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There’s no doubt that the primary concern of people dealing with type 1 diabetes is “how to control the blood sugar levels”? Perhaps, the only way they can prevent the kidney, eye, and vascular problems is by maintaining their blood sugar level. However, the recent studies suggest type 1 diabetes patient is more prone to autoimmune diseases. The study further revealed that 1 out of every 5 children suffering from type 1 diabetes tends to develop another autoimmune ailment. Type 1 Diabetes has a major impact on aged people (65+ years). In fact, half of the aged individuals struggling with Type 1 Diabetes are likely to experience other autoimmune diseases. Now the question is “what autoimmune diseases are the Type 1 Diabetes patients are prone to?”

What Autoimmune Diseases are Common in Type 1 Diabetes Patients?

Some of the most common autoimmune diseases associated with Type 1 Diabetes are celiac disease, Addison’s disease, and hypothyroidism. As most of the Type 1 Diabetes patients are likely to develop celiac disease and hypothyroidism, doctors often suggest these patients a routine screening. It is essential to note that autoimmune diseases can either develop before or after the diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes.

Specialists should check the diabetic patients for celiac disease and thyroid. There are no critical symptoms associated with celiac disease or thyroid, but the Type 1 Diabetes patients are advised to consult with their doctor if they witness unusual symptoms such as changes in glycemic control or weight, improper digestion, and other digestive problems. Our immune system is one of the most vital parts of a human body, as it keeps the body from hazardous organisms including bacteria, viruses, and other microbes. But what’s surprising is the immune system that is designed to preserve our body from the attack of foreign matter can sometimes turn awry and attack the vital organs of our body. When the immune system doesn’t work properly and negatively affect the other tissues and organs of a human body, the autoimmune diseases are likely to happen.

What Causes Autoimmune Diseases in Type 1 Diabetes Patients?

Though the exact reason behind this issue isn’t confirmed yet, research suggests that environmental and genetic factors are the leading causes behind autoimmune ailments. As per the clinical research, it is not diabetes that causes autoimmune problems in teens and kids. There isn’t any proven cause of autoimmune diseases in Type 1 Diabetes patients discovered but genetics are most likely the cause of these ailments.

Studies based on Type 1 Diabetes associated autoimmune diseases discovered that the genetic risk factors had a major influence on celiac disease, thyroid, and other autoimmune ailments. As DNA of an individual passes through several generations, the occurrence of autoimmune diseases in Type 1 Diabetes patients isn’t uncommon. The main reason why it is hard to discover the exact cause behind autoimmune disorders is the complex structure of the human immune system.Diabetologist Doctors in vashi

That’s why the treatment of thyroid, celiac disease, and other immune disorders is challenging. A proper diet, hormone replacement, and anti-inflammatory drugs may relieve the symptoms to some extent but they can’t cure the issue.

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10824467878?profile=originalUntil some years back, cosmetic surgery was thought to be reserved for women only. But now there are a number of plastic surgery for men, which most men nowadays opt taking.   

The most popular procedures for men are:


A nose job may reduce or increase the size of your nose and it can change its angle or shape. The surgery is done within the nostrils, called closed rhinoplasty or it may be done between the nostrils by lifting the skin and this is called open rhinoplasty.  

The type of surgery will depend on the area to be treated. In case the bump at the bridge has to be operated on, your surgeon should remove the cartilage and bone which caused the bump. The nose will then be broken so that the remaining pieces may be put closer.  

If it is about changing how long the nose is, then your surgeon may adjust or reduce the septum. This helps in shrinking the tip of your nose and to reduce its length.   

Otoplasty or ear correction

This is a surgery meant to work on the ear cartilage so that the ear may lie near the head. The operation will be done on the ears which mean that a small scar can be left near the glove found at the side of your head or between the ears. The procedure is done using local anesthesia.

Blepharoplasty or eye reduction

As people grow up, the decreased elasticity within the skin will make the skin to look loose and it will have folds at the upper eyelids. It will form deepening creases at the lower lids. There will also be muscle under the skin which allows the fat to enter and it will make your eyes to look as if they are baggy.

Your vision will improve after blepharoplasty and it will make you look young. The lower eyelid reduction will help with the puffiness and wrinkles.

Male breast reduction

Gynecomastia is the result of glandular tissue which is dense and firm. If the problem is caused by fatty cells, then the doctor will do liposuction. If the problem is because of the glandular tissue, the doctor will cut the tissue out using an incision near the nipple edge.

