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Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Delhi

Are you embarrassed by excessive hair growth on your body and looking for ways to get rid of unsightly hair? Now, there is no need to feel embarrassed as you can use the best laser hair removal treatment in Delhi. Just a few sessions, and your skin will look smoother and silk-like with excess hair removed. Dr. Rohit Batra is an expert and experienced specialist who uses technologically advanced treatment options to give the best results to the patients. Laser Hair Removal is a scientifically proven method to get rid of excess hair from the body & face. It works well on full-body as well as specific parts of the body. Get in touch with the clinic today and get the treatment to flaunt your flawless skin.

Address: Q-4, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi - 110027
Contact: +91 9911100050

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Veda5 is one of the most reputed Ayurveda, Panchakarma and Yoga retreats in India where nature meets luxury meets wellness.

Veda5 offers luxurious rooms with many modern amenities to high-quality mud huts and meditation caves for the guests seeking unique wellness experiences.

Relax, heal & rejuvenate in luxury at Veda5 in Rishikesh, India with authentic Ayurveda and Panchakarma treatments, Yoga training and classes, guided meditation sessions, swimming pool, picturesque trekking, healthy yet delicious food, high-quality rooms and lots of options for relaxation and sightseeing surrounded by beautiful nature.


Many guests from around the world have given Veda5 top ratings for their authentic Ayurveda, Panchakarma and Yoga retreats in Rishikesh. Veda5 offers Panchakarma package, Yoga & Ayurveda package, Signature AyurYog (Ayurvedic Cleansing) package, Ayurveda Rejuvenation package, Detox & De-Stress package, Organic Weight Loss package, Sleep Well retreats, Meditation retreats, Women retreats & Spiritual retreats.


Veda5 Ayurveda, Panchakarma & Yoga retreat, resort and luxury hotel in Rishikesh is situated amidst the freshness & beauty of Himalayas. The wellness retreat is run by highly-experienced doctors and offer authentic treatments and customized care for each guest. Veda5 Yoga and Meditation retreats are led by experts and the sessions range from gentle to vigorous to stretch, strengthen, balance and improve the body and mind.



Veda5 has received Tripadvisor’s 2019 Certificate of Excellence. On Tripadvisor, Veda5 Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat is ranked amongst the top hotels in Rishikesh. Many guests from around the world have rated Veda5 as an excellent Ayurveda, Panchakarma & Yoga retreat, resort and luxury hotel in Rishikesh, India.

Veda5 in Rishikesh is architecturally well-designed with natural, healthy and luxurious living in mind and is well-appointed with modern amenities in the rooms, showers, Ayurveda and Panchakarma center, yoga center and other areas to meet and exceed the standards of a luxury wellness destination.



Come and explore the treasures of ages and wisdom of sages at the best retreat in Rishikesh, Veda5.

For details and bookings, please visit Veda5's website

Veda5 looks forward to hosting you soon!
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Liposuction is the procedure in which extra fat is removed from the body through surgical means. Many people suffer from stubborn fat that isn’t affected even by gym and diet. For such people, the liposuction procedure comes as the best possible solution. VASER liposuction surgery is considered the best technique for liposuction in Delhi. If you are looking for the best liposuction in Delhi then contact Divine Cosmetics now.

Liposuction has become quite famous recently because of the ease it provides for removing fat and makes the patient look slimmer without much effort. Here, we will discuss the liposuction procedure and all other factors related to it. You can undergo liposuction on various parts of the body to make them look slimmer and more in shape.

Why do people opt for liposuction?

This is a common curiosity why people opt for liposuction. There can be various reasons behind it. Let's discuss a few of them.

·       To enhance body shape

Due to the accumulation of excess body fat in several body parts, people lose their body shape. This also makes them self-conscious. To get rid of excess fat and get the desired body shape people undergo VASER liposuction surgery.

·       To enhance confidence

People who are suffering from low self-esteem and lack of confidence due to excess fat also undergo this surgery. If you also want to get the best liposuction in Delhi then contact Dr. Amit Gupta now.

·       Due to medical conditions

Right now one-third of the population in the world is suffering from obesity. Overweight BMI is also a very common issue. That’s why some people opt for VASER liposuction surgery to resolve their medical issues.

·       To become physically more active

People with excess fat are likely to be less physically active. In such a condition, VASER liposuction surgery can help to remove extra fat and let the person live a normal healthy lifestyle.

On which body parts liposuction can be performed?

VASER liposuction surgery can be performed on various body parts to get rid of excess fat.

·       Abdomen

·       Neck

·       Love handles

·       Upper arms

·       Buttocks

·       Back

·       Face

·       Under chin

·       Thighs

·       Chests

·       Calves and ankles

So yes, you can undergo VASER liposuction surgery in almost every part of the body to get the appearance you have always desired for. Dr. Amit Gupta is one of the best liposuction surgeons in Delhi who has expertise in VASER liposuction surgery. For the best liposuction in Delhi contact us now.

VASER liposuction procedure

Let's discuss the VASER liposuction surgery in more detail here to understand it better.

Before Surgery

First, it is very important to contact a board-certified surgeon for undergoing VASER liposuction surgery. You should discuss your treatment plan in full detail with your doctor like precautions during the procedure, cost of the surgery, etc. You should make your expectations from the procedure clear for the doctor to avoid any mishaps later. The patient should also undergo all the necessary medical check-ups to ensure its eligibility for undergoing VASER liposuction surgery.

