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Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Delhi

Are you embarrassed by excessive hair growth on your body and looking for ways to get rid of unsightly hair? Now, there is no need to feel embarrassed as you can use the best laser hair removal treatment in Delhi. Just a few sessions, and your skin will look smoother and silk-like with excess hair removed. Dr. Rohit Batra is an expert and experienced specialist who uses technologically advanced treatment options to give the best results to the patients. Laser Hair Removal is a scientifically proven method to get rid of excess hair from the body & face. It works well on full-body as well as specific parts of the body. Get in touch with the clinic today and get the treatment to flaunt your flawless skin.

Address: Q-4, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi - 110027
Contact: +91 9911100050

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Get Natural Hair Back in Few Days. Get done your hair Transplant by the experienced and skilled plastic surgeon. Almost Painless, Affordable Cost, Assured Results with EMI Facilities. Our hair transplant center offers the best results of a Hair Transplant.

Interested? Call to make an appointment (995) 822-1983

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Best Hair Transplant in Bangalore

Looking for Hair Transplant? Choose one of the best Hair Transplant Clinics in Bangalore, compare prices, patient reviews, and availability. Find the Best Price for Hair Transplant in Bangalore. Compare cost of Hair Transplant treatment at all the clinics and take informed decision. is the chief online portal to get hair transplant in Bangalore. Compare the best hair transplant surgeons, clinics & treatment for your hair loss. Nhtindia lists the several hair transplant clinics in its penal which allows you to choose the best among all.


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There are many different types of beauty related problems and one of them is the growth of unwanted hair on face region. Unwanted facial hair can make the face less attractive and many women spend lots of money in getting rid of it by taking up treatments in the beauty parlor. But these results are so unsatisfactory most of the times.

Excess hair growth is of two types-normal excess hair growth means the hair are generally soft and second is hirsutism which is coarse and located in areas of the body like the males-face etc.

The causes of excess hair and hirsutism are

1) Genes-the genetic make-up in your family will determine yours and we can do little to change it. Homeopathy can help to some extent here.

2)  Hormones. The increase of androgens is responsible. As we all know women have both male androgen and female hormone. When androgens increase hirsutism will occur along with other male patterns like deep voice, acne, small breast. Common presentations are

1)  PCOD-polycystic ovarian disease-gives rise to irregular menses, hirsutism, acne, weight gain, diabetes etc

2)  Cushings syndrome-round face, redness of face, weight gain-fat on back of neck, high BP, thin extremities, acne, weak muscles, depression etc

3)  Tumors-adrenal glands.

Hence treatment of excess hair will depend on the cause. The tests required to diagnose will be1)blood tests--hormonal essay-oestrogen/progesterone/prolactin/testosterone/DHEAS-for PCOD --2) Urine test 24hr cortisol test-Cushings  3) sonography -PCOD and Tumors

1) Understand the condition and your symptoms of the problem

The first step towards taking up the Homeopathic medicine is to understand and analyze the root cause of the problem. There are different medicines and treatments that are recommended for different problems. For PCOD there are effective medicines in Homeopathy. H4ALLhas given consistent results in treating several cases.Homeopathy can treat Cushing's also.

To understand your symptoms and conditions better, you can write your queries along with the symptoms you're facing to us by dropping a mail and our doctors will get back to you.

2) Part ways with hair growth that happens all over the body

Homeopathy helps to fight the problem of hair growth that happens all over the body by using various medicines like Medorrhinum, Thuja, and Thyroidinum. There can be a hundred reasons to why there is hair growth all over your body and with systematic and detailed analysis, homeopathy doctors will understand the root cause and suggest the required medicine.

3) Homeopathic medicines come with no side effects

Parlour techniques of unwanted hair removal often carry side effects side skin rashes, dryness, dehydration of the body, loss of moisture on he gave and so on. But when you resort to homeopathic medicines, there are no side effects at all and you'll be amazed by the results. This is one of the top reasons why people choose homeopathic medicines over other systems of medicine.

Drop your questions regarding any cues on your health by writing to us at our mail or register for a Skype meeting with one of our doctors. Our team of doctors who are experts in the field of homeopathy will get back to you with their suggestions or recommendations.

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NHT is the well known hair transplant provider in India. It lists specialists and doctors of hair transplant & hair loss treatment across India.You can book your FREE 

consultation with the doctor of your choice and visit the clinic. NHT has wide network of hair transplant doctors & clinics in Delhi. Our mission is to enhance the looks of
people at very reasonable cost. NHT is the online medical facilitator having presence all over India including Delhi.