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How to Motivate Yourself to Go to The Gym?


The importance of workout cannot be emphasized enough. However, gathering the motivation to work out consistently is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hitting the snooze button several times and spending a few more minutes under the duvet may seem like a great way to boost your energy levels and prepare yourself for the day ahead. But, it, in fact, may make you feel drowsier that morning and every other morning.

What’s more, the guilt of not going to the gym, missing the workout, and piling pounds is something that you’ll always regret.

Discussed below are a few tips that’ll help you keep motivated:

1. Get rid of invisible obstacles

Most people find it difficult to drag themselves out of the bed in the morning and go to the gym while a few others, especially those who have joined gym recently tend to skip gym sessions more frequently.

The solution to this problem is to identify all the invisible barriers that prevent you from going to the gym and get rid of those barriers systematically. For instance, you can lay down the gym clothes and prepare the breakfast a night before so that you don’t have to spend time thinking about what you’ll eat or wear the next morning.

 2. Signing a commitment contract

We make promises to ourselves every now and then only to break them at some point. But studies show that we are likely to follow up with the pledges if we put them in front of our friends or family members.

You can write a letter to your sibling or best friend, stating that you vow to go to the gym regularly and that if you default at it, you’ll pay 100 bucks or so to him or her. Then there are several online sites wherein you can create contracts to induce behavioral change. Simply put, people hate losing things and when you sign a commitment contract, you are embarrassed of having friends know you didn’t live up to your word.

3. Track your progress

Keeping track of your fitness goals is a great motivation that will help you get going with the fitness resolution. After going consistently to the gym for a week, weigh yourself and record the progress. It will keep you motivated to go to the gym daily and pursue your goals.


 4. Reward yourself

Give yourself a reward for regularly visiting the gym. It could be as simple as getting yourself a pen, a movie outing, stroll along the beach, etc. Avoid rewarding yourself with food. You should not eat to get high. 

Whether you exercise at gym or home, exercising, should undoubtedly be an essential part of your health style! However, understanding what motivates you to work out is a key to get the most out of it and get closer to your fitness goals! Looking for more fitness tips to keep yourself and your near and dear ones fit and fine? Check out our blog at

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The casualties of the dengue have become so severe that the very word 'Dengue' is sufficient to send chills down the spine. This disease has haunted many suffering patients and western medicine is no sure shot way of healing it. Even after weeks of treatment in the best hospitals, people have died from this disease. So what exactly is dengue? Dengue is a viral fever caused by the bite of a particular type of mosquito. It's symptoms include severe chronic headache, pain in the joint bones, muscle pains, vomiting, morning sickness and others. Can homeopathy medicine cure dengue?


According to latest studies worldwide, when homeopathic medicines were administered to patients with suspected Dengue fever, only a meagre percentage of patients had developed mild symptoms, with the rest showing no signs or symptoms of the disease. Homeopathy medicines have played a great role in the prevention of this deadly disease and its cure. Many media reports have time and again suggested Homeopathy as an effective remedy for Dengue menace.

Homeopathy medicines are extremely helpful in developing antibodies that fight against the virus. It cannot win over these viruses once the dengue has reached final stages but can definitely be used to keep at bay from the disease. Even with all the modern mosquito nets and mosquito repellent sprays, there are high chances that these mosquitoes spread and multiply in high speeds. So isn't it always better to take prevention than to cry when the disease has already occurred? Thus goes the age old proverb which says 'Prevention is better than cure'. Lot of people from around the globe have resorted to homeopathic medicines for taking preventive measures against dengue.

The homeopathy medicines online do not carry any side effects and doesn't affect any other part of the body. It's going to help greatly in increasing the immunity power of the body and thus help in keeping the disease at bay. 

The best part with these medicines is that they do not weaken any part of the body. This happens a lot with other systems of medicines that includes consumption of pills from time to time. Pills can greatly act as excess ingestion of medicine to the body and thus affect the body through various ways like vomiting, headache, bone pain and so on. The homeopathic medicines look like small round tablets which are taken in very less quantities and thus you can rest assured that it won't be having any adverse affect on your body parts. So buy the homeopathic medicines online to prevent the dengue and have the biggest safety net. Homeopathic treatments have got your back if you're looking for some best prevention practices against dengue.

