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Hi All, 

First, http://www.indianexpress.com/news/study-finds-pesticides-in-mothers-milk/806079/ which has details on adulteration of milk of Indian mothers capable of causing neuro-behavioral problems in infants such as disorientation, concentration problems, confusion and irritability.

Sochiye land, water aur air pollution aur food adulteration ke bare mein. Maa ke doodh se akaal bhi kum aur badan bhi kharab ho sakta hai bachpan se. Hum insaan to hai lekin kaise jahaan itne kharab issues ho gaye hai. Kaise ban gaye hum aise? Doodh se? Sochiye.

You can also get value from Jo Indian mother ka milk piye

You can also get value from Indian Badboodar https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/indian-badboodar-shakti-saran

When girls, women and others in your family go to a salon and get a hair wash, do you wonder what quality water gets used? What about the towels they use?

If you're not sure then do you tell them to carry their own water and towels from home?

The salon professionals could be good, however, perhaps not the other things.

Emailed CBI Cyber Crime Cell

Read https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140711164721-517504-emailed-cbi-cyber-crime-cell

17th July 2014: Indian Maa apne doodh mein harmful chemicals test kare, shayad koi badboo based test ho jaise ki agar pani ya pipe mein kharabi hai to pani mein kharab smell aa jaati hai aur phir proper lab tests to honge hi.

Kharab maa ka doodh aise logo ko baby hone se sadana shuru kar sakte hai aur phir ye aisa bhi ban sakte hai aur aisa bhi kar sakte hai. Thanks! Best!

Indian mothers test for harmful chemicals in their milk, perhaps there's a bad smell based test like if water or pipe gets a problem then water gets a bad smell and then there'll be proper lab tests also.

Bad milk of mother can start to rot such people since they're baby and then they can become like this and also do like this. Thanks! Best!

Bangalore shocker: Six-year-old gang-raped in school; parents protest


4th May 2013: Amul finds caustic soda, urea in milk - "Generally, urea and caustic soda raise the level of fat in milk. The Amul Dairy has taken the lapse seriously and has served notice to the society," a source said. Thank You Amul for being serious! Such milk would make a nice bawarchi into suarchi by making harmful food to be eaten by humans. http://www.indianexpress.com/news/amul-finds-caustic-soda-urea-in-milk/1078840/

Making our world beautiful. Making ourselves healthy and fit. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=557838704249352&set=t.100000696815795&type=3&theater

This added on 17 Feb 2013: Lord Hanuman, Such weakness in me! Were you also made of amino acids? If so then what did you not do to my elders that we've so many extremely severe issues with food and also with water and air and land? I'm unable to have eggs since I recently read about how chickens are being grown which seems extremely harmful to humans. I'm trying to find out if those details are right or wrong and from where I can get healthy eggs. Perhaps you're upset that Gods are being offered extremely adulterated sweets and so you're also not caring for us. Hum suar nahin hai yeh to aapko bhi pata hai phir aisa kyun ki itna adulteration or pollution hai humari society aur environment mein? Maa ke doodh mein bhi adulteration ka issue aa raha hain aur logo ko pata chalne ke baad bhi woh test kara rahein hai ki nahin?

Achcha hai ki best logo ne computer, Internet, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, printer aur cheeze banayi hai jisse main kum se kum thode aur logo se yeh share kar sakta hun. Elders to jaise bhi ho, youth bhi kaisa banega aise adulteration aur pollution ke bad? Logo ka dimaag aur sundarta bhi bahut kharab ho sakti hai aise issues ke baad. Share karne se shayad aur log bhi behtar karenge aur behtar jeeyenge. Hum suar nahi, Hum sher nahi, Hum insaan hai!

