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Hi All, Please share about food adulteration with your family and friends which should also help to make things better or else your conditions might also keep worsening. I share details below from different sources but can't say for their correctness.

If you know anyone working to make our conditions better like selling organic food or doing anything else related to health and fitness then they can join the network.

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Emailed CBI Cyber Crime Cell

Do at least those children who drink milk of educated Indian mothers in general learn that India is ranked 79 for Quality and Safety in Global Food Security index 

18 March 2016: Hindustan Times: 2 out of 3 Indians drink milk laced with detergent, urea and paint

16 March 2016: Some of the most commonly occurring heavy metals in our daily foods are cadmium, lead, arsenic and mercury. All of these lead to serious health implications, primarily causing damage to healthy tissue. "Long term exposure to cadmium causes fragile bones and decreased bone strength whereas mercury causes damage to stomach and intestines," said Khandare.

28 July 2015: Now, states in India show contamination in water & milk

In water, Chandigarh showed 100 per cent adulteration, Jharkhand 75 per cent, Andhra Pradesh 70 per cent, Karnataka 66 per cent and Tamil Nadu 58 per cent out of the samples collected for testing from each state or union territory.

Many states, which had showed considerable levels of adulteration in bottled water in the previous financial year, have not given their data for this year. Gujarat at 40 per cent, Haryana 30 per cent and Uttar Pradesh at 28 per cent contamination last year, are among the states with no data for 2014-15, as per Parliament reply given on July 24.

In milk too, there are many absentees in 2014-15 including Gujarat, Delhi, West Bengal, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, with these states offering no data. Himachal Pradesh showed 92 per cent of its milk samples being contaminated, while others with high level of adulteration were Jharkhand at 45 per cent, Chhattisgarh at 38 per cent, Jammu & Kashmir at 32 per cent and Madhya Pradesh at 28 per cent.


21st January 2015: Six top brands adulterating milk: Food and Drug Administration, India

Ab to Indian maa Insaan hogi to phir bhi bachche ko Indian sadak ke suar jaisa experience mil raha ho sakta hai aur maa ko bhi aur doosro ko bhi.

Indian suar agar positive soch kar bhi koode se hi khayega to phir positive kaise khayega? Insaan to kya nahi soch aur kar sakta hai for our society, environment and world. Aapne socha aur kiya at least apne aur family ke liye about milk?

18th October 2014: Beware of spurious sweets and milk products during festive (Diwali) season

Some of the adulterants that are used in milk are water, chalk, urea, caustic soda and skimmed milk, while Khoya is adulterated with paper, refined oil and skimmed milk powder. Similarly, potato and Vanaspati have been found to contaminate Ghee, while the silver topping that is found on top of most mithais is often aluminium. Similarly, the Saffron thread that decorates mithai is often just dried and coloured corn hair. Combine all this together and you have the recipe for one big, bad stomach ache, if not worse!

So, now that you know why you ought to be careful about where you buy you sweets from and what to watch out for, we come to the next question – how do you know if the goods are spurious or not ! There are several ways methods you can employ to check whether the sweets you have bought are adulterated.

Dr Virendra Yadav, Senior Medical Officer, BK Hospital said, “With the consumption of these adulterated sweets and chocolates, many diseases can occur. Chances of severe stomach infection and food poisoning can happen. Colours are added to the sweets which contain carbon and heavy metal that causes asthama and allergies. If one eats these adulterated sweets for long then later it may develop into cancer.”


"...adulterating milk of various local as well as national brands"

Good the person was caught but what would such people generally do when they're back in society?

I also wonder the bad to very bad things that happened to people who consumed such milk and probably are consuming such milk or their made products.

Does a song like this ever play in your head that chote mote suar teri muththi mein kya hai if and when you're thinking that how unsure you're about the food quality around you.

It's great that we're humans and that the best people in our world have already done so much research and development for us to use and make things increasingly better for us.

18th September 2014: "Go for the eggs of which the hens were raised cage free (with actual room to roam), fed an organic diet, & were not pumped with antibiotics, steroids, etc. These chickens are--at least--a little less stressed, more natural, & in turn healthier. The result? A better egg, in terms of health."

Read this somewhere and wondered how many Indians feel like having been brought up to live as best or even average humans? Of course, Indian street pigs, forest tigers and other animals would live how they are, however, we're humans.

Maa suarni to most likely uska bachcha jeeye poorly lekin hum to insaan hai. Can you please share more about eggs if you know?

19th August 2014: Dairy owners use hair bleach chemical to prolong life of milk

Officials have discovered that to prolong life of milk and milk products, many dairy owners had been using a cocktail of chemicals whose consumption can damage kidney and liver.

Food and drug officials detected Hydrogen peroxide (a common paper and hair bleaching agent), potassium hydroxide (used in soap preparation) and hypo (a bleaching agent) in milk recently.

This is the first time when the department noticed use of these chemicals whose short term consumption can cause gastroenteritis but damage liver and kidneys if ingested for a longer period.

Of these, hydrogen peroxide in particular is almost impossible to detect in laboratory tests, leading the officials to suspect the dairies could have been using these in plenty.

Usually, food security officer said, dairy owners mixed argemone oil, a poisonous substance, and starch in milk during preparations of products like paneer and mawa.

In fact, food security officer, it was the presence of a tin containing huge quantity of hydrogen peroxide at a dairy which alerted them about the misuse of these chemicals.


11th June 2014: Identifying artificially ripened mango


* Put mango in a container with water

* If it sinks to the bottom, it has been ripened naturally

* If it floats, it has matured with the help of calcium carbide

* Chemically matured mangoes also have distorted wrinkles on the skin 

* They also taste different and have a pungent odour

“The Prevention of Food Adulteration act (1955) prohibits usage of such chemicals on food articles.

It has serious effects on health and can even cause cancer. It contains traces of arsenic, phosphorous and on reaction with water, produces acetylene gas.

It is severely irritating to eyes and direct contact may even lead to blindness. On contact with skin, it causes severe irritation, and rashes with burns.

On ingestion, it causes nausea, vomiting, headache, and burns in the gastrointestinal tract.

On inhalation, it leads to coughing, irritation of the throat, irregular breathing, shortness of breath and even pulmonary oedema.

It is neurotoxic and causes headache, dizziness, sleepiness, loss of memory, cerebral oedema, mental confusion and even seizures."

25th May 2014: Indian Cows Are Producing Toxic Milk Because They Are Grazing On Garbage When they return to their dairies their milk is adulterated with paint, detergents, caustic soda, urea and shampoo, the court heard.


Carpenter and maid came together. Carpenter asked for more money than it was agreed for and said that the higher amount was agreed for. This makes me think that is your maid harming you without you and she even realizing it? Do you wash the utensils once again to remove any stuck chemicals used by maid to wash the utensils? Also see:  

When girls in India start drinking mother's milk then do they start becoming inferior from their initial human potential and does that make them suffer even more in life due to harmed mind and body?

11th May 2014: According to traders, almost 70% of the coconut oil sold through unbranded retail network is impure

Unfortunately, scientific detection of adulteration is very difficult as normal lab testing is ineffective in the case of coconut oil. Adulterated oil having coconut oil to the tune of 30 per cent exhibits the same quality and aroma as that of pure coconut oil.

7th May 2014: How much of this is also coming into India: Carrot, bean, tomato, lettuce, capsicum, banana, apple, pineapple and mango were contaminated with highly toxic pesticides. And the presence of banned pesticide Aldrin was found in milk, the test found.

Please also learn and think about what's coming in from our world. It's wonderful to get high-tech and advanced scientific solutions from our world, however, it's not to get such harmful things. It's nice that people there are also active about reducing this severely harmful issue.

29th April 2014: How can one distinguish between artificially ripened mangoes and organically grown ones? The following link shares about color, taste, texture and color of pulp and juice as factors.

What are the ill-effects of artificially ripened mangoes?

Dr Shah says, ‘Chemicals and pesticides cause a variety of diseases, some of the ill effects, they are known hormone disruptors leading to an increase in the number of hormonal diseases today like hypothyroid, polycstic ovaries, diabetes etc. Apart from that, they have been known to lead to Parkinson’s disease, cancer, and worst of all are passed on from mother to child via breast milk.

Is it possible to get rid of the chemicals by washing them properly or eating them without the outer skin?

‘Perhaps a small part but not a large enough amount of it. Wash the fruits well but you will still feel the burning sensation and carry all the ill effects,’ says Dr Shah.

21st April 2014: Jiski maa Indian woh in general kaisa khana khila rahi hogi aur usse log kaise ban rahe honge? With such low punishment for such a serious crime, how many people might keep doing this and causing us harm?  It's great that these people were caught due to great work of others, however, how many more would be doing this and which would also depend on how Indian mothers in general are making their children that we've people doing such things and other people not able to mostly stop this and that our condition has worsened so much. I wish us best.

In India, use of calcium carbide is strictly banned as per PoFA (Prevention of Food Adultration) Act [Section 44AA], because it contain the traces of arsenic and phosphorus, which pose a serious threat to human health. Acetylene gas, a by-product of calcium carbide, creates heat. It is mainly used as a fuel and in welding, and contains toxic impurities that affect the nervous system. When acetylene is filled amidst the fruit in a box, it heats the fruit on the outside, and thus the mangoes and oranges turn yellow or orange, as the case may be.

"Though we had inspected fruit shops and godowns across the district, it's the first time we are seizing mangoes and calcium carbide together. It's a grave offence and the person can get a prison term of up to three years and a fine of up to Rs5 lakh for engaging in such a criminal activity," said a food safety official.

6th April 2014: Jiski maa insaan woh kaisa doodh pilaye? Today it’s more than likely that your glassful of doodh, or milk, contains everything from contaminated water, urea and milk powder to detergent, bleaching agents and the (banned) hormone oxytocin. 

All the entrepreneurs emphasize their humane dairy farming practices—free-range cows “pampered” with tailor-made feed free of any pesticides, on-call nutritionists and veterinarians, mechanized milking, no hormones or antibiotics, and the fact that the milk is absolutely untouched till it reaches the customer’s doorstep. 

All these brands are, of course, available at a premium. Insaan hona bhi to premium hai sadak ke kutte, suar aur jungle ke sher, hathi se. I wish an increasing number of people would be able to get pure milk.

30th March 2014: Senior superintendent of police (SSP) Kamaljeet Singh Dhillon said that the raids were conducted on a tip-off that some milk-sellers were preparing synthetic milk and other products by using  adulterated milk products at Longiwind. 
"We have seized 25,000 litres of adulterated milk from two canter tanks and 8 kg desi ghee," said the SSP.

8th March 2014: How do Indian women feel being an Indian on International Women's Day? What do you do for yourself and for your future to feel great as Indian? Perhaps it also depends on what you've learned from previous generations. How would you make the future generations?

Please share with people about our issues to make them aware so that they would reduce doing things that harm us. Think of how pigs and tigers goes after their food and then think of how humans should go after their food.

The Delhi High Court today termed as "alarming" the findings of an expert committee on the status of pesticide residues in food commodities and said almost entire 1.75 crore Delhiites eat fruits and vegetables which are not fit for human consumption.

The NGO Consumer Voice, one of the petitioners in the court, said the quantum of pesticides in fruits and vegetables in India, especially those sold in Delhi markets, was as much as 750 times the European standards.

The NGO claimed that of the five internationally banned pesticides, four were found to be common in vegetables sold here.

The move had come after some NGOs submitted survey reports that vegetables and fruits sold in the city's markets contain poisons capable of causing cancer and harming the nervous system and liver.

4th March 2014: “We may be eating dangerous dye, sawdust, soap, stone, industrial starch or aluminium foil along with food,” said Assistant Professor of Chemistry Leena Singh, who has done research in adulteration. Adulteration is easy money for traders and slow poisoning, disease or death for consumers. What we eat can be unsafe, unhygienic or harmful when nutritious elements in them are killed. “An easy example of food adulteration is vanaspati in desi ghee.” Adulterants when used in illicit drugs are called cutting agents, deliberate addition of toxic adulterants to food or other products for human consumption is known as poisoning. These adulterants are often highly carcinogenic and when consumed over a continuous period of time can stunt growth and cause serious ailments.

Indian sadak ki kutiya, suarni ya aur koi janwar to bahut kuch khila rahi hogi apne ko aur apne bachchon ko. Usme se insaan ka pheka hua khana bhi hoga. Insaan apna khana great karega to sadak ke janwaron ko bhi behter khana mil sakta hai. Aur phir, sadak pe janwar to hone hi nahin chahiye jahan ki janwaron ki natural jagah na ho. Jaa raha hun ON 100% Whey Gold Standard protein supplement khareedne. Mehenga hai lekin chahiye bhi.

(Indian street female dog, pig or other animals would be feeding several things to self and to their children. In that, there'll be food thrown away by humans. If humans would make their food great then street animals could also get better food. And then, there shouldn't be animals on the street where there's no natural place for the animals. I'm going to buy ON 100% Whey Gold Standard protein supplement. It's expensive but required.)

27th February 2014: While silver and gold are inert metals that do not harm the body’s composition, adulterants like aluminium, nickel and copper cause serious side affects to one’s health, including skin diseases, breathing problems and irregularities in the heart. While most of the established shops use pure varks, smaller nondescript shops tend to market adulterated vark.

Chandi (silver) vark was initially introduced in Hyderabad for its medicinal purposes in Unani and Ayurveda. It was later picked up as a decorative garnish by confectionary makers.

Suarni bhi Indian banaye, Sherni bhi Indian banaye aur Insaan bhi Indian banaye. Kya aap vark khaate aur khilate hai bina check kiye ki theek hai ki nahi. Thank You Germany for your technological solution. 

So how does one tell a good vark from an adulterated one, considering that both silver and aluminium tend to look the same when drawn into sheets?:

23rd February 2014: When asked if the wax coated on most apples is safe to consume, Dr Priyanka Rohatgi, Chief Clinical Nutritionist and Head, Nutrition and Dietetics, Apollo Hospitals, says, “We are not sure of the composition of the wax but it is unfit for human consumption. Wax should never be consumed.”

1st February 2014: "...a large portion of it [milk] is a toxic cocktail of white paint, caustic soda, detergent, shampoo, urea, starch and blotting paper that is harmful for the heart, lungs, liver and can even cause cancer."

Aur in sadak ke janwaron ka kya hoga? Jab doodh ki mithai sadak par phik gayi aur suaron, kutton aur doosre janwaron ne kha liya to unka kya hoga? Yeh janwar sadak pe nahin rehne chahiye kyunki yeh to apne liye kuch kar bhi nahin sakte jaise ki insaan kar sakte hai. "the menace was most rampant during festival seasons when the demand peaks."

16th January 2014: I had found an organic milk shop nearby. However, someone who owns cows nearby told mom that the organic shop takes milk from them. I don't know what that organic milk shop does what this milk. However, mom stopped getting milk from that organic shop.

I've heard similar about other organic shops also that they aren't as organic as they claim to be. If you're buying organic then try to check if it's really organic.

2nd January 2014: Ginger coloring inside - Is this due to harmful chemicals like acid wash? I bought this yesterday, 1st Jan 2014, evening from street vendor. I'm not an Indian street pig or any other animal but human and hence I share to ask and also make others aware about whether they check what they buy and also how can be their food when they eat outside. Do you wonder how our previous generations in general have been that we've such issues now. Is it possible to very easily complain about this to authority and that immediate action is taken due to public health at possibly high risk. What are you doing to make things better? I wish us best!

10824439881?profile=original17th December 2013: Time to buy organic! Why? Plates loaded with pesticides: Survey shows fruit, vegetables are high on chemical content.

God, Is eating such like Indian street pig eating from filth who's really not doing anything about the harmful things in its food? Sadak ke suar jaisa kya God? Kaisa Indian bana rahe hain God? Indian sadak ke suar jaisa nahin baniye. Jab boards lagte the ki dogs and Indians not allowed then parents kya kehte the children ko ki aaj aise issues hain. Indian ki maa in general bachche ko sadak ka suar jaisa banane mein ya jungle ka sher jaisa banane mein ya duniya ka insaan jaisa banane mein best hai? Mother India ko help kariye. Aisi problem ko end kariye. Please sabko aware kariye ki woh great society and environment build and grow karen. Please help.

We are literally consuming poisons. Let’s have a brief look:

Brinjal: Chemical found is Heptachlor, 860% above the legal limit
Cabbage: Chemical found is Cypermethrin, 95.5% above the legal limit
Okra: Chemical found is Heptachlor, 55% above the legal limit
Rice: Chemical found is Chlorfenvinfos, 1324% above the legal limit
Banana: Chemical found is Chlorodane, 54% above the legal limit
Cauliflower: Chemical found is Aldrin, 320% above the legal limit
Apple: Chemical found is Dichlorvas, 140% above the legal limit

In a study conducted by the Kerala Agricultural University, “dangerous levels” of pesticide residues have been found in many main vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, small red onions, curry leaves, green chillies, etc. About three years ago, Profenofos, which is a second-level pesticide, was banned in India, except for tea and cotton. But its residues have been found in vegetables like gooseberries, green chilli, okra, curry leaves, mint leaves and coriander leaves.

Consuming pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables for a long period of time can prove fatal. Health experts say that pesticides are neurotoxins, affecting the nervous system and other important organs such as liver and kidney. Food poisoning and different sorts of allergies are common from these pesticides. Some pesticides even lead to cancer. Certain pesticides cause skin problems, loss of weight, sleeplessness and irritability.

The skyrocketing price of fruits and vegetables is not the only issue; so is the amount of pesticide residues these contain. It is surprising to know that most of the vegetables and fruits have an alarming percentage of harmful chemicals, which is far above the permissible limit prescribed by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

16th December 2013: I wrote to a client from Europe doing work in India: I wish you're making great sales in India! I read that food not allowed for export to Europe gets sold in India and so please take care with your food and also share with your clients since you mentioned about how people in India get attracted a lot to white people and so I wish they would care a lot about what you would say!

Please motivate your clients in terms of how pigs and tigers go after their food and that we're humans and so can do so much better in health and fitness. You would've heard about price rise of food items a major issue. Please help people to realize that less or more of pig like food is less or more of pig only. We've to make food quality a major issue for our health and fitness. Thank You for your great work!

5th October 2013: I just spoke to the company who sold the seemingly tampered protein box to me. I learned that my complaint call mid last week wasn't registered in their system and hence it seems a delay in their response. I told the rep the person's name who I spoke to. I told the rep that junior people might not care as much and so having direct online system for filing complaints should also be there.

The company rep told me that the customers can file complaints online after they log into the site. I said that I didn't know that and so I just called. I told the rep that there should be link nearby the contact numbers on their site that people can file their complaints online.

I also told the rep that they shouldn't use courier service to get the product back from me because what if it's the courier service that might be opening up the box. The rep said that it's highly unlikely. The person also said that it's highly unlikely that the box is tampered with because of their quality controls. I said that perhaps most people wouldn't check the supplement box like how I did it and so if there's potential mixing in the boxes then they wouldn't realize it. I also said that if this wouldn't have been returned then I would've taken the box to a lab for testing. The rep was very helpful. I'll be writing to major nutrition supplements brands that how people can test their products by themselves and that I would share online and which should also help those brands besides the many people consuming them thinking that it would help them.

I would visit their office next week with the box so that I get another box. Thank You! Best!

26th September 2013: page wrote to me: Thanks again Shakti, always make sure you buy 100% authentic products. You should do that. Fake supplements are loaded with anabolic steroids that cause permanent damage. In future you may shop with us and be assured that the product is 100% genuine as we have over 200 of the best brands in the world with us. Either we are listed on the brand websites as their authorised dealers or we buy directly from the brand's listed distributors.

Several comments with page

25th August 2013: "I buy only branded milk and we need to know whether it is safe. My two sons, aged seven and three, drink milk twice a day. If they skip a meal, milk also fills the gap. But now I am not sure whether giving them milk is a good idea. How will I fulfil their protein requirements?" said Aditi Sharma, a homemaker.

What do you eat and what do you feed others? Are you maximizing your human potential? How do you feel as an Indian having such widespread milk adulteration considering the best in our world? Now people are getting aware about this better, however, what if you and your family consumed adulterated milk for years before? What are you doing for greatness? I do wish that the branded milk at most has non-harmful water mixed. I also wish the best for those selling loose milk. Best!

24th August 2013: Indian in general ka andaa kaisa jab yeh aisaa? (How's the Indian's egg in general when this one is like this?) What are you doing for your health and fitness? Best!

15th August 2013: Mother India, how was the quality of milk and the milk based products that you treated to all Indians today? I wonder what mothers think when they give birth knowing that they can't even feed themselves properly. What quality of humans would generally be born and grown like that? Best!

9th August 2013: God, Is this also why several people in India seem to keep trying to move abroad (ask anyone if they want to and generally they say yes that they want to just like a grandmother yesterday told me that her grandson would go since his grandfather does business in LA, USA)? God, Is this also why the people in India prefer to buy things not made in India if they can?

"As the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) laboratory report recently discovered our branded edible oils are full of unhealthy trans fats. The results showed trans fats in seven leading vanaspati brands were five to 12 times the 2 per cent standard set by Denmark. Trans fats are associated with a host of serious health problems ranging from diabetes to heart disease to cancer."

In the Rigveda, 9th Mandala, Hymn 1.5, "Vanaspati" (literally meaning: Lord of the Forest)..." and so the many people in India are getting weaker like the forests in India? Please help!

30th July 2013: Sources of Adulteration in Milk - Agriculture For Nutrition and Health presentation link

10824440269?profile=originalPossible diseases due to Adulteration in Milk - Agriculture For Nutrition and Health presentation


12 July 2013: Indian doodh wale, Suar jaisa na bana re. Doodh mein tu kya mila re? Tujhe agar koi roke na, Phir bhi ruk jaa re, Apne logon ke bare mein to soch ke.

I thought of this while thinking of milk adulteration issue in India. These days I've been drinking Yakult probiotic milk and I see people making tea using Nestle milk powder which seems nice. I do feel highly unfortunate about the severe milk adulteration issue. What do you do about milk adulteration? Best!

6th July 2013: Could this comment even discourage other people from maximizing their human potential? What's the future of India? Following comments continue from my previous post on 5th July:

PERSON Shakti Saran... Checked with the Poultry farm guy... The problem in India is more related to over use of antibitics... to keep the chickens from falling ill - not so for the chemicals you mentioned, though some remind me of my Botany classes and seems I am right: So, if the yellow colour is coming from Xanthophyll - we are actually getting essential nutrients from natural sources - Leaf to egg to humans. I wouldn't worry too much. Also, Americans do get frazzled by Dihydrogen Oxide... What can one say!

11 hours ago · Like

Shakti Saran PERSON, You said "more" and "not so for", however, it's unclear the absolute quantities present in general. Why are you making such light comments about such a serious issue or is the issue not that serious to you? If you've a good idea about their quantities used in general then please share because that'll really be of value if you can understand my point which I say because if you possibly did then you wouldn't only compare these two but also provide good idea about their quantities used in general meaning possibly how much of them are in an egg in general or else they could even be in very minute quantities or even in significant quantities having possibility of doing increasing harm to people over a long period of consumption. 

Also, you talk about some botany class, however, is this chemical being fed for nutrition of hen or for primary purpose of making the yolk yellower because if it's the latter then what could be its harmful effects and also why make people think that their yolk is yellower than natural by using such chemical unless the yolk might not have been yellow enough otherwise and that the people might have then thought that perhaps the egg isn't that good? 

Also, I mentioned about there being a variety of healthy options for eggs in USA and so I don't understand why you would mention about what you mentioned unless you don't have anything better to mention about how to improve things in India? 

I feel highly unfortunate to type all this than getting much more valuable inputs for my post for the masses. It makes me wonder the quality and quantity of research and development in India. I typed because I wish that more and more people would realize better. Around an hour ago while on my way to my place, someone I met told me about people in general according to him that they say that "khahin to girna hai" (somewhere they have to fall). I wonder why people aren't using anti-pollution mask in Delhi region given the very high and severely harmful pollution. I wonder about several other such things and that then I meet such people who tell me such things.

5th July 2013: 

Someone comments on my post in some group:

PERSON The yellowness of Indian eggs comes from the green leaves and carotenoids in them...
50 minutes ago · Like

Shakti Saran I thought my point was simple to understand since many people might be suffering from food adulteration and so perhaps also thinking about it. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough! I meant if chemicals are being used to make the yolk yellower. Somewhere I had read about a yellow dye created by feeding Xanthophyll, zeanthin, marigold dye and caroteinic acid. There could be any other combination of things also. Are they really there and if so then generally what all and that how much?

My post:

God, I've heard of stories of long ago of people in India being able to convert energy to matter. Why didn't you inspire them to make India great or did you or what happened and can you please help now?

Yesterday, my cousin visited who has cleared her medical exams in USA and now will be going there soon for a job. She mentioned about the variety of very healthy options for eggs being sold there.

What's the quality of egg of Indian in general? Please help us to have the best quality eggs in India also. I read somewhere that the yellow in egg sold in India might also be due to chemicals fed to chickens and if so then how harmful are those chemicals?

I request all to read about the highly valuable efforts of this human including for inspiration to make our world a much greater place. On this 4th of July, thank you very much for your efforts that I've technologies and solutions to share this with our world and I wish for humans to maximize their potential. Best!

I've also shared it on which I wish would be of value to you.

2 July 2013: 

How many Indians get milk from market or consume milk based products from market that have lesser harmful adulteration than the milk being had by these piglets?

What do you do to ensure that your milk from market and milk based products from market are without harmful adulteration? What all harm do you think can milk adulteration cause you?

Please also read milk

27 MAY 2013: The NGO picked up 193 samples of 35 different vegetables from markets in Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata. These were then tested for 106 pesticides and the results were alarming as four of the five banned chemicals were found in these samples.

18 May 2013: Consumption of fruit ripened using carbide can cause diarrhoea, mouth ulcers, dizziness and even cancer in the long run. Bet on it. Your mango is ripened using carbide. [I suggest to test for it than not eating it at all. Anyone knows how?] In its biggest haul this year, AMC destroys 22,700 kg mangoes at Naroda wholesale fruit market.

From article published on June 13, 2011 about NON CALCIUM CARBIDE ripened mangoes 

Meanwhile, consumers are becoming more and more aware and hence, choosey about what they eat. Dr Vanit Kathuria, deputy manager (seeds and support services) at Mother Dairy’s Safal points out, “Apart from conventional factors such as price, quality and demand that affect the market, ‘safety’ has become an important factor in recent times.

Instead of calcium carbide, Safal authorities have been using ethylene, since setting up the Mangolpuri facility in 1988. Mature unripe mangoes are kept in temperature and humidity-controlled chambers, followed by a trigger of ethylene (at permissible limits) for 24 hours.

At the end of the third day, ripe mangoes are ready to be sent to retail outlets. “This is a kind of an accelerated process using ethylene. When fruits mature in a natural way, they release ethylene, which, in turn releases heat that helps in ripening. It takes six-seven days. But using the ethylene trigger, we get the same result in just three days,” said Subhash Sharma, Safal’s DGM (operations).

Safal has been advocating the ‘ripen mangoes at home’ concept. Unripe mature mangoes available at retail outlets are wrapped in a newspaper and placed in an airtight container for 4-6 days at home.

“The psychology of the consumer is such that they accept things easily if they are involved (in the process). Both children and elders are excited at the prospect of ripening mangoes at home,” Sharma added.

