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Cosmetic surgery procedures are gaining immense popularity each passing every year.  With an increasing number of people opting for different types of cosmetic surgeries, it only adds to the popularity of this branch of medical science. Body lift surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgeries as it has several benefits to offer. Irrespective of the fact whether you want to undergo lower, full or upper body lift surgery in India, finding the right cosmetic surgeon is not at all difficult. There are many cosmetic surgeons in Delhi who have expertise as well as experience to perform body lift surgery.

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There are several reasons because of which people put on weight. However, challenge is to get rid of those excess pounds. Although after following strict diet regime and exercise you are able to reduce weight, but what about those stubborn aft deposits at areas such as arm, thighs and abdomen. They can cause difficulty in movement and also appear displeasing. Instead of living with it, you can undergo body lift surgery in India and redefine your looks and personality.  

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If you want to get rid of fat and skin deposits around inner thighs, abdomen, outer thighs, buttocks and hips then lower body lift surgery in Delhi is the best option for you. The surgery aims at removing excess fat and skin deposits in all these areas so that you can get back those curves.

Delhi, the national capital, is home to some of the leading and renowned cosmetic surgeons from which you can choose the one which you think best meet your needs. Consult the surgeon and clear all your queries and doubts regarding body lift surgery. Full body lift surgery in India is gaining immense popularity because of the advantages it offers. So, if you want to get better contours then opt for body lift surgery.

We are a trust-worthy group assisting foreign patients with affordable treatment; contact us at +91-9818369662 or |

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Fat is one of the most unwanted existence in the body. It is though an important part of the nutrients, but then again an excess of the fat is always a major problem. Not only it takes up a lot of space in the body, but also makes sure that the people suffer from an en number of diseases.

There are various types of treatment that cab help people get rid of the unwanted fat. Liposuction is one of the most necessary treatments amongst these. Since the discovery of the same, it has been one major attraction amongst the patients.

The liposuction is most definitely one of the major solutions that people can absolutely opt for no matter what!

The concept of liposuction:

The best specialists will most definitely recommend this treatment for sure. The liposuction is one of the major surgeries that can happen to the people. Of course, one must realize that this treatment helps them in getting rid of fats from certain places in the body.

An opening is made in certain areas that has excess of fat. And the fat is melted and pulled out of the body nevertheless. This is most necessarily why people must only choose the best plastic surgeons for sure.

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There are certain myths that are related to the liposuction. Going through with the same can help people in getting through with the best results for sure!

Myths and truths related to liposuction:

Following are the various myths and truths that are related to the liposuction:

Myth 1: This can help reduce fat forever!

This is most definitely one thing that people must not believe in at all. It will no doubt lead them to more problem. The fat is something that can come back once reduced. The body can certainly not stop from storing the same. It depends on how one wants to maintain their life after the procedure.

Myth 2: This can help everybody reduce the fat!

This is also not true. One must completely realize that the fat from people who just have few areas filled with excess fat can be extracted. But then again there are people who are morbidly obese. And extracting fat from them will make no major differences in them. The procedure of liposuction cannot help them at all.

Myth 3: This is a costly procedure!

This is again one of the greatest myths for sure. One must completely realize that the cost is absolutely not a problem! Liposuction can be easily availed and also isn’t much trouble for a procedure. One can completely get the very best results out of this no matter what!

One must debunk all the myths when it comes to liposuction. And this is only one thing that can help them get through with the best procedure!

We are a trust-worthy group assisting foreign patients with affordable treatment; contact us at +91-9818369662 or |

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FUE hair transplant is considered the best by all surgeons and dermatologists. It is not because it is efficient in performing body hair transplant. Follicular unit extraction is just a method where hair grafts are collected from the donor area which can be any part of the body leave alone the back of the scalp. It requires no stitches to the donor area because a needle-like instrument is used to remove grafts. Experts have different methods of hair restoration which include surgical and nonsurgical techniques, but FUE takes the lead

FUE Hair Transplant in India allows a patient to have a quick and comfortable recovery time after the surgery. Complications like bleeding and pain in the donor area have fewer chances of happening compared to the FUT hair transplant. In FUT, a surgeon has to collect hair grafts in the form of a strip from the donor area which leaves a wound and when no good aesthetic skills used, the scar will be more visible and larger. FUT hair transplant is good for patients who need more hair grafts and have big bald areas. It is because it provides more hair grafts in a short while.

