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"Thank you for the Informative content. Here is more information about it-https://youtu.be/Wl5cLjYEBZY
Oct 31, 2022
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"Healthy Lunch Box Ideas curated in association with Mom Nutritionist Each of these tiffin box recipes is crafted keeping in mind the balance of all the macros and micros-https://youtu.be/c5VIJ-EABaQ"
Oct 31, 2022
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"Thank you very much for this wonderful information.
Know about Weight loss plateau-https://youtu.be/Wl5cLjYEBZY"
Oct 31, 2022
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Oct 11, 2022
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Sep 22, 2022

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  • "Thanks a lot. I am very glad to join your network. I will surely add value to your network."
  • Hi Juhi, Thank You for your wishes! Please do share why you think so! I wish you the best! Shakti

  • sir 

     u have gone thro incredible accidents

      let me tel u " u r God's chosen one" to get saved everytime

  • hi sir

        thnx to include me as a member of ur website

       hope to learn a lot from ur worthy links n discussions

  • Hi SHakti please provide me your mobile number so that i can get in touch with you directly. My number is 8380024712

  • Thank you Shakti for making this website.I am passionate about Crossfit and Powerlifting. I shall try to contribute in whatever way i can.

  • Thanks

  •   Thank you shakthi 

  • Thanks a lot! Mr.Shakti.Please visit the Health-LinQ website. For more enquiries you contact us at 8722579170.

  • I'm looking at my injuries. During school years, a brick fell on my head because my friend threw it up in the air when I was trying to take out the football stuck in the tree branches. I wish there were better fields then to play in even though my house was in one of the posh areas of Delhi having property value of nearly 10 crores today. I had to get several stitches and that I've fully recovered now but it could've also been fatal. Last year, the glass of my bookshelf broke when I slid to open it and that my left hand got cut (Thank God for saving me from a major injury by millimeters as the doctor told me and that I've fully recovered now but it could've also led to loss of a hand). I wish the construction design was better. I had asked for knobs to be fixed on the glasses but the carpenter had put a thin decorative thing on the glass to place the finger on it to slide it and that my parents were fine with that design. I've been lifting very heavy weights recently and that I can feel a hairline fracture above my right hand's thumb which affects my grip and that the huge piece of glass had also fallen there which I remembered now thinking of how I got that injury. Some months ago when I was walking outside, my left ankle had twisted in and that it had got sprained a bit seriously which I can still feel a bit when I do stretching. I wish the road construction work would complete soon because it seems to have been delayed a long while. I plan to visit a doctor soon for my right hand and left ankle including because it could get worse over the years especially due to my heavy workouts. If the masses go through much worse then how can they maximize their potential. From my experience, I suggest that if you go to a gym then get a personal trainer even if few times a month which would help avoid injuries besides making much better fitness gains. Best! Shakti

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