14 March 2013: People say what's the alternative to eating several harmful adulterated food. I've started these lists today and let's start more (I'm going to hire someone soon to keep adding shop details in the following lists. If you can tell any shops to add their details then that might help increasing number of people!):

List of Organic / Not Harmful Food shops in New Delhi, India

List of Organic / Not Harmful Food shops in Gurgaon, Haryana, India

List of Organic / Not Harmful Food shops in Noida, U.P., India

List of Organic / Not Harmful Food shops in Ghaziabad, U.P., India

No matter how much we train a dog, can it care about food adulteration? It's great that we're humans. If you're doing anything related to food adulteration in India then you're welcome to also share about it here.

We have to demand good food. Businesses will listen if many will demand together. Join the site and make a demand together. This is easy to do. As lakhs of people will come together and demand, businesses will listen. They can still profit and we can have a better life. Please join the site and share with others about our demand.

One thing that we can and must do is to search for shops that sell organic food and also share about their locations with others. Please join our network and share about organic food shops that you know. There can be shops nearby you selling much better food. What's the use of studying and working if you buy food that severely harms you and your quality of life increasingly worsens?

VIDEO of Simple Methods of Detection of Adulterants in Food Products made by The School of Agriculture (SOA), IGNOU

Scroll Down several posts below for details on food adulteration detection methods. 

Also, you can view images with details on ReagentsApparatus and Precautions for Detecting Adulterants in Food on

Also, you can read Food Adulteration Hindi & English one-page PDF document and also share it (online or print) with others if you like. Thank You! Best!

Also, you can read about adulteration of milk of mothers in India which can be extremely harmful to babies.

In this blog, I'll be sharing posts related to food adulteration in India. I'll be sharing issues and also on basic to advanced solutions for reducing and stopping it. I welcome you to comment with anything of value. I wish that all of us realize that by doing any amount of food adulteration, we're harming ourselves, our family and friends, and our society and world at large. What's the point of earning money that will mostly go to curing diseases and that one wouldn't even be well enough to enjoy any of the remaining money? I wish that we can do much better than how things are in India and that if you wonder that why we Indians haven't been able to have things much better then I also wonder about our elders for the same, however, I also think that just by saying that they were/are useless or not good enough wouldn't help. We've to make the issue of food adulteration a critical issue in our lives since food is critical for our lives without which we can't even live and that if we're eating adulterated food then seriously how well are we living? Can we think of the Indian street dogs who eat just whatever that they get? We're humans who're capable in general and that we can at least get rid of the issue of food adulteration by all of us working together intelligently, smartly, and with common sense.   

A person working at gym offered me Boondi as Prasad Even though he had it in his hand, I took it from the polythene bag while telling him that I don't know if his hands are clean or not. Also, polythene bag has its own issues including when hot things are put in it like if the boondi is hot. I've written before on offering sweets as Prasad including that we don't know how proper are the ingredients and the cooking given widespread food adulteration in India which is much more unfortunate than widespread Indian street dogs and that we should try to reduce towards eventually stopping food adulteration, Indian street dogs who generally live very miserably and other issues. I'm now going to suggest the gym owner who I met today after a long while and whose company's web-site is being developed by me and my team that those interested in gym can contribute to buy quality chocolate like Cadbury to be offered to Lord Hanuman as Prasad on Tuesdays which is the day dedicated to Him. I'll share the same with others at gym as well since the owner called me his younger brother today which is great and that I wish that his quality gym wouldn't lead people to getting sick due any unfortunate issues in India and that his given work to me of making his web-site would be done well! Best! Shakti 

28 July 2015: Now, states in India show contamination in water & milk
In water, Chandigarh showed 100 per cent adulteration, Jharkhand 75 per cent, Andhra Pradesh 70 per cent, Karnataka 66 per cent and Tamil Nadu 58 per cent out of the samples collected for testing from each state or union territory.
Many states, which had showed considerable levels of adulteration in bottled water in the previous financial year, have not given their data for this year. Gujarat at 40 per cent, Haryana 30 per cent and Uttar Pradesh at 28 per cent contamination last year, are among the states with no data for 2014-15, as per Parliament reply given on July 24.
In milk too, there are many absentees in 2014-15 including Gujarat, Delhi, West Bengal, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, with these states offering no data. Himachal Pradesh showed 92 per cent of its milk samples being contaminated, while others with high level of adulteration were Jharkhand at 45 per cent, Chhattisgarh at 38 per cent, Jammu & Kashmir at 32 per cent and Madhya Pradesh at 28 per cent. 

Read more…

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Fitness and Bodybuilding Workouts for Health and Fitness in India!

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What's CrossFit

Thousands of athletes worldwide have followed our workouts posted daily on this site and distinguished themselves in combat, the streets, the ring, stadiums, gyms and homes.

Do Not Let This Happen Again

Unable to pay fee, swimming champ hangs self. This Ghaziabad (INDIA) girl Saira had won gold medals in 100 small and big swimming competitions. Article link

Unstoppable: Cassidy Duffield

Someone in India asked me how to become a CrossFit trainer?

My response: How to Start CrossFit

Initially, you can also start on your own depending on your level.

You can find Training Courses on

You can also try to find CrossFit trainers and classes in India or internationally.


CrossFit - Nine Foundational Movements, Lisa Ray

Explanation of Handstand Push-ups, Scales, Kipps, Strict - CrossFit - Health and Fitness India Scroll down and you'll find several pages of embedded videos. This is one of the latest ones which I've also shared here

On 27 June 2013: Amazing! I've been going to a physiotherapist since few days. Today morning before going to him, I watched the Greg Glassman, Founder & CEO, Crossfit: March 13, 2013, Full Talk video (see below).

After that I created the Crossfit - Health and Fitness India page.

After that I went to the clinic. There I met a news reporter who's the deputy bureau chief of a top news channel. Highly unfortunately, he has suffered multiple fractures because he fell forward and that he put his hands straight which caused the multiple fractures. I could hear him scream in pain as the physiotherapist was working on him.

When the physiotherapist got done, I mentioned to him that we should teach functional training to the masses like how to fall, how to pick up things and etc. on which the physiotherapist said yes. I think that if the masses are unhealthy and unfit then it's negative for them and for our society, environment and world overall.

Crossfit is about functional training and fitness and that it's amazing that I had thought of it and that had viewed the founder's hour long video and that had also created the Crossfit - Health and Fitness India Facebook page just before going to the clinic and meeting the news reporter.

I shared with the news reporter the Health and Fitness India network's website and I wish that he would help me to bring the site increasingly to the people in India and also worldwide. I asked him if he has a child on which he showed me the photo of his little daughter on his mobile. I suggested him to provide her functional training from early on. I wish that my efforts would be of increasing value to our world and that I would also work with more and more of the best people from worldwide. 

Scientific research study of CrossFit athletes (first part 2 and then part 1):

CrossFit - A Metabolic Analysis of CrossFit's Elite: Part 2

CrossFit - A Metabolic Analysis of CrossFit's Elite: Part 1

Greg Glassman, Founder & CEO, Crossfit: March 13, 2013, Full Talk

Published on Mar 27, 2012 (from the About section of video)

Combining the CrossFit training methodology with a diet of meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar brings "a jet stream of adaptation," says CrossFit founder Greg Glassman.

In the pyramid Glassman created, nutrition is the foundation, with met-cons, gymnastics, weightlifting and throwing, and sport following.

"Each level builds on the level below it," explains Nicole Carroll, director of certification. "If your nutrition sucks, these things will not be where they could be if it were more solid."

Likewise, Glassman says CrossFit favors Barry Sears' Zone Diet "because it does give me accurate and precise prescription for caloric intake and, more importantly, the exact levels of macronutrient that I can start at."

Likewise, trainers and coaches can make informed decisions on how to tweak an athlete's diet for improved performance, he says.

CrossFit HQ trainer Pat Sherwood says nutrition isn't an either/or aspect of training.

"It's not quality or quantity. It can and it should be both."

The Test of Fitness

"How many women have beaten that winning time from 2007...That's our next generation..." Wonderful!

The Women of CrossFit Dynamix

CrossFit Games Update Show: April 23, 2014

Reebok CrossFit ONE - Why do you Crossfit?

CrossFit - Letting Beauty Speak 

Growing Up Strong

CrossFit India - Fitness Motivation for Girls, Women, Boys, Men

2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Recap

CrossFit - The Fittest Woman in the World: Thor's Daughter

CrossFit - Let Me Tell You About CrossFit


From the About section of video: 

CrossFit can change how a woman both defines beauty and feels about her body, as Rita Benavidez, Jackie Perez, Erin Cianciolo and Andrea Ager discuss in this video.

Once thinking beauty was a picture of a waify woman on a magazine, Benavidez feels differently now. "My perception of beauty has changed over the past few years," Benavidez says. "True beauty ... is strength and fitness, and confidence in yourself."

Perez was originally motivated by trying to be skinny. "That wasn't getting me anywhere," she says. "With CrossFit, I set goals. I want to deadlift 225, I'm going to hit that faster than I'm going to look in the mirror and like what I see."

Ager says putting in the work is key to getting what you want. "I think that hard work and the way that your body looks go so hand-in-hand," she says. "Once you do get a body that you want, you're very proud of it ... you're proud of what your body can do."

Through CrossFit, these women are confident, stronger and fitter. They are mothers, tomboys, coaches. They are CrossFit athletes.

CrossFit - Highlights from the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games

What is CrossFit?

From the About section of video:

What is CrossFit? CrossFit is an effective way to get fit. Anyone can do it. It is a fitness program that combines a wide variety of functional movements into a timed or scored workout. We do pull-ups, squats, push-ups, weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, and a host of other movements. Always varied, always changing, always producing results. Kids, cops, firefighters, soccer moms, Navy SEALS, and grandmas all do CrossFit. In fact, hundreds of thousands worldwide have followed our workouts and distinguished themselves in combat, the streets, the ring, stadiums, gyms and homes.

What Is CrossFit? Short by CrossFit by Overload

CrossFit - Number 1 and Number 2: A Day of Training

Find out how 2010 Games champion Graham Holmberg and second-place finisher Rich Froning Jr. are training for the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games. At the Rogue Fitness training center in Columbus, Ohio, and CrossFit Cookeville at Tennessee Tech University, Sevan Matossian captures these two elite athletes preparing themselves for the mental and physical battles they are soon to encounter.

Reminiscing on his experiences last year, Froning says, "You can look at it like I lost or you can look at it like he won, and either way the outcome is he won. There's not much you can do about it, and I can't change anything about it."

To prepare for this year's Games, Froning says his game plan is simple: "Train as hard as I can. That's what I'm going to do, and that's what I have been doing."

Reigning champion Holmberg confronts criticism about his performance and obscurity over the past year. He says the Open was a "lose-lose situation" for him—if he did well, people expected it, but if he did poorly, people would question his capability. Holmberg finished 37th overall in the Open, and he didn't compete in a regional event.

Both athletes say they are ready for the Home Depot Center and July 29. They analyze their own past performances and that of their peers, sizing up the competition.

"We'll see what happens when we get to the Games," Holmberg says. "That's all that really matters."

CrossFit - WOD 120803 Demo with Andrea Ager, Jackie Perez, Rita Bena

For time:
75 pound Thruster, 30 reps
15 foot Rope climb, 3 ascents
75 pound Thruster, 20 reps
15 foot Rope climb, 2 ascents
75 pound Thruster, 10 reps
15 foot Rope climb, 1 ascents

CrossFit - WOD 130130 Demo with Cara Hipskind and Kayla Baumgardne 


Three rounds, 9-7- and 5 reps, for time of:
135 pound Squat snatch

CrossFit - WOD 130130 Demo with Cara Hipskind and Kayla Baumgardne


Three rounds, 9-7- and 5 reps, for time of:
135 pound Squat snatch

2012 CrossFit Games - CrossFit Games Summary

Highlights from the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games.

Along with Crossfit, also see videos for absbackbicepschest, shoulders, and legs.

How to lift weights, lose fat, tone, sculpt and build body at gym




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Anti-Pollution Mask, Delhi Metro Police, India


Lung Screening for Children and Everyone in India on

Hi All, Please share about air pollution with your family and friends which should also help to make things better or else your conditions might also keep worsening. I share details below from different sources but can't say for their correctness.

If you know anyone working to make our conditions better like selling anti-pollution masks, air cleaning machines or doing anything else related to health and fitness then they can also register free on:

For health and fitness professionals and businesses

Get found easily !!! Basic registration is free WEBSITE


Emailed CBI Cyber Crime Cell


17th February 2016: As per the article, "34.5 per cent of non-smokers in Delhi have impaired lungs: Study. The longer you stay in Delhi, the unhealthier your lungs are."

I do think that there's a significant difference between rarely / minimally smoking and continuously taking in harmful to severely harmful air for the long-term. If you smoke then also you should be highly concerned about air pollution.

14th December 2015: Potential physiologic effects of in-vehicle, roadside, and ambient PM2.5 were investigated in young, healthy, non-smoking, male North Carolina Highway Patrol troopers.

The observations in these healthy young men suggest that in-vehicle exposure to PM2.5 may cause pathophysiologic changes that involve inflammation, coagulation, and cardiac rhythm.

The associations of these health endpoints with ambient and roadside PM2.5 were smaller and less significant.

Diesel fumes cause lung cancer, the World Health Organization declared. Many studies have suggested links between diesel and lung cancer, but Dr. Silverman said hers was the first to measure with precision how much diesel exhaust each group of mineworkers was exposed to. Her study clearly established that the more a miner was exposed to diesel, the greater his cancer risk, she said.

30th May 2015: Heat & dust raise Delhi’s air toxins to critical levels

In Delhi, toxins in the air rose alarmingly due to a cloud cover trapping pollutants. The capital's air quality index (AQI) breached the 'severe' level, going from 219 (poor) on Wednesday to 410 in one of the sharpest single-day spikes in recent months.

Fine particle pollution (PM2.5) that AQI measures wasn't the only threat lurking in the capital's air. Over the past week, when torrid weather made headlines, levels of the highly toxic ozone (O3) gas were also very high, often double the safe standard of 50 parts per billion.

Read the full article with a lot more details on

5th May 2015: Of the affected children, lung health of 9% affected kids has been termed 'poor' and the remaining 26% was dubbed 'bad'. While the findings have left doctors and green activists shocked, Kolkata has actually fared better than Delhi, where 40% have poor lung health, and Bengaluru, where the figure was pegged at 36%. Mumbai, with 27%, fared the best among the four metros.

16th April 2015: "Pollution turns Lotus Temple marble yellow" And what about lungs? I can perhaps understand about jiski maa Indian sadak ki kutiya in that area, however, what about children of humans there? Do you know? Do you stay or go much to Delhi area? What about children in Delhi area schools? I read about some of the embassy schools that they're trying to do much against pollution for their students. Do you wonder the hierarchy like of pigs, tigers and humans? 

15th April 2015: In almost half of the 28 locations, there wasn’t enough air pollution data to record pollution levels, including 5 out of 11 locations in Delhi – the highly-polluted ITO, Shahdara areas and the industrial zone around the Delhi College of Engineering in north Delhi’s Bawana.

The air quality was indicated to be “moderate” in certain other areas though in real-time monitoring by the Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) as well as the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) showed high toxicity levels.

The Air Quality Index failed even in other places including Agra, Faridabad, Ahemdabad and Hyderabad, while a partial report was generated in Lucknow, Chennai and Bengaluru.

6th April 2015: The German school (in Delhi, India), backed by that country’s embassy, doesn’t let children play outside if RSPM levels top the 300 µg/m3 mark (the average figure for Delhi is 316 this year, over 16 times the permissible limit).

Lycee Francais de Delhi, a school supported by France’s embassy, plans to install 60 air purifiers.

Since 2014, student athletes at the American Embassy School wear masks while training outdoors. Twice every school day, staff measure air quality and then decide if children can go outdoors.

5th April 2015: Air quality of Delhi and Mumbai will be "very poor" in the next few days, particularly on Tuesday and Wednesday, due to a dust storm which originated in the Gulf region last week.

PM2.5 was just 70 microgram/m3 (mgpmc) (moderate) on April 2 which is 144 mgpmc today (Poor) and will go up by 210 mgpmc (Very Poor) by Tuesday (April 7).

PM2.5 is considered to be very dangerous as it affects lungs and enters the blood stream.

For the record, the PM2.5 limit prescribed by WHO (World Health Organization) is 10 microgrammes per cubic metre and the Indian limit is 40 microgrammes per cubic metre.

In 2013, a study involving 312,944 people in nine European countries revealed that there was no safe level of particulates and that for every increase of 10 μg/m3 in PM10, the lung cancer rate rose 22%. The smaller PM2.5 were particularly deadly, with a 36% increase in lung cancer per 10 μg/m3 as it can penetrate deeper into the lungs.

Particulates are the deadliest form of air pollution due to their ability to penetrate deep into the lungs and blood streams unfiltered, causing permanent DNA mutations, heart attacks and premature death.

17th March 2015: What makes Indian like this?

Someone wrote to me:

Hi Shakti,

I"t seems, you love to awake in Night :)

If you really wanna get fresh air, wake up early morning.

My comment:


That's a highly unfortunate comment if you think about it. Did your parents you teach you that if I can ask that? If so then did they teach you that air should be clean enough at all times if I can ask that? What if someone works at different times of the day? Do you know the pollution level around you? Do you have any children and if so then do they wear anti-pollution mask when Bangalore air in general is so harmful based on leading newspapers?

26th February 2015: EU asks its diplomats to install air purifiers at homes, offices in Delhi. When I read comments in news websites by users who don't share their details and talk bad about others who might even be trying to do something good then I also sometimes wonder that how weak and highly unfortunate are the Indian street dogs. Not only others can't really understand their barking due to the issues that they face because of the harmful to very harmful chemicals in air, water, food, land and things that affect them but also that they aren't able like humans to think and do about the issues. Also, do you wonder about how your mothers and children and future generations are getting affected and also you?

24th February 2015: Jab doodh pilaye Indian to capital bane kitna sadiyal? "Badarpur among most polluting and wasteful power plants: Study" Is this the reality and if so then how bad?

Do you wonder what happens to girls and women in India who breathe in a lot of harmful air and then what quality of babies they produce and what quality of milk they produce for the babies who're the future of our their society and environment including our capital? I wish us best!

17th February 2015: Delhi kids exposed to very unhealthy air in schools

The air-quality monitoring survey carried out by Greenpeace inside five prominent schools across Delhi found the particulate matter (PM) 2.5 levels to be four times the Indian safety limits and 10 times that of the World Health Organisation, said a statement by the NGO.

5th February 2015: Every Bengalurean (person in Bangalore) smokes 6 cigarettes a day!

Do you wonder what harmful chemicals in air, water, food, land and products do to girls who'll produce and feed their milk to babies?

I've also shared it in my article Bangalore rotting, killing, dying?

12th January 2015: Even an educated enough Indian might not be well aware about how they might be getting severely harmed.

One professional working for me in Delhi said that according to recent news it's not cars but its dust that pollutes Delhi most. I shared about this article with the person. (I don't know about the correctness of the articles. I'm sharing what a highly-reputed newspaper has shared so that more and more people can get better aware.):

The ministry of environment and forest (MoEF) had told the court that dust was responsible for 52.2% of the pollution load in the capital while vehicles contributed only 6.6%. But a paper by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, which started maintaining Delhi's air quality data since the 2010 Commonwealth Games, says vehicles contributed to 32% of the total particulate matter of size 2.5 micron and less (PM 2.5) in 2010. The figure has since risen to 36%. Other sources of pollution, including unpaved roads and construction activity, contributed 28% in 2010, which came down to 26% in 2013.

Sources pointed out that the MoEF report talks about PM in general, not drawing a difference between PM 10 and PM 2.5. The latter is universally considered to be the more harmful of the two, and its levels are considered when drawing up policy.

People working in India should feel like human when they travel on roads because their mothers aren't like Indian street pigs, dogs or any other animals. How do you feel?

Indian sadak ke suar, kutte and other animals could create and feel badboo (bad smell) on the roads but humans in general should feel khushboo (nice smell) on the roads including due to having greenery and below the limit pollution as per the best safest levels for human.

11th January 2015: According to data with Delhi Pollution Control Committee, the PM2.5 level for the past three years - 2012, 2013, 2014 - during January 25 to 27 (the period when Obama will be here) was between 130 to 170 microgram per cubic metre, which is at least five times the WHO standard, eight times the US Environment Protection Agency (USEPA) standard and twice the Indian safe standard.

Note that safe standard in India is much weaker than that of World Health Organization and of US Environment Protection Agency and even then the Indian safe limits are also crossed.

24th November 2014: Exercising in intense air pollution? I've been sharing about this for a long while from common sense and today I read this:

"While environmental regulators in the United States recommend against exercising in intense air pollution, they presume such pollution levels are rare, which they are in the United States."

Please don't get used to such severely harmful pollution.

How do you feel about children studying, playing or doing anything in such severely harmful pollution who generally don't realize well about the harm and even if they do realize well then what can they really do against the harm than to mostly do what their parents provide for them?

Sadak ka suar gand mein rahe, used to bhi ho jaaye aur phir usko aur badhaye. Hum to insaan hai. Maa ke doodh ke bare mein bhi soche harmful chemicals related.

5th November 2014: Air pollution reduced wheat yield by 50 per cent, says study

A study that has analysed data for the last 30 years has revealed that , arising out of smog and other pollutants, drastically reduced wheat yields in densely populated states in the country by nearly 50 per cent, making it significantly lower than what they could have been in 2010.

According to the assessment, up to 90 per cent of the decrease in potential food production seems linked to smog, made up of black carbon and other pollutants.

2nd November 2014: Odour, Odour: what artificial air-fresheners could be doing

Phthalates tend to suppress androgenic hormones, alter growth and development and cause neuro-endocrine disturbance; we call them gender-benders. Growing kids happen to be the most susceptible group.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. One way to keep the fragrance float in air is to add small amounts of terpene, acetone, toluene and dicholoro-benzene. They reliably do their job, keeping your olfactory nerves happy — but they do something more.

Terpenes react to ozone and create pungent formaldehyde, which notoriously causes broncho-spasm (ask any medical student going to the anatomy dissection hall), acetone is toxic to blood and heart (read the warning on the nail polish remover container) while toluene targets the central nervous system. 1-4 dichloro-benzene is known to cause bronchial asthma and decreased lung function. The very fact that these molecules remain suspended for long after you press that nozzle makes the toxicity more profound for the poor consumer.

From the office to the car, from home to restaurant, waiting halls to rest rooms, the fragrance, tagged by the phthalates and company, follow you wherever you go, in effect forcing you to inhale the chemicals for far longer than you can imagine or your kids can tolerate.

31st October 2014: Kitne padhe likhe Indians aise honge...Kya inki maa ne inko sadaya hoga...Kya ye doosri maaon ko sada rahe honge...Kya phir aur log bhi sadenge...

A while ago, some seemingly educated person having children told me that what's the use of trees when people are staying on the higher floors...

Suar, sher aur doosre janwar to har jagah ek jaise hi hai, lekin insaano mein itna difference kyun hai woh bhi most critical things mein...

From Delhi’s air very unhealthy: US embassy monitor article:

According to US standards, readings in the 201-300 range are termed 'very unhealthy', which could lead to "significant aggravation of heart or lung disease and... significant increase in respiratory effects". The advisory for this level asks people with heart or lung disease, older adults and children to "avoid all physical activity outdoors".

25th October 2014: Kisi ki maa ko suarni bolna ek verbal gaali hai aur jis par log ladne bhi lag sakte hai.

To phir log kya karenge jab unko pata chalega ki unki maa aur family aise pollution mein saans le rahe hai. I wish us best in fighting against pollution!

"The 24-hours average of PM10 was recorded at 427 mg per cubic metre and PM2.5 was at 278 mpcm, almost five times higher than the prescribed standard of 100 mpcm and 60 mpcm respectively," said senior scientist Dr Gufran Beig at SAFAR, which is jointly run by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology and India Meteorological Department.

"These pollutants can harm the heart and brain as well. People with existing heart or lung diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, congestive heart disease, or ischemic heart disease are at increased risk of admission to hospitals based on the severity of already existing problem," he said.

10th October 2014: Lung cancer 'can hide for 20 years'

Do you live in a highly polluted environment?

Do you know that diesel smoke is cancerous according to WHO.

Jab maa suarni to health kaisi bhi. Achcha hai ki hum insaan hai. I wish us best !!!

11th September 2014: Children living in polluted cities have higher chances of developing brain inflammation and neurodegenerative changes that raise the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, according to researchers.
When air particulate matter and heir components such as metals and toxins (like carbon and sulphur) are inhaled and swallowed, they pass through damaged cell barriers — including in the brain, lungs and gastro-intestinal tract — and cause long-lasting damage, found researchers at the University of Montana.

Jab Indian ki maa sadak ki suarni ya aur koi janwar to woh to kaise bhi jeete jayenge. Lekin hum to humans hai. Please take best care. Best!!!

17th May 2014: Dr Sanjay Kulshresthra, the Agra-based petitioner, quotes a number of scientific studies indicating an increasing trend of low birth weight, pre-term deliveries and physical anomalies among babies in Indian cities.

Apart from the recent WHO air quality database that shows Delhi has the highest PM 2.5 (fine particle) levels, Kulshreshtra quotes a study from Newcastle University saying pregnant women in India exposed to vehicular pollution are significantly more likely to have smaller babies. "The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) added air pollution to Group 1 carcinogens, the same category under which tobacco, UV radiation and plutonium fall," the petition states.

10th May 2014: It is not just Delhi, but 25 other Indian cities have higher air pollution levels than Beijing — formerly thought to be the city with the worst air in the world — a 2014-version of the Ambient Air Pollution (AAP) Database released by WHO has shown.

10th May 2014: A WHO study released earlier this week confirmed that the air quality in India’s capital is among the worst in the world — indeed, it found Delhi’s air to have the highest concentration of fine particulate matter, PM 2.5, which can deeply penetrate the lungs and contribute to asthma, cancer and heart trouble. Other Indian urban centres also throng the list; 13 of the dirtiest 20 cities are Indian. This follows on the heels of the annual Yale Environmental Performance Index, which ranked India 174 out of 178 countries in air quality in January. Before that, a 2013 World Bank report surveyed 132 countries and rated India worst on air pollution. Clearly, India’s air pollution problem has hit crisis levels.

8th May 2014: Thirteen of the dirtiest 20 cities were Indian, with New Delhi, Patna, Gwalior and Raipur in the top four spots. The Indian capital had an annual average of 153 micrograms of small particulates, known as PM2.5, per cubic metre.

7th April 2014: 

Indians losing over years of their life

due to high pollution levels: study

15th April 2014: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor of Environmental Economics, Michael Greenstone speaking on ‘Shorter lives due to air pollution and some potential solutions for India’ at a lecture organised by PHFI earlier this week noted: “There is new evidence on people’s exposure to ambient concentrations of airborne Particulate Matter the most dangerous form of air pollution in India, China, and other countries. For much of India’s population, these concentrations greatly exceed India's National Ambient Air Quality Standards and levels that the World Health Organisation consider safe.

16th March 2014: A very senior person in Delhi who has contributed to security of India at top level is now having serious respiratory issues. What kind of an end is he going to have? What kind of a beginning are the many new born having given the severely harmful pollution? What are you doing? I wish us best.

Jiski maa sadak ki kutiya uski hawa holi ke din kaisi? Jaisi insaan wahan hawa rakhe waisi. (Whose mother is street dog, how's their air on day of Holi? It's like how human keeps the air there.) Janwar to kuch nahin kar sakte aur isiliye itne buri halat mein dikhte hai aur isiliye inko shahar mein hona bhi nahin chahiye. (Animals can't do anything and hence they look in such bad condition and hence they shouldn't even be in the cities.)