FUT and FUE are all better procedures for patients depending on the fact that a good hair center like this one is visited for a hair transplant in India. Many people believe that FUT is the worst technique and to some, it may be due to the lack of enough artistry skills in a surgeon. FUT has advantages like

  • Provides more grafts
  • Saves time
  • A good density of hair is expected

In addition, here are the advantages of FUE hair technique

  • The donor area is left free without bandages after the surgery
  • The procedure involves no stitches on the donor side or the recipient side
  • No visible scars expected after the surgery
  • The recovery period is reduced
  • Fewer chances of infections and bleeding
  • A good surgeon can extract more than 2000 hair grafts in a single session

Due to the advanced technology, hair transplant in India has become safe and also offers better results than in the past. Surgeons who perform all the procedures with good skills are available, though the public has a mentality that FUE is the best hair transplant technique. The best technique for a patient can be determined after the surgeon examines all the underlying factors before a surgery is done. FUE can work for many patients due to its benefits, but it has to be selected after the surgeon has recommended it. All hair treatments are available and performed for good and natural results after the surgery.

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Hair loss is a problem that is highly closely observed in American men. This doesn’t mean that it is only them with the problem of hair loss, but the numbers are also rising in Indian men, African men, and Asian men. Though male pattern baldness is the commonest problem everywhere, female pattern baldness is also a problem that can’t be neglected. Countries like Australia, Mexico, Turkey, and India are some of the patient’s favorites when it comes to getting hair transplants.

In a study conducted in Turkey, results show that more than 500 hair transplant procedures are carried out within a week mostly on foreign patients. Many patients get to know about these hair transplant clinics on twitter, Facebook, and friends. It was also disclosed that FUE is the most preferred hair transplant technique in both men and women. This is not in Turkey alone; FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is gaining more control in the hair transplant field.

The question that arises from this is whether all patients can benefit from the Follicular Unit Extraction?

The answer is YES, but some considerations must be taken

FUE is a more advanced procedure and as well as a meticulous technique performed by hair surgeons. The procedure gained popularity from the year it was introduced due to the fact that it leaves no linear scars and it is minimally invasive. FUE Hair Transplant in Sydney only requires the initiative of the surgeon to estimate the number of hair grafts that are required in the procedure, organize his team and carry out the procedure under a protocol.

The follicular unit extraction necessitates the surgeon to extract more than 2000 hair follicles per sitting. In the modern procedures, these hair follicles are extracted by a robot that is quick and precise in removing hair follicles from the donor area under the surveillance of the surgeon.

Androgenetic alopecia which is the leading hair loss type can be overcome by FUE hair transplant.

During the procedure, the surgeon demarcates the whole head to easily differentiate between the recipient region and the donor area.

Hair follicles are extracted after local anesthesia has been given to the patient to avoid pain and discomfort.

With specialized instruments and a micropunch of 0.8 or 1mm, hair grafts are removed from the donor area.

After extraction, the hair grafts are immediately implanted into the slits made in the recipient region in an aesthetic manner to produce natural and realistic results.

  • Patients with a minimally affected area can benefit from an FUE Hair transplant 
  • Patients who request for this particular procedure may get good results, but an expert must be consulted first to prevent poor results.
  • Those who may want to keep their hair short can also benefit from this technique since it leaves small round scars that are hardly visible
  • Body hair transplant is also possible with FUE hair transplant a scenario where a patient has limited donor hair. Hair can be extracted from the chest, the legs, and the beards.

hair transplant in Australia has produced permanent and natural looking results 

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On the off chance that running and yoga both are the foundations of your wellness plan and you aren't seeing the outcomes you require, endeavor resistance training. You can utilize rec center Equipment for different wellness exercises. Maybe you've an idea about lifting weights. Perhaps you have even completed a couple dumbbell twists or got a barbell. At whatever point you hit the iron despite the fact that, you encounter uncertain, shaky, and a touch terrified.

Completely, you've heard the repulsiveness stories: lifting substantial weights makes women awkward, it's hazardous, it's awful on your joints, and once you have muscle, you can't quit lifting or it'll all flip to fats The fact of the matter is lifting weights does none of these matters. What it does is help you to live in a more beneficial, more grounded casing. Yoga and the treadmill can have their place, however, they're insufficient.

These all items you can discover on Fitking which is Fitness Equipment Brands Whilst you take a seat to list your wellness targets, you'll be astonished to that quality training won't least complex help you contact them, however, may also contact them speedier than performing cardio practice alone. To accomplish an ideal level of wellness with the coveted slender body you longing, to put it gruffly, weight preparing is essential.However, in case you're as yet suspicious about lifting weights, and afterward no not as much as please mindfully recall the ensuing thought processes why you should reconsider your disgraceful view.

