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Some helpful tips from Ayurveda for cold and cough (not medical advice):

Mix 1/2 tea spoon of Sitopladi churna with honey and lick it two to three times a day. It will lubricate your throat and prevents irritation due to cough.

Cough & Cold Tea (Herbal Tea)- contains Ginger, Miri, Cinnamon, Parijatak leaves, Tulsi leaves, Bilva patra, coriander , Lemon Grass etc.
It is very useful in cold, cough, flu.

Sore Throat Gargle
This very traditional remedy is less palatable and more antiseptic than the tea, but it strengthens throat tissue.

1 teaspoon of turmeric powder

Dissolve turmeric in hot water. Gargle with it, then swallow.

Avoid Kapha-Aggravators.
Certain foods can generate mucus and make a cold worse. These are kapha-increasing foods such as yogurt, ice cream, cheese, bananas, avocados, and anything cold or heavy, so do your best to avoid them at all costs. 

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7 Best Tips on Fitness Training for Beginners

Fitness training could be scary and difficult if you are a newbie to the world of fitness. You may have not used those fitness equipments for once in your life. But know that fitness training is a crucial part for marathons, and a healthy lifestyle! Fitness training helps you in building the strength of muscles, and also increases the metabolic rates of the body. If you're a beginner, just follow these 7 tips, and you'll be good to go!

Cardio warm-ups are necessary

You need to get your heart running before beginning your routine of strength training. Start with a five minute warm-up of light jogging, brisk walking or even dynamic stretching. Also go for some butt kicks as well as walking lunges!

Get your techniques in place

If you have to avoid injuries, you have to know proper techniques and forms. Right Techniques will ensure you are working off the right muscles without any strain. When you are a beginner, it would be helpful if you invested in a single training run. Your trainer will be able to show you proper grips, positions, motions when also aiding you to create a fundamental training routine for strength. Get the basics right!

See what options you have

Dumbbells aren't the only options for fitness training. There are resistance bands, kettlebells, weight bars, exercise balls, and what not! You could also get benefits of fitness training classes and workshops gyms offer. Such classes will let you know if you are on the right track!

Whats your right weight ability?

You should figure out the amount of weight you must be using for exercises, and this could take some time. Know that it's better to mess on the lighter side than on the heavier side. If you choose heavy weights, your arms may feel fatigue. See how your arms respond to the weights, and if you're fine, you can choose to up the weight!

Work out on the imbalances

Many people are stronger at one side of the body compared to the others this is the reason you need to isolate both sides of the body while you are fitness training to ensure they have got enough workout. Balanced strengths on either sides of the body indicates optimum fitness! So it is time you started working on isolated moves!

Keep your routine evolving

As you get more familiar with the strength training, you need to begin ingraining new equipments and exercises into your training routine. Are you getting bored with the muscle workouts? Try hiking the ante, and ensure your muscles are working at their optimum potential. Regulating the weights will be an important criteria! .

Get enough rest

Fitness training will cause muscles to tear which can heal faster than ever before. Such muscle tears are good if you let them heal properly. An average human will need at least one day gap between workouts. So give yourselves enough rest!

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25 Easy and Fast Weight Loss Tips | Sehat


Amidst all the dieting myths and fad diets, it is important to understand the benefits of watchful eating and exercising for weight loss. Below are some quick and handy ways to speed up the metabolism that in turn help in quick weight reduction:

1)    Consume green tea: 

A recent study has demonstrated that green tea contains metabolism enhancing antioxidants called catechins. The consumption of green tea helps in the burning of 70 additional calories in a 24-hour period.


2) Consume optimal salt: 

Consumption of more sodium than required contributes to water retention. This in turn can lead to bloating of the body. The suggested intake of salt must be less than or equal to 2400 milligrams per day.

3) Indulge in strength training: 

Strength training may include push-ups, squats or lunges. It also involves use of free weights to perform simple bicep curls or triceps pulls even at home. This is known to build lean muscle tissue, thus burning more calories.

4) Get good sleep: 

Study suggests that getting a full 8 hours of sleep contributes to a better metabolism rate in women as compared to less than 4 hours of sleep. This in turn can contribute to quick shedding of weight.