Also, be mindful of discussing every important detail regarding your medical history with your doctor. Before choosing the surgeon you should also check all the work history of the doctor to be sure that you’re landing in experienced hands. Dr. Amit Gupta is regarded as one of the well-known surgeons of Delhi, and he has expertise in liposuction in Delhi.

Before VASER liposuction surgery prevent any kind of consumption of harmful medication or intoxication like smoking or alcohol. Also, it is advised to avoid losing weight before surgery or doing crash diets.

Surgery procedure

Liposuction is the removal of fat by the process of negative suction pressure. Tumescent liposuction is the most famous trend in the current time.

VASER liposuction surgery is done with the assistance of an ultrasound machine. The mechanism follows the principle of converting electric energy into sound energy. The surgeon makes an incision in the ‘to be operated’ body part and inserts the cannula. Then, the cannula is controlled to do rapid back and forth motion to loosen fat. Then, the fat is removed by the suction pressure. Later, the surgeon closes the sutures.

It is advised to not wear tight clothes during the surgery. Also contacting someone who can take care of you during the surgery should be on your priority list. Avoid shaving the part undergoing surgery because it can create an infection. Though the doctor provides anesthesia for the patient but in the case of local anesthesia try to be calm and relaxed, if you feel any discomfort then discuss it with your doctor right away. During the surgery, doctors make small incisions to operate, to be mindful of making these in more unnoticeable areas.

Book your complimentary assessment at 9811994417

After Surgery

The recovery speed is higher in Vaser Liposuction surgery still the period can differ depending upon the individual. Except for some mild discomforts no severe issues are seen after the surgery and for these mild discomforts, the doctor prescribes suitable medication.

Generally, you should avoid any vigorous activity after the surgery. It is advised to keep yourself distanced from alcohol and smoking. After surgery, it is important to wear a compression garment as often as possible. Most importantly, remember to stay hydrated and follow the prescription provided by the doctor. Excessive physical activities which can cause fatigue have also abstained.

Is VASER liposuction surgery safe?

VASER liposuction surgery is completely a safe procedure with almost zero side effects. VASER liposuction surgery has a faster recovery rate. It is also proven that VASER liposuction surgery causes less blood loss. It is also proven to give better body contouring results after the surgery. But it is very important to contact a board-certified plastic surgeon for the surgery. That’s why I recommend you consult Dr. Amit Gupta if you are willing to get the best liposuction in Delhi.

At Divine Cosmetics, we have a team of experts who have pledged to provide the best liposuction in Delhi to its patients. Contact us at 9811994417 for the best liposuction, tummy tuck in Delhi!


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Are you bored with how your skin appears? Well, there are techniques to give it a new life. Your skin’s natural baby look can be back with techniques like chemical peels. It is a technique that can improve the appearance of your skin. A chemical solution is put on the skin. It causes the skin to exfoliate and later beef off. The new skin looks smooth and it is free from wrinkles. The new skin is more sensitive to the sun on a temporary basis.

There are three types of chemical peel:

  1. Superficial peels- Superficial peel is designed to help smooth rough, dry skin, improve the texture of sun-damaged skin, and even out skin tone. The recovery is generally rapid and usually consists of minor flaking.
  2. Medium peel- Medium peels often contain higher levels stronger acids. Glycolic acid is put on the skin so as to penetrate the middle layers of skin. It removes damaged skin cells. This is good for pigmentation, scars, acne scars, wrinkles and uneven skin.
  3. Deep Peels-Deep peels produce the most dramatic results. This peel is recommended for treating wrinkles, scars, blemishes and, in some cases, precancerous skin lesions.

What must be done before considering a chemical peel?

It is always advisable to consult a dermatologist first before taking up the decision to try a chemical peel.

Chemical peel treatment is effective for:

  • Pigmentation
  • Acne
  • Acne Scars
  • Detaining
  • Fine Lines
  • Dull Skin
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Minor scarring

For more details about Chemical Peels Treatment visit:

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How Much Does Scar Removal Cost In India?

Every individual has the innate desire to look picture-perfect. While beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, the craving for flawless skin is unbeatable. Irrespective of age or sex, religion, or ethnicity, we human beings aspire to have scar-free spotless skin throughout our life. But, unfortunately, the skin ages and at a faster speed than your biological age, often. Pimples and acne are common issues that Indians face caused due to several reasons. The worst part is that these two skin disorders leave ugly-looking scars behind. Scars can also result from injuries, surgeries, burns, etc. The good part is that scars can be treated effectively by expert skin specialist in India. Dr. Rohit Batra at the DermaWorld Skin & Hair Clinic, Delhi is a dermatology doctor par excellence offering customized treatment plans to patients to deal with scar marks & scars.

Many people are scared of going to a dermatologist because they assume that the cost of acne scar treatment in Delhi will be exorbitantly high. But, that is not true. Amateurs and inexperienced doctors or clinics that do not specialize in offering such treatment may quote unreasonable prices.