Totally, you've heard the ghastliness stories: lifting overwhelming weights makes women lumbering, it's hazardous, it's terrible on your joints, and once you have muscle, you can't quit lifting or it'll all flip to fats The fact of the matter is lifting weights does none of these matters. What it does is help you to live in a more beneficial, more grounded casing. Yoga and the treadmill can have their place, however, they're insufficient.

These all items you can discover on Fitking which is Fitness Equipment Brands Whilst you take a seat to list your wellness goals, you'll be stunned to that quality instruction won't most straightforward help you contact them, however, may also contact them faster than performing cardio practice alone. To accomplish an ideal level of wellness with the coveted slender body you longing, to put it obtusely, weight preparing is essential.However, in case you're as yet suspicious about lifting weights, and after that no not as much as please circumspectly remember the resulting thought processes why you should reconsider your despicable view.

1. More Effective for FAT Burn

Disregard that "fats-consuming" quarter on the treadmill. As indicated by another investigate distributed in weight issues, weight lifting consumes about totally fats. Regardless of the way that many individuals weight lifting best an approach to full length when differentiated no holds barred against cardiovascular exercise, resistance preparing turns out on zenith inside the fight to consume calories.The huge preferred standpoint to weight tutoring is your casing's capacity to consume fat sooner or later of and in the wake of working out

2. Weightlifting Change your body shape.

You may envision your qualities decide the way your appearance. That is no longer essentially genuine. Weight preparing can thin you down, make new bands and help avoid the "inside age unfurl."

3. Help your digestion.

The less muscle you have, the slower your digestion can be. As ladies age, they lose muscle at developing expenses, particularly after the age of forty. Weights preparing in the meantime as weight-diminishment arrange to allow you to keep and even revamp muscle filaments. The additional lean mass you have, the higher your digestion can be and the more vitality you'll consume throughout the day.

4. Feel more certain.

Lifting weights will increment down to earth wellbeing, It being vigorous is in like manner engaging, Lifting of weights it assembles passionate power through boosting self-regard and self-conviction.

5. More Effective for BONE HEALTH

It's been very much reported ladies' needs to do weight-bearing activity to develop and keep up bone mass, what's more, to spare you osteoporosis. Similarly, as muscle gatherings get more grounded and bigger with utilize, so do bones once they're made to experience weight.

7. Enhance sports wellness.

You don't be a competitor to appreciate the games exercises preferred standpoint of weight tutoring. Enhanced muscle tissue and power will help you in all physical exercises, regardless of whether it's bicycling with the claimed family, swimming, hitting the fairway, or snowboarding anything sport you appreciate. On the off chance that you are searching for best weight plates then you can run with Fitking. They are giving top weight plates India

8. Enhance Your Quality Sleep

Quality preparing extraordinarily enhances rest quality, supporting in your capacity to nod off quicker, rest further, and wake less regularly amid the night.

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How to lift weights, lose fat, tone, sculpt and build body at gym

Click each image below to see several videos on Health and Fitness India

Ladies, don't be turned off by lifting weights because you see a girl with lots of big muscles. It's very difficult to get lots of big muscles. 

Doing weight training with a nutritious diet and proper rest will give you a healthy and fit body and you'll not look like a man! Don't be scared of weight training ladies! You'll burn fat, shape your body, have strength and feel beautiful!

Also see the Top 10 Exercises Done Incorrectly and that How to Do Them Correctly in an NHS article 

Contact me Shakti Saran, the creator of Health and Fitness India site to find gyms, trainers, exercise equipment, health and fitness products and more!

10824438473?profile=originalAbs Exercises - Fitness and Bodybuilding Workouts Videos Page

10824439461?profile=originalBack Exercises - Fitness and Bodybuilding Workouts Videos Page

10824450495?profile=originalBiceps Exercises - Fitness and Bodybuilding Workouts Videos Page

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10824441855?profile=originalCrossFit techniques, equipment, science, trainer Videos Page

10824451854?profile=originalKettlebell exercises for women & men in India Videos Page

10824438684?profile=originalCalisthenics simple and more advanced body weight exercises Videos Page

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10824441885?profile=originalRunning techniques, shoes, clothes, people Videos Page

10824446479?profile=originalLearn about fitness, exercise & diet from Indian Celebrities Videos Page

10824451888?profile=originalHow to Become and Grow as a MODEL in INDIA Page

Share with friends & Get Fit together !!!

Best Wishes,

Shakti Saran

Contact me to find gyms, trainers, equipment, health and fitness products & more!

