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Symptoms of Pemphigus

Pemphigus is mainly of two types and the symptoms depend on which pemphigus you have.

Pemphigus vulgaris- This is the most common pemphigus. It affects the moist parts of your body such as the mouth and genitals. Adults between the ages of 30 and 60 are more at risk.

Its symptoms include-

First mouth blisters, the upper layer of which comes out easily.
Blisters make it difficult for you to chew or eat something.
Blisters / blisters can come out of your mouth after the mouth.
There is a lot of pain in it, but itching does not occur.

Pemphigus foliaceus- These are papular blisters / blisters. Symptoms include:

It usually occurs on the chest, back and shoulders.
There is no pain, but itching.

Health related and medical tourism

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STOP Masturbation Addiction And Get Back Your Life Naturally :)

Masturbation addiction forces millions of people to suffer in silence. Leaving them Afraid to seek help in fear of the stigma. Hence, people seek help on social media platforms anonymously. Unfortunately, with so much contradictory information and useless techniques on the internet, no one is able to stop.

How to stop masturbation has always been a confusing topic, let me guess, you have been masturbating for years using pornography, you had some control in the beginning but now it’s becoming a daily business. You spend hours and hours watching pornography and trying to reach some kind of pleasure that you can’t seem to reach lately. tried to stop along the years probably a couple hundred times but every time you quit you find yourself masturbating again. You wake up the next morning with a disgusting feeling that you can’t shake, with a reinforced belief that it’s impossible to stop. probably started praying at some point for the erotic thoughts to disappear, for yourself to be able to stop, unfortunately, nothing changed. You started working out, even counting how many days has it been since your last time hoping time would solve the problem except time only grew the heart fonder. You thought the longer you abstained the more likely that you will be able to quit.

After epic failures to quit you started to force yourself to accept the situation, you just accepted that it’s impossible to stop. Well, Let Me Tell You The Good News, it’s Possible.

#Masturbation - Most Asked Questions :

1-I Have Been Masturbating For Years I Can’t Stop Now.

The More You Masturbated The More Your Chances Are Of Escaping The Addiction. Simply, Because You Are Not Fooling Yourself Anymore, You Lost The Illusion Of Pleasure. Yet You Don’t Know How To Stop. We Are Gonna Teach You How.

2-I Failed Couple Hundred Times Before, It’s Not Gonna Work.

Using The Right Password For Your Email Account Will Always Work, No Matter How Many Times You Failed To Open It With A Wrong One. The Right One Will Still Work Even If You Used Hundred Different Wrong Passwords.

3-Why Stop? It Reduces My Stress, I Need It.

How Is Watching, Hearing Or Reading Porn And Imagining People Or Yourself Having Sex, while Simultaneously Activating Your Sexual System Can Reduce Stress. In Fact, It’s Doing The Exact Opposite.

4-I Don’t Have The Willpower To Stop.

Addiction Is A Case Of Doing Something Harmful To Yourself While At The Same Time Still Perceive It As A Pleasure. However, If You Stop Seeing it As A Pleasure, The Temptation Stops. You Don’t Need Willpower For That.

5-I Don’t Do It Often, However, Sometimes It Helps When I am Bored.

If It Helps When You Are Bored Why Are You Doing It Often? Why Not All The Time, Why Do You Feel The Need To Control It, Only Doing It At Times Of Boredom?

6-I Am Not Having Sex, And I need It At Least Till I Do.

Watching People Eating Food Won’t Replace Food And End Your Hunger. It’s The Same With Sex, Masturbation Is Not A Substitute For Sex.

7-Masturbation is healthy, there is a lot of research that supports this fact.

Do you mean that you only masturbate because you want to gain those health benefits? Do you start masturbating because you have a desire to decrease the risk of prostate cancer? I’m sure you don’t. What about people who don’t want those benefits anymore, why aren’t they able to stop. What about research that supports porn addiction? I am sure you aren’t using your imagination.

#How To Get Rid From This Addictive Behavior?

The first step to getting better is to reduce the habit of masturbation and ejaculation frequency and try to overcome this bad habit. Eat more soybean products and eliminate excessive caffeine from your diet. Try to focus on nutty foods like sunflower seeds, peanuts and eat more sea foods, green vegetables, and try to minimize red meat and dairy product intake. Instead of taking soda, try drinking pure orange juice or cranberry juice and, of course, drink plenty of water.

