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21 March 2017: God! A chemist told me that today's sales hasn't been good and so if I can buy a box of whey protein. I already had one box, however, I bought another. This was few hours ago. Earlier today, I was thinking from where the top Indians buy chicken. Recently my physiotherapist had said that chicken is good for muscle building which I already knew, however, I don't eat chicken regularly due to quality concerns.

Just now I was praying. I pray to several Gods. When I started praying to Lord Hanuman, it came to mind that I should take two scoops of protein a day at different times instead of thinking about from where to get good quality chicken and perhaps that's also why I bought another box of protein today. I had taken a schoop several hours ago today. I again had another scoop of protein and then continued praying.

This reminds me of high school years when I used to keep fast on Tuesday for Lord Hanuman and I also used to learn martial arts then. I used to watch several Shaolin Kung Fu movies during my school years and I didn't know that I would get to learn it from the start of my college at Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

Moreover, today another physiotherapist asked me how's my grappling on which I said that I'm not much into grappling. I would rather not fight but in the worst case scenario, I've learnt more on how to end it quickly, however, which would most likely finish the other person and so I wouldn't fight even if I'm hit a bit and I would rather try to get away from it. My Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi grandmaster said that he taught not for competition but to kill. I thought the same whenever I practiced for around eight years. I only see fight like that. I see martial arts more than just for fighting and which those people might understand who've been learning martial arts for years.

I pray to Lord Hanuman for love, kindness, forgiveness and protection. Jai Maa Kali, Jai Maa Mary, Om Namah Shivaye!

8th August 2013: My gym personal trainer in his efforts to learn some martial arts from me started using much of his muscle and bone strengths. I showed him a few things from my trainings from years before. He said that what if he applies his full power on which I told him to do so and that I was still able to make the technique work. There was another person there who was also trying to learn from me. I told them that there are many techniques and that proper training is required to learn and that they can't learn properly like this. I told them that there would be nice martial arts trainers around. A friend of mine runs his martial arts school and who these people also know. I also them that his teacher has stayed in China and learned Shaolin for several years and he also choreographs fight scenes in movies.

My person trainer was becoming competitive and told me that let's have a fight but not an extreme one. I told them that I know little and that I wouldn't go for a power fight but to end it asap however I can and hence I wouldn't fight until I've no option. I did show them a few possible combination moves to be done at proper speed based on his moves that would finish him. I told him that I wouldn't go for a power fight and would avoid fighting until no option. I said that power is also important because if both have similar techniques then power could make a significant difference.

I showed them basic punching to get them started but then said that I wouldn't generally punch with a fist because it can also cause harm to self and I would generally rather use open hands and other means. I wish that my inputs would be of value to them and also to martial artists in general. I miss my Shaolin trainers in USA. From my early years in USA, I had thought of bringing my Shaolin school to India. During school years before going to USA, I used to watch Jackie Chan and other martial arts movies and it was great that I had started Shaolin from the first semester at my college at Georgia Tech. I do wish to keep contributing to martial arts and martial artists around our world. Best!

3rd July 2013: God, Please bless women. If you want to fight abuse then great. However, please don't think that you don't have limits when it comes to fighting. It's great if you've guts to keep fighting, however, please also be careful about body limits and healing processes. Please don't mind but I mean the following in your best interest that generally it's stupidity which leads to ignoring limits. I wish that SAHARA www.linkedin.com/groups/SAHARA-Sexual-Assault-Helpline-Reporting-4773442, Security and India www.linkedin.com/groups/Security-India-4667311, Health and Fitness India network www.healthfitnessindia.com, World Martial Art Association www.worldmartialartassociation and my other efforts would also be of value in this regard. If you like any of them then please support as you can. Best!

Updated months before:

I just showed this to a person in class eight since he likes cars: "Enzo car review - Top Gear - BBC" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7jsauspMmU "...that you're in control of something biblical, something utterly magical, something wonderful...".

This person, Shashank, in class eight mentioned to me about Fight Science on National Geographic and that we just saw "Fight Science Fight Like an Animal Tiger Style Kung Fu (Power & Ferocity)" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCm5WiHda-0 video.

Also, "Animal Style Kung Fu - Snake (Speed & Accuracy)" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPGS1ORua54 video.

Also, "Animal Style Kung Fu - Praying Mantis (Accuracy, Speed & Explosiveness)" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlxkpQZ-FeQ video.

Also, "Fight Science: How to Move Like a Monkey (Strength, Balance & Co-ordination)" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhZubx05P9s video.


Shakti Saran

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  • Amazing! During morning, I had called the physiotherapist that if I could come during evening on which he had told me that he's off during Sunday evening. I generally take the stairs, however, today I went to the elevator because I was feeling lower energy I think because I hadn't had proper nutrition. Few seconds before the elevator came, another one came and that my cousin who's also partner came out with some wooden boards because we've been shifting our office. Parents weren't home and that if I had taken the stairs or if the elevator had come few seconds before then I would've missed him. He and I said it was perfect timing!!!

    After physiotherapist, I went to the gym and first watched The Kick movie on the HDTV system of LifeFitness treadmill which has nice action. After that I changed channels and started watching Bruce Lee movie The Big Boss and that few minutes later, one person spoke about the kicks of Bruce Lee as being nice. It does seem that the martial art movies sometimes go way over the board in their action sequences. I do wish that they inspire people to be healthy and fit and possibly also learn martial arts for positive purpose. Best!

