March 22

What's your FB / Google+ / LinkedIn / website?


Are you a Business Owner?


Are you a Fitness Trainer?


Are you a Doctor or Physiotherapist?


Are you a Dietitian or Nutritionist?


Are you a Model?


Kindly share your degrees, certifications, products, services.

I am a psychologist. An international Swimmer. For India i won 9 International records. With 7 gold medals. Other detail is in google search.

Kindly share your health / fitness / modeling work experience.

I am in the field of fitness since 13 years.

Kindly share your health / fitness / modeling goals.

My goal ws to serve India with my performance and i did and stil doin it.

Kindly share what you do for your goals.

train myself for 8 hours a day and swim for 20 kms minimum a day. Wid gym n cross country running.

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  • Safety measures are-don't panic get in safe don't hold ur breath breath out n breath in.
  • Hi Fariha, It'll be great if you'll add a profile photo and then I'll share your profile on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. It'll also be great if you'll share about what safety measures to take when swimming. Best, Shakti

  • Yea sure. Il definitely share it...:-)
  • Hi Fariha, It would be great if you'll share any of your swimming photos and videos to inspire others! It would also be great if you'll write blog posts about swimming, fitness and anything else of value. Best, Shakti Saran

  • Hi Fariha Zaman, Welcome! I wish you make the best of our network! Best! Shakti Saran

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