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Acne Scar Treatment in Gurgaon

Acne is a very common skin issue which is confronted by lots of teenagers and adults. This chiefly befalls because the oil glands are obstructed and the swelling, which takes, place due to this. Very often these acnes will leave perpetual scars on the face of the individual. Acne scar treatments will be required so as to eradicate these scars. The devastation and tissue injury that results in acne scars leads to a gamut of changes that emphasize on the skin. Pitted holes similar to ice pick marks, bowl like depressions, red marks, dark brown spots and swollen thickened keloid tissue all signify changes that can be because of acne scars. If you have a requirement for acne scar treatment, set up a consultation with your dermatologist who can suggest those that would be best for you. If you have blemishing left behind from severe acne you will be eyeing for the finest acne scar treatment for you. At Nangia Skin Care Clinik, you can get the paramount treatment according to your condition. This renowned establishment acts as a one-stop destination serving customers both local and from other portions of Gurgaon. Nangia Skin Care Clinik offers treatment for all kinds of skin, nail and hair disorders. Visit:

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10824467682?profile=originalIt is now possible to get rid of the spider veins with the use of laser treatment. This treatment will improve how you look and it comes with many benefits. The treatment can also be used to treat veins and capillaries on the nose and face.

There are different reasons that cause spider veins like heredity, pregnancy and long periods of standing. If the veins are not treated, they can continue to get enlarged and in the end, they will lead to blood clots and poor wound healing.  This is most especially if the spider veins are found on the feet and legs.

How does it work?

The laser vein treatment will target the hemoglobin which is the component of the blood that allows tracing of the blood vessels using laser light pulse. As energy from the laser gets absorbed into the blood vessels, heat will be created so the vessel wall gets destroyed. Veins die and the body clears its tissue away as it clears out a bruise. The treatment using laser will not require any downtime, it carries a low risk and there is no need to use anesthetics.  Any person, regardless of the color of the skin, can use the treatment

How long it will take to get results

The response to the treatment is different from one person to another. For some, it may take only a few days and for others, it will take months.

How many treatments you will need

It will depend on the severity and number of spider veins you have. One, two or three treatments may be enough for many patients.  

Will the veins come back after the treatment?

When the vein gets destroyed and absorbed by the body, it will be gone completely.   However, new spider veins may also develop once again. Whenever there is any new developing vein, it will be treated faster.

How much does the treatment cost?

The cost will be based on the number of veins you have and how long the doctor will take to treat them.  Some treatments can only take 15 minutes.

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MND or Motor Neuron Diseases are fatal and neurodegenerative. Motor neurons are the nerve cells controlling the muscles for body movement. They play a vital role in carrying the signals from the brain to the muscles for performing particular action. If the neurons do not function properly, the patients feel severe problems even in the simple movements like walking, standing, speaking, and turning. This medical condition leads to MND. The researchers are studying the impact of different therapeutic approaches on the treatment of this disease. Stem cells have become a potential cure though they affect Motor Neuron Disease treatment cost quite significantly.


The Types of Motor Neuron Disease:

The treatment of this disease begins by ascertaining the type of MND affecting a patient. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS is a condition affecting lower and upper Motor Neurons. On the other hand, Progressive Muscular Atrophy or PMA affects lower neurons in the spinal cord while Progressive Bulbar Palsy or PBP affect lower neurons of the brain stem. Apart from these, Primary Lateral Sclerosis or PLS is a condition affecting only the lower neurons.

It is difficult to ascertain the cause of MND. When the cells in the brain stem get dysfunctional, the motor neurons get damaged and affect the movement of a patient’s body.

Progression Made By Stem Cell Therapy in MND Treatment:

An intensive research has been made to ascertain the effectiveness of stem cell therapy in treatment of motor neuron diseases. This therapy focuses on the changes occurring simultaneously in the body. It helps in finding a treatment that can repair the damaged neurons and reverse the impact of disablement. In this regard, treatment using autologous bone marrow-derived Mesenchymal stem cells may prove effective for neuroprotection, immunomodulation, and neuroregeneration.

MND is a disease caused when the cells in the nervous system are severely damaged. It is quite a challenge to access these cells. The researchers are trying to transform the skin cells into iPS or induced pluripotent stem cells that are artificially reprogrammed. They used these cells for generating motor neurons and understanding human cells in an effective manner. Motor neuron disease treatment cost using stem cells may be high. But, if this treatment becomes successful, it will be a breakthrough in the field of medicine.

However, there are some challenges as well in this process. The circuits within the nervous system are complex and they have been refined for enabling control over movements after years of research. When new cells are transplanted into these circuits, it is hard to predict their behaviour because they still need to learn their part in the system.

Mostly, the studies related to the use of MSCs for treatment of motor neuron diseases are focused on the ability of these cells to cause regeneration of motor neurons.

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A flawless and beautiful looking skin is a virtue that every woman strives to have and is also admired. The most important that reflects beauty is our skin. Women wear makeup to enhance the natural skin and have an elegant look.

However, as age grows there are some visible signs of ageing that start appearing in various parts of face. Similarly there might be acne scars that remain even after the acne is minimized. There are several other skin problems such as dark circles and hollows appearing under eyes, lost complexion of skin due to exposure to excess heat, dryness of sin and much more.

There are cosmetic treatments that help women to have a supple, plumped and even surface of skin removing various skin problems. These might be non-surgical processes or surgeries designed according to particular diagnosis of each patient.

