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Probiotics research, products, benefits - Health Fitness India

Started this discussion. Last reply by Shakti Saran Jun 28, 2013. 1 Reply

I'll be sharing here Probiotics related research, products and benefits from worldwide: From …Continue

Tags: fitness, india, health, benefits, research

List of Organic / Not Harmful Food shops in New Delhi, India

Started this discussion. Last reply by Shakti Saran Mar 14, 2013. 1 Reply

अगर आप सोचते हैं की आप क्या करें खाने में मिलावट के बारें में तो फिर आप एक काम ज़रूर करें की आप अच्छी शॉप्स ढूंडे और अच्छा खाना खरीदे और वैसी शॉप्स के बारें में और लोगो से भी शेयर करे.इंसान जैसा खाना…Continue

Tags: shops, new, delhi, organic, not

Employers designing work places for health and fitness benefits of employees

Started Mar 12, 2013 0 Replies

Health experts have gone so far as to say worker fatigue is an epidemic that is weighing on workers' health and productivity. And employers who have ignored it — most of them — have done so at their…Continue

Tags: pain, ache, posture, refresh, energy

Back Exercises - Fitness and Bodybuilding Workouts - Health Fitness India

Started this discussion. Last reply by rakesh kumar Sep 18, 2018. 10 Replies

Hi All,In this discussion, I share valuable online resources on Back Exercises - Fitness and Bodybuilding Workouts for Health and Fitness in India and worldwide.Look in the comments section below for…Continue

Tags: back, workout, workouts, india, health

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Welcome Enthusiasts, Professionals, and Business Owners in Health and Fitness in India and Worldwide!

Hi All, 

I'm Shakti Saran and I've created the Health and Fitness India network. I do web design, graphic design, search engine optimization, social media optimization, online marketing, IT consulting and custom software development work for my clients in India and abroad

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I welcome you to read the Welcome Text on the MAIN page of the Health and Fitness India network

Market yourself as a fitness professional or business! Contact me by signing up for free on this website and sending me a message. I've a growing list of clients and I look forward to being of value to you!

I was just asked for some e-magazine: "CAN YOU TELL IN SHORT......WHAT DOES 'INDEPENDENCE DAY' MEAN TO YOU?"

My response (immediate thought after reading this): Independence Day helps me as a great reminder to love freedom while adhering to human values. I'm sure that I can go on writing about this, however, since I'm supposed to share in short, I wish that my this thought is of value. Best!

This is also why I've started the Health and Fitness India network:

"Medium data only works if we share. Most nonprofits are simply too small to have a critical mass of data on their own. But together, we have enough data to reap immense insight and impact." (Harvard Blog Network link)

For a brief overview of my several interests and efforts, you're welcome to browse my LinkedIn

Please let me share that I don't have interests in owning gym or fitness center or manufacturing related products, or in working as a professional fitness trainer.

Please let me share that one of my interests is to share with humans related to health and fitness from the best resources worldwide and to build a network of business owners, professionals, and enthusiasts in health and fitness.

Please let me share that I'm interested in professionally assisting the Health and Fitness India network's members in their work and businesses and that you're welcome to share with me regarding the same.

I wish that our network can help business owners, professionals, and enthusiasts to connect, share, and collaborate with each other.

I've recently started Jeevika Socii Private Limited. Jeevika in Sanskrit means what one does for a living and Socii in Latin means Allies. The company does recruitment work under its brand Career Partner

For over fifteen years, I have been learning and working on businesses, technologies, products, services, and teaching. I have over eight years of work experience in software design and development. My other experience includes researching technologies and markets for business opportunities, marketing and selling software products and online services, consulting businesses, and teaching on/off-line college-level courses. I have worked for start-ups to large companies in USA and India. I have also been working independently for years.

I also make free software and online services for the masses. You're welcome to search online for "data privacy software" and you should find

I'm also an affiliate of quality products and services and open to learn about new opportunities.