Arogyam Herbal Supplement helps to cure side effects of over masturbation effectively and safely without causing any kind of side-effects. They strengthen the nervous system, promote the blood flow to penile area and maintain hormonal balance of the body, these supplements also provide the body with nutrients and amino acids to promote sound health and cure disorders.

AROGYAM PURE HERBS OBN KIT is especially formulated for men and women who want to get rid of this addictive behavior and recover from its side-effects permanently. It is test proven & 100% efficient cure for all the problems arise due to over masturbation. It provides more benefits than just getting you rid of the effects of over masturbation. It restores strength & stamina to higher level than in healthy times. It completely stops hairloss. Other benefits include relaxation in mind and improved memory with boosting of immunity. It also improves quantity & quality of semen in male and increased fertility in females.

Ask an Expert : Contact an Arogyam Expert Now: For Free Consultation :

On Phone - +91-98050-38733 , +91-93563-06733

On Mail : care@ayurvedahimachal.com

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Sickle Cell Anemia is caused by mutations in the gene that make hemoglobin (protein beta-globin). It is an iron-rich compound and this makes the blood red. Hemoglobin helps red blood cells transport oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body. When you have sickle cell anemia, the abnormal hemoglobin makes the red blood cells hard, sticky and deformed. Sickle cell genes are inherited from generation to generation.

In cases where sickle genes are present in both parents, their children may have the following situations -

25% of children do not have the possibility of disease.

50% of children are born with hidden genetic factors but no external symptoms are seen.

25% of children are born with sickle cell.

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13719729_862747480498469_8187864726241443206_o.png?width=650The nose is one of the most important attractions of a face. A slight change in its shape can add magic to your appearance and make you more beautiful. The nose surgery is the most popular cosmetic surgery that people choose. It allows you to change the shape of your nose and make it more pointed and beautiful.

But, before having nose surgery, you should take care of few things. After all, it is all about your look. So, it is better that you keep few considerations in your mind.

  1. Good surgeon-

The nose surgery is also a complicated cosmetic surgery. You should choose a good ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon who has good experience in these types of surgeries. An experienced surgeon can provide the desired results, which you are looking for. So, make sure, you shake your hands with the experienced one.

  1. Cost-

The rhinoplasty surgery cost might be different according to the complication of your surgery. But, you should check for once the cost of nose surgery and compare prices with a different clinic. It will help you to get the best price. A good surgeon always offers affordable price for their clients.

  1. Nose shape-

Yes, don’t go with the wrong changes. Make sure, you concern with your surgeon on the shape. He/she will give you right suggestions that can help you to enhance your look without overwhelming it. A sharp nose can increase your beauty and self-esteem as well.

Get more details visit: http://www.bestrhinoplastyindia.com

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Sehat.com - Find Best Hospitals in Mumbai

There are many super speciality Hospitals, Diagnostic and Research centres in Mumbai. Hospitals in Mumbai are equipped with world class Infrastructure and latest medical equipment. Most reputed Hospitals in Mumbai are at par with USA, UK, Canada and other European countries and are among the best in the world. Many patients from Central and Western India prefer Mumbai for complex procedures and treatments.

We have 723 hospitals listed for Mumbai at sehat.com to research from and choose the best hospital in Mumbai. We provide hospital specialities, services, timings, awards and accomplishments, reviews, ratings, doctors list along with contact information for scheduling appointments. If any hospital in Mumbai is missing please Add the hospital here.

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Various Transplant Surgeries in India

Organ transplantation is the process of transfer of an organ from one body to another. Organ transplantation is the only solution for the end state of an organ failure such as heart, lung, Kidney, Bone Marrow and kidney.

Many times the patient has to wait for long time for an organ to be transplanted, as doctors decide and match the correct organ from the donor so as to reduce the risk of transplant rejection by the body’s immune system.

Some of the organs that can be transplanted for the cure of life are:

  • Bone Marrow transplant
  • Liver transplant
  • Lungs transplant
  • Kidney transplant
  • Heart transplant

Bone Marrow transplant:

Bone marrow is a spongy tissue inside some of the bones in the body including the hip and thigh bone. Bone marrow consists of immature cells called as stem cells.