  • Botox treatment: In this procedure surgeons inject a small dosage of pure protein below the skin in the areas that might have lines and wrinkles. The injected dosage paralyzes the muscles as the signals between nerves and muscles would be nullified. Thus patients can get a plump skin and wrinkles would be removed.
  • Filler Treatment: Surgeons inject dermal fillers in designed dosage as per amount of lines, wrinkles and overlying saggy skin on various parts of patient’s face. These fillers form sufficient volume and provide better contour to facial parts.
  • Lip Augmentation: If patient’s lips are too small, surgeons inject fillers so that to gain a fuller look to lips. This procedure helps to increase the volume of lips and make them in proper proportion.

Skin treatment cost mainly depends on the procedure chosen, experience of surgeon, number of areas to be treated and location of clinic.

See Our YouTube Video (Dark Circles & Pigmentation Treatment in Delhi by Dr. Ajaya Kashyap):

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5 Ways To Ease Hangover

Hangover is the mini withdrawal symptoms that the body experiences when alcohol intake is stopped. When a person drinks alcohol in large quantities, their body gets accustomed to this new fluid. However, as the person sleeps, the flow of alcohol into the body is stopped. Since the body has now become accustomed to the new fluid, its absence is now dealt with the body differently. When the person wakes up, he can feel nausea, headache and will feel more sensitive to lights and sound. These are the withdrawal symptoms experienced by the body.

There are many ways to ease hangover. However, any method mentioned below will not result in the immediate subsiding of hangover. Hangover treatment isn’t difficult, but it requires patience as the process itself takes time. A person can combat hangover by doing various things. Anti Hangover Pills work great when taken 40-45 minutes before drinking alcohol. Staying hydrated is another method. 

Here are 5 ways to ease hangover-

  1. Hydrated- Staying hydrated is the key. As alcohol is a diuretic fluid, it makes the body get rid of water. As the body uses most of the water in the synthesis of alcohol, not much water is left. This absence of water causes hangover. Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water reduces effect of hangover. People must also take note that if they are going to bed inebriated, they must drink at least 200 Ml of water before sleeping. This intake of water would make sure that the body has minimum amounts of water level in the body.10824465889?profile=original
  2. Medicines- There are many medicines available in the market. These medicines suppress the effects of hangover and provide relief. Anti hangover pills can be divided into two parts- 
    • Taken before the drinks- These types of medicines is the best way to combat hangover. Taking a pill at least 40-45 minutes prior to having drinks is advisable. These pills must be taken in an empty stomach to maximize their effect.
    • Taken during hangover- Hangover treatment isn’t well endorsed by such medicines. These medicines are pain relievers that relieve the person from headache and nausea. 
  3. Sports Drinks- Our body synthesizes alcohol with the help of electrolytes. The balance of electrolytes in our body is essential for the normal functioning of our organs. As alcohol is synthesized by our body, electrolytes are used up. These electrolytes must be replenished. Sports drinks such as Gatorade have electrolytes. They help combat hangover by replenishing the body.
  4. Smart Drinking- Drinking a diluted drink is always advisable. This increases the water content in the body and decreases the alcohol level. As the body receives more water and less alcohol, less body fluid is used in the synthesis of alcohol. Also, eating crispy and greasy food items while drinking is also advisable as it helps in breakdown of alcohol.
  5. Not Drinking- Not drinking is probably the only way to not experience a hangover. However, it is always not possible to say no.  
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After giving birth, the mother remains happy and excited about having a child forever. The same can’t be said about their body! Of course within just few months of time, they absolutely start becoming tired of their body for sure. Now this is a problem.

They cannot come to terms with the changes that their body has to go through. As a result they completely become depressed and start adjusting with the same. This mentally breaks them further.

But then again, there is a solution to all of these for sure. And it is none other than the mommy makeover surgery. This surgery has recently started making itself evident of course. One must completely realize that this can help a woman post pregnancy in more than one possible way.

One must realize though, that this surgery is a combination of many surgeries and treatments together. The best specialists can educate the people on the same of course! Knowing about all these procedures is exceptionally necessary for the people.

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The various surgeries involved:

Following are the various surgeries that are involved in the process of mommy makeover surgery:

  • The tummy tuck surgery: This is most definitely one of the most necessary surgeries of course. The tummy tuck surgery is one of the surgeries that help the people with the best results when it comes to removal of excess and sagging skin from the tummy area. There are 4 types of the same and one can choose the best that suits them.
  • The breast lift surgery: This is of course one of the most essential as well. After the few months, the enlarged breasts start to lose its milk most definitely. And then the breasts start the shape and starts sagging. It is this time when this mommy makeover surgery can help the women. It helps them in getting through with the breast lift surgery and helps with great results for sure!
  • Liposuction: Often it is a trend for the new mother to gain weight and fat in the body. It is because of this the liposuction is essential. It helps them get rid of the most stubborn fat that makes a place of its own in the few areas nevertheless. Of course, this is one reason why the people must get through with the mommy makeover surgery for sure.
  • Cellulite treatment: There is no doubt in the fact that the skin obviously loses a lot of cellulite and this needs proper restoration. With this process, this is of course one possibility for sure. One must take the best possible advantages of the same. With the best mommy makeover surgery people can surely get through with the most amazing results.

One must look for good doctors in Delhi, India to understand more about this process for sure!

We are a trust-worthy group assisting foreign patients with affordable treatment; contact us at +91-9818369662 or |

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Dark circles visible around eyes can be a sign of ageing or can be caused due to excess stress or heredity. This phenomenon causes an awkward and unnecessary older looks for women.