Agar aapko pollution ke issue ke bare mein nahin malum to dekhe http://www.healthfitnessindia.com/profiles/blogs/anti-pollution-mask-delhi-metro-police

Agar aapko food adulteration ke issue ke bare mein nahin malum to dekhe http://www.healthfitnessindia.com/profiles/blogs/food-adulteration-in-india-issues-and-basic-to-advanced-solutions

This para added on 2 Feb 2013: Aapke bachche ki maa ke doodh mein kya hain? (What's in the milk of your child's mother?) Kya aap chahate hai ki aapka bachcha soche ki aapne uski maa ke doodh ke bare mein kyun nahin parvah ki (Do you wish that your child think that why you didn't care for mother's milk?) Aap kya sochte hai ki itna kharab pollution maa ke doodh ko kya kar raha hai? What do you think is the very harmful pollution doing to mother's milk? Aaj aapne iske bare mein kya kiya? What did you do today about this? Sabhi bachcho ko insaan banne ka achcha mauka mile! All children should get a good chance to become human. Jaise do strong, strong x strong ho sakte hai, waise hi do weak, weak x weak bhi ho sakte hai. Like two strong can be strong x strong, similarly two weak can be weak x weak.

Today a gym trainer asked me whether I was married. I told him that I'm not interested (meaning that I'm not actively looking for a spouse like how people do including the trainer who mentioned that he wants to get married by some period). Also, this doesn't mean that I couldn't later depending on the person! He related marrying to being an Indian. I told him that I thought that such thoughts would be more in tier 2 and 3 cities and that not in a top gym in Delhi. I also told him that people who do the many cultural things can still be very negative. He and I agreed that what we can do is to be nice. I asked him whether he has run a gym on which he said that some discussion is going on. I told him that I know a top gym that wants to grow from one to several outlets and that based on the several inputs that I've given to this gym's owner, the gym owner is willing to hire a CEO to run his gym. He thanked me for sharing the same and that I wish the best for him and also for getting a CEO for this gym.

When I got off Vaishali metro station, I got an auto rickshaw who yelled at a manual rickshaw because he wasn't driving properly with some passengers on it. I told him that there're so many Indian street dogs and that like how people have gotten used to them by going around them however they can, it's the same how this person might be driving the manual rickshaw. Then I thought on whether the milk of Indian mothers and of mothers in other parts of the world would be more, equally, or less adulterated than the milk of cows used to make the best chocolates. I also thought on what would be the relative adulteration in the milk of mothers in the different parts of the world and that how much it depends on how the majority of people are in the different parts of the world. I wish that there can be milk testers for mothers at gyms, fitness centers, clinics, and other places including because I've read that their milk is getting more and more adulterated which also leads to mental and physical problems in people from birth. This should also help to make the majority of people realize that they've to make efforts towards reducing and stopping problems that would be leading the milk of mothers to become adulterated. It's highly unfortunate that there're so many Indian street dogs while the Indian forest tigers are near extinction. I wouldn't suggest it but I had seen an Indian tiger at a short distance away and that I was in an open jeep and that the tiger was sitting in open and that we didn't have any weapons for protection. From that experience and from readings and videos on tigers, I think that it would be great to have at least enough Indian forest tigers and none or almost none Indian street dogs.


Shakti Saran

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  • Indian ki maa in general doodh mein kya pilayegi? Jo ki woh khayegi aur peeyegi aur kya uski hawa bhi asar karegi? Doodh se bachcha kaisa banega? Sirf aas paas ke bachchon ko hi nahin dekh kar soche, duniya ke best humans aur human ke maximum potential ke bare mein soche. Bachcha to salon baad shayad samajh payega ki doodh ki quality kaisi thi.

    "The NGO Consumer Voice, one of the petitioners in the court, said the quantum of pesticides in fruits and vegetables in India, especially those sold in Delhi markets, was as much as 750 times the European standards.

    The NGO claimed that of the five internationally banned pesticides, four were found to be common in vegetables sold here.

    The move had come after some NGOs submitted survey reports that vegetables and fruits sold in the city's markets contain poisons capable of causing cancer and harming the nervous system and liver."

    "Researchers are beginning to suspect that India's unusual mix of polluted air, poor sanitation and contaminated water may make the country among the most dangerous in the world for lungs."

    "Delhi has turned into a pollution zone so deadly that children in the Capital have the lungs of chain-smokers, and all the associated respiratory ailments."