Lekin insaan ne apne liye bhi hawa aisi bana di hai. (However, human has also made air like this for self.) Kya sone ki chidiya ke bare mein holi ke din sochne se environment improve ho sakta hai? (Can the environment improve by thinking of golden bird on the day of holi?)

Soche ki sone ki chidiya kaisi hawa mein rehna chahegi. (Think that golden bird would want to stay in what kind of air.)

Harmful chemicals in colors will also affect the air around. Are you sure about how safe are your colors and what others would put on you?

"Toxic colours are freely being sold everywhere. These colours contain harmful substances such as zinc, chromium, mercury, lead, mercury, asbestos etc."

"Delhi has turned into a pollution zone so deadly that children in the Capital have the lungs of chain-smokers, and all the associated respiratory ailments." (article link below)

13th March 2014: A very senior person who has retired from armed forces said pollution and then global warming when I asked him how would the summer be like and what's going on with weather in general. Jab sone ki chidiya kehlati thi ye jagah to kitne sadak pe kutte kutiya the. Jab bhokte hue dekho to kabhi sochte ho ki ye severely harmful pollution se to nahin bhok raha hai aur agar hai to woh insaan ko kya kar raha hoga. Janwar to bachche shayad kahin bhi nikalega lekin kya ye human hai ki bachche ko bade harmful pollution mein nikalna. God, na kutta na sher hu insaan hun. Please help.

(When this place was called golden bird then how many street male and female dogs were here. When you see barking then do you ever think perhaps it's because of severely harmful pollution and if it's then what it would be doing to humans. Animal might produce life anywhere, however, is it human to produce life in severely harmful pollution. God, I'm neither dog nor tiger but human. Please help.)

2nd March 2014: Jiski maa ho Indian sadak ki kutiya, suarni ya koi aur janwar uski hawa to kaisi bhi lekin jiski maa ho insaan uski hawa kaise aisi? (Whose mother is Indian street dog, pig or another animal then its air can be like anything, however, whose mother is human then how come their air is like this?)  

Delhi has turned into a pollution zone so deadly that children in the Capital have the lungs of chain-smokers, and all the associated respiratory ailments.

Prof. Randeep Guleria, head of the Department of Pulmonary Medicine at AIIMS, said Delhiites are facing breathing problems they never had and say their problem is now prolonged.

Living and breathing in Delhi is taking years off their lives, and marking what is left with bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, coughs, colds and all kinds of chest and throat infections. Faced with a relentlessly increasing number of children and infants developing respiratory diseases, doctors have sounded the alarm in the Capital.
Not only is the toxic air responsible for the various respiratory diseases that infants are developing, but it is also shortening their life span.
24th February 2014: Agar aapke paas paltu kutta ya kutiya hai to usey wash karne se lungs phir bhi bahut kaale aur kharab ho sakte hai. Aap apne aur apne bachchon ke skin aur lungs ke liye to bahut kuch karte honge agar aap hain severe pollution mein. "After lightening your skin, FMCG brands have taken it upon themselves to cleanse your skin of dust particles and protect you from pollution."

22nd February 2014: Women Warriors. Today at Parikrama, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Connaught Place, Delhi, I showed my grandfather my anti-pollution mask. He's visiting from USA and is a neurosurgeon. I had shared with some relatives about how weak I felt as an Indian. Do you wonder if a dog knew enough about the harm that severe air pollution causes including to babies then would the dog try to move to reproduce its babies or try to make its place good enough for the babies? When I returned, there was an online message by the owner of NeoMask regarding my purchase of several masks. Nice! Thank You for this!


Just imagine to keep breathing deeply into the body harmful to severely harmful chemicals.

22nd February 2014: Delhi is coughing hard and the air is to blame. Satellite pictures of Delhi's pollution should set off alarm bells - the city has PM2.5 or Particulate Matter 2.5 many times higher than the levels that World Health Organisation says is safe.

Here is why: PM2.5 or particulate matter 2.5 basically are particles floating in the air that are smaller than 2.5 micrometers, which is 100 times thinner than a human hair. These are toxic organic compounds and heavy metals hanging low in the air as the grey smog that envelopes the city. 

When people inhale, they breathe in the particles which could then travel deep into the lungs causing serious respiratory problems. 

17th February 2014: A new study has found that breathing in harmful toxic chemicals during pregnancy increases risk of hypertension in women and may result in deadly complications like preeclampsia. 

Sulfur dioxide is emitted from power plants and industries. Most carbon monoxide is produced by car exhaust.

7th February 2014: In a worrying trend noted by oncologists, lung cancer is increasing rapidly among Indian women. The foremost reason, much against popular perception, is not smoking but environmental pollution.

"So, while in 1998, lung cancer was negligible in women and was not one of the top 10 cancers affecting females, in 2008 the ratio between men and women became 3:1. In our experience in the clinic too, we have seen a rise in the number of women affected by lung cancer. Most of these women are from metro cities and are non-smokers...they are not even passive smokers," A.K. Anand, chief, Radiation Oncology at Max Hospital, told IANS.

Preeti Jain, consultant Oncology surgeon at Columbia Asia Hospital, further said that harm by vehicular and environmental pollution starts early. "Pollution is definitely a big factor in the rising number of respiratory ailments and now in lung cancer cases. Fine particulate matter in the air that lodges itself in the lungs causes harm over time, and damage starts early," Jain told IANS. Smoking, even passive smoking, she added, are the next two factors.

India has just slipped 32 ranks in the global Environment Performance Index (EPI) to a low of 155, and capital Delhi has earned the dubious tag of being the world's most polluted city.

3rd February 2014: Vanya Joshi (51), a filmmaker, says, “My doctor tells me that the smoke from the chimneys has affected my immune system. I do not smoke but my lungs have developed black patches. If this continues I will have to sell my flat and move somewhere safer.”

Residents claim toxic emissions from such plants have been linked to cancers, respiratory ailments and birth defects. “And it’s not only Sukhdev Vihar which is suffering. Other affected colonies include New Friends Colony, Maharani Bagh, Ishwar Nagar, Jamia Nagar, Jasola Vihar and Sarita Vihar, besides Jamia Millia Islamia University, Holy Family Hospital and other institutions,” said Krishna.

Indian sadak ke kutte ki awaaz suno, jab wo bhoke to uski baat suno. Kya wo bhok severely harmful pollution se hai? Achcha hai ki hum insaan hai, aap pollution ke bare mein kya karte hai?

2nd February 2014: Imagine very clean air vs very polluted air on a daily basis for months and years and possibly worsening. What it would do to your mind and life overall. Imagine harmful chemicals in food that you don't know about and you aren't paying to buy and eat them. If you and each one of us will not do greatly about this then perhaps we're reaching a point from where we can't return.

Someone spoke to me as if he was trying to assert that I should know the details of what I'm talking about. He asked that which particles and in how much amount in the pollution cause diseases like cancer. I had shared with the person that the statistics and other details from highly reputed sources are saying that there's a very high amount of severely harmful pollution in Delhi area and that which causes diseases including cancer.

I responded that my effort isn't to remember the details but to collect such details from highly reputed sources and that share the same on a single blog post and then at other places so that the many people can get to read those details for themselves. I also said that my effort is to raise enough concern in the people that they would want to learn about the same because as the awareness would grow, hopefully the demand for better would grow too.

I felt that my value of efforts was being questioned. I was told that since I'm sharing higher level details, the person would also ask the details from me. I emphasized some different times that I'm putting together such details at single place so that people can read a lot about them quickly. I think the person gradually got my point much better and then he shared as a very concerned person about how things are in such poor conditions considering the best in our world.

I was told things like people are so busy with school related efforts of children that how would they give enough time to the quality of food and air that their children are getting. I would ask everyone to think that if the quality of food and air was great or that we knew that we were doing specific things to make them great then we could assertively say that we know what we're doing and that we're going to have an increasingly better society and environment and that the people today would live and do better. What's one living for? A fancy TV first or great food, water and air first? I was told about people making trade offs and I wondered that how can people not actively work seriously against such severely harmful issues faced by them and their family.

I was asked that what to do on which I showed my pollution mask and I also said that people have to work individually and together to bring the necessary changes. The government, the private sector, the nonprofit organizations and the individuals have to do a variety of things and some of which I also mentioned. I mentioned about planting trees which are so less around on which the person said that what about people living on higher floors that the trees wouldn't be between their apartments and the pollution coming from the other side. I said that it's not one thing but various things have to be done. Appropriate quality buses at different ticket prices can replace so many cars on the road and that corporate and other organizations can also provide them. People can still own cars if they want to, however, the environment doesn't have to bear the burden of so many vehicles at all times and that then even the law and enforcement would find it much easier to check the much fewer vehicles related to pollution. I said that the public transport has to be made much better overall and that people in general have to become so much more aware to demand and use public transportation and then we also have to plant so many trees and do other things. I said that do parents even get curious about the harmful chemicals in the soil of the park in which their children play and breath deeply including with open mouths. Have they ever thought of getting the soil tested for what harmful chemicals are in them? I wish that my efforts would help our society in implementing the best of solutions as quickly as possible.

30th January 2014: Particles smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter (PM2.5 in shorthand) are fine enough to lodge deep in human lung and blood tissue and cause diseases ranging from stroke to lung cancer, the Yale study said.

The World Health Organisation, which last year termed polluted air as a carcinogen, says PM2.5 at 10 m/cum is safe.

Delhi University’s PM 2.5 level was 500 m/cum and ITO’s 360 at 7pm.

On Tuesday, the levels dropped to average between 230 m/cum and 430 m/cum at places such as Mandir Marg, Anand Vihar and Punjabi Bagh.

26th January 2014: "Researchers are beginning to suspect that India's unusual mix of polluted air, poor sanitation and contaminated water may make the country among the most dangerous in the world for lungs."

So Indian sadak ki kutiya (female street dog) ke lungs are generally the weakest among female street dogs in our world and that's probably also why we see Indian street dogs keep barking around much and that what would weak mothers generally produce?

Indian sadak ki kutiya (Indian female street dog) kya progress dikhati hogi apne bachchon ko (would be showing what progress to its children) kyunki dhoondti to woh bhi hogi theek jagah, khana, pani aur hawa (because it would also be searching for alright place, food, water and air)? "A recent study showed that Indians have the world's weakest lungs."

It's great that we're humans but what are we doing as humans about our most severe issues? "Fine particle pollution has been strongly linked with premature death, heart attacks, strokes and heart failure. In October, the World Health Organization declared that it caused lung cancer."

"Then a 2010 study found that the children of Indian immigrants who were born and raised in the United States had far better lung function than those born and raised in India."

Sadak ke kutte, kutiya severely harmful pollution se bhi kya bhokte jaye? Insaan apne aur sabke liye severely harmful pollution ko kum aur khatam bhi karte jaye.

Do street male and female dogs keep barking also due to severely harmful pollution? Humans for self and for all others keep reducing and even stopping the severely harmful pollution.

26th January 2014: "Critical" air quality impacts everyone, not just the vulnerable.

Over January 14-16, air pollution levels in Delhi reached a level that's linked to "emergency conditions" for health.

Air quality in Delhi reached a "critical" level-i.e. on January 14, 15 and 16 the air was extremely polluted at almost all locations monitored by System of Air Quality Weather Forecasting and Research run by the ministry of earth sciences. 

Street dogs, pigs and other animals will make noises when affected by pollution. I've also created What are you doing about pollution?

Someone commented on my wall:

PERSON Pollution is a problem every place. Hear in California (American West coast) are starting to receive China's smog.
14 minutes ago · Like

Shakti Saran Thank You for sharing PERSON! I think much worse is coming very fast unless people in masses start demanding and working for major changes and for which they need to be aware to start with. Moreover, this would also hugely negatively affect the future generations of today's best off people and so everyone should be concerned and that doing their best about this. Our world might even start to deteriorate much faster than we could ever make it great again. I wish the best people can reach the most important positions of responsibility. I wish us the best!
4 minutes ago · Like · 1

Over 180 hours of measurements, the average PM2.5 concentration in New Delhi auto-rickshaws was ~ 200 µg / m^3. In this video, the peak concentrations exceed 2,000 µg / m^3. For context, the World Health Organization recommends that annual-average concentrations in urban areas not exceed 10 µg / m^3. The US comes close to meeting this guideline for ambient air:

30th October 2013: God, Kya yeh sadak ke suar, kutte, janwar jaisa hain? Aisi health hone se insaan kya karega aur phir society and environment ka kya hoga? Please help. I just read: Roy said that air pollution is compromising immune systems of people in cities dramatically. "We found depression incidence to be twice high in Delhi as compared to the control group. Our study shows this is linked to air pollution. Liver and kidney function is also affected," he said, adding that long-term exposure to benzene can cause DNA damage.

The long-term study— being funded by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and World Health Organization (WHO) — covers not just respiratory problems caused by air pollution but also incidence of certain kinds of cancer and changes in behavioral pattern of children.

25th October 2013: It seems that people of Indian origin get programmed to think in certain ways perhaps also due to facing several severe issues for years like some lady who has been living abroad for some years in one of the most developed nations, has traveled the world and is in 50s told me that based on what some yoga teacher in India told that lady, yoga would be the solution against the severely harmful pollution equating it to germs. When I mentioned that there's severely harmful inorganic matter in the severely harmful pollution and that high quantity of such pollution is very harmful then that person didn't have anything to say. Perhaps when there were boards that said that dogs and Indians not allowed then the children were told things in general which have also led us to such severe issues now.

14 August 2013: How great does an Indian in general feel in our world?

Exclusive: Study reveals Delhi air is full of cancer-causing particles leading to respiratory ailments

The findings of the report have also perturbed city's environmentalists. "We know that particulate matter level is high in Delhi's air, but the high presence of heavy metals in shocking. The findings show how toxic can PM be when it mixes with other compounds in the air," said Anumita Roy Chowdhury, executive director, research and advocacy, Centre for Science and Environment. "The mortality risk assessment calls for better pollution control measures by the authorities. It's high time that we ramp up our actions towards air pollution control in the city," she said.

31 July 2013: God, What is the quality of Indian being produced and grown given the amount and severity of issues faced by them and how would that further affect the issues? When you see Indian street dog or pig living in severely harmful pollution then what do you think for humans also living in that severely harmful pollution? God, why do you keep making Indians when those Indians would live in such severe issues and that the issues don't seem to be improving? How many Indians are doing something significant against air pollution? If you're making more Indians then please also help for increasing greatness in India.


In the lab, Gandy and colleagues exposed mice to the common gases and nanoparticles of air pollution for three hours. When the mice were autopsied, they showed a 72 percent to 129 percent increase in the levels of beta amyloid, a key protein associated with Alzheimer's. "We were startled when three hours of air pollution exposure for the mice showed such a rapid and dramatic elevation," Gandy said.

Scientists in 2004 studied the brain tissue of children and young adults in Mexico who had died of accidents and were stunned by what they found -- a discovery that rocked the world of neuroscience and has gone largely untested until now.

Almost all the young people had evidence of Alzheimer's protein plaques scattered throughout their brain tissue.

The only factor linking one case to another was air pollution in Mexico City, which led scientists at the time to hypothesize that smog might be a trigger of Alzheimer's disease and that the mind-robbing damage might start early in life.

Now a new group of scientists has picked up where the first team left off. So far, it appears a link may exist between inhaling pollutants and developing damage in the brain.

A nationwide study last year followed the fate of nearly 20,000 women over a 10-year period and found that inhaling pollutants, such as those found in any metropolitan area, exacerbated problems with attention span and escalated memory loss.

Another investigation reported last year, which focused on Boston, revealed that on days when concentrations of traffic-related pollutants were up, the number of strokes increased.

Dr. Heather Volk of the University of Southern California reported last fall that exposure to traffic-related pollution during pregnancy and a child's first year of life appear to be associated with an elevated risk of autism.

The key pollutants, she found, were vehicle-related particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide, a leading precursor of ozone, also known as smog.

No matter how much we train a dog, can it care about air pollution? It's great that we're humans. If you're doing anything related to air pollution in India then you're welcome to also share about it here.

Updated on previous dates:

India’s Air the World’s Unhealthiest, Study Says 

Of 132 countries whose environments were surveyed, India ranks dead last in the ‘Air (effects on human health)’ ranking. The annual study, the Environmental Performance Index, is conducted and written by environmental research centers at Yale and Columbia universities with assistance from dozens of outside scientists. The study uses satellite data to measure air pollution concentrations.

India’s high levels of fine particulate matter (a subject we’ve been looking at on India Ink, albeit just in Delhi) are one of the major factors contributing to the country’s abysmal air quality. Levels of so-called PM 2.5, for the 2.5 micron size of the particulates, are nearly five times the threshold where they become unsafe for human beings.

Delhi's pollution level is up by five times in eight years

Delhiites are breathing poison. If you thought CNG had made the Capital's air cleaner, then it's time for a reality check. The alarming pollution levels have blackened Delhi's air to such an extent that it ranks alongside coal town Jharia and unregulated industrial hubs like Ludhiana, Raipur and Kanpur.

And it's the ever-increasing numbers of diesel-guzzling passenger cars and trucks plying unregulated on the city's roads that are largely to blame for the situation.

Read more

City kids residing in commercial areas at a high health risk - The study found that the percentage of students having respiratory disorder symptoms was maximum in Chandni Chowk (66 per cent) followed by Mayapuri (59 per cent) and Sarojini Nagar (46 per cent).

View Photo of Lung exposed to pollution:

Financial Times video of New Delhi faces pollution crisis:

Severely Harmful Pollution in India & Defense Tech based Anti-Pollution Mask (brief)

31 Jan 2013 (update): 

India has the most toxic air: Study

"Delhi ranks last in world green index: UN report". How such conditions affect Delhi's security?  Just posted: I feel deeply sorry for Delhi Police that it has to be out in such high pollution continuously...

26 Jan 2013 (update):

Dear All,

Happy Republic Day!

I welcome you to browse the Security and India (SAI) LinkedIn group's updated profile and also browse Umbra Security Pvt. Ltd. company's website for about our work and team.

I request your few minutes to consider a most critical issue being faced by us including our families, friends and colleagues. High to very high quantities of severely harmful pollutants are critically damaging our minds and bodies. Recent study by WHO shows that diesel fumes cause lung cancer. Other studies show that people aren't safe from pollution inside cars.

Roychowdhury, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) executive director-research and advocacy and head of its air pollution unit says that "India will have to take aggressive action to reverse the trend of short term respiratory and cardiac effects as well as the long term cancer and other metabolic and cellular effects. Remember - toxic effects like cancer surface after a long latency period. Therefore, exposure to air pollution will have to be reduced today to reduce the burden of disease." Please consider how this would be impacting children including their long-term well-being.

Kindly let me share with you that I've become a sales partner for an imported and affordable anti pollution mask using world class Defense technology (used by U.K. Ministry of Defense) after using it for a year. The filter is made using Currently, the whole piece is made in South-East Asia after importing the filter cloth to there and then the whole piece is imported to India. The manufacturer (Britisher) has become a friend and I've been able to bring down the price of the mask for my customers a good amount from the MRP. After selling enough pieces, I intend to manufacture it in India hopefully along with this person to further bring down the price and make it affordable to a lot more people. If one can reduce the regular exposure to pollutants by a large amount then the regular damage will be much less and that which the body might even be able to heal and recover from unlike if the regular damage is very high. The anti pollution mask should cost around 5 INR a day over a year's period including after separately purchasing and replacing the filter few times in a year as required based on usage.

I request your kindest support to let me share an online presentation about air pollution and the anti pollution mask with people working at your organization. Whether they travel using cars, bikes or various means of public transport, I believe that they would benefit greatly by using this mask on a daily basis. Moreover, the mask is very easy to wear and is made from materials which can be worn for a long while with comfort (based on experience of some different people including me). People who've bought it from me wear it regularly and that have thanked me because I kept sharing with them about pollution and how it's harming all of us and how they can much better protect themselves from it. I also believe that as more and more people would wear it then that would also have the great positive effect of making an increasing number of people aware of the issue and that as the awareness would grow not only in breadth but also in depth, the hope is that the masses would make increasingly significant efforts for reducing the severely harmful pollution that we all face together.

I think you would agree that a developed nation is known not by how many people use their own vehicle for transportation but by how many people who can afford or have a vehicle use public transportation. I think it doesn't mean to not own a vehicle if one can and wants to but it means to also have public transportation such that it's not a must to use one's own vehicle for the same or an almost similar experience. I think you would agree that by reducing our growing burden on our nation and our planet, we would most likely live increasingly better for a much longer period.

I hope you think that what I've shared with you is also critically applicable to Security and India and that I would receive your kindest support in my efforts. If you would be able to help me share an online presentation about air pollution and the anti pollution mask with people working at your organization or even just with your family, friends and colleagues then please share with me your preferable email id and that I would send you the presentation. Also, if you and any of your contacts are interested to purchase the anti pollution mask then please share with me and based on the number of pieces, I'll give you a discount and share with you the modalities of payment and delivery.

Thank you very much for your precious time to read my message and consider my request. I wish that I would make increasingly valuable contributions with you over the long-term.

Best Regards,
Shakti Saran
Founder Director | Umbra Security Pvt. Ltd. |
"S/he who, secure within, can say, I am not just dust or shadow."

12 Jan 2013 (update): Around 65 per cent of the air pollution deaths occur in Asia and close to quarter of this in India.

Roychowdhury, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) executive director-research and advocacy and head of its air pollution unit said, "Days of doubts and complacency are over. There is hard enough evidence now to act urgently to reduce the public health risks to all, particularly the children, elderly, and poor. No one can escape toxic air. India will have to take aggressive action to reverse the trend of short term respiratory and cardiac effects as well as the long term cancer and other metabolic and cellular effects. Remember - toxic effects like cancer surface after a long latency period. Therefore, exposure to air pollution will have to be reduced today to reduce the burden of disease."

11 Jan 2013 (update): What do you think when you breathe lung cancer causing diesel fumes and other severely harmful pollutants critically damaging your mind and body? Also, if you think that you're safe in your car then most likely your car's air filter doesn't filter out the severely harmful pollutants from entering inside your vehicle and then damaging you. Also, inside of your car can hold pollutants for a long while which would keep damaging you. I've become a sales partner for an imported and affordable anti pollution mask using world class Defense technology after using it for a year. If you think that the mask wouldn't block all pollution then please realize that if one can reduce regular exposure by a large amount then the regular damage will be much less and that which the body might even be able to heal and recover from unlike if the regular damage is very high. The anti pollution mask should cost around 5 INR a day over a year's period. You're welcome to write to me if you would like buy one.

7 Dec 2012 (update): I've been using an anti pollution mask (imported) for a year now to protect myself from severely harmful polluted air. Recently, I've become its sales partner. The technology was originally developed by the British Ministry of Defence for use in chemical warfare suits. It costs around 5 INR a day over a year's period. If you're interested in getting one then kindly write to me. Kindly note that inside of vehicles can have more concentrated amount of pollutants than in open air. Also, air outside is highly polluted. I've received very positive feedback including from bikers. If you would like its details then you're welcome to Sign Up and then Message me through this site. Also, by wearing an anti pollution mask, you and people around you might even make increasing efforts towards reducing pollution. All the Best!

8 Dec 2011: I use the Delhi Metro which has been nice including because many people have been noticing my anti-pollution mask and that I would be writing on it soon. Today after leaving the gym, I wore the anti-pollution mask. During the security check at the entrance of Delhi Metro in Connaught Place, New Delhi, India, the police officer checking me asked me what I was wearing on which I said an anti-pollution mask and then he asked me from which country I was on which I said India. He asked me whether I was an NRI (Non Resident Indian) on which I said no on which he asked me that where all I would keep wearing this mask in India. He was speaking in Hindi and that laughingly and that I think that he was mentioning that there's a lot of pollution in India particularly in the major cities of India.

Some other police officers joined in our conversation which had extended as I had stepped a distance away from him and that I had gotten my bags through the security scanner machine while speaking with them. They were polite and had even gotten seriously interested in this conversation when I had said that the traffic police has been given anti-pollution masks (on which I had read online even though I haven't seen them wear it and that after using my anti-pollution mask, I even thought of trying to get it available to all public officials working in polluted environments). The police officers told me that anti-pollution mask hasn't been made available to them on which I told them that I would try to present this need of theirs to our Commissioner of Police, Delhi and that I also asked them whether they would support me if I try to do this on which they agreed. Now, I'll ask family and friends to help me with the same. I wish that we can meet this need of those who've chosen to keep us safe.

Regarding Delhi Metro, to people who only mention its issues, I would like to say that of course there're issues and that most likely most things in the world can be improved, however, first it has several benefits and second it would be better to do something about those issues even if at minimum by bringing together people wanting to make a change, and/or by writing, sharing, and discussing on potential solutions and that trying to present them to those who make related decisions than just saying that there're issues.


Shakti Saran

Read more…

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"Incentive programs are not wellness programs," said Dr. Ronald Goetzel, Director of Emory University's Institute for Health and Productivity Research and President and CEO of The Health Project. "That can be a component, when done smartly, of a comprehensive program, but if that's all your program is going to be, you're going to fail miserably, and people are going to be resentful," he explained. According to Goetzel -- who has studied worksite wellness programs at large corporations such as Dow Chemical and Johnson & Johnson, and is being funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to study best practices in the field -- incentive programs can help get people excited about health and keep them on track, but ultimately people's habits will only change if they are given the resources to change them and if the workplace norms and environments change. 

Without the other pieces to facilitate behavior change -- healthy cafeterias, opportunities to exercise, flexible work hours, supportive leadership and middle managers, and health risk assessments and coaching -- incentive programs will only penalize, not change, those who are least healthy. Above information is from article link

9 Qualities Of Truly Confident People article link

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Workstation Setup Ergonomics

(From article link, more details in comments below after the post)


Article: Jet Lag disorder, prevention and other details

Slide show: Office stretches

Video: Neck stretches for the workplace

Video: Forearm stretches for the workplace

Video: Upper body stretches for the workplace

Video: Seated stretches for the workplace

Video: Standing stretches for the workplace

I keep sharing in the comments below.


Shakti Saran

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This post shares about health and fitness benefits of elliptical cross-trainer exercise machines, brands available in India and how to buy them including what factors to consider. You'll see more and more relevant information added in this post.

If you manufacture elliptical workout machines then you can share your details with me by signing up and sending me a message about your products.

If you sell elliptical machines to gyms, fitness centers and homes then please ask about my marketing services.

1. Are elliptical machines better than treadmills for basic aerobic workouts?

Answer from Edward R. Laskowski, M.D.

You can get an effective aerobic workout with both an elliptical machine and a treadmill. In general, you can let your fitness goals determine whether you choose an elliptical machine or a treadmill — or a different piece of exercise equipment.

However, elliptical machines might offer some advantages over treadmills. For example:


2. Dual Action Workout

What makes an elliptical trainer unique is the combined upper and lower body workout. In fact, there is no other fitness equipment that simultaneously works as many muscle groups. That is why many refer to an elliptical as a cross-trainer.

With an elliptical trainer, you get a workout that utilizes the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, chest, back, triceps and biceps. The obvious benefit from exercising more muscles is that you tone more of your body. Furthermore, you also optimize your energy expenditure. You end up burning more calories and fat in less time. It is also suggested that there is a reduced perceived rate of exertion with an elliptical workout. You are actually exercising harder then you would normally perceive.