NHT is India's largest hair transplant and hair loss treatment provider. NHT lists hair transplant surgeons & clinics across Delhi at one place. You can chosoe best hair loss
treatment & surgeon of you choice. NHT lets you compare from among several clinics and their pricing for hair transplant in Delhi.

Natural Hair Transplant is providing hair transplant in Delhi at best cost available in the Capital city. We have top hair transplant surgeons in our panel in Delhi. They are having
more than 5 years of experience. NHT India is the best hair transplant surgery provider in India. we are having the best hair transplant doctors in Delhi for hair transplant at
best and affordable cost with permanent results.

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Hair transplantation has taken a toll in the world of cosmetic surgeries. It is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries that people consider getting involved with if they suffer a serious hair loss problem. It is a permanent solution to hair loss which shows effective result and a lush growth of hair. Plus, the surgery requires an expert and skilled surgeon to perform it meticulously and with finesse.

Hair fall has become a very common problem and premature hair loss is seen mostly in men. A very few percentage of women suffers from premature hair loss. Therefore, hair transplantation is most popular among men than that of women. Another advantage of this surgery is that is not filled with a gamut side effects but again it is of devoid of side effects as well. It has its own set of side effects which if taken care of properly can be avoided. So, that was a small outer sketch about hair transplantation surgery. However, one of the main things that one might consider before appearing for this surgery is whether they are financially backed to carry out the surgery. Hair transplantation surgery is one of those surgeries whereby celebrities to a normal person, everyone considers going under the knife provided they are suffering from a serious hair loss problem. So, it is quite obvious that the pricing should be done in such a way so as to make it possible for people from every stratum to go under the knife.

Is Hair Transplantation Confined to People with High Income?

Thus, one of the biggest questions that arise out of the ash is that is hair transplantation only meant for the high-income class? Well, one thing we can say before moving forward with the blog is that to get hair transplantation surgery done (if your condition is serious), then you have to have a certain amount of income to make the surgery possible. Otherwise, you might suffer some financial tension in the future which might be difficult to overcome. So be wise and smart before your get down into the game.

Now, coming to main point whether hair transplantation is suitable for people with high salary? Well, as we have mentioned earlier this surgery is done by people coming from different background. So the pricing of the surgery has been kept at such a level so that people find it possible to go through. Again, hair transplantation surgery costs different in different countries. In some places hair transplantation expense has gone down without compromising on the quality. Now this is great news for the common people. However, coming back to the point where we have mentioned that hair transplantation cost varies in different cities. For example, hair transplantation surgery cost somewhere around 4 USD to 8 USD in Europe and USA. In a single session, a surgeon is entitled to extract and transfer 2500 hair follicles approximately. So that means, one will have to pay around 12500 USD for his/her hair transplantation. Now, that is a huge number. Therefore, people find out alternative places for the surgery.  It has been found after research that in Turkey hair transplantation surgery costs much lower than that of Europe and USA. Turkey is indeed one of the best places to get hair transplantation surgery done as they use all the modern equipments and some expert and skilled surgeons for the process. Also, the surgery in Turkey is quite budgeting friendly.

However, travelling down all the way to Turkey to get the surgery performed has its own expense. This means you will have to arrange for flight tickets, accommodation, food and other such expenses. Thus, this will make your expense almost the same. However, you should choose a hair transplant surgery clinic that provides a complete package to pay for other expenses as well. For example, MCAN Health in Istanbul who is hair transplantation experts takes care of each and every details of the patient’s journey for a stress free experience. Similarly, if you are staying in India, hair transplant in Ludhiana is more cost effective than other parts of the nation.

Therefore, we can wrap up the blog with the note that hair transplantation does require a standard income structure to make it possible to be done. Also, always look for alternatives where you’ll be experiencing the same result at a reasonable price.


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People try out many remedies to stop hair fall but alas! There is no solution for it. Today with advancement of technology there is a permanent solution for hair loss and that is hair transplant. We can find out best of the hair transplant doctors and clinics in Chennai which is the capital of Tamilnadu. Hair transplant is nothing but the hairs are removed from the donor area and the hair follicles are implanted in to the recipient area. The cost of hair transplant in Chennai is affordable and varies from doctor to doctor and number of grafts required by the patient.
Every individual has beautiful hair depending upon the growth. Because hair enhances the personality of a person but if we start losing hair more than expected. It is matter of concern as you may be leading to baldness. Hair loss or baldness creates many hurdles in our professional and personal life.