    Google "food adulteration india" and on 1st page http://www.healthfitnessindia.com/profiles/blogs/food-adulteration-...

    Google "anti pollution india" and on 1st page http://www.healthfitnessindia.com/profiles/blogs/anti-pollution-mas...

    Google "clean india gate" and on 1st page http://www.healthfitnessindia.com/profiles/blogs/keep-india-gate-cl...

  • Should I be amazed by such ignorance? Someone (seemingly educated enough and also has Carnegie Mellon mentioned in her network on FB) commented: It's because Indian Milk is watered down, not poisoned or adulterated like in the West!
    2 minutes ago · Like

    Google "indian mother's milk" and you might find on 1st page http://www.healthfitnessindia.com/profiles/blogs/gym-trainer-marria...

  • How do you feel as an Indian? There seems a large open sewer next to the exit of a metro station which seems to have a large number of people use it. The smell is very bad which the auto driver agreed to and I thought what if it's releasing harmful to very harmful gases and which then people would breathe as they would go nearby it. 

    I wish that the authorities are doing their best and that are at least checking about any harmful gases. Please take care when you go by a sewer. Do you ever think of potentially harmful gases coming out of sewer and harming you and then how you would become like and also our society and environment? 

    What do you think about your mother's milk when you experience such things that if it also has had harmful chemicals in it and which then could also have led to mental and physical issues in you since you were a baby that we also have such issues now? Also, do you get milk of mothers in your family tested for any harmful chemicals? I wish us best!

  • God, What do you focus on when you make Indian? I just went for a walk and the pollution felt very high. Does pollution also affect Indian ki Maa ka doodh? Please help.

  • Some lady asked me if I've her money because she has to buy milk. I had borrowed 2000 INR from her because she has a shop nearby a doctor's clinic and that the doctor doesn't accept cards. Rather than going to ATM which is much further away, I borrowed cash from her. Last week when I met her, she told me that she would let me know for this Tuesday or Wednesday for a meeting, however, she didn't call. Today I saw her at a common place and then she asked me for money. I was carrying money and gave her. She could've asked for her money without an excuse. I told her that I was waiting for her call because she had told me that she has family visiting and that she has been very busy.

    This made me think how highly unfortunate are Indian women in general like once a mother of a son told another woman while the son was beating his wife that aurat aur gadhe to pitne ke liye hote hai (woman and donkey are meant for getting beaten) http://lnkd.in/wFNBiS.

    Even in the more modern families, what kind of issues are the women facing? I've heard highly unfortunate issues from women who're modern and that living in modern societies. How do you feel as an Indian when you learn about such or that you're so used to such that it doesn't even really matter to you?

    We watch awesome movies from around the world that show great things, however, why aren't similar awesome things also here? Is that because of how Indian people in general are? If you think that you're better than general or even great then what do you do to make things better overall?

    Do you think about Indian mother's milk if adulterated then can be harming babies http://www.healthfitnessindia.com/profiles/blogs/gym-trainer-marria... and then also our society and environment overall and if you do think then do you tell people to get milk of Indian mother's tested? Best!

  • Indian ka doodh peete peete Indian kaisa ban jaata hai? Lord Hanuman, humari madad karo. Air Pollution bahud zyada hai, Food Adulteration bahud zyada hai. Jungle ka sher aur hathi kaisa hota hai? Sadak ka kutta aur suar kaisa hota hai? Insaan kaisa hota hai? Today a doctor told me about the traffic around the underpass on NH-8 which he takes while coming from a hospital to the clinic. He mentioned how poorly people drive there and that no policeman stands there to assist. Lord Hanuman, you were able to fly with medicine for Lord Laxman. Why does my doctor who's great at working for patients has to go through this?

    For adulteration in Indian mother's milk, please read http://www.healthfitnessindia.com/profiles/blogs/gym-trainer-marria... Will you now ask soon to be Indian mothers to get their milk tested before making babies drink it?

    Another doctor a short while ago who I met for the first time today said that people in general here aren't willing to spend on proper treatments but are willing to pay on superficial things. Lord Hanuman, why are you making me feel like an Indian sadak ka suar and kutta combined? Please help me that I can make things better. Please!