Of course, to get the full benefit of the dual action workout, it is important that you distribute the resistance between your upper and lower body. Many people who exercise on an elliptical trainer place most of the resistance on their lower body and only go through the motions with the upper handlebars.


3. How to find an exercise machine that suits you, and make the most out of any machine workout.

Elliptical Machines pack a little less punch on the joints, and either can be a good alternative to the treadmill, says Matthew Vukovich, exercise physiologist and associate professor at South Dakota State University.

Because you use them in a standing position, you're using lots of muscle mass, so the calorie burn rate is still pretty high.

Elliptical machines with arm components can further increase the numbers of calories you burn, says Stamford. But if you're a beginner, he doesn’t recommend using your arms at first.


4. How to Buy an elliptical exercise machine?

The variety of elliptical trainers is a very important point. Because there are so many ways an elliptical can be made, there are a lot of competing choices and marketing claims. Many of these claims are complete fabrications just to get you to buy their machines so you need to be very careful.

Read for responses to the following questions:

A. How Much to Spend for an Elliptical Trainer

A. 1. What is Your Budget?

A. 2. Have You Used an Elliptical Trainer?

A. 3. How Experienced are You with an Elliptical Trainer?

A. 4. Determine Which Features You Want

B. Decide Who, Where, and How You Will Use the Elliptical Trainer

B. 1. Who will be using the elliptical trainer?

B. 2. Where will you use the elliptical trainer?

B. 3. How will you use the elliptical trainer?


This is the most difficult part of buying an elliptical trainer. There are some great marketing people in the fitness business. Their goal is to make you think that their elliptical trainer is worth much more than someone else’s elliptical trainer, regardless of price.

Although it is difficult to absolutely determine quality from the price of the product, it is still the best way to separate the quality levels of ellipticals. It makes sense as well. A manufacturer has to spend more money on a better quality elliptical trainer. Therefore, they have to charge more for it as well.

D. Determining Elliptical User Variables

D. 1. User Weight

D. 2. Time Used

D. 3. Number of Users

The strength of any elliptical trainer or its Achilles' heel is its drive system. By drive system, we are speaking of the drive axle, axle bearings, drive belt, generator or alternator, and power PCB. If these are well-engineered it will hide a multitude of sins. Components are important but engineering is more important in this area. For instance, one manufacturer uses cheaper quality components but gets away with it (sometimes) because their engineering is so good. We have also seen others who have fantastic components but poor reliability due to poor engineering.


Frankly, the difference in elliptical trainer smoothness has three main considerations: Design type, quality of build, and weight of the flywheel. To decide which type of elliptical will feel smoother to you – you will have to try the different models. When doing this make sure that you try them in the same price range. Otherwise you will get a skewed view of the type. The smoothness will depend a lot on your physiology.

The quality of construction will make a difference in smoothness. You will easily be able to tell the difference in the same type of machines. Make sure that you decide on which type of elliptical design you want before you attempt to determine the quality of construction. Otherwise the differences in type smoothness will skew the results. The flywheel weight will determine to a great extent the smoothness of the machine. The heavier the flywheel the more inertia is available to keep the drive system turning. The only drawback to the heavy flywheel is that the drive axle bearings will wear more quickly.


The different drive system components that make up the elliptical drive system are the drive axle, axle bearings, drive belt, generator or alternator, and power PCB. Unfortunately you will not be able to determine the quality level of these components by looking at the machine.

Some questions that you can ask the sales person will help you get some general notions of the machine.

Sealed bearings are generally better in these units than shielded bearings. This is because the sealed bearings are better at keeping dirt out of the ball track.

Alternator or generator powered units will typically have more expensive repairs than plug in machines.


An overly noisy elliptical trainer points to poor engineering, poor components, or poor assembly.


These provide variation in your workout.


The best option in this category is HR handgrips you can hold onto that determine your heart rate. The manufacturers have made this system much more accurate than it was in the past but they are still quite inaccurate on the low cost machines.


Warranties lately have become crazy so don’t get carried away with the Lifetime warranties on this or that elliptical trainer. Ultimately, you want to make sure you get an elliptical that you like, is easy for you to operate, and feels good for use. If you don’t like it, you won’t need the warranty anyway because you won’t use the machine enough to break it.

In regard to maintenance, keeping it clean is the golden rule. To help with this, put it on an elliptical mat and periodically clean the entire elliptical.

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See how Manisha Ramdhin who had a very poor physical fitness and a very fat body has transformed herself into a slim, toned and muscular body that looks very fit.

10824446882?profile=originalHer Facebook link. This article will be soon updated with more details about her.

Manisha's photos are also coming soon on

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Emailed CBI Cyber Crime Cell article

5th March 2015: Do you wonder what are the Indian mothers putting into children in general that they're making the society and environment like this? Please see the filth in open, level of pollution and bad condition of public infrastructure around here considering what human can seem to do in general. Do you wonder how are the Indian mothers getting affected that their children are becoming like this that they aren't conducting such a crucial survey according to Economic Times.

Indian girls and women who aren't having proper nutrition and much worse who're taking in harmful to severely harmful chemicals in air, water, food, land and products might later produce children from their tissues and also milk for them and then what would happen to mind and body of those children and then what would they do. Please care about nutrition.

Is that also why the top leadership of Infosys seems to be moving to Silicon Valley so that they can give much better air and other things to themselves and their families which is a human thinking if they can't even know the pollution level around them in major parts of India.

How can mother's milk quality affect people over the years and how does severely harmful pollution and other things affect mother's milk?

We're neither Indian sadak ke suar (street pig) nor jungle ke sher (forest tiger) but human. It's great that we can share such things to try and improve our conditions.

I just read an Economics Times news that No nutrition survey in India in last 10 years. 

I also read

Regarding Infosys news I mention above, you can read more in my Career Partner - Jeevia Socii LinkedIn article

14th March 2015: A Dec. 22, 2014 Bloomberg report on maternal health in India puts the country at the 137th spot out of 178 countries. But perhaps more shocking is the amount woman pay in bribes to receive that as reported by Save the Children in the G-20 of the ‘Mothers’ Index.” 

6th March 2015: Seniors with fastest aging brains have worst physical fitness

Seniors in the best physical condition tend to have the best mental abilities. The latest research finds those with poor physical fitness in their 40s may have lower brain volumes at age 60.

This is an indication of accelerated brain aging, according to new information presented at the American Heart Association EPI/Lifestyle 2015 meeting.

26th January 2015: Countless studies link sleep deprivation to dangerous diseases like obesity, a weakened immune system and even an increased risk for death. 

Good-Quality Sleep When Young Helps Memory Later In Life, Study Says.

"It's the difference between investing up front rather than trying to compensate later," study author Michael K. Scullin of the Baylor University Sleep Neuroscience and Cognition Laboratory said in a statement.

25th January 2015: Obama-Modi, USA-India, Atithi Devo Bhav - 'The guest is equivalent to God' 

20th January 2014: Will India make this record? "In 15 yrs, India may have most diabetics in world: Docs" How many such records have been made by India? Do you invest in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries?

You can read about fat, carbohydrate and more in the BLOGS menu. You can see exercise videos in the VIDEOS menu.

19th January 2014: My aunt is scolding the maid that yesterday she didn't clean her washroom properly and there's white white powder on the floor. I then thought about Indians growing up drinking milk and having milk products that how their milk quality has affected the highly unfortunate situation of Indian street dogs around them? Did you ever wonder about it?

My aunt fears dogs including as pets and had told me earlier that walking on the road in front of apartment complex during late night can be unsafe due to street dogs. Several of her family stays in US and her mother gets great and expensive care from there and is even going there for a year after some days. My aunt also wishes to move there with her family perhaps also to feel human like she wants to because here she can share such things with me but can she really get all the Indians street dogs removed from around her so that she can enjoy much more freely her society and environment?

Do you think IIT'ians move abroad even right after graduation also because of the Indian street dogs that they see throughout the years and think that even after so many humans in India, the Indian street dogs are still around and in such condition making it not only highly unfortunate for animals but also for humans. I would think that animals like dogs can either be pets in urban areas or not be in urban areas because it doesn't seem like a natural environment for them. Several of my aunt's relatives are IIT'ians who're now in the US and doing well to very well and even funding work in India but they seem to primarily stay abroad. Of course, IITs are considered top-quality in India and so do you think that by people doing things in India that the IIT'ians move abroad that the others can also get much better work opportunities? It's great to have Indians around our world doing well to very well.

My aunt's three bedroom apartment has rent of around 40K a month which is very high for most Indians. It has boards that say that dog feces can contain germs and be harmful and so to clean up if the dog poops inside the apartment complex or else there's a 1000 INR fine. I've seen people make their dogs poop on the road in front of the apartment complex on which several people also walk. Do you wonder that why almost everywhere unless perhaps it's a highly posh area that there are Indian street dogs? How has the milk of Indians affected this in general?

I've also shared the above in my LinkedIn article "IIT, IIM... people speak"

27th December 2014: India’s eating habits may have changed, but not nutrition levels

A top nutritionist in India told me that Indian males have been reducing in masculine characteristics due to estrogen being used in chemicals on farmlands to reduce the growth of rats. Who in India told you this?

Small Fat Suar (Pig) jaisa (like), Big Fit Sher (Tiger) jaisa or Insaan (Human) jaisa food? And what about harmful chemicals in air, water, food and land?

26th December 2014: Healthy men who did 20 minutes of daily weight training had less increase in age-related abdominal fat than men who spent the same amount of time doing aerobic activities, according to a new study by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (HSPH) researchers and colleagues.

Combining weight training and aerobic activity led to the most optimal results. Aerobic exercise by itself was associated with less weight gain compared with weight training.

11th December 2014: I let go of a project including to not rot my client and myself how the many Indians might be rotting in terms of wasting time like on the roads like I see in Bangalore. I've heard from several people in the few days that I've been here about the huge traffic problem here that they generally prefer to do things nearby to avoid traffic. Do you wonder how else the Indians could be rotting like due to the severely harmful pollution? Also, do you wonder that when mother is Indian then on average how much badboo (bad smell) comes from the children due to harmful chemicals in air, water, food and land? I shared about not doing the client's project as latest update on

20th November 2014: Jiski maa sadak ki suarni, woh jungle ke sher ki tarah nahi jeeta hai, insaan se to koi comparison hi nahi. 

While returning from gym, an auto-driver who has a stand nearby saw me on the road and asked me that he doesn't see me these days. Then I thought of what another auto-driver told me recently. 

Few days ago, I had taken an auto from Vaishali (Delhi metro) station. I had asked the driver that since when he was driving auto in this area because he knew the area well as he was talking to me about it. 

He had then said that only for some months here, however, he has been driving auto for some years. He left his previous place because there the police used to take a lot of money. 

I thought that today this auto-driver is asking me that he doesn't see me these days and perhaps he would also move over the years. The drivers at the stand had told me that they also pay some monthly amount to the police. I don't know if they lied to me or what. I do wish that the police get the best of everything including pay which would also affect mother's milk because the chemicals in air, water, food and land would also affect girls. I wish us best!!!

16th November 2014: Some yoga trainer wrote to me:

Why dont like people your post and any information

Shakti Saran
dude get a life
and stop writing further
try to improve your family's conditions
and if you can't then at least yours
and don't write further wasting my time
what an idiotic thing to ask
do you know how many people i thanked today who liked my post
i don't get enough time to even thank them directly
and how many people have written or told me that they like what i'm doing
you could've asked something else
but what you wrote is idiotic
bbye blocked
Seen 3:17pm

14th November 2014: Indian doctors ke bachche bhi sad (rot) ho rahe honge kya?

I saw a lady doctor at some gym and went to her. I was wearing my anti-pollution mask. I showed her the mask and shared with her that children could be rotting a lot more now from harmful chemicals in air.

She said that she sees the same daily in children when they come coughing. I told her about the mask that some person of British origin in India has got this anti-pollution mask made using an air filter technology used by defense forces and imports it in India and I had bought it some years ago. I told her the name of mask which is Neomask.

Shortly after that, a German friend called who's now in India and just before I going to the gym, she and I had spoken and she had shared about how great the air is in Germany and that she's struggling with air here.

I also saw street dogs around and wondered jab maa sadak ki kutiya to uske bachche kya kar sakte hai uske liye jab woh sad rahi hogi from harmful chemicals in air, water, food and land aur jab maa jungle ki sherni to uske bachche ko to mostly iss level ke issues honge hi nahin. Insaan to kya nahi kar sakta hai. I wish us best!!!

21st August 2014: In 2010, Patrick Whaley (Georgia Tech graduate) won the InVenture Prize competition with a weighted workout shirt called TITIN. Four years later, TITIN has hit Hollywood.

14th August 2014: Full text: President Pranab Mukherjee's address to the nation - "What has gone wrong with us now?"

Only once he used the word wrong and I wish that it would make its impact. Best Wishes!!!

31st July 2014: We’re heading into a jobless future, no matter what the government does

My comment: This well thought out and written article doesn't mention about the number of humans in our world after a few decades. 

Based on articles like about use of antibiotics in chickens in India and several others, it does seem possible that lots of people could get wiped out from earth soon and then the much fewer good enough humans could live in a lot more abundance. The machines would do an increasing amount of our work and that the humans would apply more of our seemingly infinite potential towards advancing the machines to the extent of they becoming one with the humans and that would help humans to also maximize the seemingly infinite potential of our universe overall for humanity. 

I've thought increasingly related to this since the late 1990s and it's fantastic to read such an article. Of course, if more humans become good enough and not get wiped out then more of us can do a lot more for humanity. 

In 1990s when I was starting college at Georgia Tech, I had thought of studying towards building myself in robotics. I had pursued a Computer Science degree with a variety of Mathematics and other courses. My interest in robotics had also come from interest in autonomous flying machines and ships and by looking at large machines with design issues for human operation when I stayed with a Director of a shipyard and the Director had valued my observations. Since then I've done a variety of things but little specifically related to robotics and I do wish to increasingly contribute also to and through machines. Best Wishes!!! 

23rd July 2014: Jab India insaan banaye to ye to common hoye jaise ki high confidence in quality of air, water, food and land nahin to phir suar, sher aur doosre janwar to utne hi kabil hai.

During workout at gym, I got over with water and went to easyday in the mall to buy a bottle. However, there wasn't Kinley (Coca Cola) or Aquafina (Pepsi) but another brand (a popular name in India). I didn't buy that brand's water because someone who runs a printing company in India having top Indian and international brands as clients told me that he doesn't buy that brand but buys Kinley or Aquafina because of what he has heard about them in terms of quality. So I bought Gatorade even though it wasn't in the refrigerator. I worked out very well after that including for a long duration.

While walking back from gym, I saw an auto and took it to my place. When I reached my place, the driver asked me if I had water. I had a Tupperware (seems to be high quality plastic) bottle in hand and perhaps he couldn't clearly see in the dark that there was no water in it. I told him that I'll ask the security guards to get him water on which he responded as if he didn't want water from them because they might create an issue. I said that there'll be no issue and that I'll get him water from them.

I wondered about this auto driver's experience with people in general that he thought of avoiding to ask the security guards even though he was thirsty and had even dropped me there and so could've asked the guards. Perhaps it's similar to I avoiding a popular brand in India of water. Of course, in the worse case it could be better than non-filtered water in general, however, if I can get something better then why not. Of course, there would be people who would not only ask others but also fool and cheat others.

I requested the guards at the gate to give water to the driver and our night shift electrician was there who knows me for a while and he shared quickly with the driver about having water. Our security guards keep changing and I don't know them well. Once a guard had told me that he had had some issue and he needed money and then I had given it to him and soon after I had realized that he had left working at my complex and didn't return me that money. Others have also done similar to me and that with much larger amounts.

Some years ago when I had visited Canada then a person had taken me to a tap in a kitchen of a university and picked up a glass and drank water from it. The person had seen that I had bought a bottle of water and wanted to share with me that I can also drink straight from the tap. I was very impressed and highly thankful for that person's kindness to show me an option including to save my time and money.

When I read what several people in India are writing and saying related to issues then it seems to me that they're getting harmed, weaker and losing things in them that make them human. During workout at gym, some top actresses were dancing in songs on TV and I thought that when lots of people pay them for entertainment then they use that money to buy things of the best brands and go to the best places that they can. So people in general should do similar as they best can.

I've told my gym several times to hire someone who would keep racking the weights and that we've several people who can pay a bit more to hire such a person which would help us to do our workout better and to get a person a job. A trainer told me today that even in the US the celebrities also rack their weights. I don't know how correct it is what he said, however, I said that I'm in India and that I'm willing to pay for this service.

I've told them several times that let's ask members at least the weight section users if they're willing to pay a bit more to get a person to rack our weights and keep our floor cleaner overall. Perhaps, they can also do only so much and they don't want to take such things to the top management because of risking their jobs or perhaps they think that the top management wouldn't do anything about it. The trainer today also said something like that about people not having such thinking, however, I'm not exactly sure the things that he was saying.

I do wonder that how the many Indians feel about their health and fitness. Please see around and you might also wonder even if a bit given the quality of air, water, food and land and other things that we've created when we don't even have to research and develop much anything but just get and use them well for a much better level of things. I wish us best!!!

19th July 2014: Do you wish that you lived the best way a human could? Do you wish that you had the best friends a human could? If you had these then would you think to have lived an unbeatable life? I don't mean in terms of false ego or hatred of any others. I mean in terms of having maximized your human potential in our world and universe.

A top sports nutritionist of India shared that since it's made in Canada and hence whatever is written on the box will be correct because Canada will ensure that the company isn't cheating.

This is great confidence in him and perhaps also in many athletes and sports people of India about international products.

I've used a variety of supplement brands which I've found good to great for me. Today, I was going to buy some other protein brand from his shop, however, then I saw the CAN Core Athletic Nutrition PRO COMPOSITE box which says that PROTEIN STRUCTURE SIMILAR TO MOTHERS MILK, I bought it also because of that to give it a try.

I've written several times about Indian mother's milk quality in general that it could be getting harmed due to the harmful chemicals in air, water, food and land of those women.

Neither Indian suar (pig) nor sher (tiger) can test its milk for its children but humans can.Given our conditions, please share with women having babies to check their milk. I wish that it would be easy and affordable to do this test by everyone since we're humans and such things seem to already have been researched and developed by the best in our world. We've to just implement them including so that we don't start rotting people sincethey're babies and which could further worsen our conditions.

I think we should significantly improve the most critical things now so that our conditions in general aren't so bad. Regardless of the vehicles that we use or the restaurants that we go to, how do you think is the quality of air, water, vegetables, fruits, meat and other things being used in general? Do you think it's also because of the quality of people in general that we've such issues and the Indian mother's milk is affecting their quality since they're babies? Suaron ki bheed (Crowd of pigs) doesn't equal a sher (tiger) and shero ki bheed (crowd of tigers) doesn't equal a human. It's great we're human. I wish us best!

Generally, do you think that suar ko to kuch bhi kila pila do jo ki shayad sher ke saath na kaam kare aur woh sher hi na reh jaye to phir hum to insaan hai aur phir humhe apni hawa, khana aur paani mein kitna confidence hona chahiye? Humhe kya busy rakhta hai ki jo most critical things hai unki halat aisi hai? Suar, sher ya aur koi janwar to utna hi kar sakta lekin hum to insaan hai. Please share kare Indian mother aur sabke saath ki hum better products demand kare aur khareede. I wish us best!

(Generally, do you think that one can give whatever food and drinks to pig, however, which wouldn't work with tiger and then it wouldn't even remain tiger and that we're human and so how much confidence should we have in our air, food and water? What keeps us busy that the condition of the most critical things are like this? Pig, tiger and any other animal can only do so much, however, we're human. Please share with Indian mother and with all others that we demand and purchase better products. I wish us best!)

18th July 2014: Jab Indian ki maa banayegi suar to woh khayega kitna poor?

Sadak par sike bhutte ke barein mein soche ki kitne harmful chemicals uspar lage honge sikne ke pehle aur bad mein bhi khane ke pehle. Achcha hai ki hum insaan hai lekin phir bhi aise issues dekhte hai.

Hawa saaf ho to alag baat hai. Lekin aapke aas paas ki hawa kaisi hai? Wahan kitna pollution hai? Aur kaunse harmful chemicals hai jaise ki construction wale?

15th August 2014: (Please note that I'm canceling my Forever Living Products distributorship due to my experience with my sponsor and that due to FLP policy, I'm unable to easily change my sponsor for sure and I don't have time to keep trying to do that. I did find their products to be of value.) 

16th July 2014: Amazing!!! Yesterday I spoke to relatives on phone who had marriage anniversary and my little nephew was saying about not ordering fried rice while they were going to a restaurant.

Today a short while ago when I was in washroom and then having Forever Living Products, I was thinking that when Indian mothers feed children then how do the children generally feel and become like and when I got on Facebook, I saw this message!!!

If you've seen Indian street pigs then do you ever get a song play inside you that chote mote suar teri muththi mein kya hai.

bachhe kaha ??
sry nt fr you
Shakti Saran
amazing i was thinking of kids!!!
that when Indian mother's feed them then how do they feel and become like!!!

3rd May 2014: Chat with a fitness model friend:

I don't know her shakti ....she is keep sending me mszes
Y what happ

Shakti Saran
you know that's what i thought


Shakti Saran
just that she tried talking to me in the comments
however i only shared generally
what a waste of life can such people be

Yes u r right shakti

Shakti Saran
they can share their proper details and then even try to talk
have a nice time!

U too shakti ignore tht kind of people have a nice day

Do you think that people are becoming like this also because of their air, water, food and land quality and that among the pigs, a pig can even be fine, however, there are also other animals and then also humans. Please share proper details or else you can read that even a well-doing fitness model says that ignore that kind of people.

15th April 2014: Rather than milk tea, I had green tea and Tropicana 100% (no sugar and preservatives) mixed fruit juice and felt nice! A while ago, I had a few Britannia NutriChoice Ragi cookies and that was also nice. I'm also trying to reduce sugar intake. Do you know that we're now also having organic sugar in market because of issues in sugar. For chocolate, I'm trying to have nicer ones including imported like Nutella due to concerns of milk quality in India.

I realize that I'll still sometimes consume milk in India, however, why not avoid it as much as possible due to possible harmful adulteration in it and that also make people aware so that the milk quality in general would improve greatly as more and more people would demand for it rather than just going on consuming what they find around them without even being sure about the adulteration level in it.

"The NGO Consumer Voice, one of the petitioners in the court, said the quantum of pesticides in fruits and vegetables in India, especially those sold in Delhi markets, was as much as 750 times the European standards.

The NGO claimed that of the five internationally banned pesticides, four were found to be common in vegetables sold here.

The move had come after some NGOs submitted survey reports that vegetables and fruits sold in the city's markets contain poisons capable of causing cancer and harming the nervous system and liver."

"Researchers are beginning to suspect that India's unusual mix of polluted air, poor sanitation and contaminated water may make the country among the most dangerous in the world for lungs."

"Delhi has turned into a pollution zone so deadly that children in the Capital have the lungs of chain-smokers, and all the associated respiratory ailments."

Google "food adulteration india" and on 1st page

Google "anti pollution india" and on 1st page

20th March 2014: Such people working at gym! I wish that they were doing much better and I wish them best. When I reached gym, one asked me if I want to have bananas on which I told him that we don't get bananas at home due to harmful chemicals being used to grow them. I asked him if his coach has told him to have bananas on which he told me that he doesn't have a coach now. He even said that he's not into weight training. He's the only person working at the gym.

One much elder lady told me some weeks ago that some other person who worked here last year was so good that he taught much to her that she's being able to do several exercises by herself now. This is also why I suggest everyone in general to take personal training at least until they know well enough the basics of exercises which they're going to do and that they're able to learn more by self. Of course, personal training is also of value to people with advanced levels.

Around closing time, another person comes to close the gym who seems to have more knowledge about weightlifting. So I asked him if he eats bananas on which he said that he eats a dozen daily. I asked him that where does he buy them from because of the harmful chemicals being used to grow them on which he said that he doesn't get time and so he buys from wherever.

This made me think that this is what people new to health and fitness might also learn to do. I hope that all people who work at a gym and do anything related to health or fitness for members are certified. I also hope that we can easily find shops from where unadulterated food can be purchased. I hope that would also help in these.

4th March 2014: Some comments in a group related to my experience which I've shared in

PERSON Yes I can be a part of the show Shakti Saran. We have to take a step against people who have forgotten morality.

Hi PERSON, Perhaps you mean human values when you mention morality? Human values are universal whereas morality is individual or group specific in the sense that one group can say that women covering face in front of strangers is being moral and that nobody can say anything to this if women follow this without being forced to which can also happen because that's how they're brought up to be like. Someone told me that some woman said that aurat aur gadhe to pitne ke liye hote hai when she was asked that why her son beats his wife who does a lot of work. Having food with severely harmful chemicals is something which would be considered unacceptable by all humans and that people adding severely harmful chemicals to our food for their gains is going against human values.

It seems to me that a great misunderstanding between human values and morality in several people in a place could also lead to a great decline in their ability to maximize their potential individually and as a group and hence a great decline in the quality of life overall can happen in that place. People start to do things which they justify to be acceptable on moral grounds when they're not in terms of human values. I also think that when things become very bad in this regard then most likely it'll be very difficult for them to ever improve greatly which doesn't mean that can't happen.

Moreover, it seems that people who've false pride or false confidence might be more driven by their own set of morals than human values and if there are many of them then that place will get increasingly worse and the worst thing is that the people within there might not even realize how the things are worsening just like street dogs in a very bad place would still only bark and bite each other whereas humans can be so much advanced especially when the many solutions are already there for them to utilize. Think of how many mothers are producing children without taking precautions when they know the pollution is severely harmful. Now there's a report that children in Delhi have lungs of chain smokers. How do the mothers feel about this or they've stopped feeling much thinking that what can they do? I've heard some mother say that what can she do. I wonder if she even tried doing anything much. If she was driven by human values more than morals then she might think again and again that how can she bring a life into our world when the things around her are so bad.

She could either move to elsewhere or first work to make things around her better enough for the new life. There are also many reports of severely harmful chemicals in milk and food in general. As a human, the mother would work to first ensure that the new life that she wants to bring to our world will at least have a basic humanly environment especially since there is already much information and solutions available for her to do the same and if the mother can't afford something then that mother should rather wait as a human to bring a new life. I've heard from people about bringing life into our world and then those children are severely malnourished and also diseased because the mother didn't consider much before bringing the life into our world. At least those women who're aware enough, they could be human enough and that not put new life at risk because they're highly fragile at such age and that they might carry the damage with them throughout their lives for no reason of their own.

3rd March 2014: Kai chehre dekhe. Bahut kumzore hone jaisa mehsoos hua. (Saw several faces. Felt very weak.) Metro se nikla to ek kutta peeche pad gaya. Ek aadmi wahan tha to usse baat karne laga to kutta ruk gaya. Phir mein chala gaya. (Came out of metro and a dog came behind me. There was a person there with whom I started talking and then the dog stopped. Then I left there.) 

Kutta bhi bada kumzore laga. (Dog also seemed very weak.) Metro mein tha to ek aurat baithi aur ek aadmi uske saath kadha tha. Humare row mein ek seat khali thi. (In metro, one woman sat and one man stood next to her. In our row, there was one vacant seat.) Kisi ne khade hue aadmi ke liye seat nahi banayi. Thodi der bad, maine kaha logo ko shift hone ke liye aur phir woh aadmi baith gaya. (Nobody created seat for this man. After some time, I told people to shift and then that man sat.) 