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Hi All, 

I'd like to thank Ms. Sonia Bajaj to consent for the interview with the Health and Fitness India network. Our Q&A are as follows:

Photo: Ms. Sonia Bajaj, Fitness and Nutrition Coach, giving award at MISS North India 2013. Facebook photo link


1. Why did you decide to enter the fitness industry? 

After delivering 2 boys as any other woman tried to cut down on that extra fat on my body. Tried all kinds of yo yo diets, paid a good amount of money to the so called dieticians. Kept on going through the same circle of loosing few kilos on scale, and as soon as quitted the diet, went back to square one.

Finally planned to give up all diets, started exercising and eating a balanced diet, which could be followed life long. I saw such awesome changes in my body, not only in terms of fat loss, but also in terms of strength, stamina, agility, power.

I became a happier soul, more confident. So decided that if can share my experience with all those men and women who are struggling for years to lose fat in a right way, so that it never comes back, would be a great achievement for me.

Hence totally dedicated myself to promoting health and fitness.

2. What are your specialties as a fitness professional? 

I've done my group certification with Reebok.

I've done my Personal Training certification with AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EXERCISE.

I'm certified in Pilates, Kickboxing, and Prenatal and Postnatal workouts.

I've done workshops in TRX AND BOSU workouts.

I'm a certified nutritionist by BFY MUMBAI.


3. What's a great piece of advise that you've given to a client?

I see a lot of excellent and certified fitness coaches here in India. But what I have realized is that what we need as per the times is Fitness motivators.

We have to train the brain before training any other muscle group. People give it up very fast, everyone is looking for a short cut.

4. Can you please share any major mistakes that fitness professionals make?

My piece of advice to my clients and every one reading this is that take care of your body.

Just give 30 minutes 5 days a week to yourself.


5. Where do you see yourself professionally in the next five and ten years from now?

Few year from now I see people following what I try to enforce today;



Her professional and contact details:

Sonia Bajaj



The Entire List of Health and Fitness Professional Interviews

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See below a variety of selected videos and online resources for Wellness at Workplace

Ergonomics and good posture related exercises for Health and Fitness in India!

For health & fitness enthusiasts, professionals & businesses!

Get found easily using Health Fitness India site!


Also, stay updated with Beauty Fashion Fitness India on GOOGLE+ FACEBOOK

Deadly Issues That No One Ever Told You About Sitting Read more


"Incentive programs are not wellness programs," said Dr. Ronald Goetzel, Director of Emory University's Institute for Health and Productivity Research and President and CEO of The Health Project. "That can be a component, when done smartly, of a comprehensive program, but if that's all your program is going to be, you're going to fail miserably, and people are going to be resentful," he explained. According to Goetzel -- who has studied worksite wellness programs at large corporations such as Dow Chemical and Johnson & Johnson, and is being funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to study best practices in the field -- incentive programs can help get people excited about health and keep them on track, but ultimately people's habits will only change if they are given the resources to change them and if the workplace norms and environments change. 

Without the other pieces to facilitate behavior change -- healthy cafeterias, opportunities to exercise, flexible work hours, supportive leadership and middle managers, and health risk assessments and coaching -- incentive programs will only penalize, not change, those who are least healthy. Above information is from article link

9 Qualities Of Truly Confident People article link

Similar valuable articles are also shared on the Chief Marketing Officer India page and on the Business on Google+ page to help you make better decisions.

Workstation Setup Ergonomics

(From article link, more details in comments below after the post)


Article: Jet Lag disorder, prevention and other details

Slide show: Office stretches

Video: Neck stretches for the workplace

Video: Forearm stretches for the workplace

Video: Upper body stretches for the workplace

Video: Seated stretches for the workplace

Video: Standing stretches for the workplace

I keep sharing in the comments below.


Shakti Saran

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See below a variety of selected videos and online resources for Calisthenics Exercises

Fitness and Bodybuilding Workouts for Health and Fitness in India!

For health & fitness enthusiasts, professionals & businesses!

Get found easily using Health Fitness India site!


Also, stay updated with Beauty Fashion Fitness India on GOOGLE+ FACEBOOK

10824438684?profile=originalMarch 22, 2014: "Main to expert ho gaya" (I've become an expert) said my four year old nephew. Today I was exercising at home on a mat while watching calisthenics videos on my laptop in front of me. I was doing push-ups and planks. During that time, my nephew visited with his parents. I also made him do exercises. He's an energetic person and liked doing the exercises. He was also watching the videos and liking them and even told me to play other videos that were showing on the side on YouTube. 

