then I asked the person: what type of infra and system is required?

    Just then there was power cut. Do you wonder how the many Indian sports people feel being Indians and humans given so much greatness already around our world?

    How many of them find their sports related future increasingly worsen because of lack of support? Are the harmful chemicals in air, water, food and land also worsening the Indian mother's milk and then further worsening the things?

    Is this also why the top fitness trainers of India try to go abroad?

    Best Wishes!!!

  • One Tip for health, fitness & beauty pros to grow (see link for post)

    Shared the following as a comment in the post:

    Kitne Indian sadak ke kutte kutiya dekhe honge aapne jiske liye aapne kuch nahi kiya hoga. Aisa kyun? Kisi ne LinkedIn pe add kiya aur email bhi likha ki:

    Hi Sir,

    How are you?

    Do you remember me?

    I need your help please revert.


    Thodi der pehle post kiya tha: Hanuman temple ke samne ek woman (known for years and was running a reputed salon business in that locality in Delhi) ne fool and cheat kiya with lots of money. Main to Indian sadak ke suar ki tarah reh gaya filth mein.

    Sochne ki baat hai ki log to sadak pe kooda bhi phek dete hai jo ki doosre bhi use karte hain aur jo public things banate hai unke bare mein kya kehna. Yahan to itni badboo aati hai main road par chalne pe aur Indian sadak ke kutte bhi ghoomte rehte hai aur itni gandagi bhi dikhti hai.

    Jo ye karte hai aur jinko ye officially karna hai unki bhi maaon ne bhi to doodh pilaya hoga. Lekin kaisa? Agar chemicals badh rahe hai milk mein to human to baby hone se hi sad (rot) hone lag raha hoga aur phir woh kya karega.

    Chalo ab premium and expensive gym chalun jahan ki ek top brand ke equipment hai jis quality ke bahut kum gym honge India mein. Kisi President award winner ne bataya tha ki is brand ke equipment ki value kitni zyada hai. Lekin poora rasta aur aas paas ka environment generally kitna inferior hai.

    Kya isiliye bhi jo top trainers banne lagte hai India mein woh bahar jaane ki try karte hai. Please read the article in the link below about why the top trainers in India might go abroad.


This reply was deleted.

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