Cost of hair transplant in Chennai:

The cost of hair transplant in Chennai is affordable and a good return to the many invested. Top class facilities and experienced surgeons who do any type of hair transplant be it FUE, FUT, PRP therapy at a very good price and successful results. Chennai is also providing EMI’s in many clinics that are affordable to the patients.
There are many reasons for hair loss it can be due to stress, improper diet, lack of sleep etc. Hair transplant gives out bouncy and lovely hair back that you wanted back.

Types of hair transplant:

People in their minds have a question as to what is hair transplant. Hair transplant is actually divided in to two main types.
1. FUT
2. FUE

(FUT) follicular unit transplant in this a strip is taken and implanted in to the area, where baldness has occurred, which is mostly now and days not commonly recommended.
Follicular unit extraction () it is a modern method of hair transplant where in 2 or 3 hair (i.e.) grafts are picked up and implanted individually.
People also do not opt for surgical move out for non-surgical methods (i.e.) PRP.
Hair transplantation safely depends upon the kind of clinic, and the surgeon. If you want to look good you have to shell out a few amount of money.
Natural Hair Transplant (NHT) is a good hand for hair restoration in India and abroad and has a good number of doctors at Chennai who can perform hair transplant without making a hole in your pocket for this you have is first to fill a form online and you will get call from the concerned doctor for appointment.
Hair transplant is done in many countries like America, Turkey, and Mexico. But NRI’s prefers to have hair transplant in India because of the cost, and they mostly prefer Chennai.
Question regarding hair transplant pre or post surgery affects:
Many patients have as to what is hair transplant nothing but you are given local anesthesia and you are purely conscious. There may be a light pain or discomfort no need to worry doctors will take care.

Duration of surgery:-

It takes approximately 7 to 8 hours depending upon the density of baldness and number of hair follicles to be transplanted.

Rest after surgery:

The patient can resume his routine duties the very next day.
There might be slight swelling, pain, itching numbers for some weeks but do not worry it is temporary and will reduce after some weeks.
Re growth of transplanted hair might be seen after 3 to 4 months but the actual results may be seen after 8 to 10 months.
Now you are out with your lovely hair go for any type of hair styles cuts, using of hair gels, oiling etc. Last but not least do take good care of your scalp.
Remember “your hair is your best accessory”.

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FUE hair transplant is considered the best by all surgeons and dermatologists. It is not because it is efficient in performing body hair transplant. Follicular unit extraction is just a method where hair grafts are collected from the donor area which can be any part of the body leave alone the back of the scalp. It requires no stitches to the donor area because a needle-like instrument is used to remove grafts. Experts have different methods of hair restoration which include surgical and nonsurgical techniques, but FUE takes the lead

FUE Hair Transplant in India allows a patient to have a quick and comfortable recovery time after the surgery. Complications like bleeding and pain in the donor area have fewer chances of happening compared to the FUT hair transplant. In FUT, a surgeon has to collect hair grafts in the form of a strip from the donor area which leaves a wound and when no good aesthetic skills used, the scar will be more visible and larger. FUT hair transplant is good for patients who need more hair grafts and have big bald areas. It is because it provides more hair grafts in a short while.

FUT and FUE are all better procedures for patients depending on the fact that a good hair center like this one is visited for a hair transplant in India. Many people believe that FUT is the worst technique and to some, it may be due to the lack of enough artistry skills in a surgeon. FUT has advantages like

  • Provides more grafts
  • Saves time
  • A good density of hair is expected

In addition, here are the advantages of FUE hair technique

  • The donor area is left free without bandages after the surgery
  • The procedure involves no stitches on the donor side or the recipient side
  • No visible scars expected after the surgery
  • The recovery period is reduced
  • Fewer chances of infections and bleeding
  • A good surgeon can extract more than 2000 hair grafts in a single session

Due to the advanced technology, hair transplant in India has become safe and also offers better results than in the past. Surgeons who perform all the procedures with good skills are available, though the public has a mentality that FUE is the best hair transplant technique. The best technique for a patient can be determined after the surgeon examines all the underlying factors before a surgery is done. FUE can work for many patients due to its benefits, but it has to be selected after the surgeon has recommended it. All hair treatments are available and performed for good and natural results after the surgery.

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Hair loss is a problem that is highly closely observed in American men. This doesn’t mean that it is only them with the problem of hair loss, but the numbers are also rising in Indian men, African men, and Asian men. Though male pattern baldness is the commonest problem everywhere, female pattern baldness is also a problem that can’t be neglected. Countries like Australia, Mexico, Turkey, and India are some of the patient’s favorites when it comes to getting hair transplants.