Bahut kumzori dikhi. (Saw a lot of weakness.) Kya ye bahut pollution se bhi hai? (Is it also due to a lot of pollution?) Kutte ka to phir bhi samajh mein aya lekin insaan ke saath bhi aisa. (Still understood about dog, however, even the same with human.) Kutte ki maa to nahi padh sakti lekin insaan ki to padh sakti hai. (Dog's mother can't read but human's can.) Pollution ke issue ko janna koi nai cheez bhi nahin. India mein logo ko to research bhi nahin karni sirf measure karna hai ki pollution kitna hai. World Health Organization ne already research kar ke bataya hai pollution ke bare mein. (People in India don't even have to research but only measure how much pollution is there. World Health Organization has already done research and shared about pollution.)

"Delhi has turned into a pollution zone so deadly that children in the Capital have the lungs of chain-smokers, and all the associated respiratory ailments." Google "anti pollution india" and on 1st page:

28th February 2014: I've called the police. They'll call back. I reside in C 711, Princess Park, Ahinsa Khand II, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. I've told them that I keep hearing loud noise from above like also of big furniture being moved and when I go and ask the people above then they tell me that they didn't hear any noise. Someone senior told me that perhaps the people might want us to leave. I don't want to think like that. I've decided to get help from police in this regard.

I received another call from police and they suggested that I first talk to RWA and then if things don't workout then I can share with police again. 

Today when I went to the apartment above regarding loud noise then they said that they didn't make or hear any noise. So I thought that police should be able to help me in finding out from where is the noise coming. I'll talk to RWA. I've been vising apartments regarding this and I'll also do that.

Some comment in an FB group:

PERSON Hey even I experience the same kinda difficulty in my flat in vaishali as well..
33 minutes ago · Like

Shakti Saran Hi PERSON, Are you staying in an apartment complex? Have you contacted the RWA? If you've done this and there's no proper solution then I suggest to contact media regarding quality of construction issue and here being a high earthquake zone. If you can let them put sound recorder and other equipment in your apartment for noises for next several month then people can learn through the media about any weakness in construction quality and the risk to them.

27th February 2014: Someone who's close to the leadership of a major national political party for several decades told me that people might want us to leave here and so this might be happening. I don't want to think so, however, it was of value that this person told this to me. I reside in C 711, Princess Park, Ahinsa Khand II, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad.

There was loud noise like of furniture from above. When I went to the apartment above, the person said to not hear anything and that it didn't come from there. So I went to the neighboring apartment thinking that perhaps it came from there. The person there said that there was no such sound made from there. This person said "lagaiye lagaiye" when I said that I should put a sound recorder.

I'll be finding out how to detect sound and other things. This should also help me with security solutions work since it seems that others would also find it of value. Please share easy and affordable solutions to start with.

15th January 2014: To think about it, why most people even go to the gym? While commenting on someone's wall and reading comments, I just realized that only twelve people had signed in the gym register throughout the day at my apartment complex having around 200 flats. I went in around 8 PM and left around 9 PM and there was nobody there throughout that time except for the person who opens and closes it and has been hired at 10K a month as a trainer but generally seems to do nothing for most of the time (4 hours each during morning and evening). Even he's planning to leave because he wants a higher salary. This funny image also seems to have a valuable meaning! (I've removed the image to save space. It says that "I asked my trainer which machine at the gym I should use to impress beautiful women... he pointed outside and said "The ATM machine".)

10th February 2014: For India: Diet, Calories, Fat, Weight, Exercise, Health by David Katz, MD, MPH, Director, Yale University


9th February 2014: Google makes me feel more human when I find myself suffering from severe issues of harmful chemicals in land, food, water and air around me. I tell people that do they care about the soil in the park in which their children play that how much harmful chemicals might be in it which the children breathe in deeply? I generally don't get any responses that they're doing something greatly about this which makes me think about people in general that how come we've such severe issues when in our same world, there's also much greatness. I wish Google increasing success in making our world great!

Google Inc.’s latest acquisition—an artificial intelligence company called DeepMind—points toward a not-so-distant future when computers learn and reason the way people do. Of course, this is an evolutionary process, and there’s no neat definition of how human minds work, either. But the direction is clear–computers are increasingly able to learn from experience, to figure context into their decision making, and more.

24th January 2014: Why Fathers Really Matter

13th January 2014: Chacha Nehru Sehat Yojna in Delhi metro and much else !!!

I sms'd a team member that I would reach in 10 minutes and to go up the stairs at Gate No. 7, Rajiv Chowk metro station, Connaught Place, New Delhi and wait there. My partner had called after my sms. After talking to him, my team member called but before I could pickup the call, the phone battery ran out. I reached Gate 7 in few minutes but my team member wasn't there. I kept waiting for a while.

Then I went to the restaurant there of a friend to recharge phone battery so that I can call the team member. She was there. I told her that the she should've been at Gate 7 since I had sms'd this to her on which she said that she thought that she should come to the restaurant because some days ago I had told her that if we can't reach other on the phone then she can go there and wait.

Then I took her to Dwarka in metro. The walk in park in Sector 23 was nice. The air was much nicer than where I stay in Indirapuram. Then I took her to a client which is a nice salon. She's working with me on a network that I'm creating for spas and salons. There I charged my phone a bit. After the salon, I told her that we'll visit my relatives who stay nearby. I went back to the market to get something for them. Just as I entered a bakery, someone said my name on the TV and that I saw it was Mr. Shakti Singh Goyal. I told the same to my coworker and the bakery owner about hearing my name just as I entered the bakery. A talk show was going on TV with he being on it.

Few days ago, when I had met her in CP and that I had thought of going to washroom, I had seen KFC and went there and that I didn't want to use the washroom without paying and so I had got into the line to buy something and that for the person in front of me, the billing counter had said 267. 26th July is my birthday and I had then shared the same with my team member about the display and my birthday. Similar had happened with my international client who's now in India. I've shared the bill at Rodeo in Gurgaon as a wall photo.

Similar had happened with another person with whom I've tried doing some work related to luxury but which I've put on hold with that person at least for now. I was going to send dry fruits to this person and that my relatives had told me that they were going to some market in Delhi to buy dry fruits and that I had told them that to also get for me and that I had gone to some ATM out of several in the market to take out cash and that the four 500 INR notes which I had taken out had mentioned 726 on them which I had noticed while giving them to my uncle. I've also shared them as a wall photo.

After the bakery, I shared with my team member that such things happen I think because when we think for someone then someone thinks for us. After visiting the relatives even though I met only few people and that having nice dark chocolate pastries, we walked back to Sector 23 station. My team member likes to walk which is nice because I also like it especially when the air is nice enough.

During the metro, my team member had noticed the floor to be wet and she had asked me what's that. After I left her at Rajiv Chowk, I went again to the friend's restaurant. There I charged my phone a bit. While walking back to Gate 7 around 10 PM, a group of guys were standing nearby it and that as I reached there, they saw someone light up fire on the side and then one person loudly said Lodhi and then another person loudly and laughingly said Loda (male sex organ). Just before I entered metro, I called my partner who I had spoken to in the afternoon. He told me that today he has become dad again! While talking to him, I looked in front of me and there was a poster of Chacha Nehru Sehat Yojna in the metro. However, a person was sitting in front of it and that he spit on metro floor and then put his shoe on the spit and that somehow he didn't seem well from his face. I shared with my partner about the poster and that if I had sit in the next section then the poster was different. He said that I've become chacha (a title used to call one's dad's brother). It's nice that my partner also shared about a website project for a road construction company and which I wish would go well. I wish the several people today with me the best! I wish that my efforts on and others would be of increasing value.

4th January 2014: Jugaad or Technique!!! My team came back from lunch and one person (fresher) asked me that how I did what I did yesterday to find the solution. Another person (a little senior) said that it was jugaad. I said it wasn't jugaad but a widely-used technique to do well a type of work and then I explained.

I also said that when they went to have lunch, I went to buy and have moongfali (groundnut). I said that I kept all the chilkas (shells) in my jacket's pocket and then threw them in the dustbin in the office which I showed them. I said that this can be a widely-used technique to also keep society clean whereas if I had just thrown the shells on the road then that would've been a jugaad to just keep myself clean but a very poor solution considering all affected things including over the longer term.

Of course, jugaad doesn't always have to have a negative impact by itself, however, several times it seems to be used to come up with poor solutions considering all affected things including over the longer term. People might think of a jugaad as a hack, however, I think that something that can be called a hack is generally based on one or more good techniques.

God, I'm not an Indian street dog, pig or any other animal but human. Please help me to keep contributing with increasing value. It feels highly unfortunate to have a mother with such air, water, land pollution and food adulteration. God, please help Mother India to do increasingly well. Thank You!

31st December 2013: WOW!!! I saw dad running as an exercise for the first time. He said that it's good for health. Until his college years, he used to play sports which I've heard, however, I hadn't seen him run as an exercise until now. I wish that the Health and Fitness India network would also be of value to parents and their children together.

Also, it's nice to have Ms. Aarti Hira start working with Health and Fitness India network. Dad spoke to me about benefit of running just after I spoke to Aarti regarding starting work. I wish us a very happy and prosperous New Year!!!

28th December 2013: Suggestion for Health Minister, Delhi: Sir, 

Please make good quality Body Composition Analysis machines available all around Delhi.

Body composition is a measurement of a person’s fat mass and fat free (lean) mass. Testing body composition can be a great way to set, monitor and reach realistic health and fitness goals.

I think that this should be one of the first things to do for all people wanting to live with a healthy mind and body and which would also help the society.

This should be an easy enough and also a highly valuable thing to do including to make people aware and to bring together for improving health, fitness and society. 

4th December 2013: Some post and comments regarding protein:

PERSON1 (wall post)

Always heard that Almonds had a strong effect on brain and nervous system and is also considered a very spiritually positive food, but just read that it is also a powerhouse of proteins. A quarter-cup contains 7.62 grams—more protein than is provided by the typical egg, which contains 5.54 grams.
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PERSON2 (comment) Egg is highlighted by poultry industry unnecessarily. You can get almost same amount of protein from a whole wheat roti, a handful of peanuts/ almonds.
38 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Shakti Saran I'm no expert on this matter, however based on general readings thanks to the human brain and to the humans making research work available to public, I would consider Calories, Protein, Carbs and Fat amounts together for each item and also all the nutrients that they contain. Regarding protein, I would also consider the bio-availability index of the different items and also whether the items contain the essential amino acids or not. I would also research on what is my protein requirement and for which I would even go to a dietitian as required.
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28th November 2013: “Exercise, sleep and nutrition form the triangle of health, and all are related,” said Dr. Phyllis Zee, a professor of neurology and director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Northwestern University in Chicago.

Of more pressing interest, though, is the study’s practical message that “if you are facing a period of overconsumption and inactivity” — also known as the holidays — “a daily bout of exercise will prevent many of the negative changes, at least in the short term,” Dr. Thompson said. Of course, his study involved young, fit men and a relatively prolonged period of exercise. But the findings likely apply, he said, to other groups, like older adults and women, and perhaps to lesser amounts of training. That’s a possibility worth embracing as the pie servings accumulate.

20th November 2013: If you've high amount of chemicals in your drinking water even after using one RO then you can consider to use more ROs by connecting them to clean your water even better. Do you regularly test your water coming from RO?

Also, agar Indian Maa ka doodh kharab toh phir India kaisa banega? Sadak ke suar jaisa nahin hain, Insaan hain. How many Indians think that their mothers have done great in terms of making efforts to give them at least a basic human life of clean enough air, water, food and land? Do you think the next generation mothers in India in general would get their milk tested for harmful chemicals? Would you share with feeding mothers who you know to care about this?

How much do you care about harmful chemicals in your air, water, food and land? I wish us best!

16th November 2013: May Sachin's spirit live forever !!! (y) :)

4th October 2013: WOW!!! From very less to 4 LAC of Personal Training business done in few months was told to me by a personal trainer to whom I consulted in marketing!!!

It’s a demographic disaster

Wellness for professionals at workplace (offices etc.) - Health and Fitness India

Health Issues faced by BPO Employees - Health Fitness India

(for anyone experiencing Tension, Sleeplessness, Headaches, Eye-strain, Repetitive strain injury (RSI), Voice loss, hearing problems and burn-out:

27th September 2013: How is Indian in general because do you think how come there are so many severe issues including of cancerous pollution, low quality food and others considering the best in our world which other humans have accomplished? Mother India, kya khila pila rahe hai humhe. Mere protein powder box ka issue kab resolve hoga. Indian suar (pig) nahi hun aur protein bhi khareeda hai lekin phir bhi workout affect ho gaya hai.

Some girl having done English Hons. and MBA in HR called me while I was at gym. Phone was on silent so missed it. I called back when I left the gym. She mentioned to be watching Arnab Goswami's show. I mentioned to be seeing a street dog walking there as I was leaving the mall. She immediately correlated dog with Arnab. I said that that's highly unfortunate and then I said something like what do the many Indians think about in general and also how do they think like in general given that this so well educated person with a nice family background is immediately thinking like this. Is there also serious issues with our academic institutions in general?

I said that she could rather think to request Arnab to do a show on street animals because they don't deserve such an environment where we've created such severe issues. I asked her to write on Times Now FB page. She said that she wouldn't. I told her that she would watch Arnab's show, however, not share this when it would be of value. I told her that I would share it.

I also said something like what if our police, intelligence, administration and government are also buying top imported brand protein supplements thinking that it would help them become great because they might find food around them adulterated, however, the boxes they're getting are possibly having severe issues or even severe issues.

I've purchased from a popular online store but the box had issue about which I've called the company but they haven't responded with any solution. Mother India, agar yeh log harmful protein khayenge to suar jaise ya usse bhi worse ban sakte hai aur phir hamara kya hoga. God, please help.

Some comments on above on my FB wall:

PERSON hahahahhaha ...Shakti ...I am laughing because yes it ails all of us..and somewhere we have given in...not all of us..but most of us....this is a state of confusion our country and people are facing..and we will come out ..all so called developed countries have gone through it all and come out of it too.

Shakti Saran how easy to say all have gone through this...i would think every human also lives...but then the different ones have such different outcomes...

PERSON Nothing is easy..but then circumstances created need time to overcome...and only who has created this can make it happen..

Shakti Saran i've actually heard this several times from Indian people and i tell them well first become a great human at global level then say what would happen to india!!!

Shakti Saran nahi toh phir sadak ke kutte or suar toh bahut hai jinko dekh kar apne circumstances achche lagne lag sakte hai...lekin phir un janwaron ki bhi hawa wahi hai...

PERSON See the state of affairs in India has deteriorated to quite an extent..even people have deteriorated...but still we are better off than many in the world...

Shakti Saran I think you missed my point. It's about pursuing greatness and not feeling better that others are worse which seems a widespread thinking in India and that might also be why we hear from several people in India that people here would rather make others worse than make themselves better. Is this also why there are several street animals who're living so highly unfortunately in the severe issues created by people here that people might feel better that there are beings living much worse than them?

Some more comments in a group:

Please read some highly unfortunate comments and also share with others to be much better:

Comments copy-pasted here:

PERSON WTF are u saying man ?? you are just whining about your protein powder box but not saying whats wrong with it !
And US food is far more cancerous than indian foods in my opinion . They eat more GMO foods than india

PERSON The biggest pollution in india is that of population !

Shakti Saran video

PERSON we are not here to solve ur product issues ! call the company . how is indian govt responsible for this and its not even an indian company !

I don't have time to respond to this because I might have to respond for a while since this person's level of reading comprehension seems very low. I do wish that what I've shared would be of value to many people.

And regarding the GMO food, do you think that what we can control in a lab can even be much better than the alternatives in general given the scientific work is done positively. Several of the top Indian athletes and celebrities consume international nutrition supplements. One person I know, his company in USA makes nutritional supplements which Olympians from India consume. They wouldn't if the labs weren't making great products. Perhaps this person made such a comment based on where this person has been living in general where there's little great scientific work being done for progressing mankind.

12th September 2013 (also see my next post below on 27th August): Food Security Bill gets Presidential assent, becomes an Act

27th August 2013 (2nd post today, one was in morning): A Mr. Gandhi sat next to me today!!! During morning I shared on my wall about Mrs. Gandhi and "empowerment revolution".

After that I went to for Aadhaar Card appointment where I had a range of experience some which I would share later.

After that I went to shop for a birthday gift which keeps getting returned because the person doesn't like it as much and is kind enough to share what he likes with me. After shopping, I went to meet the person at his restaurant in CP, however, he wasn't there. I didn't eat there because I wasn't carrying much cash and they only take cash. So I went to another restaurant where I probably ate several years ago. Moreover I used to eat there sometimes in USA (Atlanta, Georgia). I had first thought of going to McDonald's, however, then I saw Saravana Bhawan next to it and thought of going there because I've eaten at McDonald's over the years, however, not at all at Saravana Bhawan for years. They gave me a seat at the end of the upper floor. It seemed fully packed with another table next to me empty.

A short while later, some people sat there and were discussing big things politics and contributions. While eating, I looked at them a few times and there were positive smiles passed back and forth. So I shared about what I had written on my wall during the morning about nutrition, education, work and rest. Then we shared more. One person asked for my card on which I apologized that I wasn't carrying it then and moreover, my card is my site (I was wearing my t-shirt which mentions it). I asked his kind name and he said a Mr. Gandhi. I then shared with him that during morning, I had written on my wall about Mrs. Gandhi and food bill and about nutrition, education, work and rest. He said that he would connect with me which I look forward to and I wish them best!!!

After eating, I visited my friend's restaurant again and there he was and that we also had some great valuable discussion related to social contributions and top-level leadership. I wish him best!!!

After that, I went to get another t-shirt printed with my site, however, it didn't workout then because my t-shirt was red and that I wanted white on it which I was told can't be done using thermal printing. The shop owner did say that if I've 15 or more t-shirts then he would invest in high quality color to ensure that screen printing quality is great and that the print wouldn't come off until someone would really try to take it off.

After that, I went to easyday store in the mall where I yet again couldn't find Milkana, the low fat packaged paneer that they sell. I thought that today I would do cardio and fat burn and not weightlifting and so I bought a bottle of Gatorade and a bar of Snickers. Outside the store was a woman trying to make sale who I've seen several times trying to make sales by interacting with people around the mall. I told her that she's great that she keeps making sales effort. She said that other staff at gym thinks that she just roams around and essentially that they don't value enough what she does. Then I shared with her that what she's doing is great and that she can also gain more inputs about marketing from some things that I do like my posts on Health and Fitness India network and Chief Marketing Officer - India page and others. She said that I should tell what I think of her efforts to her team which I said I would. I thought but didn't say that much after street pigs, come forest tigers and that humans can't even be compared them and that when people say something like that then look around the lack of greatness and then keep doing your best to make increasing contributions.

Related to above woman's experience with what her staff says about her, a short while ago when I reached my apartment complex, a person (retired Army) was with me. I was wearing my pollution mask. He said that 99.99% people can't even afford proper food and that how they would buy this on which I said that I'm at least glad that we can buy planes to put on our borders and that we've to do what each of us can. What he said was like saying that why live better when others are living worse which was shocking and I wish that he would get value from what I said and that he would also care for himself better. I had complimented him when I had just met him that it's nice that he's going to gym (he was returning from a gym where I used to go before, however, I do think that he does little at gym compared to what he still could and that benefit much more without causing any harm to himself). I had earlier asked him if he used to get physical training during his Army years on which he had said that he was on the civilian side and that he was much busy with work. Today after my aerobics class, I mentioned to the trainer that it's great ther her daughter is now teaching because health and fitness would help her to do well in academics also since she's in college and that in life in general. I wish he had said something more valuable than what he said about pollution mask. I wish he would keep maximizing his human potential.

When I reached gym, the security guard asked me something like where I've been since I had left the gym for few months. This guard over a while has seemed to me to be a bit or much more unhappy with his this work.

When I entered the electronic security gate, one of their top trainers just came out there from the main workout area and he also asked something like where I've been on which I had a nice little talk with him. At the end of my workout, I saw him teach TRX during a personal training session for the first time. TRX seems awesome which I've read is also used by military personnel!!!

Just when I started my workout by getting on a treadmill, I saw the awesome aerobics trainer walk in and I felt awesome that now I can have a lot of fun while doing cardio and fat burn. Her daughter took the class today and it was very kind of the trainer to ask me how she did on which I said that she has a great teacher and that she did well!!!

Also, it was funny with Oracle today!!! I called and sms'd my Oracle student who recently has started and had said that he might come today. He didn't respond to whether he would come today or not. At gym, I saw a woman who works for Oracle and that I looked at her some different times but she never looked back at me. I had shared with her before on teaching Databases and that had nice valuable discussions on a range of things with her. Perhaps both of them were very busy.

Going back to morning during Aadhaar Card appointment, some lady was going around asking if her son's name "Ayan" was written on the form because she's illiterate. When she asked me, I asked if she has something else on which her son's name is written so that I can match the spelling on which she behaved as if she didn't understand me. I asked if she had his birth certificate on which she did. I told her to ask the person working there and when she did that, he didn't even ask her about the spelling and just said it's alright. She then asked another person and then I went to her to explain to her but she just wouldn't understand. This person who seemed to be trying to help also didn't say about spelling issue on which I mentioned again about spelling issue on which he said something like she might not understand such things. Later I heard that he was a govt. employee and that perhaps he has a lot more experience interacting with such people. I do wish she got the correct spelling. I had faced a highly unfortunate issue with my passport renewal some years because in my board exam certificate, my dad's name had a minor spelling mistake and for a short while, I had felt that an issue was being created but then it was thankfully quickly resolved.

Also during the Aadhar Card appointment, when the person working there told some much elder lady to check on the Internet about something, she asked that which place is the Internet? ("yeh kaun si jagah hai?") The person had smiled a bit and had then repeated to check on the "net" some different times and that then had told her to leave. The people outside the bank were creating a lot of commotion. They kept saying that people outside are burning in sun whereas we're getting our cards made first on which the person had said that these people have waited for several days to get their appointment and that they can also take the appointment online. When I said that perhaps they don't know about the Internet then he said that everyone knows everything, they're just doing drama ("sabko sab kuch pata hai, yeh sirf nautanki kar rahe hain"). I felt highly unfortunate for the people working there because they seemed to be trying to do well including to manage the increasing commotion and to make the cards.

I then thought that perhaps the Internet still isn't known to all, however, not being able to use the phone can't be an excuse and that what if the appointment can also be made using the phone? I didn't make my appointment and so I don't know what all went into making the appointment, however, what if the phone owner including family can be linked to the appointment so that they can be made? I wish that something like could be done to make it much simpler for the masses.  Similar to this I had shared with Mr. Gandhi and others today about using various ways and means to create valuable linkages between the different public schemes including for food, education, work, health, information and others so that people can convert their nutrition into productivity. I had a similar and more detailed discussion with my friend who's a restaurant owner in CP and also the President of an NGO about which also I discussed with him today and that mentioned that these linkages have to be a public-private partnership effort. It does seem to me that people can give up without making enough efforts and that then we should think of the greatness that has been accomplished by humans till now and that unless we're decaying overall, what all is possible by mankind.

27th August 2013: Gandhi described the welfare scheme, food security bill, as part of an "empowerment revolution" and reached out to the opposition for support.  

My thought: As the combination of nutrition, education, work and rest would improve of the masses, our society, environment and world overall should also keep improving! Best!

25th August 2013: How difficult is it for women in India in general to pursue health and fitness and that how does that also affect their children in terms of maximizing their human potential while they're in India?

Today a person in gym said that due to his stupid citizenship, he isn't able to stay in UK even though his parents stay there due to work. He recently visited there. I suggested that if he does business then perhaps he can grow it around the world. He said that he's working on some business idea. I wish him best!

Regarding little children in gym, I've been sharing online for a while that they can get hurt and that they shouldn't just roam around in the gym. Today at gym, I left the workout area and went to get water which is a distance away outside of the main floor which I like. After getting water and while going back to workout area, I heard a little child cry out loud.

There was a lady who said that he got hurt by the entrance door. His mother was inside the studio in a dance class which I saw when she came out for her child.

I've known that lady but don't interact with her much now. Some months ago she had told me about she having to do a lot including her own work and also caring for her child. I wish them the best!

He also said that with a UK passport, there wouldn't be VISA issues to travel most of the world. How many Indians who want to travel our world feel highly unfortunate due to VISA issues? If there wasn't a VISA to bother about then would a lot more Indians travel our world? Why do you think there's VISA issue for Indian people in general? What have our previous generations done and have been doing that we've such an issue when there're places in our world where people don't have such an issue? What are we doing about it?

14th August 2013: A very little girl came to a gym. I saw her playing with an empty Coca Cola bottle. I drink Coca Cola, however, this was a highly unfortunate incident. I told the trainer about it on which he said that he gave it to her. I later saw that the bottle stays in the gym which could make it even more harmful for such a little person who could touch it and then put hands in the mouth. Moreover, while she was playing with it, it was also rolling on the ground and that then she was putting it in her mouth.

I told the trainer that she's putting the bottle in her mouth which was rolling on the ground. He said that she's not his or my age to understand this. I told him that like this she could grow into a sick person and then how she would think like. I also said that even if she can't understand this now, people around her can understand this now on which the trainer didn't say anything. Her mother was also there who had come to meet someone but she didn't remove the bottle from her. I smiled at the girl and she also smiled and that I wish her best.

Jan gan ka tan suar jaisa mat banne do Bhagwan, aap ho bhagya vidhata. Jai he! Please kum kar do pollution, adulteration, koode, gadhdhe. Jai he!

10th August 2013: If you're a gym owner or fitness trainer then please take care about this: Today at gym while working out, I stepped back and that my foot went on a dumbbell. I then told my personal trainer that we shouldn't let these stay on the floor like this because people can get hurt. There was a little girl there sitting on a chair and I told him that what if she had stepped on it and fallen and hit her head on the glass mirror.

My trainer first said that it's there because he was working out on which I said that I haven't seen him working out for a while on which he then said that the dumbbells are there because of another person. The other person came to listen and I told him that somebody could've got hurt on which he didn't say anything. I asked him whether he practiced some martial arts that I taught him yesterday since he and my trainer had seemed very interested in learning martial arts from me yesterday.

This person said that he couldn't practice martial arts because he had to work night shift. He said that he has to work two days night per week. I suggested him to read my blog post which can also be found on Google by searching for "bpo health issues" This person works in tech support and that my post should be of value to anyone who's having to work like this changing between day and night shifts on a frequent basis. Please share with your friends! Best!

Amazing that as I'm writing the above, someone commented on my cousin sister's little baby's group message! I wish her great air, food, water and environment. How many Indian people get that? What do you do about that including for your future generations? How do you feel as an Indian? Best!

5th August 2013: Exercise may improve the mood of pregnant women and help to reduce levels of fatigue reports new research published in Psychology & Health The study, by Anca Gaston and Harry Prapavessis at the University of Western Ontario, examined whether a four week exercise intervention programme would result in improvements in the psychological well-being of previously inactive pregnant women. The results were clear, with participants reporting significant improvements in their mood during the programme. They also saw reduced levels of fatigue, suggesting that pregnant women should be encouraged to engage in regular exercise to improve both psychological and physical well-being.

While postpartum mood disorders like postnatal depression are widely recognised, rates of depression, anxiety and fatigue are actually higher during pregnancy than following pregnancy.

Possible complications resulting from depression during pregnancy include:

  • Insufficient weight gain;
  • Increased substance use;
  • Premature birth;
  • Small babies; and,
  • Reduced intention to breastfeed.