Water Scarcity and Food Security: A Role for Free Trade?

My comment: I wish that a great mother's milk replacement is developed for the masses worldwide. What if any mother's milk becomes harmful for the baby due to adulterated food and water, polluted air or any other harmful things negatively affecting the mother? I also wonder what mothers think when they give birth knowing that they can't even feed themselves properly. What quality of humans would generally be born and grown like that? Nestle, please also raise awareness among women worldwide on such issues. I've shared your other articles on and I would also share this one. Thank You! Best!

I would like to share with you a critical and worsening issue being faced by humans: "We will fail to feed the world until we fix the water crisis" by Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairman of the Board at Nestlé S.A.

My comment: Thank You for a valuable article! A key solution to this issue in my opinion is to assist the very large number of people in our world in reducing their other issues which they consider to be more severe so that they would become increasingly concerned about this issue. Of course, we've to also keep innovating and implementing better solutions related to water. I share about a range of issues through the Health and Fitness India network, the Security and India (SAI) LinkedIn group and my some other groups, pages and websites mentioned on my free data privacy software for our world website. I wish that I would keep finding valuable inputs from our world like this article for keep improving my efforts. Another valuable post: World Water Day: Water in the post 2015 Development Goals All the Best!

My comment: Teach people from their first step into school to their last one out from college about being human and Shall Then Evolve Man a lot greater. All the Best!

14th July 2013: 

God, Please help! A big insect was flying inside the gym and it came behind my personal trainer and I told him to hit it. He first bent down thinking it was coming at him. He then saw it sitting on the wall glass. I told him to get something to hit it. He got some cloth and as I said again to hit it and that just before he hit it, the Gayatri Mantra started to play in the gym. It was part of a song that plays at the end of Matrix Revolutions.

I request you God to understand that last night after several years if I can remember that I stood in my room before going to bed and that clasped my hands with eyes closed and that chanted the Gayatri Mantra some different times and that this happened today. What should I understand? Please help. I wish I had a camera full-time around me to record such things and that then share with others to perhaps figure out what I should understand. Moreover, just as I was climbing the stairs after getting delayed at a shop, I saw a family approach their flat's door as I was on their floor in the middle of climbing the stairwell. I had a nice talk with them and then the lady came up to my apartment to meet my parents with Prasad. I think You can make me understand without I asking one, however, I'll keep sharing until You would.

When I had come to gym, my personal trainer had seen my iPod Shuffle and had said if we can play music in the gym from it on which I had agreed. Then I had seen a person running on a treadmill and that I told the trainer to tell him that running on this treadmill can cause harm to knees on which he told me that he has already told this person and also others about this but they still run on it. When the person got done and came around, I told him that running on this treadmill can cause harm, however, it seemed that I saying that didn't make a significant difference. The trainer said that he has seen several people who do wrong workouts and then either don't get proper results and even harm themselves. I think that having a personal trainer greatly helps and that people should at least get one during the start. I think that for a great society and environment, we must have great health and fitness. I wish that my efforts would be of value in this regard. Please help!

After around an hour of sharing the above: 

God, Please help! During today's Sunday prayer at home that we just did, dad talked much about how and why we should be dressed and sit on. He emphasized on clothes and the sheet underneath to be neat and clean and proper and that being expensive or not isn't important. Also, my dear first cousin had just messaged me that I'm blessed responding to what I had written earlier to you and that very shortly after, dad had called to offer Prasad for Sunday evening (which generally becomes late night) prayer. 

Yesterday very late night, I had chanted the Gayatri Mantra in my shorts and without my t-shirt on. Was I not properly dressed? Today morning, dad said to keep the head down when doing work on which I said to keep the head up like if someone in army with gun keeps the head down then how would one see ahead and then I said that one has to keep a 360 vision. Today evening, I shared a lady's photo with a tattoo of Mother Goddess on her arm in a Tattoo group while sharing her interview in the group. I had thought what if I make that tattoo on my chest but then I had thought that it's not necessary for me (and I don't judge others making it) and that most likely I would never make a tattoo. However, if someone makes a tattoo like that then do they have to cover it when praying to you because they've to be dressed properly? 