After exercising, I took him to the swings and slides in the park. I've taken him before and he likes that. When he tried getting on a slide, he said that he can't do it. I told that he can do it. He had to first climb a metallic mesh and then there was a slide on the other side. I showed him that how he has to grip the mesh and move up. He then tried it. My hands were below and above him in case his foot or hand might slip.

He was able to climb the first time itself with me guiding him. We did this few more times and then I stood a little back and let him do it. After a while of he doing it by himself, when he reached the top of the slide, he said that "main to expert ho gaya" (I've become an expert). 

I shared this with his parents on which they told me that he's learning new words at school. I wish that humans would learn increasingly well. 

God, please help me. I'm sure that if we'll support and guide the mankind increasingly well then there's seemingly infinite potential in humans to pursue the seemingly infinite value in our universe.  

I'll be sharing below calisthenics videos showing simple and more advanced body weight exercises I wish that you'll also share this blog post with your family and friends. Even if you don't have a good gym, you can do so many exercises with your body weight!

Calisthenics is the name given to repetitive exercises that use the resistance of your own body to build strength, increase flexibility and burn fat.

No equipment or weights are used in calisthenics, and the exercises can be performed anywhere there is a floor and enough space to move in. The benefits of calisthenics effects are wide-reaching.

Dominik Sky - Calisthenics Beginner to Advanced Part 1: Upper Body PRESSING


+ flexibility & out of alignment pushups + some different interesting pushups + partner assistance pushups

In each part are exercises sorted from beginner to advanced. Once you can do about 5 to 8 reps of a certain exercise I think you are ready to move to the next one.

Be sure to do the exercises with PROPER FORM AND FULL RANGE OF MOTION!

I learned a lot from the book "Building the gymnastic body" and I recommend it to everyone who is interested in bodyweight training!

Dominik Sky - Calisthenics Beginner to Advanced Part 2: Upper Body PULLING

I divided pulling into 5 parts:

1. PULLUPS / CHINUPS --------------------------- 00:11

2. ONE ARM PULLUP (OAP)--------------------- 02:36

3. MULTI-PLANE PULLING------------------------ 04:08

4. ROWS------------------------------------­------------- 05:46

5. CURLS-----------------------------------­------------- 06:25

+ flexibility & out of alignment exercises------ 07:56

+ some different interesting pullups------------- 08:23

In each part are exercises sorted from beginner to advanced. Once you can do about 5 to 8 reps of a certain exercise I think you are ready to move to the next one.

Be sure to do the exercises with PROPER FORM AND FULL RANGE OF MOTION!

I learned a lot from the book "Building the gymnastic body" and I recommend it to everyone who is interested in bodyweight training!

In this video, see how you can develop strength, power and muscle mass with calisthenics.

Frank Medrano will give us a demonstration, explaining how calisthenics work, and what its advantages disadvantages are. Frank will also let us in on the best techniques to master this impressive activity.

Calisthenics Kingz demonstrates a few beginner exercises for a full program that both MEN & WOMEN can do in the beginning stages would start with before moving to an intermediate level.

Calisthenics Kingz demonstrates a few intermediate exercises for both MEN & WOMEN

How To Handstand

Ladder pushups: you will do 1 pushup count to 3 then do 2 pushups, count to 3 then 3 pushups and so on untill you reach 10 pushups

side to side pushups: stay as low as possible without hitting the floor and move side to side 5 on each side

Pushup Jacks: push up off the floor and bring your feet as if you were about to do a burpee

Fingertip tip pushups: do 15 pushups on the tip of your fingers while your buddy(ies) hold a plank.

Elevated side to side pushups 8 on each side

Elevated pushups 15 -20 reps

Pike pushups 10-15

Elevated walking pushups do 20 reps

The man, the myth, the legend CT Fletcher training with Frank Medrano at Metroflex gym in Long Beach.

Frank Medrano and The Lebert Equalizer offers versatility for home, gym or outside workouts that you don't find in many other pieces of equipment. Whether you want to do upper or lower body exercises, agility, plyometrics or stretching, you can do it all with the Lebert Equalizer. I incorporate this piece of equipment everyday.

Frank Medrano is a CALISTHENICS BODYWEIGHT expert who MOTIVATES and trains to build and gain muscle , lose fat and challenge your body to obtain strength through simple and more advanced body weight exercises. His goal is to motivate and inspire you through fun, functional workouts.

Frank Medrano Trains at the world famous METROFLEX in Long Beach, California, USA 

Why I Believe Bodyweight Training is BEST - Elliott Hulse

Calisthenics 2012 Best Moments

The World's Best Parkour and Freerunning

Bodybuilder Meets Parkour / Freerunning (eng sub)

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