15th July 2013: Most shoppers base their food choices on price rather than nutritional value, with lower socio-economic status consumers more likely to eat high energy-dense foods such as sugary drinks, said Marion Hetherington, a professor of biopsychology at the University of Leeds.

By lowering salt, sugar and calorie content of their foods independently, industry will not face competitive pressure caused by only some producers providing more healthy foods in the marketplace, she said.

8th July 2013: If you don't have as much money as before because of Rupee's decreasing value then at least spend time on health and fitness which might not even cost as much money to do and that it should also help you earn better. "Double whammy: Rupee at 61, markets crash 200 points" Please share this with your family and friends! All the Best for your health and wealth!

7th July 2013: My comment: Please let me share one thing. From my experiences that I've had over the several years since I've been meditating daily, I find meditation to help me become a better human and also feel a connection to something greatly beyond human. However, I do wonder that if a person would meditate with wishes that are against the human values then can meditation also make that person better at accomplishing those wishes?

Jeff, CEO of LinkedIn had shared this article

4th July 2013: God, I've heard of stories of long ago of people in India being able to convert energy to matter. Why didn't you inspire them to make India great or did you or what happened and can you please help now?

Yesterday, my cousin visited who has cleared her medical exams in USA and now will be going there soon for a job. She mentioned about the variety of very healthy options for eggs being sold there.

What's the quality of egg of Indian in general? Please help us to have the best quality eggs in India also. I read somewhere that the yellow in egg sold in India might also be due to chemicals fed to chickens and if so then how harmful are those chemicals?

I request all to read about the highly valuable efforts of this human including for inspiration to make our world a much greater place. On this 4th of July, thank you very much for your efforts that I've technologies and solutions to share this with our world and I wish for humans to maximize their potential. Best!

2 July 2013: How many Indians get milk from market or consume milk based products from market that have lesser harmful adulteration than the milk being had by these piglets?

What do you do to ensure that your milk from market and milk based products from market are without harmful adulteration? What all harm do you think can milk adulteration cause you?

Please also read milk

1st July 2013: Highly unfortunate! Please take care doctors: Healers ignore own health

25th June 2013: How many Indian people do you know who're like this? They watch news events with seemingly so much interest as if they're going to do something about those events, however, they don't and hence waste human potential which could've even been applied well towards reducing such news events. If you know such people then what do you do so that they do better? I wish that my efforts would be of value in the same. I try to gain specific news inputs which can help me in making things better for our society, environment and world. It's possible that any news event would be of value to someone and so we do need its news. However, are you maximizing your human potential? Best! Shakti

17th June 2013:

Do these suicides flag a potential mental health emergency in India? Although critical of the sensationalism of stray, extraordinary cases of suicide, Mathew Varghese, professor and head of psychiatry, NIMHANS, says though there are many impulsive suicidal attempts, not all are due to depression. “Suicides in teenagers and young adults are possibly due to change in the social fabric of our society and much more complex in causation. For example, causes may vary from performance expectations, loss of family support and communication, urbanisation, poverty, loss of desired objects and so on.

25th May 2013:

Please don't get harmed and please also help others as and when you can. A friend came to the gym looking for me because he had urgent matter to discuss. I changed my workout routine to leave early and that while working out at a machine, I saw a woman using the seated chest press machine wrongly which could've seriously harmed her since her shoulders were lifted up while holding the handles and pressing them because the handles on the seated chest press machine were very high for her when they should've been at chest level. I've seen her at gym for over an year but never really spoken to her. I excused myself to tell her that it seems that she's not properly using the seated chest press machine. She also said that she feels the same. We tried to increase the seat's height but it was at max. She told me that the trainer had told her that she can use it. If you go to a gym which charges a lot of money and also seems to have quality equipment then it might still be possible that you're not getting proper inputs from the trainers. You can think of getting personal training from qualified trainers for not getting hurt and for making improvements. Suar jaise na bane. (Don't become like pig.) Sher jaise bhi kyun. (Why even like tiger.) Insaan achcha hai! (Human is good!) Aisi Indianness kitni? How much is such Indianness? Become Best.

Amazing that after talking to my friend, I reached home and saw missed calls from my friend above and also from another woman who I had tried to help a lot before and that I had stopped talking to her for a while because she had started developing serious feelings for me when I had already requested her to not do that. I spoke to her and told her about my friend's serious matter and about the woman above that others might take advantage of you and also let you get harmed you when you're nice to them and that I'm not like others and so I rather stopped talking to her. Please take care when you join a gym. Moreover, I had picked up my phone to call another person when I saw the missed calls and the person who I was going to call had recently asked me about this woman that if I'm talking to her on which I had said that I'm like this and so I'm not like that and so I'm not in order to not let that woman get harmed. I wish all of them the best! 

17th May 2013:


"We have found that Indian population is predisposed to obesity at a younger age and diabetes is a growing menace. The study will be ethnic-specific. We will conduct the study in south, central and north India," said Deep Goel, director, bariatric surgery, BLK Super Speciality Hospital.

"With the help of various institutions, we will start the study in a couple of months," Goel said.

The detailed study across the country on diabesity (diabetes plus obesity) will be supported by University of Dresden, Germany and Beijing Genomics Institute of China. BLK Super Speciality Hospital in the national capital is the nodal centre in India for the study.

According to the doctors, mostly affluent urban Indians are now obese and obesity is increasing rapidly among urban school children.

Indians are more vulnerable to diabetes because genetically they have a higher percentage of body fat to muscle compared to Europeans.

As per the doctors, the fat is usually deposited around the abdomen, where it interferes with insulin and increases sugar levels in the blood, causing diabetes in people with a low body mass index.

The study will also discuss about safety, durability of diabetes recovery and long- term outcome of surgical diabetes therapy.

Read more…

How to become and grow as a model - Health Fitness India

Becoming a successful model can be a good start to a much bigger career in the entertainment industry. Explore your options to grow also by asking me!

Don't get fooled and cheated by casting ads even when they say a major production company. I think ask for the casting coordinator details so you know it's official. It's not necessary that the ad is fooling and cheating you, however, it can help to have the details.

Google "how to model india" and thankfully on 1st page is this article. You can also search the casting coordinator details and the ad details to try and find if it's official.

One of the most important considerations for people to enter into the modeling industry is the money they think it would cost them to take that big risk in a highly-competitive industry.

Is modeling expensive? It can be if you're trying to achieve too much too quickly or if you've any unrealistic goals. Understanding your potential in the modeling industry is key. Of course, humans have seemingly infinite potential and one can keep trying to get better by using the accessible and acceptable ways and means. Learning from a variety of modeling industry professionals can help.

One thing you can do to reduce your costs is to find make-up artists, photographers, and fashion designers by yourself and grow from small to big. It'll take effort to find others, however, that can be of increasing value to you over the longer-term.

I've created websites in health, fitness, beauty, fashion, career, security and others. They can help you to find fitness trainers, nutritionists, dietitians, make-up artists, beauty products, spas, salons, fashion designers and modeling photographers. 

You can ask me how to make use of my sites for your growth as a model in India. Contact me through my profile on this site or my LinkedIn or Facebook

My sites are (this one - Health Fitness India Network) (Google "fitness directory india" and it comes on 1st page) (Make-Up Artists, Beauty Products, Spas, Salons, Blogs) (Fashion & Accessories Designers, Stylists, Models) (HR and Career related news, articles and talent) (Security related news, articles and talent)

My sites come on 1st page of search engines & they help increasingly with social media.

Below are articles/videos of value to aspiring, amateur and professional models in India.

Priyanka Chopra is Indian film actress & singer, and winner of Miss World pageant 2000 

How to Become a Model including basic points, tips and warnings. Article

10824448471?profile=originalNoyonita Lodh is Indian Model & beauty pageant winner who was crowned Miss Diva Universe 2014 & will represent India at Miss Universe 2014 in Doral, US

How to Become a Teenvogue Model Article


How to get a model body - lift weights, lose fat, tone, sculpt & build body at gym Article


Fashion & Fitness Model Sandy Singh Chhikara - Fashion Designers India Article


Very fat to Very fit - Fitness Trainer and Model Manisha Ramdhin Article


Model Actress Celebrity Pooja Tomar has a Fashion Designers India page



Contact me through my LinkedInFacebook or HFI Profile.

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How to lift weights, lose fat, tone, sculpt and build body at gym

Click each image below to see several videos on Health and Fitness India

Ladies, don't be turned off by lifting weights because you see a girl with lots of big muscles. It's very difficult to get lots of big muscles. 

Doing weight training with a nutritious diet and proper rest will give you a healthy and fit body and you'll not look like a man! Don't be scared of weight training ladies! You'll burn fat, shape your body, have strength and feel beautiful!

Also see the Top 10 Exercises Done Incorrectly and that How to Do Them Correctly in an NHS article 

Contact me Shakti Saran, the creator of Health and Fitness India site to find gyms, trainers, exercise equipment, health and fitness products and more!

10824438473?profile=originalAbs Exercises - Fitness and Bodybuilding Workouts Videos Page

10824439461?profile=originalBack Exercises - Fitness and Bodybuilding Workouts Videos Page

10824450495?profile=originalBiceps Exercises - Fitness and Bodybuilding Workouts Videos Page

10824438094?profile=originalChest Exercises - Fitness and Bodybuilding Workouts Videos Page

10824446261?profile=originalLegs Exercises - Fitness and Bodybuilding Workouts Videos Page

10824440099?profile=originalShoulders Exercises - Fitness and Bodybuilding Workouts Videos Page

10824441855?profile=originalCrossFit techniques, equipment, science, trainer Videos Page

10824451854?profile=originalKettlebell exercises for women & men in India Videos Page

10824438684?profile=originalCalisthenics simple and more advanced body weight exercises Videos Page

10824439284?profile=originalDeadlift techniques, simple to advanced variations Videos Page

10824441885?profile=originalRunning techniques, shoes, clothes, people Videos Page

10824446479?profile=originalLearn about fitness, exercise & diet from Indian Celebrities Videos Page

10824451888?profile=originalHow to Become and Grow as a MODEL in INDIA Page

Share with friends & Get Fit together !!!

Best Wishes,

Shakti Saran

Contact me to find gyms, trainers, equipment, health and fitness products & more!

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See below a variety of selected videos and online resources for Calisthenics Exercises

Fitness and Bodybuilding Workouts for Health and Fitness in India!

For health & fitness enthusiasts, professionals & businesses!

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10824438684?profile=originalMarch 22, 2014: "Main to expert ho gaya" (I've become an expert) said my four year old nephew. Today I was exercising at home on a mat while watching calisthenics videos on my laptop in front of me. I was doing push-ups and planks. During that time, my nephew visited with his parents. I also made him do exercises. He's an energetic person and liked doing the exercises. He was also watching the videos and liking them and even told me to play other videos that were showing on the side on YouTube. 

After exercising, I took him to the swings and slides in the park. I've taken him before and he likes that. When he tried getting on a slide, he said that he can't do it. I told that he can do it. He had to first climb a metallic mesh and then there was a slide on the other side. I showed him that how he has to grip the mesh and move up. He then tried it. My hands were below and above him in case his foot or hand might slip.

He was able to climb the first time itself with me guiding him. We did this few more times and then I stood a little back and let him do it. After a while of he doing it by himself, when he reached the top of the slide, he said that "main to expert ho gaya" (I've become an expert). 

I shared this with his parents on which they told me that he's learning new words at school. I wish that humans would learn increasingly well. 

God, please help me. I'm sure that if we'll support and guide the mankind increasingly well then there's seemingly infinite potential in humans to pursue the seemingly infinite value in our universe.  

I'll be sharing below calisthenics videos showing simple and more advanced body weight exercises I wish that you'll also share this blog post with your family and friends. Even if you don't have a good gym, you can do so many exercises with your body weight!

Calisthenics is the name given to repetitive exercises that use the resistance of your own body to build strength, increase flexibility and burn fat.

No equipment or weights are used in calisthenics, and the exercises can be performed anywhere there is a floor and enough space to move in. The benefits of calisthenics effects are wide-reaching.

Dominik Sky - Calisthenics Beginner to Advanced Part 1: Upper Body PRESSING


+ flexibility & out of alignment pushups + some different interesting pushups + partner assistance pushups

In each part are exercises sorted from beginner to advanced. Once you can do about 5 to 8 reps of a certain exercise I think you are ready to move to the next one.

Be sure to do the exercises with PROPER FORM AND FULL RANGE OF MOTION!

I learned a lot from the book "Building the gymnastic body" and I recommend it to everyone who is interested in bodyweight training!

Dominik Sky - Calisthenics Beginner to Advanced Part 2: Upper Body PULLING

I divided pulling into 5 parts:

1. PULLUPS / CHINUPS --------------------------- 00:11

2. ONE ARM PULLUP (OAP)--------------------- 02:36

3. MULTI-PLANE PULLING------------------------ 04:08

4. ROWS------------------------------------­------------- 05:46

5. CURLS-----------------------------------­------------- 06:25

+ flexibility & out of alignment exercises------ 07:56

+ some different interesting pullups------------- 08:23

In each part are exercises sorted from beginner to advanced. Once you can do about 5 to 8 reps of a certain exercise I think you are ready to move to the next one.

Be sure to do the exercises with PROPER FORM AND FULL RANGE OF MOTION!

I learned a lot from the book "Building the gymnastic body" and I recommend it to everyone who is interested in bodyweight training!

In this video, see how you can develop strength, power and muscle mass with calisthenics.

Frank Medrano will give us a demonstration, explaining how calisthenics work, and what its advantages disadvantages are. Frank will also let us in on the best techniques to master this impressive activity.

Calisthenics Kingz demonstrates a few beginner exercises for a full program that both MEN & WOMEN can do in the beginning stages would start with before moving to an intermediate level.

Calisthenics Kingz demonstrates a few intermediate exercises for both MEN & WOMEN

How To Handstand

Ladder pushups: you will do 1 pushup count to 3 then do 2 pushups, count to 3 then 3 pushups and so on untill you reach 10 pushups

side to side pushups: stay as low as possible without hitting the floor and move side to side 5 on each side

Pushup Jacks: push up off the floor and bring your feet as if you were about to do a burpee

Fingertip tip pushups: do 15 pushups on the tip of your fingers while your buddy(ies) hold a plank.

Elevated side to side pushups 8 on each side

Elevated pushups 15 -20 reps

Pike pushups 10-15

Elevated walking pushups do 20 reps

The man, the myth, the legend CT Fletcher training with Frank Medrano at Metroflex gym in Long Beach.

Frank Medrano and The Lebert Equalizer offers versatility for home, gym or outside workouts that you don't find in many other pieces of equipment. Whether you want to do upper or lower body exercises, agility, plyometrics or stretching, you can do it all with the Lebert Equalizer. I incorporate this piece of equipment everyday.

Frank Medrano is a CALISTHENICS BODYWEIGHT expert who MOTIVATES and trains to build and gain muscle , lose fat and challenge your body to obtain strength through simple and more advanced body weight exercises. His goal is to motivate and inspire you through fun, functional workouts.

Frank Medrano Trains at the world famous METROFLEX in Long Beach, California, USA 

Why I Believe Bodyweight Training is BEST - Elliott Hulse

Calisthenics 2012 Best Moments

The World's Best Parkour and Freerunning

Bodybuilder Meets Parkour / Freerunning (eng sub)

Read more…

A variety of selected videos and online resources below for Abs Exercises

Fitness and Bodybuilding Workouts for Health and Fitness in India!

For health & fitness enthusiasts, professionals & businesses!

Get found easily using Health Fitness India site!

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Abs Fitness Motivation



10824438676?profile=originalI watch several videos and then share those which seem to cover valuable details.

Also, kindly note that the different videos might cover the different valuable details and hence before doing an exercise, it'll be best to watch all related videos and consult a personal trainer and a general doctor since I'm neither of those two but a fitness enthusiast who shares valuable resources to save time and effort of people.

There's a search bar on the top right side of this page to find more on the site.

You're welcome to add your videos through your blog posts.



Warm ups: mobility exercises will prepare the body to move quickly and efficiently

Top 10 Exercises Done Incorrectly and that How to Do Them Correctly by NHS

Workout For A Slim Waist

Exercise and Workout for Sexy ABs! Reasons why its important

8 Min Abs Workout, how to have six pack (HD Version)

10 Min Abs Workout -- At Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercises

Standing Abs Exercises - 10 Minute Standing Abs Workout

6 Pack Abs & Tight Round Butt - Glute Workout

Rob Riches - How to get Insane Ripped Six Pack ABs

Rob Riches - Insane Definition for Lower Abs

How to get V-cut abs - Rob Riches

Frank Medrano - Abs Slicing Exercises for RIPPED ABS!!!

The Real Way To Lose Belly Fat

Ab Exercise for Strong Deadlifts

Notes From Readings

Abdominal exercises such as traditional crunches can help you flatten your stomach by tightening your muscles. However, they won't help you "spot burn" any fat that's covering up the muscles, and they won't get you the best results on their own. Combine a series of exercises to boost the effectiveness of your routine.

Also, the American Council on Exercise says traditional crunches activate less muscle activity than many other forms of abdominal exercises.

Bicycle crunches specifically target the side abdominal muscles called the internal and external obliques. These muscles are commonly left out of most abdominal and core strengthening routines.

Bicycles are one of the most effective exercises to strengthen your tranvserse abdominis, rectus abdominis and obliques.

To better isolate your rectus abdominus and oblique muscles, complete the crunch movement with your feet up. Placing your feet up on a bench or exercise ball with your knees bent will limit the ability of the rectus femoris to become involved. You can also hold your legs directly up toward the ceiling.

According to a 2001 study commissioned by the American Council on Exercise, the vertical leg crunch is among the most effective abdominal exercises for developing your rectus abdominus and obliques.

So for bodybuilders, eight-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger recommends crunches over situps in "The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding." However, many athletes who require not only abdominal strength but hip strength still perform situps. Find out exactly which muscles situps use to decide if it's the best exercise for you.

Situps and crunches are both common exercises performed to work the abdominal muscles. While these exercises are very similar, there are a few small differences that should be taken into account when deciding which exercise is best for your own personal fitness goals.

While situps are primarily considered a safe exercise, they may not be appropriate for everyone. The strong use of the hip flexors during situps can make them dangerous for individuals with weak abdominal muscles or a history of low back problems. If you find that situps create a pull or pain in your lower back, opt instead for crunches or half-situps in which your lower back never leaves the floor. These exercises will strengthen your abdominal muscles while protecting and maintaining spine health. Once your abs are stronger, you can begin to introduce complete situps into your workout routine.

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For health and fitness professionals and businesses

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Hi All, 

First, which has details on adulteration of milk of Indian mothers capable of causing neuro-behavioral problems in infants such as disorientation, concentration problems, confusion and irritability.

Sochiye land, water aur air pollution aur food adulteration ke bare mein. Maa ke doodh se akaal bhi kum aur badan bhi kharab ho sakta hai bachpan se. Hum insaan to hai lekin kaise jahaan itne kharab issues ho gaye hai. Kaise ban gaye hum aise? Doodh se? Sochiye.

You can also get value from Jo Indian mother ka milk piye

You can also get value from Indian Badboodar

When girls, women and others in your family go to a salon and get a hair wash, do you wonder what quality water gets used? What about the towels they use?

If you're not sure then do you tell them to carry their own water and towels from home?

The salon professionals could be good, however, perhaps not the other things.

Emailed CBI Cyber Crime Cell


17th July 2014: Indian Maa apne doodh mein harmful chemicals test kare, shayad koi badboo based test ho jaise ki agar pani ya pipe mein kharabi hai to pani mein kharab smell aa jaati hai aur phir proper lab tests to honge hi.

Kharab maa ka doodh aise logo ko baby hone se sadana shuru kar sakte hai aur phir ye aisa bhi ban sakte hai aur aisa bhi kar sakte hai. Thanks! Best!

Indian mothers test for harmful chemicals in their milk, perhaps there's a bad smell based test like if water or pipe gets a problem then water gets a bad smell and then there'll be proper lab tests also.

Bad milk of mother can start to rot such people since they're baby and then they can become like this and also do like this. Thanks! Best!

Bangalore shocker: Six-year-old gang-raped in school; parents protest

4th May 2013: Amul finds caustic soda, urea in milk - "Generally, urea and caustic soda raise the level of fat in milk. The Amul Dairy has taken the lapse seriously and has served notice to the society," a source said. Thank You Amul for being serious! Such milk would make a nice bawarchi into suarchi by making harmful food to be eaten by humans.

Making our world beautiful. Making ourselves healthy and fit.

This added on 17 Feb 2013: Lord Hanuman, Such weakness in me! Were you also made of amino acids? If so then what did you not do to my elders that we've so many extremely severe issues with food and also with water and air and land? I'm unable to have eggs since I recently read about how chickens are being grown which seems extremely harmful to humans. I'm trying to find out if those details are right or wrong and from where I can get healthy eggs. Perhaps you're upset that Gods are being offered extremely adulterated sweets and so you're also not caring for us. Hum suar nahin hai yeh to aapko bhi pata hai phir aisa kyun ki itna adulteration or pollution hai humari society aur environment mein? Maa ke doodh mein bhi adulteration ka issue aa raha hain aur logo ko pata chalne ke baad bhi woh test kara rahein hai ki nahin?

Achcha hai ki best logo ne computer, Internet, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, printer aur cheeze banayi hai jisse main kum se kum thode aur logo se yeh share kar sakta hun. Elders to jaise bhi ho, youth bhi kaisa banega aise adulteration aur pollution ke bad? Logo ka dimaag aur sundarta bhi bahut kharab ho sakti hai aise issues ke baad. Share karne se shayad aur log bhi behtar karenge aur behtar jeeyenge. Hum suar nahi, Hum sher nahi, Hum insaan hai!

Agar aapko pollution ke issue ke bare mein nahin malum to dekhe

Agar aapko food adulteration ke issue ke bare mein nahin malum to dekhe

This para added on 2 Feb 2013: Aapke bachche ki maa ke doodh mein kya hain? (What's in the milk of your child's mother?) Kya aap chahate hai ki aapka bachcha soche ki aapne uski maa ke doodh ke bare mein kyun nahin parvah ki (Do you wish that your child think that why you didn't care for mother's milk?) Aap kya sochte hai ki itna kharab pollution maa ke doodh ko kya kar raha hai? What do you think is the very harmful pollution doing to mother's milk? Aaj aapne iske bare mein kya kiya? What did you do today about this? Sabhi bachcho ko insaan banne ka achcha mauka mile! All children should get a good chance to become human. Jaise do strong, strong x strong ho sakte hai, waise hi do weak, weak x weak bhi ho sakte hai. Like two strong can be strong x strong, similarly two weak can be weak x weak.

Today a gym trainer asked me whether I was married. I told him that I'm not interested (meaning that I'm not actively looking for a spouse like how people do including the trainer who mentioned that he wants to get married by some period). Also, this doesn't mean that I couldn't later depending on the person! He related marrying to being an Indian. I told him that I thought that such thoughts would be more in tier 2 and 3 cities and that not in a top gym in Delhi. I also told him that people who do the many cultural things can still be very negative. He and I agreed that what we can do is to be nice. I asked him whether he has run a gym on which he said that some discussion is going on. I told him that I know a top gym that wants to grow from one to several outlets and that based on the several inputs that I've given to this gym's owner, the gym owner is willing to hire a CEO to run his gym. He thanked me for sharing the same and that I wish the best for him and also for getting a CEO for this gym.

When I got off Vaishali metro station, I got an auto rickshaw who yelled at a manual rickshaw because he wasn't driving properly with some passengers on it. I told him that there're so many Indian street dogs and that like how people have gotten used to them by going around them however they can, it's the same how this person might be driving the manual rickshaw. Then I thought on whether the milk of Indian mothers and of mothers in other parts of the world would be more, equally, or less adulterated than the milk of cows used to make the best chocolates. I also thought on what would be the relative adulteration in the milk of mothers in the different parts of the world and that how much it depends on how the majority of people are in the different parts of the world. I wish that there can be milk testers for mothers at gyms, fitness centers, clinics, and other places including because I've read that their milk is getting more and more adulterated which also leads to mental and physical problems in people from birth. This should also help to make the majority of people realize that they've to make efforts towards reducing and stopping problems that would be leading the milk of mothers to become adulterated. It's highly unfortunate that there're so many Indian street dogs while the Indian forest tigers are near extinction. I wouldn't suggest it but I had seen an Indian tiger at a short distance away and that I was in an open jeep and that the tiger was sitting in open and that we didn't have any weapons for protection. From that experience and from readings and videos on tigers, I think that it would be great to have at least enough Indian forest tigers and none or almost none Indian street dogs.


Shakti Saran

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Health Issues faced by BPO Employees - Health Fitness India



Some of the health issues faced by BPO employees are:





Repetitive strain injury (RSI)

Voice loss, hearing problems and burn-out.

· Sleeping Disorders

One major severe ailment afflicting people working in Indian call centers is the sleeping disorder. Not only the freshers, even the experienced managers are unable to escape it. Some call centers are looking at devising innovative mechanisms like flexible shifts with sleeping arrangements in the office premises.

· Digestive System Related Problems

Working long hours and odd hours without any sleep, and eating food supplied by external caterers every day, has led to employees suffering from digestive disorders. Especially for the large number of girls working in the industry, the problem is even more severe. Many call centers are now taking additional care to ensure their caterers supply hygienic food; besides stipulating strict conditions to maintain the quality of the food they serve.

· Depression

The gradual realization that there are limited scopes in developing a career owing to fewer growth opportunities is increasing the frustration levels in the BPO industry. Coupled with growing mental fatigue and increasingly punishing physical environments, depression is the obvious end result. Some call centers have now devised different stress management programs mainly to counter depression.

· Eyesight Problems

Globally call center employees are considered a high risk group for eye related problems. While the quality of monitors might impact these disorders, sitting continually without adequate breaks seems to be the truerer reason. While this is already a problem in the IT industry, which some companies have overcome by use of anti-glare monitors.

· Hearing Ailments

A call center job invokes taking calls throughout the shift, sitting with headphones. While quality of headphones does make a difference, it would not be appropriate to say that good quality of headphones can solve this problem; it is more to do with giving rest between calls.

Cultural Shifts

Though on one side we learn to become as professional as western world executives some other disturbing issues are arising. One such serious issue is the personal habits that have undergone a considerable change.

The personal habits, discipline and behavioral issues and detachment with family have been discussed below.

· Personal Habits

The young executives tend to develop certain bad habits such as alcohol, smoking etc. It is not uncommon to find women smoking and drinking alcohol in the BPO setup which is definitely a social stigma in the Indian societies. There are increased concerns about the habits of the employees among the parents, who are not finding it easy to talk to them about their habits, which in no way are welcomed by the Indian families.

Solving such issues lies majorly in the hands of the employees and their employers. Employees can be made to attend counseling sessions of professional counselors. Conducting group counseling, workshops, educative film shows, in order to create awareness on effects of bad habits. Such actions will enable individuals to realize the importance of good habits and they could seek one-to-one counseling sessions.

· Discipline and Behavioral Issues

Call centers provide excellent working environment, free food and transportation. There is always a situation where individual or group of youngsters tend to commit mistakes and abuse the freedom. The most common behavior cited is misuse of food, behave erratically in vans, and smoke in public places, misuse of telephones and other resources of the company. The supervisors themselves reel under the pressure of performance and achieving targets. Hence do not give their time for finding solutions. The professional counselor can play a major role in educating the youngsters on discipline; provide advice to erring executives.

Unacceptable behaviors cause disturbance to others and affects the overall productivity. Continuous education and counseling will help to mitigate such problems and it is possible to change the behavior by adopting a positive approach.