In a study conducted in Turkey, results show that more than 500 hair transplant procedures are carried out within a week mostly on foreign patients. Many patients get to know about these hair transplant clinics on twitter, Facebook, and friends. It was also disclosed that FUE is the most preferred hair transplant technique in both men and women. This is not in Turkey alone; FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is gaining more control in the hair transplant field.

The question that arises from this is whether all patients can benefit from the Follicular Unit Extraction?

The answer is YES, but some considerations must be taken

FUE is a more advanced procedure and as well as a meticulous technique performed by hair surgeons. The procedure gained popularity from the year it was introduced due to the fact that it leaves no linear scars and it is minimally invasive. FUE Hair Transplant in Sydney only requires the initiative of the surgeon to estimate the number of hair grafts that are required in the procedure, organize his team and carry out the procedure under a protocol.

The follicular unit extraction necessitates the surgeon to extract more than 2000 hair follicles per sitting. In the modern procedures, these hair follicles are extracted by a robot that is quick and precise in removing hair follicles from the donor area under the surveillance of the surgeon.

Androgenetic alopecia which is the leading hair loss type can be overcome by FUE hair transplant.

During the procedure, the surgeon demarcates the whole head to easily differentiate between the recipient region and the donor area.

Hair follicles are extracted after local anesthesia has been given to the patient to avoid pain and discomfort.

With specialized instruments and a micropunch of 0.8 or 1mm, hair grafts are removed from the donor area.

After extraction, the hair grafts are immediately implanted into the slits made in the recipient region in an aesthetic manner to produce natural and realistic results.

  • Patients with a minimally affected area can benefit from an FUE Hair transplant 
  • Patients who request for this particular procedure may get good results, but an expert must be consulted first to prevent poor results.
  • Those who may want to keep their hair short can also benefit from this technique since it leaves small round scars that are hardly visible
  • Body hair transplant is also possible with FUE hair transplant a scenario where a patient has limited donor hair. Hair can be extracted from the chest, the legs, and the beards.

hair transplant in Australia has produced permanent and natural looking results 

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Natural Hair Transplant is one of the most renowned hair restoration centers across the globe. Qualified doctors and dermatologists continuously carry on research in the centre to come up with viable solutions for continuous loss of hair. Doctors in NHT, after extensive research had come to the conclusion that, there are no single reasons which can be attributed to loss of hair in humans.  There are many reasons which are quite complex and can be attributed to loss of hair. Medical conditions can be judged as most important reasons which contribute towards a regular hair fall. Doctors have come up with conclusions that, chronic medical conditions like blood sugar; thyroid, etc can contribute largely towards a significant hair loss. For women certain other conditions can be attributed to. Women experience a large quantity of hairball in the pre as well as post menopausal stage. A detailed understanding of human metabolism is extremely necessary in order to control loss of hair.  

Below are given certain chronic conditions which are responsible for excessive loss of hair.

Iron Deficiency and Anemia

This is a typical health condition, which medical experts’ link directly with loss of hair. As a matter of fact, there is a strong link between iron deficiency in women and associated loss of hair. Production of new hair follicle requires a great deal of iron content. This iron content is often taken from blood streams. Human beings with low iron content can actually suffer from a great deal of hair loss respectively.  

Thyroid Imbalance

This is one of the most common reasons for loss of hair. Most of the women in India suffer from high thyroid deficiencies. This is directly related to loss of hair. Thyroid functioning when improper can lead towards faulty physical and mental processes and can affect the process of hair growth. Over active thyroid can affect the hair on head and can make it look fine in appearance. Underactive thyroid can, on the contrary make your hair much brittle. However medical experts have opined that, fluctuations in thyroid level can actually be responsible for a huge amount of hair loss.

Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a very common disease, which can affect all and sundry in modern lifestyles. Treatment of cancer is often done through chemotherapy which kills cancer cells. Simultaneously this type of treatment destroys growing hair follicles. Loss of hair caused by chemotherapy can actually be controlled through reducing the temperature of the scalp. This can be done with a cold cap treatment.


Pregnancy is that stage of life which brings immense happiness to a couple. However, being pregnant by itself brings in several challenges. In the pre pregnancy phase many women experience tremendous hair loss. This happens due to hormonal changes in the body. However, in the post pregnancy stage, temporary loss of hair is experienced by most women. This is however claimed to be a passing phase.