Around an hour ago, I wrote to You about I chanting Gayatri Mantra yesterday night standing with hands clasped and eyes closed I think after several years and that today at gym, it played because my personal trainer suggested to play music from my iPod Shuffle and that after a while when I said to hit the flying insect that just sat behind him on the wall glass and that before he hit it, the song changed to the last song in Matrix Revolutions which has Gayatri Mantra in it. Now, I share the above. Please help me understand.

I welcome you to connect, share, and collaborate with me through the Health and Fitness India network.


Shakti Saran

I'm Shakti Saran and I've created the Health and Fitness India network. I do web design, graphic design, search engine optimization, social media optimization, online marketing, IT consulting and custom software development work for my clients in India and abroad

My Facebook 

My Google+ 

My LinkedIn: 

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Updated 22 October 2013: 

Georgia Tech was named one of the 50 Fittest Colleges in America by The Active Times, coming in at #19. Smart and in shape! Go Jackets! (read this on LinkedIn page of Georgia Institute of Technology) My comment:

I remember being the 1st student to receive a black belt at the Shaolin Kung Fu club run at Tech! The club was affiliated to When I started at Tech, before even registering for any courses, I found about the Shaolin classes in the Options paper at the Student Center and that registered for it. It was a great activity which also made me friends and it also helped in my studies and work. Tech is great and I wish that it keeps getting better! Best!

Updated 28th November 2013 

WOW!!! I'm visiting my relatives and the girl who works here asked me the time over an hour ago. When I said ek saat, she said that "doosre way mein dekha jaye toh sunayee deta hai ek saath" (if seen in a different way then it sounds like ek saath which means together). I just asked her again what she had said and now she's watching me type this and asked me "aap choti choti cheeze notice kate hain" (you notice small small things). I told her that I don't but this is funny!!! She asked "aapko itni hansi kyu aa rahi hai" (why are you laughing so much). It's funny!!! Some months ago, I had shared with my cousin who was managing the FB page of a fashion brand about tera saath (you being with me) and tera saat (13 7) related to some contest on the page when she had asked me to comment. Moreover, some minutes ago I saw my Aadhaar No. which has 13 7 !!! My Aadhaar No. 382783137399 Awesome!!!

This is what I shared in my another post: Lovely!!! Dad just notified me of my e-Aadhaar details and that I had gone to make the card wearing my Health and Fitness India network t-shirt. I noted the details in an open computer file which has this text: I assist health and fitness related businesses and professionals with IT and Marketing. I've clients in India and internationally. I welcome you to share with me if I can professionally assist in your efforts. I've also created Best!

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Shravan Joshi replied to Shakti Saran's discussion Starting an Exercise Program
"Build arm muscles with these 4 tips! DO not jump to heavy exercises, do  not go and focus only on biceps !!!"
Sep 18, 2017

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The closest that I've physically worked in health and fitness has been as an assistant instructor for my martial arts class during college years which was a great experience. I was the first person to become a black belt in my martial arts college club which is a part of a worldwide network of Shaolin Kung Fu schools and that I had even had the opportunity to help my teacher with around eighty five students in a class at once. I had even thought of bringing my martial arts school to India. It has been some years since I've trained at that level of martial arts, however, since then I've spotted and helped a martial artist in India start work at a top gym in India which has been very satisfying for me including when the students have mentioned to me that they like the class.

I do remember that during school years, I had defeated my school captain in Badminton and that since then the captain had asked me to skip the morning assembly so that I could practice with the school team essentially to help them train better. I had played years of table tennis, badminton, tennis, and soccer since early-mid school until I started college when I primarily got into martial arts. I did learn a bit of martial arts in school, however, I felt something was missing then which I instantly got during college. I wish that people make health and fitness as much of a priority as family and work and that for which I wish that the Health and Fitness India network can be of value.