5) Make happy hours healthy: 

The after lunch/dinner happy hours can be made healthy by walking and running around instead of indulging in night-outs. This simple trick has been shown to reduce about 40 pounds in a year.

6) Get an optimal breakfast: 

It is recommended to have a balanced breakfast that amounts to about 300 calories. There are recorded experiences which state that consuming a healthy mix of proteins and whole grains at breakfast help to control hunger throughout the day.

7) Have an evening walk: 

Exercise at any time is always considered good for the body. However, evening workouts/ walk can improve the metabolism rate before dinner. It can in turn reduce the possibility of the dinner calories saturating in the hip area.


8) Have every meal: 

Skipping meals and starving for a long period can slow down the metabolic rate of our body. It is recommended to have optimal meals in a timely manner. If there is a possibility of meals getting skipped, having an energy bar or a piece of fruit instead is advised.

9) Avoid calories in a glass: 

Alcoholic beverages provide few nutrients but may contribute to unwanted weight gain. Calories in tea, coffee, cola (simple and refined sugars) pose a serious challenge to those trying to stay fit.

10) Drink enough water: 

It is one of the most commonly recommended tips for ensuring a quick calorie burn. It is advised to consume 64 ounces of water, or at least 8 glasses a day.


11) Indulge in fun activities like Zumba: 

Taking Zumba classes about twice a week have proved effective in toning down the leg muscles and abs. It also provides a quick cardio workout and helps in weight reduction.

12) Increase veggie content of diet: 

Consuming more vegetables in routine foods makes one feel full more quickly. This in turn refrains us from consuming calorie-full foods like chips or deserts.

13) Consume hot pepper: 

It has been observed that consuming hot spicy peppers can improve body metabolism, which in turn can help reduce calories. This is because peppers contain a specific compound which helps to release body stress hormones. Hot peppers can also help to control food cravings.



14) Reduce consumption of sugar and starches: 

Controlling sugar and starch intake reduces insulin secretion by the body. As insulin is a major source of fat storage, bringing it down in turn releases fat. This helps in burning of fat instead of the body carbs. Lowering insulin also results in the kidneys shedding excess of salt and water, thereby helping to lose weight.

15) Drop off the smoking habit: 

Quitting smoking has been shown to reduce the extra pounds quickly. By getting rid of the smoking habit, one may feel healthier and can drop up to 37 pounds in 3 months.

16) Practice Yoga: 

Yoga has proved to be an effective way to ensure weight loss in a healthy manner.



17) Control the fast food intake: 

While indulging in junk eatables and fast food items, it is recommended to limit the quantity to a small meal/item. This way, one gets to relish these eatables, while limiting their harmful effects.

18) Make room for desserts: 

One can still go ahead with having a quick glass of wine or a treat of chocolate, if one indulges in healthy snacks like carrot and hummus first. Experience has shown that you can reduce up to 20 pounds in 3 months by this simple principle.

19) Refrain from nighttime eating: 

Avoiding eating after 6.30 pm for about 5 days a week has been shown to reduce weight quickly.

20) Take dog for a walk: 

This activity, even if for 10 minutes, has shown to add up resulting in quick weight loss.


21) Practice cleansing ritual of food items: 

This can be practiced by replacing the foods that we overindulge in, with some healthy substitutes. Stocks of ice-cream can be substituted by low calorie snacks like roasted sunflower seeds or Special K Chocolatey Delight cereal.

22) Practice intermediate exercises: 

This technique can ensure burning of extra calories. Small bouts of exercise like jumping jacks or crunches while watching TV or dancing while doing utensils can help in toning down while burning calories.

23) Listen to music: 

Listening to a favorite musical while gyming has shown to improve the working- out capacity, while helping to pump in more energy.


24) Consume more fibrous content: 

Fibre supplements like glucomannan can help reduce weight, especially around the belly area. Glucomann is a water soluble dietary supplement available in drink mixes and some food products like pasta and flours.

25) Use smaller plates: 

As strange as it may sound, using small plates has been shown to reduce intake of food.