Autoimmune Disorders

Patients with certain autoimmune disorders can experience untimely hair loss. Autoimmune disorders include diabetes, lupus, or thyroid disease, and this can affect the body metabolism in a harsh way. Some persons may experience some degree of hair loss as a precondition for a beginning phase of autoimmune disorders.  Moreover, persons with a family history of such diseases are prone towards suffering from the same, at early stages of life. Medical experts warn against such autoimmune disorders and ask people suffering from the same to be treated early.


Hair loss is a complicated issue. There can be several factors which might affect loss of hair, even at early stages of life. Effective treatment and proper diagnosis through experts can really work wonders. We at Natural Hair Transplant Clinic provide effective solutions through medical guidance & Hair transplant in pune. Please visit our website to know more.

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Those that are affected by hair loss, thinning and baldness are searching each day about hair transplant surgeries so; here is what to know about them. First and foremost hair transplantation is a procedure done to recover lost or damaged hair. It is done with a sole purpose of acquiring new better hair, saving you from baldness or thinning hair.

Many want to look perfect but the problem of baldness especially in men and thinning of hair even in women is complicating things. There are many causes of hair loss as below;

  • Hereditary factors where your clan and family members are faced with this problem there are high chances for you to acquire the same problem. This can happen in both men and women
  • Hormonal changes also increase this problem. Different situations like pregnancy, menopause, aging and medications for example HIV and cancer treatments, stress and depression can tamper with the dihydrotestosterone hormone hence hair loss
  • Physical effects for example pollution, over styling of hair that exposes it to much heat, scalp infections and over pulling of the hair
  • Poor healthy habits like over consumption of alcohol, smoking and poor diets all spearhead this problem.

If you are thinking of having a hair transplant in Canada here are the procedures to pick from

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

This technique is widely used since it is highly advanced and new. It is used by experts and experienced surgeons with modified tools. In this procedure, the surgeon removes grafts from the donor sites that have dense hair and implants them to the recipient areas that are affected by hair thinning or baldness. This technique is quite favorable since it helps the surgeon calculate the number of grafts needed before the actual procedure is executed.

Most of the people are going in for this procedure since it big scar after the operation.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

It is an intrusive technique that involves cutting a strip from the donor site and planting the individual follicles into the holes in the affected area. This technique produces a scar but rather it helps those who want much hear on their heads. The problem of the scar has led many to turn to FUE.

Direct Hair Implant (DHI)

This is the advanced technique of FUE and it is termed as a cleaner procedure. This is because a specialized instrument is used to implant follicles and plant them in the holes made in the FUE procedure. It is slightly costly but provides far better results.

  • The above procedures have helped in reducing hair fall in those that can afford them but here is what to generally do to reduce/prevent hair fall
  • Eat healthy balanced diets consisting of proteins and calcium to reduce hair fall
  • There are treatments that you can get in case you realize baldness due to genetic factors
  • Avoid smoking and over consumption of alcohol
  • Avoid over styling and exposing the hair to heat. Give it rest and try to sleep well

Hair and its issues can be handled here at our hair transplant centre in Canada. With the experts and advanced technology, nothing can fail.

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Physical and emotional stress is some of the modern-day factors, which can actually wreak havoc! Stress can actually take a toll on the rate of metabolism and can seriously affect one’s health. As a matter of fact, stress is one of the most important factors that affect growth of hair in normal human beings. It has been noticed often that, women tend to lose hair after child birth,marriage or such similar issues concerning health. Fortunately, for some people,   hair usually grows back on its own once the cause of stress has been removed. However, medical experts state that, there are several ways to reduce stress levels in humans. Therefore, it is imperative that, you follow a strict regime in order to reduce stress and improve your lifestyle.


This blog can be an useful source of information. Here, experts acquaint you with different types of stress related phenomena which can induce severe loss of hair.

Telogen effluvium: During this phase several hair follicles go into resting phase. Stress is one of the primary inducers in this case. If hair follicles continuously fall, medical experts often suggest hair transplant in Pune.

Alopecia areata: This is a stress related condition, when the immune system gets reversed.  It starts attacking the hair follicles. This causes excessive hair fall. Medical experts most often suggest that, you should go for hair transplantation.

Trichotillomania: This interestingly, is a human driven process. A person due to stress, and depression, brings out their own hair. This is often not followed by a healthy hair growth..