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Arthritis is an ailment that many of us are quite familiar with. It causes a great deal of pain and swelling in the joints, and can actually become debilitating if let go for too long. There are very few medical procedures that can actually do much for arthritis, and this is one reason why seeking Ayurvedic methods is an excellent way to treat arthritis.  This type of medicine focuses on imbalances in your body, and can help your body to treat itself and to restore balance to the damage in your joints. This ancient and tested practices can also help to reverse many of the effects of arthritis, and can let you get back to living your life in a normal way again.

10824464280?profile=originalSo many different Medical Treatments have been dedicated to arthritis, but none of these have come close to eradicating the issues it can cause. This is truly a debilitating issue, and one that causes a great deal of pain. Arthritis can stop you from participating in things that you once loved. And in this regard, it has an effect on other health aspects of your life. If you were very dedicated to a healthy lifestyle that involved exercise prior to getting arthritis, this disease can stop you from participating in your favorite activities. In turn, this can cause you to gain weight or actually to lose Mobility because you’re not using your body as much.

Arthritis can also have a serious effect on your emotional state. Living with pain causes people to become very depressed, and this can further push your body out of balance. You need to reach a state of homeostasis with your psyche and your internal and external forces. This is the only way to truly get back to feeling good in every way possible. When you’re experiencing this type of pain, you’re going to want to find the best

center for arthritis treatment in India.You’re also going to want to consider methods that you’ve already tried, and methods that may be new to you. There are many different healing practices that can be advantageous for those who suffer from this disease.  These are just a few of the symptoms that you might be experiencing prior to treatment:

Pain and Swelling

Arthritis is an inflammatory disease that causes the body to attack the joints. This causes swelling and even some minor cracks in the actual bones. Arthritis can also be caused by traumatic injuries that have caused damage the bones. Some of the most prominent symptoms of arthritis are swelling and pain. Pain will happen whenever you have to bend the joint. This can be found in the hands, feet, knees, and even the shoulders and neck. Arthritis really has no limitations, and it can attack your entire body. The swelling can also be very Troublesome, and can cause pain on an entirely different level.

This is a definite indication of your

doshas being out of balance. It’s very important to seek help from an Ayurvedic doctor to try and get things back on track. With the proper treatment plan and customized options, you can begin to reverse some of this damage and start to understand what a pain free life really feels like.


Living with pain brings depression right along with it. This is another indicator that your psyche and body are becoming completely out of balance. When you begin to get depressed it shows that your emotional status is not where it should be, and this can be caused by living with extended pain.

center for arthritis treatment in India

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Can Asthma be treated with homeopathic Medicine?

Breathing is supposed to be easy and spontaneous, right? Well, not for all though!

There are over 240 million people around the world who cannot easily breathe, and Asthma is a major contributor to this. Adults who have asthma, face issues like not being able to exercise, catch trains or even walk fast. If you are one of those people who silently suffer from this problem, this blog is for you.


You can treat your asthma without side effects!

Traditional treatment of asthma, mainly the inhalers can sometimes have side effects such as muscle weaknesses and enhanced heart rates. Even behavioral changes, nausea, persistent headaches can be caused by these allopathic medicines. These days, kids are even getting addicted to inhalers and this has posed an additional problem for parents.

Homeopathic Medicine for asthma patients can be a secure option for dealing with asthma without having any side effects. They act as an effective support medication for patients suffering from Asthma. Homeopathic medicines won't just treat the disorder, but they treat the patient as a whole and individually. This is mainly because no two individuals will have same symptoms.

Homeopathic treatment makes use of natural and safe medicines depending on the medical information obtained from experimental information and clinical studies. Homeopathic medicines mainly concentrate on the presence of symptoms in an individual and also check what aggravates the condition with respect to posture, time, rest and movement!

The efficiency of homeopathic in treating asthma has been proven through clinical studies. The homeopathic way of treating works on bringing down the frequency, duration and intensity of attacks, and enhances the disorder free period with minimal usage of chemical drugs!

Homeopathic has a holistic approach which involves comprehension of physical and emotional concerns of the sufferer, such as fear and anxiety, loss of a beloved and so on. Situations such as change in the climate, allergy towards dust and pollen are taken into consideration before prescribing a suitable remedy. Natural treatments are administered in order to decrease spasms of the respiratory canal, and is also used in enhancing the overall immunity of the body. Homeopathic medicines will also enhance the ability and ease of breathing, and this can be measured using peak flow meter.