  • There are many cosmetic creams and facial creams and scrubs for reducing dark circles however their results may vary person to person.
  • There are some other laser treatments for gently removing the upper layer of skin to reduce dark coloring of this portion around the eyes.
  • Chemical peeling can be used for reducing under eye dark circles. This process can also reduce fine lines around eyes and signs remaining after a laser or light treatment can also be removed by chemical peeling.
  • After these treatments it is advised to avoid exposure to direct sunlight for lasting results.
  • Cosmetic surgery for dark circles treatment is known as blepharoplasty. This surgery also treats drooping and sagging skin, removal or displacement of fat deposits to reduce the baggy look around eyes especially on lower eyelids is also possible by this surgery.
  • This surgery is usually an outpatient procedure that is completed in some hours. Patients are administered anesthesia to avoid experience of any pain due to incisions and fat displacement during the surgery.
  • Dark circles treatment cost mainly depends on the amount of area to be treated, expertise of surgeon, anesthesia charges and some other costs.
  • The treatment for dark circles depends mainly on the reasons. Fighting and minimizing some allergies can also bring relief from dark circles in some cases.
  • Patients that face the problem of dark circles are advised to sleep keeping their head straight. This avoids flow of fluids pooling under the eyes.
  • Getting some additional sleep can also help reduce dark circles as this habit can release any mental stress much effectively.
  • Sometimes eye creams with retinol, Vitamin C, K and E can be effective for reducing dark circles.

For more details about under eye dark circle treatment visit:

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Best Hair Transplant in Bangalore

Looking for Hair Transplant? Choose one of the best Hair Transplant Clinics in Bangalore, compare prices, patient reviews, and availability. Find the Best Price for Hair Transplant in Bangalore. Compare cost of Hair Transplant treatment at all the clinics and take informed decision. is the chief online portal to get hair transplant in Bangalore. Compare the best hair transplant surgeons, clinics & treatment for your hair loss. Nhtindia lists the several hair transplant clinics in its penal which allows you to choose the best among all.


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Arthritis is an ailment that many of us are quite familiar with. It causes a great deal of pain and swelling in the joints, and can actually become debilitating if let go for too long. There are very few medical procedures that can actually do much for arthritis, and this is one reason why seeking Ayurvedic methods is an excellent way to treat arthritis.  This type of medicine focuses on imbalances in your body, and can help your body to treat itself and to restore balance to the damage in your joints. This ancient and tested practices can also help to reverse many of the effects of arthritis, and can let you get back to living your life in a normal way again.

10824464280?profile=originalSo many different Medical Treatments have been dedicated to arthritis, but none of these have come close to eradicating the issues it can cause. This is truly a debilitating issue, and one that causes a great deal of pain. Arthritis can stop you from participating in things that you once loved. And in this regard, it has an effect on other health aspects of your life. If you were very dedicated to a healthy lifestyle that involved exercise prior to getting arthritis, this disease can stop you from participating in your favorite activities. In turn, this can cause you to gain weight or actually to lose Mobility because you’re not using your body as much.

Arthritis can also have a serious effect on your emotional state. Living with pain causes people to become very depressed, and this can further push your body out of balance. You need to reach a state of homeostasis with your psyche and your internal and external forces. This is the only way to truly get back to feeling good in every way possible. When you’re experiencing this type of pain, you’re going to want to find the best

center for arthritis treatment in India.You’re also going to want to consider methods that you’ve already tried, and methods that may be new to you. There are many different healing practices that can be advantageous for those who suffer from this disease.  These are just a few of the symptoms that you might be experiencing prior to treatment:

Pain and Swelling

Arthritis is an inflammatory disease that causes the body to attack the joints. This causes swelling and even some minor cracks in the actual bones. Arthritis can also be caused by traumatic injuries that have caused damage the bones. Some of the most prominent symptoms of arthritis are swelling and pain. Pain will happen whenever you have to bend the joint. This can be found in the hands, feet, knees, and even the shoulders and neck. Arthritis really has no limitations, and it can attack your entire body. The swelling can also be very Troublesome, and can cause pain on an entirely different level.

This is a definite indication of your

doshas being out of balance. It’s very important to seek help from an Ayurvedic doctor to try and get things back on track. With the proper treatment plan and customized options, you can begin to reverse some of this damage and start to understand what a pain free life really feels like.


Living with pain brings depression right along with it. This is another indicator that your psyche and body are becoming completely out of balance. When you begin to get depressed it shows that your emotional status is not where it should be, and this can be caused by living with extended pain.

center for arthritis treatment in India

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Can Asthma be treated with homeopathic Medicine?

Breathing is supposed to be easy and spontaneous, right? Well, not for all though!

There are over 240 million people around the world who cannot easily breathe, and Asthma is a major contributor to this. Adults who have asthma, face issues like not being able to exercise, catch trains or even walk fast. If you are one of those people who silently suffer from this problem, this blog is for you.


You can treat your asthma without side effects!

Traditional treatment of asthma, mainly the inhalers can sometimes have side effects such as muscle weaknesses and enhanced heart rates. Even behavioral changes, nausea, persistent headaches can be caused by these allopathic medicines. These days, kids are even getting addicted to inhalers and this has posed an additional problem for parents.

Homeopathic Medicine for asthma patients can be a secure option for dealing with asthma without having any side effects. They act as an effective support medication for patients suffering from Asthma. Homeopathic medicines won't just treat the disorder, but they treat the patient as a whole and individually. This is mainly because no two individuals will have same symptoms.