Although most of the medical experts suggest that, there is a strong relation between hair loss and stress, certain issues are still under research platform. Stress definitely adds up to a low metabolic rate and hence affects health condition. Hair loss , which can be affected by stress largely, does not always require medical attention. But,  in some cases hair loss is a symptom to some serious underlying issue. Excessive hair loss should be addressed on a priority basis.  If low cost solutions do not work then, you might require surgical intervention, i.e.  hair transplantation.


This is an interesting phase for patients, who suffer terribly out of stress. Stress can cause a lot of hair fall and such a situation can only be controlled through hair transplantation. However, if you are looking forward to a natural process, then you should have clear patience. Avoid stressing on each and every issue. Have belief on natural processes. Follow what the experts say.  


#Get sufficient sleep

Sleep deprivation for a long time can result in stress. Sleep deprivation can destroy your immunity, to a large extent.It can impact your diet, work performance and overall mood which can result in stress.

Please make sure that you get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each day in order to avoid stress.  Improve your sleep pattern gradually, to get a better impact. This can be done only through bringing in discipline and a change in lifestyle.

#Follow a nutritious and balanced diet

This is one of the most crucial factors.Body derives more energy by eating nutritious diet.  A good diet can naturally help in building up greater immunity and thus reduce stress.

Eat three balanced meals a day and never miss out on breakfast as it kick starts our metabolism.

Start consuming a multivitamin with essential vitamins and minerals. Emphasize on certain minerals and vitamins such as vitamin A, C, E, selenium, zinc magnesium and B vitamin. Such inputs contribute to healthy hair growth. Even omega 3 fatty acids help to improve the scalp health.


This is required if you are stressed out beyond a certain level. Medical counseling must be required at this stage in order to rejuvenate mental balance.


#Eat ample of protein

Increase the intake of protein till a large extent.  This is necessary for healthy hair. Lack of supply of protein to the hair causing hair to fall off.

#Increase B vitamins intake and cut down on vitamins A

B vitamins are very important for healthy hair growth. Simultaneously,  excessive vitamin A can stimulate hair loss and should be avoided.

#Take proper care of your hair

Taking proper care makes the hair strong and less vulnerable. Use best brands of  hair care products if possible.  Do not wash your hair frequently as this can strip the natural oils making the scalp dry and brittle. Nourish your hair by giving it oil massages. Trim your hair regularly in order to induce growth.

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With the big problem of hair loss and thinning, patients come up with more and more confusion in the hair transplant surgery because it is the best and permanent way of overcoming the threat. To properly understand everything about a hair transplant surgery, you will have to meet a renowned surgeon to answer every question that you may have, but let’s take an opportunity of informing you about hair transplants.

A hair transplant is a surgery and just like other surgeries, there are side effects and complications that may result from negligence or little experience on the side of the surgeon. The procedure involves taking hair from a donor area and then implanting it in the bald region. The process is followed in steps since it is a surgery. In all surgeries, there are scars created, this means that even hair transplant surgeries leave scars, but the visibility is what makes a difference. For a patient, it is better to know that Hair Transplant in Punjab and anywhere in the world requires a surgeon to use sharp instruments either to harvest hair in an FUE hair technique or cut a strip from the donor area in an FUT hair technique.

FUE technique is the most common technique that is termed as scarless, but the truth is that even in FUE, the fact that a sharp needle is used to extract hair follicles; dot-like marks are created once a patient heals from the surgery. The visibility of the small scars in FUE tends to be in disguise and a person will never recognize them if at all at a long distance. One can even style his or her hair in any way and can also trim it to a lower level and those scars are not seen. A patient must know that the visibility of scars is increased in case a surgeon selected lacks experience and is not well-trained. BIO-FUE Hair Transplant in India is another technique that uses FUE for patients to get better and less visible scars in the form of dots.

The FUT technique is well known to patients for the scar it leaves. The scar is created while harvesting hair follicles since a strip is used, after which it is dissected to create individual hair follicles. There are different measures that can be taken to remove or reduce the visibility of the scar and that begins with the experience of the surgeon to the scalp type of a patient. Some patients have weak and delicate scalps which means that a scar will be bigger and even the healing process might take longer. Creams and a laser surgery are used to remove or reduce scars left in the FUT hair transplant. For any patient to get the right technique, the surgeon must be consulted first.

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Hair Transplantation - The permanent solution of baldness now getting more popular as compare to other hair loss treatments. Due to the change in human life style e.g eating habits, stress, lack of protein & many other reasons hair loss has become a part of human life. It must be treated when it comes to one's prestige.