For my work and related interests, kindly browse Thank You! Shakti Saran
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I've started the "Business on Google+" page!

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Shakti Saran

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Some helpful tips from Ayurveda for cold and cough (not medical advice)

Posted on January 10, 2019 at 4:40pm 0 Comments

Some helpful tips from Ayurveda for cold and cough (not medical advice):

Mix 1/2 tea spoon of Sitopladi churna with honey and lick it two to three times a day. It will lubricate your throat and prevents irritation due to cough.

Cough & Cold Tea (Herbal Tea)- contains Ginger, Miri, Cinnamon, Parijatak leaves, Tulsi leaves, Bilva patra, coriander , Lemon Grass etc.

It is very useful in cold, cough, flu.…


Ergonomic car seat design in India

Posted on April 1, 2018 at 1:00pm 0 Comments

India has lots of issues with roads and lots of people travel on them and suffer pain and injuries in the short to long term. Can an ergonomic car seat design help the people in India to avoid or reduce pain and injuries?

Below I've shared content from an article about this.

Based on a detailed analysis of information from peer-reviewed scientific journals and texts, automotive engineering reports, and the National Library of Medicine a series of requirements for the optimal…


Interviews of Health and Fitness Professionals in India

Posted on July 19, 2016 at 2:00am 1 Comment

Scroll down for interviews of Health and Fitness Professionals in India.…


Beauty in Strength - Muscular Girls and Women - Health and Fitness India network

Posted on May 9, 2016 at 4:00pm 547 Comments

Several pages of photos of muscular girls and women who reflect beauty in strength!

I think that generally there's no one single look that's the ultimate best to all people at all times. For some people,…


Comment Wall (10 comments)

At 6:34pm on January 17, 2012, Sean Stonehart said…

Hey Shakti... glad to be here! Hopefully I'll have some stuff to add to what you've got going on. :D

At 6:36pm on January 17, 2012, Shakti Saran said…

Thank You Sean for your several inputs over the years which have been of high value to me! I look forward to your inputs on our network! Best!

At 12:52pm on January 26, 2012, Richa Jain said…

thanks i will defiantly concern with my doctor very soon

At 12:20am on April 19, 2012, Bill Willard said…

An Honor in Humility ~ Thank You for Your Friendship !

At 4:40pm on August 1, 2012, Shakti Saran said…

I'm looking at my injuries. During school years, a brick fell on my head because my friend threw it up in the air when I was trying to take out the football stuck in the tree branches. I wish there were better fields then to play in even though my house was in one of the posh areas of Delhi having property value of nearly 10 crores today. I had to get several stitches and that I've fully recovered now but it could've also been fatal. Last year, the glass of my bookshelf broke when I slid to open it and that my left hand got cut (Thank God for saving me from a major injury by millimeters as the doctor told me and that I've fully recovered now but it could've also led to loss of a hand). I wish the construction design was better. I had asked for knobs to be fixed on the glasses but the carpenter had put a thin decorative thing on the glass to place the finger on it to slide it and that my parents were fine with that design. I've been lifting very heavy weights recently and that I can feel a hairline fracture above my right hand's thumb which affects my grip and that the huge piece of glass had also fallen there which I remembered now thinking of how I got that injury. Some months ago when I was walking outside, my left ankle had twisted in and that it had got sprained a bit seriously which I can still feel a bit when I do stretching. I wish the road construction work would complete soon because it seems to have been delayed a long while. I plan to visit a doctor soon for my right hand and left ankle including because it could get worse over the years especially due to my heavy workouts. If the masses go through much worse then how can they maximize their potential. From my experience, I suggest that if you go to a gym then get a personal trainer even if few times a month which would help avoid injuries besides making much better fitness gains. Best! Shakti