Homeopathic treatment makes use of natural and safe medicines depending on the medical information obtained from experimental information and clinical studies. Homeopathic medicines mainly concentrate on the presence of symptoms in an individual and also check what aggravates the condition with respect to posture, time, rest and movement!

The efficiency of homeopathic in treating asthma has been proven through clinical studies. The homeopathic way of treating works on bringing down the frequency, duration and intensity of attacks, and enhances the disorder free period with minimal usage of chemical drugs!

Homeopathic has a holistic approach which involves comprehension of physical and emotional concerns of the sufferer, such as fear and anxiety, loss of a beloved and so on. Situations such as change in the climate, allergy towards dust and pollen are taken into consideration before prescribing a suitable remedy. Natural treatments are administered in order to decrease spasms of the respiratory canal, and is also used in enhancing the overall immunity of the body. Homeopathic medicines will also enhance the ability and ease of breathing, and this can be measured using peak flow meter.

Asthma can be really painful and depressing. Many asthma patients have also been diagnosed with depression and stress. Thus, if you wish to get a permanent and an effective cure for the asthma problems of your child or any beloved suffering from asthma, do not refrain from consulting a homeopathic specialist. If you are looking for asthma treatment without any side effects, homeopathic is your best bet!

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How Affective is Ayurvedic Treatment

Science has progressed a lot. Medicine and healthcare have been revolutionized by the introduction of technology and science. Allopathic treatments have been common since the middle ages, but Ayurvedic Treatment has been there the longest. Normal medication or Allopath focuses on healing the damaged or affected part of the body. On the other hand, Ayurveda focuses on improving the overall immune system of the body. Usually, allopathic medicines have certain side effects. But Ayurvedic medicines seldom have side effects. These medicines are herbal based.  

Ayurveda is a 5000 year old approach on healthcare. Ayurvedic Doctors in Mumbai use the help of natural methods to boost the immune system of a person. It is a holistic approach of treatment.


How good is Ayurvedic Treatment?    

Ayurvedic Treatment helps boost up the body’s overall immune system. It is best suited for diseases that may be lifelong. The main approach of Ayurvedic Medicines is to end a disease from source. Unlike their allopathic counterparts, Ayurvedic diseases end the disease from the base. This means that there are very few chances of the disease re affecting the person. Allopathic medicines provide relief from symptoms. Such medicines only suppress the pain. Ayurvedic medicines on the other hand, attack the root cause.

Some people have a weak immune system. They tend to catch diseases easily. Diseases like the common cold, fever, running nose, sore throat are common during the winters. If a person catches these kinds of diseases often, then it is inferred that the person has a weak immune system. As Ayurvedic Medicines improve the overall immune system of the body, it is best suited for such people.   

Ayurvedic Doctors in Mumbai take pride in their work. Their approach  is more natural. The medicines prescribed by them are natural and herbal. Ayurvedic Medicines aren’t the traditional tablets. Their approach for treating the ailment is much broader. It puts more focus on improving the condition of the body from within. It is achieved by giving the patient a well balanced diet, better lifestyle and inner peace. Yoga is also an integral part of Ayurvedic treatment in Mumbai .

 Ayurvedic Medicines have no side effects. Usually, allopathic medicines are quite strong. On the context of improving one organ or part of the body, it affects other parts. Ayurvedic medicines have no such side effects. However, as the human body is complex, there might be few cases in which the patient experiences side effects. This is largely due to their body’s internal system. In such cases, the body reacts differently with the minerals. However, these cases are extremely rare and may happen only when the person is not following the prescribed diet correctly.     


Ayurvedic Treatments have answer to almost all the questions. It works on various ailments and diseases. Ayurvedic Medicines have cured infertility, hair loss, piles and even arthritis. Due to its vast application and no side effects, Ayurveda is now widely used all over the world. Around 80% of the Indian population uses Ayurvedic medicines. Western Countries have also realized the importance and benefits of Ayurveda.    

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Why should you opt for a Hydrafacial?


Why should you opt for a Hydrafacial?

A beautiful face is synonymous with a healthy face. Hydrafacial is a procedure which helps with nourishing and restoring your skin and at the same time, preventing any damage, giving you a natural radiance. This is one treatment which will make your skin look beautiful and also make it healthy.

What is Hydrafacial?

Hydrafacial is a non-invasive skin procedure which offers immediate results, requires no downtime and can be used for any skin type. It will only require about an hour for the procedure to be completed making it one of the most popular procedures for skin concerns.

There are certain steps involved in a Hydrafacial procedure and these are painless extractions which do not pinch and do not use a chemical peel or dermabrasion. The procedure delivers peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid into your skin in a different way.

What are the advantages of Hydrafacial?

You will see long term benefits of the procedure which meets the requirements of various skin types. You will see your results right away from a Hydrafacial. Your dead skin will be removed and impurities extracted while your skin gets cleansed, moisturized and hydrated.

You can use make-up right after your treatment and return to work or your normal activities. Within one treatment session, you will see your skin tone is radiant and refined. When the treatment is repeated once a month, you can take care of problems like brown spots, congestion, fine lines and wrinkles. Continuous Hydrafacial sessions can ensure you maintain good health for your skin. It is also recommended to those who suffer from sun damage, uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. Dehydrated or oily skin, congested or enlarged pores are also known to benefit from a Hydrafacial.