Asthma can be really painful and depressing. Many asthma patients have also been diagnosed with depression and stress. Thus, if you wish to get a permanent and an effective cure for the asthma problems of your child or any beloved suffering from asthma, do not refrain from consulting a homeopathic specialist. If you are looking for asthma treatment without any side effects, homeopathic is your best bet!

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There are a lot of skin diseases like the skin rashes, skin itching, fungal infections, dry skin, patchy skin, red rashes on skin and so on which'll not only have an impact on your health but also make your skin look old and lifeless! There are English medicines for skin diseases, and then there are Ayurvedic treatments. Anyone would get confused about which one to go for. To answer this question, you must first know how effective is Ayurvedic treatment for your skin diseases. Here's all you need to know!


1) Ayurvedic treatments fight the cause!

Ayurvedic treatments do not focus on one time healing and fighting of skin diseases. By applying a cream or a cosmetic, you may get rid of patches or flaky skin, but what would happen next? It repeats! You'll start seeing rashes or flakes again very soon. Why does this happen? Because a lot of English medicines and cosmetic products only cater to solve the effects! But until the cause is left untreated, chances are you'll face these issues repeatedly! Ayurveda takes more time to heal only because it focuses on treating the cause! It'll remove the problems from the roots so you'll never have to face the same issues over and over again! So if you've got any skin disease, sign up for some of the best Ayurvedic treatment in Mumbai that'll fight the cause and give you a peace of mind for long time!

2) Inclusion of the magic ingredient - Turmeric

It is a known fact that pure skin is one that glows. It means that the blood inside the body must be pure which'll keep the skin glowing. Almost all Ayurvedic treatment in Mumbai or any other city for that matter contains Turmeric as the active ingredient. Turmeric has properties that'll fight the skin problems by purifying the bloodstream. A pure and healthy bloodstream will keep you away from hundreds of skin problems.

3) Ayurveda gives you permanent solutions

Why do people sign up for ayurvedic treatments even when they're aware that it is going to take more time to heal? It's mainly because Ayurveda removes the problem from its roots and thus gives a permanent solution. Which seems like a better option for you? Taking cosmetic creams that'll fight the problems' effects? (Results shall be only until you face the problem again) or Ayurvedic treatment which'll provide a solution once and for all? Take your pick between the two! A little more investment of time and patience will give you best results and a permanent solution to all your cues on skin problems.

So, what are you waiting for? Got a skin problem? Ring up the nearest Ayurvedic treatment in Mumbai and find a permanent solution to your problem. Look no further and give no more space to confusions! Because it's always wiser to fight the cause than the effect? As by doing so, you'll not face the same issue again!

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Why You Need To Check Into A Rehab Center

Alcohol detox and rehab is one of the first steps if you need to fight alcohol addiction. Further, it is also the best way of stopping permanently from drinking. Detoxing is part of alcohol rehab which helps remove it from your body. You have to understand why you need to check into a rehab center. Here experts help manage the addiction since the withdrawal effects from alcohol can become dangerous.


Once your system becomes free from alcohol, then rehab can begin. It includes treatment, counseling, and therapy. These are to help address the underlying issues which arise from alcohol addiction. It is focused on breaking your drink-related habits. Further, it contributes to developing new behaviors and ways of thinking.

Understanding withdrawal and alcohol rehab

You need expert help if you are to undergo rehab. It is important because of the aforementioned side effects. Alcohol mostly likely sedates your nervous system. Your brain also adapts by producing stimulant chemicals. The moment you stop drinking suddenly, these chemicals will still be produced. It will make your body go into a form of shock.

So, it is essential to go looking for affordable detox retreat in Prescott, AZ where you are to get holistic treatment.  The physical and psychological results from alcohol addiction are usually quite mild or severe extreme. Physical side effects include trembling, nausea, fever, vomiting, bowel problems and seizures. Some of the psychological include anxiety, insomnia, panic, confusion, and hallucinations.

It is imperative to ask for professional help if you are to manage alcohol detox and rehab. At a rehab center, you are safe from health risks. You will also get help to control your alcohol craving. Additionally, having an addiction put a strain on your relationships. Friends and family might want to help, but they might lack the skills to help you struggle with the situation.

What alcohol rehab entails?

Professional rehab facilities operate 24 hours to offer help to people with drinking problems. It begins with an expert assessment. It is to help evaluate your needs and understand the best solution for your alcohol rehab treatment. These facilities have both inpatient and outpatient services. 