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6 Healthy Foods That Aren’t Actually Healthy


When it comes to choosing healthy foods, most are likely to get overwhelmed by the abundance of options available. People often get tempted by labels that read - ‘Probiotics, Multi-grain, protein recommendation, low-fat and fiber-rich that they don’t even give a thought whether the food they are buying is really good for their health or not.

It’s about time that you look beyond the labels, become a conscientious consumer and do some research on nutritional facts. For eg, fat in its unprocessed form doesn’t make anyone fat. Here are a few foods that are touted as healthy but aren’t actually, have a look:

1. Skimmed or low-fat milk

Though skimmed milk or low-fat milk have fewer calories, whole milk contains more amount of saturated and mono-saturated fats. These types of fats support your metabolism, make you feel full and enhance your body composition. Low-fat milk contains less amount of Vitamin A, D, E and K than whole milk. So which is the better option? Low-fat or whole milk?

2. Protein bars

Most protein bars sold at the grocery store are packed with sugar, artificial sweeteners, trans fats and high-fructose corn syrup. Then there are some bars which contain only four to five ingredients like - almonds, cashews, whey protein, peanuts etc while few others are filled with 40 different ingredients! Yes, you need to check the ingredients first. If you see unfamiliar ingredients on the label, put it back on the shelf.

3. Cereal

A research says that 31% of people start their morning with a bowl of cereal and milk. In fact, cornflakes don’t contain any natural vitamins and minerals as they get destroyed during the manufacturing process. To compensate for the lost minerals, manufacturers add synthetic ingredients to enhance the nutritional value of cereals. 

4. Sports Drinks

Sports drinks have long been known to enhance recovery and quench the thirst more effectively than water. A recent study by the University of Oxford claimed that there’s no evidence of claims that these companies boast of. In fact, most sports drinks were found to have a lot of sugar and electrolyte content.

5. Wheat bread

When buying a whole bread log, make sure that the first ingredient it contains is either ‘whole grains’ or ‘whole wheat’. Most wheat bread don’t contain whole wheat at all and still have refined flour. Even worse, some wheat bread includes artificial sweeteners or partially hydrogenated oils, corn syrup and preservatives to enhance shelf-life.  

6. Packaged foods (calorie controlled)

Controlling intake of carbohydrates and proteins can be a key to balance calorie count. However, these mini-sized snacks often leave you unsatisfied and under-nourished. If you are looking for a fix, go for fruits or celery with peanut butter, cherries, and raisins.

A lot of foods that you think are healthy might not be the best things to have. You need to watch out the labels first so you can make better food choices on a daily basis. To find more tips on health and fitness, check out

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People like me and many of my colleagues around this part of the world work in BPO specially concentrated to graveyard shift to attend the time zone of clients. As my personal experience is concerned for this sector, many people come to work here mostly of tender age, fresh college pass-outs, at the pink of their health. But, to my wonder, as recent surveys reported in medical bulletins in India and Philippines, 57% of these people are suffering from fatigue, 43% are suffering from insomnia. Remarkably, there are some other medical problems like recurrent Urinary tract infection, erectile dysfunction, obstructive renal conditions, mental stress and boredom, obesity, diabetes, high lipid profiles and many more. The work schedule, lifestyle specially the food habit, addiction, leisure time management all are more or less responsible for this old age syndromes attacking in early age.

Let’s work with some simple dos and don’ts to avoid all these hazards:

1.     Food Habit

Eat adequate protein and protein supplements: Fish, eggs, meats, soya foods, milk and milk-made, pulses etc.
Eat measured carbohydrates: cereals, oats, and sprouts etc
Eat more rich anti-oxidant foods to energize yourself like amla (Indian gooseberry), sweet potato, berries, citrus, grapes, grape-fruit, spinach, tomato, onion
Drink adequate water – at least 4 - 4.5 liters/day. Start your day drinking fresh water (about 1 liter); this keeps you energetic throughout the day.
Drink Green Tea rather taking white tea or coffee but limited. Too much tannin or caffeine in regular course is not recommended.