Are you the right candidate for a Hydrafacial?

Everybody is a good candidate for a Hydrafacial since it even suits those with a sensitive skin. Your physician will help you choose the right serum and customize your treatment as per the requirements of your skin. Ask your doctor to perform a skin sensitivity test and evaluate your skin type to recommend the best products which will benefit you the most.

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Ayurvedic Cure for Hangover

                     These days no social event or party is complete without some amount of alcohol being present. While one has often heard of long-term ill effects of alcohol it is important to short-term ones.It is not easy to remain tea totaller due to various social pressures. As individuals, we need to manage harmful effects of alcohol, both short term and long term as well as social life and need for networking for career reasons.    Many of the youngsters are just social drinkers and may have to deal with short-term side effects rather than not having any measures for dealing with those and  as opposed to being counselled without understanding them.

What is a hangover?

Hangovers are caused due to overconsumption of alcohol because of several adverse effects such as dehydration, stomach irritation,drop in blood sugar, bad sleep quality,use of toxic byproducts.

Symptoms include a headache, nausea, sensitivity to light, and fatigue. 

The best method of prevention is to drink alcohol in moderation or avoid it altogether. 

The most efficient cures are rest, rehydration, and sleep.     

Overcoming Hangovers

Do not take a beer or other alcoholic drinks to get rid of a hangover. Instead of giving relief it will only  prolong hangover symptoms.

Rehydration -  Sip water or fruit juices throughthe day. Water is the best fluid.

Eat - go for bland foods, such as whole wheat crackers or bread, which may raise blood sugar and are easy on the stomach.

Painkillers - some people may take painkillers. However, painkillers such as acetaminophen (Tylenol, paracetamol) attack the liver in high concentrations, while aspirin might not be a good candidate for a very delicate stomach.   It’s better to ask a qualified pharmacist than to self-medicate.    

Rest - sleep may aid in speeding up recovery.

Ayurveda to prevent hangovers

One can ensure that before taking the first drink, one takes any Ayurvedic hangover medicine meant to prevent hangovers. These medications typically contain anti-inflammatory agents and liver toners. The mechanism by these Ayurvedic medicines act is by preventing the conversion of alcohol, i.e., ethanol to acetaldehyde.      

Typically when a person drinks alcohol, chemically known as ethanol, it reacts with liver lining and gets converted to acetaldehyde. When the same person drinks excess alcohol, this acetaldehyde gets converted to acetate and enters the bloodstream and causes toxic effects. It causes long-term liver lining corrosion causing liver cirrhosis.   

When one takes these Ayurvedic medicines, one can break the cycle at several steps as ethanol does not get converted to acetaldehyde.It also aids in preventing long-term effects apart from assisting in preventing hangovers.         

One such medicine in the market is Dr Vaidya’s. It is called LIVitup. One can either consult an Ayurvedic practitioner or take one-two pills before the first drink. It is also known to prevent harmful effects of gutka on the liver.

These days no social event or party is complete without some amount of alcohol being present. While one has often heard of long-term ill effects of alcohol it is important to short-term ones.It is not easy to remain tea totaller due to various social pressures. As individuals, we need to manage harmful effects of alcohol, both short term and long term as well as social life and need for networking for career reasons. [G1] [G2] [G3] Many of the youngsters are just social drinkers and may have to deal with short-term side effects rather than not having any measures for dealing with those and[G4]  as opposed to being counselled without understanding them.


What is a hangover?

Hangovers are caused due to overconsumption of alcohol because of several adverse effects such as dehydration, stomach irritation,drop in blood sugar, bad sleep quality,use of toxic byproducts.


Symptoms include a headache, nausea, sensitivity to light, and fatigue.[G5] 


The best method of prevention is to drink alcohol in moderation or avoid it altogether.[G6] 

The most efficient cures are rest, rehydration, and sleep.[G7] [G8] [G9] [G10] [G11] 


Overcoming Hangovers

Do not take a beer or other alcoholic drinks to get rid of a hangover. Instead of giving relief it will only [G12] prolong hangover symptoms.


Rehydration -  Sip water or fruit juices throughthe day. Water is the best fluid.


Eat - go for bland foods, such as whole wheat crackers or bread, which may raise blood sugar and are easy on the stomach.


Painkillers - some people may take painkillers. However, painkillers such as acetaminophen (Tylenol, paracetamol) attack the liver in high concentrations, while aspirin might not be a good candidate for a very delicate stomach.[G13] [G14]  It’s better to ask a qualified pharmacist than to self-medicate.[G15] [G16] [G17] [G18] 


Rest - sleep may aid in speeding up recovery.


Ayurveda to prevent hangovers


One can ensure that before taking the first drink, one takes any Ayurvedic medicine meant to prevent hangovers. These medications typically contain anti-inflammatory agents and liver toners. The mechanism by these Ayurvedic medicines act is by preventing the conversion of alcohol, i.e., ethanol to acetaldehyde.[G19] [G20] [G21] [G22] [G23] [G24] 


Typically when a person drinks alcohol, chemically known as ethanol, it reacts with liver lining and gets converted to acetaldehyde. When the same person drinks excess alcohol, this acetaldehyde gets converted to acetate and enters the bloodstream and causes toxic effects. It causes long-term liver lining corrosion causing liver cirrhosis.[G25] [G26] [G27] 

When one takes these Ayurvedic medicines, one can break the cycle at several steps as ethanol does not get converted to acetaldehyde.It also aids in preventing long-term effects apart from assisting in preventing hangovers.[G28] [G29] [G30] [G31] [G32] [G33] [G34] [G35] [G36] 


One such medicine in the market is Dr Vaidya’s. It is called LIVitup. One can either consult an Ayurvedic practitioner or take one-two pills before the first drink. It is also known to prevent harmful effects of gutka on the liver.