A number of people with blood cancer and other such life threatening diseases mostly rely upon bone marrow or cold blood transplant to survive. People need healthy bone marrow to survive and lead a healthy life.

Factors about Bone marrow:

 Bone marrow transplant can save the lives of people battling blood cancers.

At birth, all bone marrow is in red color. As the age increases red marrow increasingly begins to convert to yellow marrow.

Aplastic anemia is such a disorder where marrow stops making new blood cells (RBC’s).

Chemotherapy can damage bone marrow

Complications associated with Bone marrow transplant:

Bone marrow transplant is considered as one of the most major and crucial transplants and the transplant may increase the risk of-


Pain in bones


Shortened breath


These factors are caused due to bone marrow transplant but these factors also depends on over your age, your health and the type of transplant you have gone under.

Even the patient can feel complications which can be mild or very serious after the transplant such as:

  • GVHD i.e. Graft Versus host disease where the donor cells start to attack the patient’s body. This takes place when the transplanted bone Marrow does not produce any new cell as planned.
  • Bleeding in various parts of the body such as brain and Lungs.
  • Damage to various other organs.
  • A person becomes Anemic.

Various types of bone marrow transplants are:

  • Autologous Transplant
  • Allogeneic Transplant

Typically the recovery time of a bone marrow transplant is around three months but to recover it may take around a year depending on various factors such as:

  • Donor match
  • Radiations
  • Chemotherapy
  • Place of transplant
  • Health factors

It can also be a condition that after transplant the patient might experience some symptoms that might remain with him for a lifetime. The maximum cost of Bone Marrow transplant in India lies between 20 to 30 lakhs whereas it varies from place to place. Whereas, Heart surgeries are one of the rarest surgery and require so much of safety and precautions the heart surgery cost in India is no less than $7500.

Liver Transplant:

The liver is an important organ of our body and is located on the right side in our body behind the rib cage. It performs various kinds of function inside our body such as protein processing, fats, and carbohydrate processing. It also plays an important role by breaking down the toxic substances such as drugs and alcohol. Liver transplantation mostly occurs when our liver stops working and get damaged due to excessive intake of alcohols, drugs, and smoking.

Liver transplantation is a process where the damaged or diseased liver is replaced with a healthy liver. There is two type of donors for liver transplant such as-

  • Deceased donor
  • Living donor

Liver transplant surgery in India costs 18 to 20 lakh whereas it is not fixed, it varies from doctor to doctor and clinic to clinic.

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7 Advantages of Early Morning Exercises


Early morning exercises have numerous health benefits compared to any other time of the day. Most morning exercisers have said they were able to maintain a positive vibe throughout the day. Let’s take a closer look at 7 advantages of exercising in the morning.

1.    Gain a big boost to your metabolism

If you are exercising in the morning, your metabolism rate will be the main benefactor. It helps your body burn extra calories throughout the day. This natural phenomenon is referred to as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC.

2.    Fewer chances for skipping workouts

When you exercise without fail every morning, it becomes a part of your routine. Chances are less for skipping workouts even if you get busy with other commitments in the latter part of the day.

3.    Avoid crowds at the gym

Gyms are less crowded in the early morning compared to peak hours in the evening. Visiting the gym in the morning is wiser – you’ll get easy access to Gym equipment.

4.    Makes you more productive

When you work out in the morning, your productivity will automatically increase. You will feel more energized, focused and organized.

5.    Provides you better sleep

People who regularly exercise in the morning won’t suffer from insomnia. Waking up early in the morning ensures they feel a sense of fatigue by the end of the day, which makes them sleep on time.

6.    Lesser distractions

You will feel more dedicated towards exercising in the morning. Chances of getting distracted are less, especially when you are sacrificing your sleep for achieving fitness goals.

7.    A better social life

Working out in the morning will provide enough time for socializing with your dear ones after work. It will also offer mental satisfaction.

Follow Fitness World Blog regularly http://www.fitness-world.in/fitness-blog/ for fitness-related tips.

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Reduce risk of complications of diabetes

Genetic  Risk Assessment of diabetes is the assessment to live long life. You can say this assessment helps you in leading the life with your ways just suggesting some great alternatives within the report depending upon your general details filled in the system which would help in reducing risk of complications of diabetes.