Detoxing usually takes about 7 to 10 days. You will be prescribed medication to help with managing any withdrawal symptoms. It helps remove alcohol from your system completely. You will also get more treatment, counseling, and therapy.Alcohol addiction does not only stop at physical dependency, but measures also have to be done to curb the habit in the long term.  

At the rehab center, you are helped to assess why you might be drinking too much in the first place. You are to get ideas on how you can change the way you behave and think. Further, remedies will be offered to prevent you from falling back into your old ways. When it’s time to leave rehab, you will continue getting aftercare services. You will continue to get treatment and support from the facility even after you have left the center.

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25 Easy and Fast Weight Loss Tips | Sehat


Amidst all the dieting myths and fad diets, it is important to understand the benefits of watchful eating and exercising for weight loss. Below are some quick and handy ways to speed up the metabolism that in turn help in quick weight reduction:

1)    Consume green tea: 

A recent study has demonstrated that green tea contains metabolism enhancing antioxidants called catechins. The consumption of green tea helps in the burning of 70 additional calories in a 24-hour period.


2) Consume optimal salt: 

Consumption of more sodium than required contributes to water retention. This in turn can lead to bloating of the body. The suggested intake of salt must be less than or equal to 2400 milligrams per day.

3) Indulge in strength training: 

Strength training may include push-ups, squats or lunges. It also involves use of free weights to perform simple bicep curls or triceps pulls even at home. This is known to build lean muscle tissue, thus burning more calories.

4) Get good sleep: 

Study suggests that getting a full 8 hours of sleep contributes to a better metabolism rate in women as compared to less than 4 hours of sleep. This in turn can contribute to quick shedding of weight.


5) Make happy hours healthy: 

The after lunch/dinner happy hours can be made healthy by walking and running around instead of indulging in night-outs. This simple trick has been shown to reduce about 40 pounds in a year.

6) Get an optimal breakfast: 

It is recommended to have a balanced breakfast that amounts to about 300 calories. There are recorded experiences which state that consuming a healthy mix of proteins and whole grains at breakfast help to control hunger throughout the day.

7) Have an evening walk: 

Exercise at any time is always considered good for the body. However, evening workouts/ walk can improve the metabolism rate before dinner. It can in turn reduce the possibility of the dinner calories saturating in the hip area.


8) Have every meal: 

Skipping meals and starving for a long period can slow down the metabolic rate of our body. It is recommended to have optimal meals in a timely manner. If there is a possibility of meals getting skipped, having an energy bar or a piece of fruit instead is advised.

9) Avoid calories in a glass: 

Alcoholic beverages provide few nutrients but may contribute to unwanted weight gain. Calories in tea, coffee, cola (simple and refined sugars) pose a serious challenge to those trying to stay fit.

10) Drink enough water: 

It is one of the most commonly recommended tips for ensuring a quick calorie burn. It is advised to consume 64 ounces of water, or at least 8 glasses a day.


11) Indulge in fun activities like Zumba: 

Taking Zumba classes about twice a week have proved effective in toning down the leg muscles and abs. It also provides a quick cardio workout and helps in weight reduction.

12) Increase veggie content of diet: 

Consuming more vegetables in routine foods makes one feel full more quickly. This in turn refrains us from consuming calorie-full foods like chips or deserts.

13) Consume hot pepper: 

It has been observed that consuming hot spicy peppers can improve body metabolism, which in turn can help reduce calories. This is because peppers contain a specific compound which helps to release body stress hormones. Hot peppers can also help to control food cravings.



14) Reduce consumption of sugar and starches: 

Controlling sugar and starch intake reduces insulin secretion by the body. As insulin is a major source of fat storage, bringing it down in turn releases fat. This helps in burning of fat instead of the body carbs. Lowering insulin also results in the kidneys shedding excess of salt and water, thereby helping to lose weight.

15) Drop off the smoking habit: 

Quitting smoking has been shown to reduce the extra pounds quickly. By getting rid of the smoking habit, one may feel healthier and can drop up to 37 pounds in 3 months.

16) Practice Yoga: 

Yoga has proved to be an effective way to ensure weight loss in a healthy manner.



17) Control the fast food intake: 

While indulging in junk eatables and fast food items, it is recommended to limit the quantity to a small meal/item. This way, one gets to relish these eatables, while limiting their harmful effects.

18) Make room for desserts: 

One can still go ahead with having a quick glass of wine or a treat of chocolate, if one indulges in healthy snacks like carrot and hummus first. Experience has shown that you can reduce up to 20 pounds in 3 months by this simple principle.