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There are a lot of skin diseases like the skin rashes, skin itching, fungal infections, dry skin, patchy skin, red rashes on skin and so on which'll not only have an impact on your health but also make your skin look old and lifeless! There are English medicines for skin diseases, and then there are Ayurvedic treatments. Anyone would get confused about which one to go for. To answer this question, you must first know how effective is Ayurvedic treatment for your skin diseases. Here's all you need to know!


1) Ayurvedic treatments fight the cause!

Ayurvedic treatments do not focus on one time healing and fighting of skin diseases. By applying a cream or a cosmetic, you may get rid of patches or flaky skin, but what would happen next? It repeats! You'll start seeing rashes or flakes again very soon. Why does this happen? Because a lot of English medicines and cosmetic products only cater to solve the effects! But until the cause is left untreated, chances are you'll face these issues repeatedly! Ayurveda takes more time to heal only because it focuses on treating the cause! It'll remove the problems from the roots so you'll never have to face the same issues over and over again! So if you've got any skin disease, sign up for some of the best Ayurvedic treatment in Mumbai that'll fight the cause and give you a peace of mind for long time!

2) Inclusion of the magic ingredient - Turmeric

It is a known fact that pure skin is one that glows. It means that the blood inside the body must be pure which'll keep the skin glowing. Almost all Ayurvedic treatment in Mumbai or any other city for that matter contains Turmeric as the active ingredient. Turmeric has properties that'll fight the skin problems by purifying the bloodstream. A pure and healthy bloodstream will keep you away from hundreds of skin problems.

3) Ayurveda gives you permanent solutions

Why do people sign up for ayurvedic treatments even when they're aware that it is going to take more time to heal? It's mainly because Ayurveda removes the problem from its roots and thus gives a permanent solution. Which seems like a better option for you? Taking cosmetic creams that'll fight the problems' effects? (Results shall be only until you face the problem again) or Ayurvedic treatment which'll provide a solution once and for all? Take your pick between the two! A little more investment of time and patience will give you best results and a permanent solution to all your cues on skin problems.

So, what are you waiting for? Got a skin problem? Ring up the nearest Ayurvedic treatment in Mumbai and find a permanent solution to your problem. Look no further and give no more space to confusions! Because it's always wiser to fight the cause than the effect? As by doing so, you'll not face the same issue again!

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Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones and providing Metabolic Bone Disease Treatment needs experience and expertise which we have both at Primus Hospital. The people who are suffering from osteoporosis have bones that are weak and break easily. In the case of a broken bone, the day to day activities of an individual gets really affected. Such a kind of disorder can really ruin your life as there are severe pain and disability. It would be harder to do the regular task.

The osteoporosis can affect almost all the bones of the body and are mostly seen affecting the most common part that is the hip, wrist and spine also called vertebrae. All the Vertebrae support the body, helping you to stand and sit up. In most of the cases, the osteoporosis in the vertebrae lead to fracture and affects day-to-day activities like climbing stairs, lifting objects or bending forward.

Bone shows constant changes which is carried out by special cells called the osteoclasts. These osteoclasts have a primary function to remove bone. These bones also have a cell called osteoblasts. which are used for bone-forming cells. In normal human being having normal bone, one could observe a balance between the actions of these two cells. In osteoporotic bone, the osteoblasts procedure is faster as faster than the osteoblasts can form new bone. The result is a net bone loss.

At Primus Hospital, we provide treatment for Osteoporosis in India. Some of the most commonly recommended testing procedure by our orthopedic surgeons includes the Bone mineral density testing which is a safe and painless procedure for the patient. Moreover, it provides the exact measure of the density of the bones. The machines which perform this test are known as bone densitometers. The test is also known as “DEXA" or "DXA" test (Dual Energy R-Ray Absorptiometry).

Some of the commonly observed symptoms in case of osteoporosis include
• Sloping Shoulders
• Curve in the back
• Height Loss
• Back Pain
• Hunched Posture
• Protruding Abdomen

Primus Hospital has the world Best Joint Replacement Surgery in India and has achieved an absolute fame not only for the expertise in knee replacement but also has achieved several milestones in the hip and other replacement procedure in India. All our specialist have massive expertise in providing complete patient care while performing all involved surgical and non surgical procedures with complete precision.

At Primus Hospital, the doctors generally assess the overall health and anesthesia risks before the procedure. We are the Best Hospital in Delhi and our doctors will first check the full medical history, a physical examination, blood tests, X-rays and other imaging tests if needed before they decide to do the final surgery.

Primus Hospital provides the ultimate in state-of-the-art quality orthopedic care. We have performed countless adult (advance) knee and hip joint replacement operation with a 1005 success rate. We have the most advanced techniques and technologies available, to reduce hospitalization and assure speed recovery in case of any bone or joint related problem.

Primus Super Speciality Hospital
2, chandragupt Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi- 110021, India
01166206640, 9953722892

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