  • Amazing! Today morning, my partner at www.careerpartner.in and I spoke about starting student counselling work for 10th and 12th class students and also for IT aspirants, students and graduates. Then I thought of a counselor and then called a person closely known to the counselor in order to meet and discuss with the counselor. I couldn't reach the person on the phone. So I just went to the restaurant run by the counselor's family member so that the family member could share this with the counselor. I without even mentioning about why I came, the family member said that the counselor would be coming there today because of some meetings and that the counselor seldom comes there. I shared my ideas with the counselor and got valuable inputs. When I came to my place after the meeting, I just read http://ibnlive.in.com/news/primary-education-in-india-needs-a-fix/3... How unfortunate would they feel like Indians during the years after their primary school? What do you do to make this better? I wish that our efforts would be of value.

    Also, it should be of value to share about issues related to adulterated mother's milk with your family and friends. Best!

  • Maa kaise batayegi bachche ko ki doodh peene se sher bhi uske samne kuch nahin jab bachcha maa se yeh bhi nahin pooch sakta ki kya usne apne doodh ke adulteration ka test kiya. Maa ko batane ki zaroorat hi nahin agar uska doodh sahi ho to jiske liye itne pollution and food and water adulteration ki wajah se usko apna doodh test karana chahiye. I wish this would also be of value. Best!

  • Someone asked me few days ago why there are so many issues in India. I asked why are there so many breeds of dogs, so few breeds of tigers and then human? I said similar to this: sadak ka chota kutta bada kutta way of doing things and jungle ka tiger way of doing things can't be human way of doing things because dogs and tigers would be ignored, harmed or moved out of society.

    I wonder what our best Indian colleges teach that things are so unfortunate in India. When I recently shared with a 60+ year old relative that whether pure pig's milk be better than highly adulterated cow's milk including for little children then he seemed to get very upset and said that people wouldn't drink it but if science can show that pig's milk is beneficial without any harm then why still go for highly adulterated milk because which could also greatly harm kids minds and bodies and that could further greatly harm our society and environment.

  • Dear Women, If you can't even protect well your milk from getting adulterated which could cause serious physical and mental issues in your babies since their childhoods then what can you expect when such heinous crimes are done by your children or your children aren't able to protect themselves from such crimes because they're weak and/or they haven't been brought up to protect themselves well. Do you think the society and environment are getting worse and that the issues would affect more and more people? How would it be in the next years and decades with land, water, air and food becoming more and more harmful? What are you doing about it? Like living like a slave?

    Also whether the law and enforcement is working properly or not, how can one expect from the law and enforcement to act as a significant deterrent to all or even most such incidences given a very large number of people spread on a significantly large piece of land having a very low level of overall development. Moreover, putting restrictions on women because of crimes against them is like saying that it's the fault of women and so they must be restrained which if said is a most unfortunate thing to say and which I think would further worsen the issues also because this might imply to criminals that those not obeying the restrictions deserve to be harmed. Once a woman told me that another woman told her that "Aurat aur gadhe to pitne ki liye hi hote hai" (Woman and donkey are for getting beaten). The son of that woman used to regularly beat his wife. I wonder how seemingly respected, wise, and well-to-do people in society think of putting restrictions on women as the solution.

    Of course, the women have to be as careful as required, however, rather than locking them up, they've to be made into fearless warriors. Teach them to kill if required. I wish I was taught since childhood to also value health, fitness and survival against predators like during times when many people lived like that and which has critically helped us in our survival as mankind. Rather than getting mentally trained to commit suicide, get them mentally and physically trained to kill which doesn't mean that they commit crimes but it surely means to be able to protect oneself in the worst scenarios. I somehow believe that everyone would wish for their family and friends to be able to protect themselves. So why just keep it to wishing? Let's do it. Suar Suar mujhe log bole must not be acceptable. Chote Mote Suar Teri Muththi Mein Kya Hai song must not play inside. Your safety depends critically on you. This also matters to men because this would help our world and which would also help men.

This reply was deleted.

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