19) Refrain from nighttime eating: 

Avoiding eating after 6.30 pm for about 5 days a week has been shown to reduce weight quickly.

20) Take dog for a walk: 

This activity, even if for 10 minutes, has shown to add up resulting in quick weight loss.


21) Practice cleansing ritual of food items: 

This can be practiced by replacing the foods that we overindulge in, with some healthy substitutes. Stocks of ice-cream can be substituted by low calorie snacks like roasted sunflower seeds or Special K Chocolatey Delight cereal.

22) Practice intermediate exercises: 

This technique can ensure burning of extra calories. Small bouts of exercise like jumping jacks or crunches while watching TV or dancing while doing utensils can help in toning down while burning calories.

23) Listen to music: 

Listening to a favorite musical while gyming has shown to improve the working- out capacity, while helping to pump in more energy.


24) Consume more fibrous content: 

Fibre supplements like glucomannan can help reduce weight, especially around the belly area. Glucomann is a water soluble dietary supplement available in drink mixes and some food products like pasta and flours.

25) Use smaller plates: 

As strange as it may sound, using small plates has been shown to reduce intake of food.

Sehat providing latest health news and articles, and help you find Weight Loss Program Procedure Doctors in your city to assist you in identifying and treating the obese or over weight problem.

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5 Simple Exercises to Ease Knee Stiffness

Are you dealing with soreness or stiffness in your knees? The knee pain can become unbearable when overlooked. Find out some exercise to ease your problem.

For years you have been doing so much with your knees. Running, stooping, kneeling and so on. It is the overuse of the joints and muscles which can lead to knee stiffness. Along this, with each passing year your knees start growing old. And not to forget there are several medical conditions like arthritis and many other which could be the cause of a stiff knee. Hence, if you are experiencing achy, creaky, or weak knee, it is first important to discover the real cause of knee pain.

Generally, it is advised to maintain a healthy diet plan and follow some exercise schedule to keep stiffness at bay. Besides it is also recommended to add up some herbal solutions to keep your joints young and healthy. You can consider Jod Rakshak for this purpose. Being a full-proof and ayurvedic solution to aching joints, it simply helps you keep your knees free from pain and stiffness. Meanwhile, there are some exercises to incorporate in your routine, which will be of great use in preventing both stiffness and injury.

10824453897?profile=originalHave a sneak peek at 5 such exercises you can do at home easily:

Straight Leg Lift

Lay down on a mat and with your right leg straight, start bending your left leg keeping the foot flat on the floor. Now slowly start lifting your right leg about a foot off the floor, keeping the thigh muscles tight. You need to hold the position for three to five seconds, and then slowly lower your leg to the floor. Then repeat the lift with keeping left leg straight and this time your right leg will bent.

Quadriceps Stretch

Simply stand and hold onto the back of a chair. Now start lifting your one foot while grab your ankle to bring the heel toward your buttocks. You have to retain your body in the same position for 30 seconds. During this you will feel the pull in your quadriceps muscle. Just keep your knees together and when you feel a ‘pull’ in your thigh, stop it slowly. Afterwards repeat the same with your other leg.

Wall Squats

With your back against the wall you need to spread your feet. Make it about a shoulder-width apart to perform this exercise. Now bend your knees in a way to lower your body, meanwhile keeping your back against the wall. Remember, you don’t need to bend it more than a 30-degree angle. Count for 10 and then raise yourself to starting position.

Caution: If your knee pains doing this, stop doing it.

Hamstring Stretch

You have to sit with your back straight and tall. Slowly relax your feet keeping your legs straight. With your hands palms down on the floor start sliding them toward your ankles slowly. Keep yourself in the same position for around 30 seconds and you will feel the pull in your hamstring muscles, behind your knees, and at the back of your thighs. You need to avoid locking your knees.

Aquatic Kicks

For this exercise you need to visit a pool. Actually, it takes an advantage of the buoyancy of water, and significantly relieves stress from your joints. All you need to do is hold onto the side of the pool, leaving your legs to float. Now slowly and gently kick your legs. This will lead to stretch in your hamstrings and quadriceps. Removing the added tension of gravity, this produces great results.

While these work some exercise to get rid of stiff joints, it is also recommended to add any low-impact activity, might be a brisk walk, to warm up your muscles. You can do it daily for five to 10 minutes initially, followed by the afore-stated exercises. In any case, the pain or stiffness exists for longer duration, do consult an expert.



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