Now, you would think why it is so important to go for diabetes risk assessment scoring system, but this is really essential to find out your risk of diabetes developing in the body which can cause many complications of diabetes.

Specifically it found that lowering and maintaining more constant blood sugar levels reduced the risk of eye disease by 76%, kidney disease by 50%, nerve disease by 60% and cardiovascular disease by 35%. These complications are responsible for a reduction in the life expectancy of a newly diagnosed insulin dependent diabetic by about one-third.

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10824437290?profile=originalWide range of wholesale gym equipment Price list at wholesale selectorised%20stations.doc of Fitness Equipment and exercise equipment in India Syndicate Gym industries manufacturer Leg Press having weight capacity of 600 kg with nylon roller or Linear bearing with 40 mm hard chrome shaft . we manufacturer Gym equipment in commercial grade exercise equipment for fitness center or fitness club.Syndicate gym equipment come with 1 year warranty with Powder coated frames with double varnish on it. we always improving our fitness equipment every time. 

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Fashion and Entertainment

11th December 2013: "We get men above 35 years of age who want to be fitter, but the awareness level is very low. Studies show that Indians need to exercise seven times more in a week than their global counterparts to be at par with them. So, at present, brands are adapting themselves to different Indian sizes and shapes, rather than shoppers working on their bodies," says Vikram Bhatia, managing director of Fitness First gyms.

High-street labels like Armani, Gucci & Zegna roll out made-to-measure outfits...


Shared in 2011:

Kindly let me share a discussion that I've recently had with Mr. Toni Sharma who's an Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Patna. We had the discussion on the F.OX group https://www.facebook.com/groups/fox.nift launched by the Students of NIFT Patna. Mr. Sharma has been very kind to mention on the group that "Shakti Saran .....by far you are the most valuable contributor to this group. Thanks a zillion for all the knowledge that you have shared with our members!!!"

Our discussion on it:

Toni Sharma edited a doc.

Students of NIFT Patna launched F.OX, the first ever online fashion quiz in October 2011. It is dedicated to all those students who are aspiring to pursue such careers which are intrinsically creative and artistic in nature. Those students who are aspiring to join NIFT/NID can interact with current NIFT/NID students and get useful inputs in terms of what areas to focus on and how to prepare for the exam and situation test. The F.OX community was launched on Facebook on 26th of September and it was formally inaugurated by Actress Neetu Chandra on 4th of October’11. Since then this group has already crossed a membership of 6600! The members are mostly NIFT and NID students/alumni. It also includes such individuals who are employed in fashion industry. F.OX is a community where people freely interact, discuss various aspects of fashion. Here, anyone and everyone can participate in the quiz to find out their true fashion quotient.
Come…….join us at www.facebook.com/groups/fox.nift !!!

Shakti Saran I look forward to connecting, sharing, and collaborating with people studying/working in fashion or entertainment. I've started www.healthfitnessindia.com also to pursue my interests in them. Best! Shakti Saran

Toni Sharma Shakti Saran .....by far you are the most valuable contributor to this group. Thanks a zillion for all the knowledge that you have shared with our members!!!

Shakti Saran Hi Toni Sharma, Thank You for your kind response! It's nice that earlier this evening, a gentleman who I highly respect wrote on my card that "Shakti is a vibrant spirit in the cosmos" along with his signature and that now I read your kind response. Last night, I saw someone asking Metro passengers about a Metro stop, however, it seemed to me that it wasn't clear to him what the people had responded to him because the people hadn't spoken clearly to him. So I told him about the stop and that he thanked me because he wasn't clear like I had thought. We spoke for a while after that and that he even thought that I knew him from before because of how I was talking to him. He works for a nice furniture company and that has worked on the chairs that have been used in Big Boss. He spoke to me on several things including about this business in general, about the opportunities that he has had, and other things. I look forward to staying in touch with him and that as I do business consulting related to the Health and Fitness India network, I would also try to get him work like to get furniture designed and made for gyms, fitness centers and others. I wish that I can keep contributing to this group and that perhaps also meet people with whom I can do even more. I'm interested in fashion and entertainment as I've mentioned above and that I would also pursue my interests in them through the Health and Fitness India network. If you like then you're welcome to it and that I wish that it would be of value to you in many ways. I would be sharing this discussion of ours as a blog post on the network. Best, Shakti Saran

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