Warm Up, Cool Down and Be Flexible

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An effective fitness program is more than aerobic training and strength building. To really reap the benefits of exercise, you need to add flexibility training to the mix.

Stretching can help your body get ready for exercise. It is also an essential part of recovering from aerobic activity. All exercise sessions should end with stretching - and not just for the mental relaxation benefits. The more flexible you are, the less likely you are to be injured during exercise.

A good warm up prepares your body for more intense activity.

Just as a warm up prepares your body for exercise, an effective cool down gives your body time to recover.

By increasing your flexibility you can improve your ability to move around. You will have less muscle tension and your posture will likely improve. Most importantly, stretching after each workout reduces your risk for injury.

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  • Living Well: Stretch after workout, says trainer 

    http://www.seattlepi.com/lifestyle/health/article/Living-Well-Stret... I've had personal training from another trainer for past two months and that he stretched me well after every weight training session. Yesterday, I started at another gym and that the head trainer assigned me to some assistants and that they all seem to be nice, however, they seem to forgot to get my legs stretched well after the workout and that in the last two months, I did heavy legs workout but didn't have leg pain the next day like I'm having today perhaps because I didn't stretch yesterday after the legs workout.  They did make me stretch my back and that they had made me do legs and back yesterday. I would share the same with the head trainer and that I suggest the same to others also that stretching is very important including as mentioned in the article. Best, Shakti Saran

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