Eat more green and leafy vegetables, consume more salads and boiled vegetables

10824443891?profile=original2.   Exercise & Fitness Management

Exercise, by any means, has to be in the schedule of every regular worker. You may go for Gym, freehand, swimming, walking, yoga or any procedure of your own choice which will lead a physical and mental fitness. Any of these practices help to increase reflex and keep many health hazards far away. You may try for some outdoor sports events for relaxation. A regular work out session or some little practices as walking instead of short distance vehicles, stepping up floors by staircase avoiding lifts are absolutely necessary to keep yourself fit for long run.


3.     Sleep Management

As you are running after a different time zone the biological clock of the physique has to be adjusted. Remember, sleeping is the factor which gets mostly effected by this odd schedule day (night) outs. You must have to maintain a complete 7-8 hrs sound sleep everyday to keep your physique and mind fresh and energetic for daily work. In daylight, if it is seems to be challenging for you try every possible means to sleep peacefully before you go out for the day. In sudden odd shit, if you are supposed to sleep, do everything possible to make it happen, as:
a.     Use curtain to stop day light to hamper your sleep
b.     Use a closed door separate room
c.     Avoid TV, Computer or Smartphone, don’t keep them beside or pillow
d.     Avoid regular tasks on sleeping time; remember this is your midnight and your day is about start after a few hours
e.     Talk with your partner if he/she runs into a different time zone regarding romantic practices
f.      Shut down or make phones silent and other gadgets and inform regular callers not to disturb you in sleeping hours; Try to avoid “I am 24/7 available”

Remember, a peaceful sleep in regular basis could keep many hazards away from your life

Remember, a peaceful sleep in regular basis could keep many hazards away from your life
4.     Personal life & Social response
Personal and social life is one of the vital factors of our life. The weekend hangout at a alcohol party, disco, late night party at friend’s place are not the only means of enjoying and recharging life. I am not asking you to condemn all those things as an old grandfather. Keeping a few friends’ party in schedule, also keep some good quality time for your family, your parents, spouse, love, pets, local club or different organizations where you might enjoy some other kind of cultural activities. Some other socialization activities like gardening, home décor, reading, or learning something for higher study or just mental refreshment is good enough to keep your mind cool and control health positively. Medical Equipment Manufactrur in China
5.     Time Management

This is the most essential factor. If you cannot manage your time you are losing a lot of things. Even, with your strong mindset to do something positive change in lifestyle might go in vain for the lack of time management. You might have to take a short distance vehicle instead of walking, a lift instead of staircase, a junk food instead of purchasing or cooking something healthy, a quick drink to release stress for the time instead of exercising some good activities. So make your daily routine very cautiously and try to maintain that in a religious way.

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How Do Indian People Stay Healthy?

Since ancient times, India’s philosophy of nature has concerned itself with the big picture and commonality in regards to space and natural phenomena. It has heavily influenced Ayurveda’s belief that the life is composed of “space”, which is in turn born of body, sensation, organs, mind, and the balance between them, and that humans too are a part of nature in themselves. Medical Equipment Manufacturer in China

The most important part of many Indian people’s lives is mealtime. A popular Indian proverb says that “Illness is cured in the kitchen”, which should give you an idea of how much they value a balanced diet (and why they use so many spices and herbs in their cooking). India’s best-known, dish, curry, is designed to properly balance what India believes to be the six essential flavors (salty, sweet, bitter, spicy, sour, and richness) which leads directly to healthy living. India also has many other proverbs about herbs, a sign of how many different varieties of plants grow there.

This is how Ayurveda adopted Indian beliefs and came to consider all plants to be herbs and all medicine made from herbs to be equivalent to food. Because herbs have no side effects, not only can they help restore the body’s balance even after it’s been damaged by an unhealthy diet, stress, and other environmental factors, they can help already healthy people to feel even better than most other people their age.

Indian people’s very way of life is based on Ayurvedic principles. Indeed, it is little exaggeration to say they are one and the same. And when one sees how well it works for Indian people, it’s easy to see how the teachings of Ayurveda can help all of us to lead healthier, happier lives.

Medical Equipment Manufacturer in China
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