· Detachment from the Family

Since the daytime is spent in sleep and recreational activities with friends. The employees are hardly able to give time for their families. Problems become more pronounced when they get married. Additional responsibilities of running a family demands more time and hence eventually people quit the industry. Most of the employees work on Indian holidays too, which causes frustration. Some employees even feel the need for inclusion in the family and the society. Hence it is important for family members to render support for their young sons and daughters and to help them with the stress that they are undergoing.


Kindly note that minor health problems unchecked and not cared for can lead to major health problems. In this regard, all BPO employees should regularly visit doctors for general checkup and more as required.

I think that Genetics, Lifestyle and Environment determine a lot about how healthy and fit a life we would live. Research shows that the majority of people do not do the recommended levels of activity which has been putting people at a risk of a range of diseases. Activity has also been shown to reduce the chance of illnesses such as heart diseases, diabetes and some cancers. It can also help improve mental health. In this regard, I wish that the BPO employees do the best that they can to have the best health and fitness as possible while working in the BPO sector. I also wish that the Health and Fitness India network would be of value to them in this regard including towards uplifting the health and fitness of the masses.

I also think that the employers would do better with healthier and fitter employees and so the BPO employers should try to provide whatever that they can to their employees for their health and fitness.


Read the Ergonomics and Exercise Article for Wellness of professionals at workplace (offices etc.)

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See below a variety of selected videos and online resources for Kettlebell Exercises

Fitness and Bodybuilding Workouts for Health and Fitness in India!

For health & fitness enthusiasts, professionals & businesses!

Get found easily using Health Fitness India site!


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Below watch growing number of videos and articles of mostly women and some men trainers performing Kettlebell exercises and workouts for fat loss, strength, power, cardio-vascular endurance, muscular endurance, speed and flexibility.

Ladies, don't be turned off by lifting weights because you see a girl with lots of big muscles. It's very difficult to get lots of big muscles. 

Doing weight training with a nutritious diet and proper rest will give you a healthy and fit body and you'll not look like a man! Don't be scared of weight training ladies! You'll burn fat, shape your body, have strength and feel beautiful!

"The reason the kettlebell is so great is that there’s offset center of gravity," says Laura Alton, a certified trainer, physical therapist, and Russian kettlebells certified instructor at the Cooper Fitness Center in Dallas. 

That means your body has to work harder to maintain balance. In so doing, you work many different muscle groups -- and get your heart rate up at the same time.

Hoisting the heavy metal bells not only helps strengthen your arms and pecs, but also works your core, heart, and lungs.

Riva Rahl, MD, medical director for wellness programs at the Cooper Fitness Center says "If you're doing it appropriately, the benefits are huge."

If you're thinking about trying kettlebells, you should know these three things:

1. Technique matters

2. Work with a trainer

3. Look for a smooth handle

For details,


Swing - Lisa Shaffer - Kettlebell Basics -- scroll below for more videos

Kettlebell Tutorial: Push Press

Kettlebell Swing

Ice Chamber Kettlebell Girls teach Girl Scouts

7 year old girl, kettlebell snatch 

A quick video on benefits of kettlebell

StrongFirst SFG Kettlebell Level I Technique Standards

(Swing, TGU, Clean, Press, Squat, Snatch)

Selected Strength Training Systems -

Kettlebell Training Is Great For Young Female Athletes

This is the Beauty in Strength - Muscular Girls and Women - Health and Fitness India blog post which has several images to help motivate girls and women into fitness and also bodybuilding if they want to:

3 Things to Know Before Trying a Kettlebell Workout by Jennipher Walters

1. Form is king.

2. It's all about momentum.

3. Go heavy or go home.

For details, 

Misalignment in Kettlebell Lifting

Kettlebell Workout: DOs and DON'Ts, Common Mistakes VIDEO

There are 3 main events/disciplines in kettlebell sport; (i) the jerk, (ii) the long cycle clean & jerk, and (iii) the snatch. The jerk requires the athlete to clean two kettlebells to the chest once, and then jerk them overhead as many times as possible. The long cycle clean & jerk requires the athlete to clean both kettlebells prior to each jerk. The snatch, which is the only event that uses one kettlebell, is performed by swinging the kettlebell between the legs and brought up to the overhead position in one uninterrupted motion.

The athlete is only allowed to switch hands once during the time frame. Professionals compete in weight categories using 32 kg kettlebell(s) for men, and women using 24 kg kettlebell(s). Each event is tested for maximal repetitions in the ten minute time frame without setting the kettlebells down.

A judge is assigned to each athlete to ensure that only proper repetitions are counted. Because the athlete cannot set the kettlebell(s) down, efficient technique must be used to last the entire ten minutes.

Fitness - Kettlebells For Beginners - Tutorial 1

Fitness - Kettlebells For Beginners - Tutorial 2 

ICKB Girl demos Good vs. Bad form in Kettlebell Lifting

Kettlebell Pyramid Circuit Workout

Full Body Kettlebell Workout Circuit "California"

Fitness Blender's Beginner Kettlebell Workout - Kell's Kettlebells Routine for Total Body Toning

Kettlebell workouts for Fat loss

Kettlebell Beginner Workout ~ Tone It Up!


20 Minute Kettlebell BootCamp Workout

Kettlebell Training For Real Women

Kettlebell Exercises, CrossFit Workout, Fit How To

Open European Kettlebell Lifting Championship 2012,

Belgorod, Russia - Women's Snatch

Kettlebell Workout for Butt and Thighs

How to Do Kettlebell Swings | Sleek/Strong With Rachel Cosgrove

Kettlebell Routine for Total Body Strength

Quick Fat Burning Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebell Practice - A Woman's Touch 

This is a combination of some of my favorite moves. Some are very powerful and others require more flexibility and balance. Diversity is the name of the game for me.

4 Ways Kettlebells Melt The Mommy Belly

KETTLE BELLS for Women - Group Demonstration

Kettlebell World Championship - Women's Division IUKL 2011

See comments below for updates!


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Cleanliness, Health and Fitness of Indian Masses

For health and fitness professionals and businesses


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It’s a demographic disaster

Since reaching its peak at 49th in 2009, India has lost 10 places. 

13th January 2016: Indian maa aur bachche mein sadak ke kutte kutiya reduce and remove kare. (Reduce and remove street dogs in Indian mother and child). This photo is next to a mall having a nice dance school. If they can be moved to another place to not rot in such level of pollution and also avoid poor food quality also due to what's not consumed and disposed by people then that could also be better for them.

An expensive apartment complex in India has boards that say dog waste spreads disease. Do you have such boards where your mother, child or family in general stays? Share kare with Indian milk drinkers. I wish us best!


9th October 2014: Shyam Saran: Despoiling the Himalayas

Environmental degradation begins in the minds of men

We must celebrate the benefits and conveniences technology has brought us, including being able to get a signal in remote mountains.

But it is time to harness the same technology to ensure that we do not extract from Nature beyond its ability to regenerate its generous riches.

3rd September 2014: Try walking in Delhi, if you can skip hurdles How do you feel as an Indian human (not street dog, pig or another animal) when you experience such in the capital (I had my house in E-block East of Kailash for around two decades and the earlier times there were so much nicer)

25th August 2014: Dwarka drain impacting residents' health, devices

15th August 2014: (Please note that I'm canceling my Forever Living Products distributorship due to my experience with my sponsor and that due to FLP policy, I'm unable to easily change my sponsor for sure and I don't have time to keep trying to do that. I did find their products to be of value.) 

5th August 2014: Within months, Connaught Place a spitting image of its pre-facelift self

23rd June 2014: Amazing!!! I went to someone to share about Forever Living Products and she said that her maid wouldn't be able to use such a quality and expensive detergent because the maid comes when there's nobody to look at her work and she has already had bad experience with maid related to washing. 

Before that an auto driver told me that he planted some trees nearby but they were gone after some days. He shared this when I saw a truck pass by throwing out a lot of black smoke and I said that'll cause a lot of harm. I then said that jahan maa hogi sadak ki suarni, kutiya aur doosre sadak ke janwar wahan aisi ho sakti hai gandagi aur problems. 

And now I saw a person who works with me to go to washroom (I would think to clean) and then bell rang and the maid has come to clean. Yesterday, a similar thing had happened when I had flipped Forever Living Products book to their Multi Purpose Detergent page and the bell had rang and the maid had come. The same person was there and when I had shared about page and maid then he had said that such things happen a lot with me. 

This person has become a Forever Living Products distributor and he has purchased aloe vera gel to drink and aloe vera based tooth gel. He said that he stopped using a very well known ayurveda based toothpaste because that had started to harm him. Do you think it can also be due to the quality of ingredients in the ayurveda based paste given the chemicals in air, water and land where they're grown and that not related to ayurveda itself? 

Do you wonder what kinds of things happen a lot to you on a daily basis? Few hours ago, I went to an ice-cream shop where the person said that they don't suggest buying from street vendors because of issues. 

How unfortunate is the above mentioned person to say that she can't use quality products because of the people who work for her. How do you feel as an Indian?

I was going to share the above at sometime later and I think that seeing the person who has become a Forever Living Products distributor go clean as the maid came to clean was a good time to share this.

19th June 2014: Today while going to a new gym, someone from a car in front of me threw a can on the road when the car turned at the corner on the opposite side of the school.

Perhaps the person thought that the corner was like a trash area. Moreover, several people seem to throw anywhere on the road even when it seems that they could've done much better by easily keeping the trash until they reached somewhere and found a bin.

At the gym, I was asked to try out their bike room in which they've put up a large screen and there was an hour long video of a bike race in Europe with prompts on the screen for the bikers in the gym to follow. It was like a virtual trainer. It was awesome that I was wearing a t-shirt with Switzerland flag on it and that my aunt who lives in Switzerland had brought it for me. In the video, I had seen the Suisse flag some different times and that when I had returned, there was an online message from my aunt after a long while. I might visit her in Suisse later this year and so if you're there and perhaps would like to meet then you're welcome to share.

The long streets going through the city were so clean throughout the video. Do you think that Indian mother's milk getting affected by chemicals in air, water, food and land would also be worsening people since they're babies that even the several educated and well-to-do professionals seem to throw things on the street like used wrappers, packets, bottles and other things when they could easily do much better by keeping the same till they find a trash bin. Do you think that it can also be a lack of much affection for the place that people dirty it unlike the insides of the places where they stay?

After the gym, when I went out of the mall and took another path, I saw a dirty open drain where I held my breath and then started thinking that shayad Indian sadiyali ki wajah se bhi log apne ko aur apne bachchon ko international hariyali mein bhejte honge kyunki agar woh yahan kuch great karna chahenge toh kahin aur jaa kar shayad bahut behtar karenge jaise ki research, development, professional work ya phir business bhi jo ki time ke sath India ko bhi improve kar sakega agar woh chahenge toh.

(perhaps also because of Indian rottenness that people would be sending themselves and their children to international greenery because if they would want to do something great here then by going somewhere else perhaps they'll do it much better like research, development, professional work and even business and which with time can also improve India if they would want to.)

25th April 2014: "Increased construction activities and industrialization without proper planning has led to mosquito breeding and hence higher incidence of malaria in urban areas," G.S. Sonal, Head of the Department of Malaria, National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP) under the health ministry, told us.

He said the builders and industrialists should ensure proper disposal of waste and construction material to avoid mosquito breeding.

"They should consult the health department while planning the buildings and their construction," he said.

14th April 2014: I shared with an aunt to fix aluminium mesh on her room window so that when she goes to bed then she can have fresher air from outside and still not let mosquitoes in. Even if mosquitoes come in from other windows and doors in the house, she can remove the mosquitoes in the room before going to sleep and then close the room door and then sleep much better with the air from outside. During the day, people can still try much to move away mosquitoes, however, when asleep the mosquitoes could harm a lot more. So even if you can't put aluminium mesh throughout the house, you can perhaps at least put it in your room where you sleep.

She said that she had done similar some years ago, however, she had forgotten about this and that she would do this. I've been reading about chemicals being used again mosquitoes and I think that it's better that we avoid them as much as possible and that rather do other things to make our places and living better! (y) :)

Now I'm going to Dwarka after several months! Perhaps I'll try to do more about "How a seemingly nice person can possibly cheat you."

26th March 2014: "Agar made in India hota to ab tak kabada ho gaya hota" (If it was made in India then by now it would've got bad) said a very senior retired person. He said that I was all red today. I then laughed saying that I didn't even notice because I'm very busy and I think I just wore whatever I got from cupboard. I was wearing shorts and t-shirt with much red in them. He mentioned something about fashion and then I said that I bought these shorts in USA over a decade ago and that they're old. He then said that they're looking fresh and "Agar made in India hota to ab tak kabada ho gaya hota". I think I saw sadness in him when he said that and then I said that yes we've a lot of problems.

Of course, nice things are also made here, however, what he said made me think that perhaps the nice things aren't as much as the much worse things made here. Only today, I opened the voice recorder I bought from Amazon India and that it doesn't have 8 GB data storage card which it said to have on the site. I had bought it for my mom's dad's elder brother who says and creates sher (poems). At least from Amazon, I got a developed country's experience also in India!!! I filled out Amazon's form to return a product and the website asked me to select date and time range when someone from Amazon would come to collect the product.

Now its been a while that I bought a chair from a top Indian brand company and that it started to break apart soon. When I had bought my chair in USA for around the same price, it had just kept working without any issues. I had bought a nice Samsonite chair because I sit and work for long periods.

I felt highly unfortunate as an Indian after what this person said and then I thought that how many Indians really think like this even if they might not share the same on a regular basis because they've even got used to such.

And is that also why there are so many Indian street dogs, filth on streets, broken roads, harmful chemicals in food, water, air and land and other issues? What are you doing to make things better?

18th March 2014: "it is stray animals that get into major problems during our festivals."

15th March 2014: "Toxic colours are freely being sold everywhere. These colours contain harmful substances such as zinc, chromium, mercury, lead, mercury, asbestos etc."

I went for a walk to a nearby mall to buy low fat Milkana paneer from easyday. Along the way, I saw several street dogs and they generally seemed in miserable conditions and then I had the following thoughts.

It made me think that sadak ke kutte kutiya to holi ke dino bhi miserable dikhte hai lekin kitne log sone ki chidiya ke bare mein holi ke dino sochte hai. Then I thought that kutiya ho ya sherni ho, woh insaan ki kabiliyat jaisa nahi paida kar sakti aur isiliye insaan jaise nahin jee sakti lekin hum insaan aise kyun jee rahe hain. Ye kharab chemicals humhe aur humare environment ko for the long-term kitna harm karenge. Aap kya kar rahe hai iske bare mein? Agar koi safe colors khareede bhi to doosre bhi kya safe colors khareed ke usko lagaynge. Harmful colors to bikne hi nahin chahiye kyunki insaan hai. Ye sab share karne se shayad aur log bhi aur zyada aware honge aur phir safe colors khareedne ki aur koshish karenge. I wish us best.

25th February 2014: International Starbucks aap yahan lao, Indian sadak ke kutte kutiya phir bhi wahan milenge. (You bring International Starbucks here, however, Indian street male female dogs will still be there.) While walking from Madras Coffee House in P block to Metro station in Connaught Place, New Delhi, I walked on the main road because I had seen some dogs lying around while going from metro to the coffee house few hours ago.

It was after 10:30 PM and so I had thought to avoid risk by walking on the main road. When I reached shortly before Starbucks, I heard loud barking of street dogs. This is highly unfortunate in terms of beauty and value of such a nice place.

I'm writing so perhaps anyone reading this who knows anyone in authority well enough can share with them that how they feel as an Indian at the global level due to things like this.

2nd February 2014: "Gurgaon on its deathbed: Haphazard model of development causes severe water crisis". Some years ago, someone told me Gurgaon to be like Frankfurt. I haven't been to Frankfurt, however, Gurgaon with its several issues then didn't seem to me that it would like a well-known city of Germany.

It's like some years ago when someone told me that Indirapuram was being made like Singapore. It's also like some years ago when people used to say that India would get ahead of China about which I recently read and shared that the air pollution in Delhi is being said to be worse than in Beijing.

Thankfully, we're not street dogs, pigs or any other animals but humans and so all this should also help us realize very well that there's much to be done to make things even decently better.

15th January 2014: 15th January was Indian Army Day! I thought what would happen today. During evening, I had some chat with a new person. Around midnight, she told me she's a tomboy and when I asked her if she likes guns then she said yes. I just Google'd "mother goddess warrior" and found this image on top.

4th December 2013: "We are advanced in our waste management in that we have 80 percent of all the waste produced in the city of San Francisco is now recycled. When we started, everything was going into a black bin. So, we have come from zero to 80 percent in 10 years," he told Business Today.  "Every house had to understand why we separate garbage, why we recycle. Why we keep blue bin for recycle, green bin for compost and black bin for everything else that cannot be recycled."

He, however, recognises Bangalore's challenges. "Bangalore has 10 times the population that we have in San Francisco. Their behaviours need to change, the systems need to adapt." 

The Mayor says more and more people are moving into cities in India as they do in the US. "It will be up to us as Mayors and leaders of cities to work in private-public partnership with greatest companies and industries to promote solutions to the challenge of more people moving into our cities. If we don't do that, we will see aspects that we see all over the world. Waste will get out of control, and air pollution, water and sanitation problems will affect our health and businesses, and our cities will be less attractive to private investments.

22nd October 2013: How do you feel as an Indian? There seems a large open sewer next to the exit of a metro station which seems to have a large number of people use it. The smell is very bad which the auto driver agreed to and I thought what if it's releasing harmful to very harmful gases and which then people would breathe as they would go nearby it.

I wish that the authorities are doing their best and that are at least checking about any harmful gases. Please take care when you go by a sewer. Do you ever think of potentially harmful gases coming out of sewer and harming you and then how you would become like and also our society and environment?

What do you think about your mother's milk when you experience such things that if it also has had harmful chemicals in it and which then could also have led to mental and physical issues in you since you were a baby that we also have such issues now? Also, do you get milk of mothers in your family tested for any harmful chemicals? I wish us best!

11th October 2013: Yesterday evening, a little girl asked me on which floor I was going while I stood to wait for the elevator after coming from gym. I rarely take the elevator. She was sitting nearby. I told her the seventh on which she asked me if I could leave her on the seventh floor. I said sure. When I asked her that why she can't by herself then she said that she gets scared. I thought why. What makes her get scared. This thought has kept coming to me.

How many Indian girls and women are scared even of the simplest things and what would that be doing to our society and environment? I've been trying to work with a senior sports person on a range of sports and fitness things and would also organize events for girls, women and senior citizens safety and I wish that I would be able to start that very soon.

When I reached my place, I learned that someone in my apartment complex had called me through the intercom and also on my mobile while I was in gym, however, I generally don't receive unknown numbers. I called back and it was a person who I used to meet at my apartment's gym. Now, I go to another gym. He shared about requiring help for his son about which I shared with my partner who asked me how it would be of value to us on which I explained that that's secondary because this person who's known through his father is a seemingly good professional but in a career related problem because of his employer and that we can help without doing anything negative and that if later he would also help us then great, however, I think we should at least help on which he agreed.

8th October 2013: C-17 Globemaster the big draw at 81st IAF day Great we can use such an aircraft when required. It's highly unfortunate to have very high and severely harmful pollution. I'm glad that we can at least buy great things because I wonder what such severely harmful pollution, food adulteration and other issues would be doing to Indian in general.

A senior fitness professional who has also coached sportspeople recently told me that how our food is grown and hence the chemicals in them, Indian in general would be living a confused day-to-day life. God, how're you making Indian? Mother Durga and Lord Ram, much prayers and celebrations are going on regarding you and so please surely help! Where're you? Please come or are you staying away due to such issues which I think shouldn't bother you to come and help. Thank You!

4th October 2013: "Bodega 2.0: A Business for Healthy, Walkable Cities?" - US Deputy Chief Technology Officer at The White House, Office of Science and Technology Policy

My comment: Great article with very valuable ideas! I like walking too but which has reduced much over the years. It's wonderful to read this and that yesterday I started "Indian Street Animal Nahin" site If you like it then this page has features to share using FB, Google+ and Twitter! Thank You!!! Best!!!

2nd October 2013: God, Please help me start While walking on the road, I saw some Indian street dogs chase off another Indian street dog and then go back to eating from filth by the roadside. Today I took another road, the main road than crossing the broken divider on the main road where yesterday I had seen an Indian street dog inside. However, here also there were Indian street dogs. How do you feel when you see Mother India? You would've seen

Amazingly, I also saw the shop owner of my apartment complex on the way and I had thought that whether the Pistachios and Walnuts that I had bought from the mall were expensive or not. He told me that he can get them from his supplier and that they should be cheaper and of same quality. I've told him to get some. How are Indians becoming with all the issues Mother India and God? Please help.

Yesterday I had shared on my wall:

God, Indian banaya and then what happened? What a great motivational sight this car, 2014 Bentley Flying Spur, would be for Indian people in general, do you think? I read this online: Thus, one can enjoy the rare combination of Speed & Luxury with the new model. We are thrilled to launch the New Flying Spur and are confident that the car will receive an overwhelming response from the patrons of luxury.

While crossing the road in front of gym, I had to take the worse of the two sections in the middle divider because there was an Indian street dog in the other section. I thought that even in this poor broken divider used to cross the main road, I've to further take a worse section. As I was crossing the road, a man on the other side crossing took that section first which made me see the dog in the dark which was in the little greenery in that section. How safe would children and elders feel due to Indian street dogs? How would the children feel as Indians as they'll grow up eating food which they don't know about in terms of chemicals and the air they wouldn't know about in terms of pollution and with so many other severe issues? How do the elders feel as Indians most likely living increasingly worse over the years in terms of essential things in life like quality of air, food and public things in general? God, sadak ke suar ya kutta nahin hai phir bhi aisa kyun. Please help Mother India.

13th September 2013: How a gym spoils itself? I told the trainer that a little child was on the weight section floor while he was training man and woman who were with the child. They were trying to leave the child on the leg press machine at the edge of weight section floor, however, the child had kept walking inside the section because the man and woman were on the other end at the smith machine because the trainer was helping them do chest press.

I told the trainer that the child could've got hurt. He responded that what can he do rather than sharing this issue with management. He said that mom was with the child on which I said that no the child was alone and moreover even is that safe? I tried to make him understand, however, rather than responding he nodded his head as if what's my issue. I shared with the staff and they agreed that he's wrong. I wish that he would learn and do better. I've heard that he gets several personal training clients rather than other seemingly better trainers because he charges the gym very low percentage. I wonder if the gym owner realizes the issue of what quality the members are receiving for their money and that what would that do to the gym in the longer term because I never or rarely see the owner at the gym.

The gym can't expect the members to be knowledgeable enough. When I walked to the gym talking to someone and not wearing my pollution mask, the pollution was very high and that while returning I thought that even if people would clean themselves with the best of products, their insides are getting severely harmed and so if the level of thinking in general is such that the people aren't doing anything seriously to protect themselves against the severely harmful pollution then they might not even realize the issue of having little children in the workout areas of the gym.

If you see Indian street dogs or pet Indian dogs in vehicles in a region having severely harmful pollution, the air they're breathing on the roads would most likely be about the same quality given the severely harmful pollution around them. Similarly for people walking on roads or in vehicles. Moreover, the air inside the homes might not seem as polluted, however, it could also be severely harmful if the homes are in a region having severely harmful pollution. Indian dogs can't do anything because they're dogs like anywhere in our world. However, people can do so much because they're humans like anywhere in our world. A gym trying to be of high quality should at least train its staff about such issues.

What would such severely harmful air be doing to children in India and that what would they make India like in future? Indians who migrate, how do they feel if called of Indian origin? Among dogs, there can be small dog, big dog but not greatness like human. I don't mean to offend pet owners and their emotions for their pets and any animals in general. I wish that they would realize what I'm trying to share. Among humans, there can be so much greatness!!! Best!!!

28th August 2013: What do you think the top Indians would do when they would read that AIIMS and other hospitals are violating solid waste rules? Is it due to they lacking anything? If so then can they get public assistance? Yeh suaron ke liye kooda phekne wali jagah nahi hain, yeh top insaano ke institutions hain India mein (They're not flith dumping places for pigs, they're top human institutions in India).

At gym, the security guard gave me a towel, however, I picked my own. He kept looking at me and I thought that I would share with gym management which I did after the workout. I explained that the security guard's hands can be dirty from anything and it's better if people pickup towels by themselves. The person at front desk appreciated my input and said that the security guard table can be moved away a bit so that people can easily pickup the towels.

After gym, I asked the mall security guard at one corner where I've been noticing several street dogs that why they're increasing on which he said that they don't bite. I said that they can. Then he said that some dogs bit some people in a nearby area and then several dogs were taken away by the municipal body after they got a complaint. The surprising part is that mall management and shop owners aren't doing anything about this because I would think that it would be affecting their business.

When Britishers used to put boards that dogs and Indians not allowed then why did they think like that to put up such boards? Have you ever thought of what they thought? Suaron mein kisi ko bhi suar bol do, Shero mein kisi ko bhi sher bol do. Humans mein jab Indian bolo to really kaisa lage? Is this also why Indians keep moving abroad including a girl who some years ago had shared about wanting to improve India and had also prepared for IAS twice, however, now wants to move abroad. Best!

25th July 2013: Highly unfortunate! How do you feel when called an Indian? Kitni general public aisa bol aur kar rahi hai jo ki main yahan likh rahan hun? (How much general public is speaking and doing like this what I'm writing here?)