If you are living in Punjab & the victim of baldness the you don't need to worry now because First Choice Hair Transplant & Cosmetics is here to help you out from this worse problem. FCHTC is the rising hair transplant clinic in Punjab which is located in Ludhiana, Jalandhar & Panchkula. Even patient's from other states like Jammu, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh etc also getting hair transplant in Ludhiana to get rid of baldness forever.

First Choice Hair Transplant & Cosmetics clinic is located in the heart of Ludhiana, Dugri area. You can visit us at address: #21, First Floor, Phase 1 Rd,  Main Market, Urban Estate Dugri, Ludhiana, Punjab 141003.

FCHTC has done more than 200 successful hair transplant surgeries from the day of its opening. Doctor using advanced FUE hair transplant procedure to treat baldness which scar free.


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My Hair and This Winter Season

Many of us love something or a part on our bodies more than the other parts. That part or those things take more of our time and care because we don’t want them to depreciate in their quality or beauty. It can be nails, eyebrows, face but am sure for most of us it’s hair. General beauty can be acquired when every part of our bodies looks its best. You find many girls and women have to tie up or cover their hair due to different reasons like dandruff, hair fall hair damage, dryness and pollution above all.

Hair is one of the most important feature on our bodies since it benefits/advantages are many and it can raise an alarm in case of any change like diseases in our bodies. Women always admire good looking hair on others and they give credit where due for one with it; I love that about them.

We see many going in for hair transplant because it can help acquire or restore the beauty of some though it is highly common with men. Women always try all types of shampoo, aloe Vera products, Olive oil and visit hair specialists for their hair problems.

Winter and my hair

We are already in the winter season and there is need for you to take extra care for your hair. During winter hair fall increases due to low nutrients in the hair root and it becomes flat. You have to use good moisturizers in order to keep the hair soft and flexible this winter

Eat healthy diets containing proteins, micro nutrients, calcium, iron and vegetables. This helps to prevent hair fall in all the seasons.

Winter makes hair and scalp dry resulting into itching and flaky falls.


How to care for your hair in winter

For best results, measures always have to be changed and as the seasons change, so the techniques towards our hair. Here are the simple ways to look after your hair

Avoid washing your hair with hot water. This causes the hair to dry up quickly leaving the scalp dry. You may use lukewarm water and avoid washing the hair twice a day.

Protect your hair by covering it before stepping out. Use good warm scarves or head caps to protect your hair from the dry cold wind. After washing it always allow it to dry before going out.

Use shampoo and moisturizers. In addition, massage your scalp with warm oil for the blood flow to increase throughout the head and in the hair follicles.

Have a healthy diet each day as it provides the required nutrients to keep your hair glowing and healthy during the winter season

Apply hair conditioner whenever you wash it especially on the strands to prevent hair from breaking.

Avoid styling your hair. Do it where necessary but it should be limited as the heat in winter damages the hair.

With all the above, maintain a perfect look for your hair


Hair transplant in India is solving many hair issues of men and women but more on men’s side. For women and girls, take an extra mile this winter by applying the above discussed points to keep your hair throughout this winter.

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As we hold many issues in our lives we find that there are also solutions to them each and every day. When something is really a burden to us we shall go an extra mile to work things out. These days everyone wants to look their best and you find that people can do anything for that. Baldness in men and hair problems in women is a big issue resulting from genetics, changing weather, diseases, and some people want an improved look hence going in for a hair transplant.

What is a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is a surgical technique that involves moving hair follicles from a part of the body known as the donor site to a balding part of the body known as the recipient site. This procedure is known as the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). It can be done by removing a single strip of skin and hair or removing the follicles individually from one part of the body to where the bald is located. The number of grafts needed depend on the size of the area affected.

Hair Transplant in India

India is well known for its affordable and a variety of medical services. Many people acquire medical visas annually to India. Both the local and foreign patients have benefited from a number of medical services and hair transplant is one of them. The price varies from the type of treatment required and the doctor one approaches

Types/Methods of Hair Transplant

There are mainly two common methods of Hair Transplant namely; FUT and FUE but there is also another one called Scalp Reduction.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). This is one of the most successful hair transplantation methods used today since it makes the hair look natural and function just like the natural hair. This highly reduces the risk of hair damage that is common in hair transplants.

Follicular Hair Extraction (FUE). This method is quite similar to FUT but the difference is this method hair follicles are individual harvest from the donor area without removal of a complete strip.

Scalp Reduction of Hair Transplant. This is one of the earliest hair transplant method used. Today it is used in combination with other hair transplant procedures.