At 5:33pm on January 21, 2013, usman chelary said…

  Thank you shakthi 

At 2:40pm on February 4, 2013, MANJUSHA SHUKLA said…


At 10:08am on October 29, 2013, juhi sharma said…

hi sir

    thnx to include me as a member of ur website

   hope to learn a lot from ur worthy links n discussions

At 10:10am on October 29, 2013, juhi sharma said…


 u have gone thro incredible accidents

  let me tel u " u r God's chosen one" to get saved everytime

At 6:39pm on October 29, 2013, Shakti Saran said…

Hi Juhi, Thank You for your wishes! Please do share why you think so! I wish you the best! Shakti

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Home exercises to burn, reduce and lose fat and get slim and fit - Health Fitness India

Posted by Shakti Saran on September 1, 2015 at 6:12pm 0 Comments

Hi Everyone, I keep hearing from people on how to burn, reduce and lost fat and get slim and fit. People say they don't have time or money or both for going to gym. 

If you're struggling with fat and want a slim and fit body then I'm starting this post to share valuable videos that you can do at home.

At first before you start doing any exercises, make sure that you've no health issues or get a doctor…


How to lift weights, lose fat, tone, sculpt and build body at gym - Health Fitness India

Posted by Shakti Saran on April 2, 2016 at 5:55pm 0 Comments

How to lift weights, lose fat, tone, sculpt and build body at gym

Click each image below to see several videos on Health and Fitness India

Ladies, don't be turned off by lifting weights because you see a girl with lots of big muscles. It's very difficult to get lots of big…


Krav Maga India - Martial Art Self Defense - Schools, Trainers, Courses

Posted by Shakti Saran on September 20, 2015 at 6:07pm 0 Comments

Krav Maga ("contact combat") is a self-defense system that consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from Aikido boxing, judo and wrestling along with realistic fight training.

You can read more about Krav Maga in

Health Fitness India site suggests to learn from well-qualified Krav Maga instructors and to use the…


Very fat to Very fit - Fitness Trainer and Model Manisha Ramdhin - Health Fitness India

Posted by Shakti Saran on June 26, 2015 at 5:30pm 0 Comments

See how Manisha Ramdhin who had a very poor physical fitness and a very fat body has transformed herself into a slim, toned and muscular body that looks very fit.

Her Facebook link. This article will be soon updated with more details about her.

Manisha's photos are also…


Food Adulteration in India - Issues and Basic to Advanced Solutions for Reducing and Stopping it

Posted by Shakti Saran on March 18, 2016 at 5:30pm 54 Comments


Hi All, Please share about food adulteration with your family and friends which should also help to make things better or else your conditions might also keep worsening. I share details below from different sources but can't say for…


Anti-Pollution Mask, Delhi Metro Police, India

Posted by Shakti Saran on February 21, 2016 at 2:26pm 86 Comments


Lung Screening for Children and Everyone in India on

Hi All, Please share about air pollution with your family and friends which…



How much physical activity do adults need?

Started by Shakti Saran in Uncategorized. Last reply by Dr. Suruchi Puri Jul 21, 2018. 27 Replies

From Important Health BenefitsAdults need at least:2 hours and 30 minutes (150 minutes) of…Continue

Tags: adults, need, activity, physical, much

Starting an Exercise Program

Started by Shakti Saran in Uncategorized. Last reply by Dr. Suruchi Puri Jul 21, 2018. 14 Replies

From toughest and most important step in an exercise program is getting started. People often think they need to…Continue

Tags: exercises, strength, training, flexibilty, conditioning

You MUST Research health and fitness inputs given by family, friends and others

Started by Shakti Saran in Uncategorized. Last reply by Shravan Joshi May 31, 2017. 12 Replies

Today after an awesome LESMILLS RPM class, I asked the instructor on whether there's a recommended way to breathe during the class. Another person there said that thinking logically, it would be breathing quickly at short intervals. He also said…Continue

Tags: long, instructor, intervals, short, deep

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