I went to Khajuraho and the day I reached there, I went out with my friend to see around and while walking we sat in some open space and that started talking to some people there. One person there said "Indians ko achchi cheez bhi de do to woh use bhi bigaad dete hai" (Indians also spoil any nice things given to them) and then he gave some different examples. We had also talked about the damage at the Khujaraho temples. It's highly unfortunate that he generalized about Indians because I would think that there would be a range of people. This person has been in Khajuraho for around 15 years.
Yestarday we left Khajuraho and reached a gas station in Agra. My another friend went to the washroom ahead of me but I didn't go after him because it was dirty. When I saw the cleaner there, I told him that it was dirty. He said "Agra ke log aise hi hai. Koi bahar khade hokar hi kar deta hai aur phir toilet poore din to saaf hota nahi hai, din mein sirf teen bar saaf hota hai." (People of Agra are like this. Some do it while standing outside and the toilet isn't cleaned throughout the day, it's only cleaned three times in a day). It's highly unfortunate that he generalized about people in Agra because I would think that there would be a range of people.
I also suggest to not drive from Delhi area to Khajuraho. There's a lot of polluting buses and trucks on the way. I fell sick with cough, cold and fever in Khajuraho I think due to the roads that we took going there on Sunday and Monday. We returned yesterday from a better road but the pollution was still much. I started proper medications at night and today morning my spit has had a lot of black. Also while leaving Khajuraho around 8 am, we had to wait at a railway crossing for a train to pass and it was nice that SHAKTI was written on the engine because I had thought of train for my next trip to Khajuraho given work there. Moreover, there's an airport also and several 5 star hotels in a very small area. We stayed at Ramada Khajuraho which is nice.
My friend dropped three of us at Noida Sector 18 metro station and that when two of us switched metro at Yamuna Bank for Vaishali, we sat in front of some ladies and that I showed my friend that the empty milk bottle which a baby was sucking had a matchstick in it. My friend lightly said that the baby looked active because of having Masala Milk and then he got concerned and said that the mother would clean it before giving milk in it again. I wonder the quality of majority Indian milk including of mothers given increasing pollution and food and water adulteration going inside the mothers and that what would that be doing to babies and then to majority in India. How do you feel as an Indian? God woh baby Indian sadak ka suar nahin hai, insaan hai, lekin abhi to woh apne liye kuch nahin kar sakta. (God that baby isn't Indian street pig, is a human, however it can't do anything for self now.) Please help.
During the drive, I had purchased apples because my diet had got very bad since we had kept eating aloo ke paranthe and poori aloo and aloo burger most of the time. The seller had said the Chinese apples are more expensive. I had bought them. China, you took some cameras and returned them broken. But, I'm thankful to you for apples which helped me during the drive and that I've also heard that several of water purification RO units have parts made in China. Please keep making them as best as you can. I do wish that someone great can make a water purification system that can make my tap water much cleaner. 
I wasn't feeling well and that I had asked people to stop after Agra gas station to get water and they had stopped to look around and to adjust seats but we didn't find a shop there which was unfortunate because I again asked for water and we saw a petha (sweet) shop next to Express Way and that we stopped there for water and a person also bought petha. I'm thankful to the person to offer them to me, however, I had said no to those which had varakh (silver foil) on it. As people ate them, some asked me why. I said based on readings there can be harmful adulteration. Also, reading about how it's made doesn't make me feel like eating it. Funnily, the person who bought petha is a vegetarian and that also doesn't eat eggs but he's fine with eating varakh. Funnily, another person who had asked me about varakh had borrowed my leather belt and that even though I had asked him in the car about it, he had forgot to return it perhaps because he was wearing it. He had also shared about how to care for leather when he had borrowed it. I do wish that someone great can create a nice process for making varakh and that also ensure of harmful adulteration not being there. I would think that the nicer a sweet shop, the higher the chance of no harmful adulteration. While going to Khajuraho, while we had stopped to ask for directions in Agra, I had seen the main Panchi Petha shop across the road and that we had bought Chocolate Petha and that it didn't have varakh.
While coming from the metro station, I saw a woman who was just leaving from her shop. She told me that she was getting work done at her shop and that she asked me how come I was returning so late (after 11 PM) on which I told her that I was returning from Khajuraho. She had told me that she wouldn't tell me to go to doctor for my acne issue and that a doctor wouldn't tell to go to a salon for acne issue. Thankfully I've gone to doctors since then (in Dr. Agnihotri, Kalkaji, New Delhi and Dr. Basra, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad) and that it had required medical attention. I wish that I had gone earlier. Since then I distanced myself from this person. I wish this person the best.
When you travel abroad, does Suar Suar mujhe log bole (Pig Pig people call me) plays inside you? When I went to Canada and had met some men and women having fun for the first time and that they had learned that I was from India, they had said that how negatively are women treated in India. Do people abroad also mention about harmful air pollution, food and water adulteration, poor public infrastructure, filth lying around and other issues. How many great Indians do you know? What do you do to maximize your human potential? God, I'm not an Indian sadak ka suar (street pig) but insaan (human). Please help. Best!

16th July 2013: Amazing!!! "Hum insaan hai ya kabadi?" (Are we humans or those who live in junk?) said my personal trainer when a fly sat on him and that he tried to move it. Shortly before that, it was sitting on me while he was helping me stretch and that I was trying to move it. There were also some mosquitoes which were disturbing us. I do think that even those who live in junk can also be humans and I think what he meant is that how come the conditions around us are so poor given that we're humans.

Someone known to me had come to gym and while talking to him, he had said to not tell another person that he's using that person's pull-up bar fixed in that person's parking space.

I told this person that it's better to just ask the person who should be fine with it and then the trainer also said that he should even be happy that it's getting used. When this person left then I asked the trainer that how many Indians have thinking like this on which he laughed.

Then a thought came to me that a baby Indian street pig asks its mother Indian street pig about how much harmful adulteration its mother's milk might have because of eating much from filth on which the mother Indian street pig responds that it's not human and so can't test the same. I wish that things in India would keep improving and which I think would depend critically on the thinking of Indians in general. I wish us best!

Awesome!!! While writing this, a girl who just finished 10th grade from open board and stays with relatives called mom regarding eating Soya because I eat Soya and that at that time I was having Soya after my workout since my whey protein just got over today. Last time when I had visited them, I had bought a large carton of Soya milk because I had finished whey protein that I was carrying there and I think I had also told her about having Soya.

I spoke to her and she also told me that she's not getting admissions in a govt. school and that someone has told her that she wouldn't get admissions because of her low marks. She has got 42%. Other people have said that they're still trying for her. I wish that she goes to school and that I'll also request people to help her. She wants to do well and stays away from her parents who stay in another city. She stays in Dwarka, New Delhi. My relatives do care well for her. She really wants to go to school and college. I think if given the opportunity, she would do great also because of how much she keeps working at home and that if she would put that level of energy into studying then she should at least do well enough. If anyone can help in this regard then that'll be great.

Its been a while I visited my relatives and even spoke to her and that if I hadn't spoken to her today then I would've got late to help her. I wish that she would get admissions. She has even mentioned to me about not wanting to live because she doesn't have a proper life. I've told her not to think like that and that I would help and that my relatives are also nice to her and that they have helped her finish her 10th class from open school including by teaching her. I had also taught her computer topics. What she has said about not wanting to live also made me think of my personal trainer who a short while ago said that "Hum insaan hai ya kabadi?". (Are we humans or those who live in junk?)

Moreover, there was a problem in the transformer and the power was cut for a while since when I was writing this and talking to her. I had started writing this shortly before she had called. I went outside for a while due to no power and that some people walking around said that our electrician is useless and had things to complain in general. I wish that we live increasingly better as humans including by doing increasingly better as humans. Best!

13th July 2013: Is this also why Indian people go to Singapore and abroad in general? Nice that my new personal trainer didn't come to the gym. He also opens/closes the gym and so it was open till much later till I left after my workout. During past some days, I wasn't doing weight training properly also because I used to reach the gym late and then stop weight training for my stretching session with the personal trainer. Moreover, I was also going to physiotherapy for over two weeks before that and during then also I wasn't doing weight training and so today it was nice to do weight training with proper time to it.

During the workout, I also kept talking to a senior person and that there were some different power cuts throughout the workout. We spoke about issues and he mentioned about idiots not doing their work properly, however, the things improving because more and more people are being able to demand better including because of the improving communication technologies.

I said that it's nice that he's positive about the things improving. I said that children are playing the park which might be having a lot of severely harmful pollutants. He said that earlier the milk from local milkman was much better for him and his children. He said that earlier the people had some things much better. I said that now we should really check the adulteration of the Indian mother's milk because all the pollution and adulterated things going inside the mother would also impact their milk and which could also cause physical and mental harm to the people since when their born and that could also harm our society and environment. I said that I've read about such in articles (and have also shared them online like if you'll Google "Indian mother's milk" then you'll find my article on my Health and Fitness India network site).

He said that in Singapore where has been to, people stop for others to cross even if their vehicle is coming very fast. He said that proper law and enforcement helps there in that regard. I said that how many police would be require to do that in India and that moreover, should police even be there for such things. I said that if people are taught for years since childhood from parents and through proper school curriculum about basic things like not dirtying public place and maintaining traffic sense those people would most likely do much better as they'll grow up and that they would even feel negative about people who're not doing the basic things properly and which would also encourage people to do the basic things properly.

I wonder that how many people would really get milk of new born mothers tested for harmful adulterants including to work on solutions to not have such issues and to also give babies the best possible things that they really can if they would just do the basic things properly.

I wonder that how many people want to get the soil of their parks tested for harmful pollutants. This person had initially essentially said that if you'll think so much then it'll become difficult to live. I think that more and more Indian people might be giving up and if so then how would India become like in the next years and decades? I do think that if people are made aware then enough people should try to do better because if they wouldn't then how would India be really like in the next years and decades? How do feel as an Indian in pollution and when you eat in general? What do you really do about them?

I had said to this person that a street dog might not think that it can do anything and that things are alright as they are on which the person had said that perhaps even the street dog thinks of having better on which I had thought that his point makes sense since we can also see a street dog going around for food and shelter, however, I do think that what it can do can't even be thought to be compared to what a human can do for the same towards becoming like the best.

12th July 2013: God, I'm not an Indian suar. For some months, I've been going to the RWA office of my apartment complex to complain about the very bad smell in my washroom which comes at different times. Perhaps it can also be harmful to the health. The plumber doesn't know why. The other person at the office says that he'll get it figured out because I've told him that this might also affect others later and it might even harm people's health. Moreover, the people staying below my apartment complex have also mentioned to me that the smell comes in their washroom. I had gone to ask them about it. They also said that they've complained in the register, however, nothing has been done. They also told me that they want to go abroad for job and that they've already worked abroad. They work for a top company and that they've several years of experience. Are the better and better educated and/or wealthy Indian people going abroad also because they feel highly unfortunate in India? Since it seems that several of them also migrate and so do those better and better educated and/or wealthy people also feel highly unfortunate as Indians? What's the best next step for me to address this issue? Please help.

7th July 2013: Some reporter shared with me today about the bomb blast terror attack today morning. He mentioned about these people working including as sleeper cells for years before doing the blast. I said wouldn't there be any patterns of such people to help against them. He said that the security agencies keep doing things.

Around an hour after speaking with the reporter, I just read "one has to prudently be concerned about whether TAO is able to perform its mission of collecting foreign intelligence without accessing communications originating in or transiting through the United States." and which made me also think about India.

I wish that our world becomes great enough that people don't even think of doing such things. I think that we've the entire universe to maximize. I wish that my efforts would also be of value for making our world increasingly better. Best!

4th July 2013: Is India melting down? On the HDTV of Life Fitness treadmill, I switched between few movies including Ice Age: The Meltdown, Bad Boys 2, Ninja and some sword warrior movie whose name I forgot and which had warrior in its name. When I switched to Ice Age movie, a character said that it's not even my dog. Around an hour ago, I had asked someone why there're so many dogs on the street when we had gone by some. The person had said that people have become worse than dogs and that he even shared his reasons.

I felt highly unfortunate because yesterday evening some doctor who's doing increasingly well including now going internationally told me that I can't make India into USA even in a hundred years. This person has asked me several times why I came to India from such a nice place. I've tried sharing with this person on the same, however, I think that I can't explain this well enough in a few short conversations. Over the years, I've tried to share with this person that for several reasons including for business and also for doing for society including because of my experiences before I went to USA. I do wish to say that I'm not trying to make India into USA. I did want for several years since I was in USA that I also bring the best of things to India. When I did martial arts in USA for several years then I also thought of bringing my martial art school to India because its grand master runs several schools in USA and abroad. I've kept trying to do the same and since I want to grow to work on trillions of USD of value, someday I also look forward to gaining more knowledge and insights in finance and that I keep learning on several things for the same. I'm also working to have businesses worldwide and I do wish to enjoy our entire world.

It seems to me that the many different people who I've interacted with in India think that nothing can happen in India. I think that a dog or pig or horse or tiger could even be agreed with if they said this, however, how can a human say that? I do think that if the majority is really feeling like this then what would they teach their family and friends and that then how would that impact India? I don't mean to say that these people wouldn't do their best to accomplish their goals, however, would they also be driven by making their society and environment like the best if they feel like that? I wish that my efforts would be of increasing value in this regard. Best!

30 June 2013: When it comes to overall environment, India ranked among the world’s “Worst Performers,” at No. 125 out of the 132 nations. 

23 June 2013: What will happen to India? Recently at some gym, a senior security person who works out hard spoke with me that he hadn't come to the gym in few days and so he decided to come even though it was late. I've spoken to him few times and I've noticed that even though he works out hard, he doesn't have that much muscle build up. So I asked him if takes any supplements on which he said that he only eats veg food including milk and chana. I shared with him about whey protein that it's also veg. He asked if it has any side effects. I said that it's natural and that having protein of any kind has to be done in proper way.

He said that he's little apprehensive about it. I said that he should be rather inquisitive about it and that read about it online to learn more about it and that also ask other people about it since he already works out hard and that with proper nutrition, he would benefit more. I asked that would he agree to using just any gun for shooting even if it doesn't work properly or would he try to get the best one. He then said that "you're right" and which made me again think that we've to keep making people aware and that the things can get increasingly better if more and more people would become more and more aware and that would also make others aware. I wish that the Health and Fitness India network would also be of value in this regard.

Before this conversation, I had suggested him that he through his organization could also take some time to make the general public aware about health and fitness. He had mentioned that even though he has over a decade of experience and that has a table job, he's fit and that's what he tells to his juniors that they should also be fit. I had then said that it's great that he's doing this, however, without improving the society at large, the issues from the core might not improve as much and that like today there would be someone else in his position tomorrow and that the cat and mouse chase would keep going on and that possibly even keep worsening. Recently, I had shared similar with a very senior person related to how entrepreneurship can be applied to address the illegal drugs issue about which I had written in my Macroeconomics paper and which I had also presented to the class of over a hundred students because my professor was very supportive of having students do that. I had almost perfect scores in that class.

It seems that very few people might have some things in India, however, most people in India seem to have almost nothing in terms of basic things. We should also make them realize that why bring new life in the world if you're not even able to take basic care of yourself because is that being human to the new life?

I sometimes wonder who're the best in India and how I can keep learning and contributing with them. Best!

22 June 2013: Lord, I'm sure that you can make people who come to you like the best. I would think many would've come to you. However, then why this? Please help from now. Bahar jao to chota mota suar wali feeling aur bhi aayegi. (Even more feeling of litty fatty pig would come when going out). You can help. Also, I keep coughing due to very high severely harmful pollution. Do you think that also affects people to not do their best? Few days ago, when I saw a part of a newly made road broken then some other person said that tootegi nahin to repair ka tender kaise niklega. (if it wouldn't break then how would the tender for repair come). I'm sure you don't like such poor quality then why?

19 June 2013: Highly unfortunate! Prominent cycling coach Ruma Chattopadhyay died in a hit-and-run case early on Tuesday morning.

How do you feel as an Indian human to lose the best like this like an Indian street dog hit and killed by a car? What do you do about it? People over the years have told me that let's drink in the car and that it would be fine. I never do that. I say that let's go to some proper place for it (because I'm not an Indian street dog and if for any reasons I can't find a proper place today then I'll create such a place). If you can share this with the much younger people who perhaps don't think like this yet then I think it would be of value for all.

The tragic incident happened when chief coach Ruma, training the cyclists for the UCI juniors track World championship (in Glasgow from August 7 to 11) on the Noida Expressway, was hit from behind by a speeding car around 6 a.m.

“Other coaches assisting her immediately took her to the nearby Kailash Hospital, where she was declared brought-dead,” said Cycling Federation of India (CFI) Assistant Secretary V.N. Singh.

14 June 2013: Amazing and highly unfortunate! Yesterday, I wrote about international and Indian dogs a part of which is "yesterday evening, someone told me that people who can pay more and more in India want better and better international dogs and not Indian dogs. I said that there could also be Indian dogs who could be of value to them and which could also benefit the Indian dogs. I'm thinking of better and better trained and equipped guard dogs."

Today, when I left gym I had two used cartons of Soya milk and one used plastic bottle of Gatorade. I was trying to find where to dispose them and that after a short distance, I came across big waste bins used for the locality on my way to the Metro and that a dead dog was there. I felt very upset that street dogs don't deserve such pathetic conditions with so much severely harmful pollution, possible lack of enough proper food due to high urban development and possible regular ill-treatment by people around due to so many people around and that due to so many issues in our society including high congestion, the aggression probably also comes out on them like people driving without caring about them on the streets. I think that why our previous generations have let them exist on the street till now even after so many decades of Independence and with probably many more means to remove them from the streets. How do you feel as an Indian when you think about this? I wish that the Health and Fitness India network would also be of value in this regard. I wish us the best!

This is what I had written yesterday: 

I've been reading about the recent surveillance issue in USA and yesterday evening, someone told me that people who can pay more and more in India want better and better international dogs and not Indian dogs. I said that there could also be Indian dogs who could be of value to them and which could also benefit the Indian dogs. I'm thinking of better and better trained and equipped guard dogs. One would think that the street dogs also respond based on what comes to their senses, however, the difference is that they're not trained to guard. They're different strangers that humans come across just like humans come across a variety of domesticated and wild animals. I think that if the training and equipment are proper then the guard dogs can be more and more of a security asset to humans. For me, it would be great if I could also have the best guard dogs to meet my security requirements since most likely most people never get the best trained and equipped guard dogs. Perhaps one thing for people to accept is that guard dogs will have to keep sensing you to guard you. If you've never been physically intimate in front of a guard dog then perhaps try it because that's its work to guard you wherever and whenever it can. We can try to train and equip dogs to give them one more kind of meaningful existence. Similarly, I think the technologies to gather, store and analyze data can do great for us. Best!

9 June 2013Came across two lovely children. One of them was in arms of a lady (perhaps mother) in a shop. I was standing behind them and the baby kept looking at me and that I was wearing my anti-pollution mask. Another one was with another lady (perhaps mother) in the elevator. This child seemed to had come from swimming and that said to the lady that there are two 5's and so I said that when you've to go to 5 then which one would you press on which the child laughed and then said that you're also going to 5. I was going to 7 but a sticker of 5 has been put on it because the sticker of 7 had gotten spoiled and perhaps the management had a spare sticker for 5 but not for 7. Then I thought that a week ago, it was my nephew's 5th birthday and that a few days ago I got my root canal redone about which I had written to had got it done around 5 years ago and that the dentist hadn't done it properly according to the dentist who's a professor and a researcher. It's like one's a proper 5 and another's not!!! Amazing!!! What's the future of today's Indian children with so much harmful air pollution, food adulteration and other issues? How highly unfortunate do you feel when you read and it mentions that the reason for this change is so that this system isn't misused. Rather than building and growing systems, it seems that people are much busier trying to keep the systems at least not broken because of all the issues. How highly unfortunate would the youth today feel about having such previous generations that our conditions are such? What do you do to make them better? I wish that my overall efforts would be of value about which I also keep sharing Best!

29 May 2013: A friend told me a short while ago that lawyer, friends and relatives were concerned about losing money during divorce and that I'm the only person who told him to think about that his wife has recently got pregnant and that a divorce with a child would be difficult for him and the child in the long term. If she's mentally unstable based on things that she's been doing and saying then perhaps there can be a valid reason for abortion. I shared with him several things and he said that even though I'm not a lawyer, I had told him things today and also before which he had later heard from the lawyer. I told him that I'm only trying to help as a friend (and a human). The above discussion happened after gym.

When I went to gym today, a police jeep came and stopped in front of me and that I saw one of the officers walk through a path about which I had been thinking to write for a while! I walked faster so that I could walk with the officer on the same path. Amazingly, he and I stepped on the same thing at the same time which is a large piece of concrete which shakes when one walks on it. I had earlier thought that when Lord Ram had gone to Lanka then his army had walked over a bridge of stones that kept floating on water and so those stones would've also shaken even though the army was able to cross the water. Some weeks ago when I was sitting with a restaurant owner which is in open-air next to this path, I had seen a street dog sitting around there and that which had kept coming around the restaurant and him on which he had said that it's night and so it wants food. I had kept thinking that if Lord Ram had helped us with mindset and know-how related to construction then in so many years, India could've been like the best than I feeling like an Indian street dog, pig, donkey and other highly unfortunate animals given humans are capable in general. I thought that perhaps the police officer would notice this construction issue as it would shake underneath him and perhaps also the other issues around there and that would do something about them in public and his interest since he also works and walks there. 

While I was gym, my friend who I mentioned above kept calling me from his another number which I didn't answer. When I met him after gym, he said that I've become like our police by not answering the phone. Just now I read "Delhi women scared of going to police stations: Dikshit" 

Moreover, my friend and I picked up some food to go and that while talking to the manager there, he said that people aren't interested in being happy but in not letting others be happy which was highly unfortunate. I wonder that if amazing temples of Lord Ram are made and then if people are inspired to keep outside the temples and also their places like the best then would that help? My friend kept showing me the many broken parts of the roads that people got dug up for laying the water pipes but then didn't get those little parts of the roads fixed even though they're living in nice houses. He was very upset. I wish him the best.

26 May 2013: Suar Suar Mujhe Log Bole played inside when a girl who I called while in metro told me about the pathetic condition of Yamuna after she saw the much nicer condition of Ganga in Haridwar. I told her that metro was standing for a while at Yamuna Bank station when she told me this. After that I got off at Vaishali station and that it was smelling very bad outside. It felt highly unfortunate that after so many years of Independence, how come such conditions and that what did Indian in general think and do after reading the board that said dogs and Indians not allowed and how much has that affected today's highly unfortunate conditions? How do you feel when you travel abroad and people mention such things? What do you think happens to most of those people who eat nice baby food like Nestle Cerelac and then start eating harmful adulterated things? What do you think happens to most of those people who highly unfortunately drink adulterated mother's milk? What do you do about this highly severe issue? Ek general Indian ki feeling kaisi hai? The girl told me that she was pink earlier but now her pinkness has been going away. I shared with her that the pollution is very high and severely harmful and that would also harm the skin. In story books, we generally see pigs to be pink but if you look at Indian street pigs, which colors do you find them? How do you feel and what do you do about it since we're humans? Best!

22 May 2013: I felt like an Indian street dog when I shocked the security guard sitting and sleeping at the main gate. Power had been cut for around half an hour and I tried the main gate number but I didn't have it correctly. So I went to the main gate and that I had to ask the security guard few times about having electricity issue before he woke up in shock. After some walking around with another guard, I found the electrician who then told me that the breaker had tripped due to overload. Think of Indian street dog living in pathetic conditions about which it can't do anything. Even though we're paying for security during the night, it's sleeping at that time including at the main gate. This feeling is now getting combined with Chote Mote Suar Teri Muththi Mein Kya Hai song playing inside when I think that there can be size variation in Indian street dogs but they're still dogs living in pathetic conditions. How unfortunate are we to have previous generations that have led us to this in general? I wish us the best including for our future generations. Please also care for Best!

Updated during 2012: Today at India Gate with so much filth lying around I felt like an Indian street dog considering the best in the world and thinking of people being at great historical places around the world and that of the experiences of people there. I wish that just like the Delhi Metro, the entire area has loudspeakers on which regular recorded announcements are made regarding throwing garbage in dustbins or else getting fined and for other important things to provide an excellent experience there. Perhaps this would also help grow a generation which would get used to much cleaner places and that then it would not make its places filthy even without being told not to do so like on the loudspeakers. In this regard, one crucial thing is to raise awareness on getting Indian mother's milk tested since adulterated mother's milk can lead to physical and mental issues in people since they're babies.

After India Gate, I met a friend in CP who's in the Police and that I mentioned to him that I think that having effective deterrents can reduce law breaking by a lot. Even in regards to public drinking, I mentioned that if parts of public areas are allowed for drinking then people will have a place for the same and that which would further reduce people drinking just anywhere and that then much fewer police officers would get a lot more results related to public drinking issues than when a lot more people are breaking laws since there just isn't enough police to get to all of them.

As a kid, I used to go to children's park every possible weekend for a long while and that once I had also walked from India Gate to East of Kailash E-block where I stayed for several years. Now, the pollution is so much that if one breathes deeply in general (which I've reduced over the years after coming to India due to the pollution here particularly in the Delhi region) then it's difficult to be outside in several places particularly having many polluting vehicles and that if it's a congested area then it becomes a lot worse. Highly unfortunately, I also lost my anti pollution mask recently while being out and helping a friend find a property to purchase. I've thought of several times to move to a place having a much nicer environment. Today, my another friend gave me his anti pollution mask for few days until I get my new one since he uses it rarely. I had had a Cassata ice-cream at India Gate and that it was highly unfortunate that I was feeling like a dog there. I was with my partner there for a meeting and that some days ago, we were at Lodhi Gardens which felt very nice and that I had also had a Cassata there. It's also highly unfortunate that some years ago when I had asked some people doing well on what it says under the gun and hat at India Gate then they didn't know it. I've also suggested people that if all of us can have weapons along with training to protect ourselves then we can even be a much better place but mostly I haven't got a positive response.

After meeting my friend in CP, I went to gym and that after gym, I thought of getting an auto-rickshaw to my place than walking back and that I had a nice experience. To give the driver change, I had to go to the ice-cream street vendor nearby and that I also offered the driver an ice-cream and that he asked for a 15 INR one but which were finished and then the vendor said that there's 20 INR one, however, he rather than asking for a more expensive one since I was going to pay for it, he asked for a 10 INR one on which I told him to get the 20 INR one since I felt that he would've liked to have that one but that he seemed a bit upset and low because he had told me that his child was suffering from diarrhea and that he was going to get him medicines. I asked him whether he was going to a proper doctor and that he responded with some name which I didn't know. I wish that he's getting proper medical attention for his child and that I wish him the best for he seemed like a nice person.


Shakti Saran

What do you think the top Indians would do when they would read that AIIMS and other hospitals are violating solid waste rules? Is it due to they lacking anything? If so then can they get public assistance? Yeh suaron ke liye kooda phekne wali jagah nahi hain, yeh top insaano ke institutions hain India mein (They're not flith dumping places for pigs, they're top human institutions in India).

At gym, the security guard gave me a towel, however, I picked my own. He kept looking at me and I thought that I would share with gym management which I did after the workout. I explained that the security guard's hands can be dirty from anything and it's better if people pickup towels by themselves. The person at front desk appreciated my input and said that the security guard table can be moved away a bit so that people can easily pickup the towels.

After gym, I asked the mall security guard at one corner where I've been noticing several street dogs that why they're increasing on which he said that they don't bite. I said that they can. Then he said that some dogs bit some people in a nearby area and then several dogs were taken away by the municipal body after they got a complaint. The surprising part is that mall management and shop owners aren't doing anything about this because I would think that it would be affecting their business.

When Britishers used to put boards that dogs and Indians not allowed then why did they think like that to put up such boards? Have you ever thought of what they thought? Suaron mein kisi ko bhi suar bol do, Shero mein kisi ko bhi sher bol do. Humans mein jab Indian bolo to really kaisa lage? Is this also why Indians keep moving abroad including a girl who some years ago had shared about wanting to improve India and had also prepared for IAS twice, however, now wants to move abroad. Best!

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Hi Everyone, I keep hearing from people on how to burn, reduce and lost fat and get slim and fit. People say they don't have time or money or both for going to gym. 

If you're struggling with fat and want a slim and fit body then I'm starting this post to share valuable videos that you can do at home.

At first before you start doing any exercises, make sure that you've no health issues or get a doctor check-up.

It can take several months to start seeing significant results. Major improvements can be possible by exercising for months and years. Also, it's critical to eat right on a daily basis. Soon, I'll share an article on simple healthy things to buy and eat.

Keep the pace slow enough that you're doing the exercises properly. Avoid injuries by keeping the intensity at which you can do the exercises properly. At start, you'll take time to properly understand what's being shown in the videos. Watch the same exercise repeatedly to follow the steps properly. 

If you want personal trainer, nutritionist, dietitian or life coach who can guide you in person or on the Internet or phone then you can ask me. I'll find you professionals for your requirements and in your budget and if they don't work well then I'll find you other professionals. I'm increasingly connected to professionals who can benefit you.

Avoid running if you don't have an excellent treadmill or ground and footwear and know how to run or else you can hurt yourself in the short to long term.

You can also use a nice bio-mechanically designed cross-trainer or bike at home. Make sure to know how to use them correctly before using them. They might seem easy to use, however, can still cause injuries if not set and used properly.

Along with home exercises, also go for brisk walks with proper footwear.

And keep drinking water (see WebMD tips) and breathing!

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