Necessity of Hair Transplant

It is not a fashion, it is a necessity where need be and here are the advantages of Hair Transplant.

  • The donor is you yourself
  • It can be cost effective rather than the artificial methods which may not help
  • There is uniform distribution and the follicular distribution remains intact
  • It has saved relationships. This is especially on the side of men
  • The operation is same. The procedure can be managed by anesthesia incase of phobia
  • It builds self esteem and confidence.
  • Treatment is without any big or major wounds


Hair Transplantation is a necessity and not just a fashion as many would assume. It has helped many today. The most important factor is to see a good doctor for this problem.

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One of the most seen problems of the 21st century is hair fall. With increasing pollution, stress and tension, hair-fall has been a growing problem. Statistically, by the age of 35, 66% of men experience hair loss and notable thinning of hair. Generally in males, the male pattern baldness (MPB) is seen, i.e., the receding hairline and thinning crown and this hair loss keeps on increasing by age. The thinning of hair and excessive hair-fall is also common in women.

There are several reasons behind this which includes the lack of essential vitamins, hormonal dysfunctions, pregnancy (in women), chemotherapy and various other drugs or medicines which result in the restricted growth of the hair or damaged hair, making it weak.

Hair transplant is a very common way of treating baldness and restoring hair by surgically moving hair follicles from the donor site to the recipient site. These grafts contain hair follicles which are resistant to baldness. It takes about 2 months for these hair follicles to grow and once they start to grow, hair can be normally washed, combed and trimmed. These operations are done with a mild sedation which is of course subjective. After the transplant, the scalp is required to be kept clean and hence it is shampooed and treated with an antibacterial agent.

The modern era of hair transplantation in the western world was ushered in the late 1950s, when New York dermatologist Norman Orentreich began to experiment with free donor grafts to balding areas in patients with male pattern baldness. Previously it had been thought that transplanted hair would thrive no more than the original hair at the "recipient" site. Orentreich demonstrated that such grafts were "donor dominant," as the new hairs grew and lasted just as they would have at their original home.
Advancing the theory of donor dominance, Walter P. Unger, M.D. defined the parameters of the "Safe Donor Zone" from which the most permanent hair follicles could be extracted for hair transplantation. As transplanted hair will only grow in its new site for as long as it would have in its original one, these parameters continue to serve as the fundamental foundation for hair follicle harvesting, whether by strip method or FUE.

In India, Natural Hair Transplant is the largest panel of hair transplant doctors. It is the online portal to get free of cost online consultation with doctors. NHT is providing hair transplant in Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Chennai etc.

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Plastic surgeries are basically medical specializations concerned with activities of restoration or correction of functions and forms.  Cosmetic surgeries are the most popular variety of this form of surgery and within this sub category it is probably the transplantation of hairs that people goes with the maximum of counts.

Transplanting hair is the process wherein the hair follicles get shifted to the areas that have sparse hairs. These follicles are generally fetched from the backward areas of the skull and are lesser sensitive to hormones. This shifting is done purely in surgical ways. The concept on which the entire procedure is based is the probability of the hair roots that get to shift from the back portion of the skull might start to grow up at their new location with the passage of a certain span.

The probable reasons to baldness

These days, the problem with baldness is very common among people. Either for the effects of the water that people bath with or that group of individuals who perspire a lot, are prone to get bald at unusual times. Even people in very early stages of life get the hairs on their head to sparse up. Yet another major reason that is making baldness a very common problem is that of the driving helmets. As the majority of people drives the motorcycle, they are compelled to put on the driving helmet while to ride it. It causes the rate of sweating to go up profusely and the affect is that the hairs start falling off at rapid place. Yet another major reason is the mal nutrition that marks the falling of hairs at rapid pace. All these reason combine to leave the people with a bald head somewhere at the peak period of their life.

The negative effects of baldness

These days the level of competition is very high on all walks of life, the appearance and the look of an individual’s matters a lot. The severe affect of baldness can make a person to cut a very sorry figure in these quotients. Baldness generally makes a young person to look much older in age and often he get to tease by others. This affects his confidence and esteem in severe ways that it becomes really tough for him to retain those necessary factors for success. The consequence is that the individual get to develop an inferiority complex in him after which he finds the advancement in life almost impossible.

Fortunately, these people can see up some hopes with the evolution of the hair transplantation techniques and the gradual development in it.  People seeking for hair transplant in Delhi can now avail the availability of numerous specialized clinics that works on this cause.

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