  • Hi Sean, I can say that I'm training just that not in physical forms or applications right now :) Thank you very much for asking! I'll highly appreciate if you'll start a blog post about what you practice or have practiced over the decades and that share valuable online articles, photos and videos about them. I think it would benefit many people and so I request. Thank You, Shakti

  • So... have you started training again with anybody yet?

  • Please suggest martial arts equipment manufacturers. My friend's setting up a martial arts center in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, UP.

  • KRAV MAGA SUPREME Part I , Zielona Góra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ixhjy5yRY1o

    KRAV MAGA SUPREME Part II , Zielona Góra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcVJ94mCmzU

  • Thank you very much Dear Ankit Mehra for your appreciation! Please keep sharing as you like!

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    and other posts on the network.

    All the Best!


  • Good job mr. shakti saran, You choosing good topic for discussion.. 

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  • Kisi ne helmet banaya to kisi aur ne uska istemaal kaise kiya. (Some person made helmet and another one used it how). Humari banayi hui cheeze hum sahi aur galat ke liye istemaal kar sakte hai. (Things made by us can be used by us for right and wrong): "On February 15, after she went to her in-laws' place, Sushant beat her up, which has even injured her private parts. He even threw a helmet at her. When she asked for water, she was given intoxicants, after which she became unconscious. She doesn't remember what happened afterwards." The travesty of humanity is that she was beaten ruthlessly in front of her parents-in-law, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law. No one protested the brutality," said Birendra. Smita is conscious now but cannot speak much. She is admitted in the medicine ward of PMCH. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/patna/Humanity-shamed-Newly...

  • The world is amazing! Around a day ago, someone responded to my post related to potentially severely harmful chickens being served as food that "Are you lost, Shakti? Are these chickens posing a security threat of some kind, clucking their way through a firewall somewhere?" Today I went to gym but then went to meet a person to share a doctor's number for that person. The gym got closed by when I left meeting that person. Then I thought of practicing some martial arts in the park but it was raining lightly and so came back to my place. Then I played Matrix Revolutions (in past few days, I watched first two Matrix movies). Around the start of move, the girl Sati asks Neo that "Are you lost, Neo?" Then I noticed the machines as chickens. The same machines and drugs that can assist and cure humans can also harm humans if they get used inappropriately and that humans have to make peace with machines and drugs and for which it seems great efforts would be required by humans to keep doing so.

    Also, an amazing thing is that the day before yesterday the song playing in my mp3 player before I reached my place from gym was the song at the end of the movie which is a Sanskrit mantra. I don't know if it'll benefit anyone because I myself have no knowledge on such things but this mantra was given to me by my grandmother (dad's mom) and when I went to Canada and someone asked me who I missed then I told that person my grandmother and then due to some reason I returned to India leaving my Masters program in Canada and in few months my grandmother left the world in front of me. I felt that she became much weaker since I went to Canada for Masters program few months before. If I were in Canada then I might not have seen her leave our world. I do wish to say that Canada seems to have great society and environment and also great education including because my sister and cousin have gone to college there. Perhaps, I just had to be with my grandmother and so there came a reason for me to leave.

    Since I heard the song day before yesterday, I couldn't go to gym yesterday and today for some reason or another and that both yesterday and today I did martial arts practice while watching Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions which also helped me think on things mentioned in the movies. Its been several years I watched this awesome movie. I think that each one of the Matrix has great value to share. I had watched the first one during my first year of college and few months before the movie I had started my Shaolin Kung Fu classes at college in USA! I had always wanted to learn Shaolin since school years in India when I used to watch its movies. I became the first person to get a 1st degree black belt in the Shaolin classes at college. I do think that I've learned little in it and I do wish to keep improving in it. I wish that everyone would learn martial arts and also learn to shoot and also carry a gun. Few negative people can easily harm several others if the others can't protect themselves well enough. Also, I should share this because people seem to do stupid things after thinking that they can do like in the movies. In a movie the hero can do what the hero wants but which generally only happens in movies and which one would also realize better if one would learn martial arts that in the movies the people can move very fast and keep getting hurt and still keep going doing what they have to but the same wouldn't seem to be possible in reality after getting hit a few times in a martial arts class. I do wish that we humans can do increasingly better for ourselves and that not harm ourselves. My prayers go to people in Russia having been harmed by the interstellar objects. Anyone in our world could've been hurt. We face such danger as humans. We also seem to face many other dangers as humans. I wish us best.

    Above, I've mentioned about my post related to chickens which I've shared on http://lnkd.in/3M-wTi

  • During evening on a chat, a 9th class student told me that he can't find a gym nearby because they're very expensive for him. I shared my site http://www.healthfitnessindia.com with him and would try to keep sharing with him and I wish he would further share with others. He's already making valuable efforts related to security of women and that's how we connected. I wish I had people since I was born to guide me to maximize my potential. I wish I'll be of value to him. How many people in India would be getting great guidance? How many people in India even want to guide others for others to maximize their potential? Is it possible that people in general might not want to guide others as best as possible because they don't want others to maximize their potential? I think the best solutions would come by sharing and collaborating with others as best as possible. How can we have a great world if our team isn't maximizing itself.

    Moreover, it's human to help others as and when we can given our constraints. I think that competitor doesn't mean enemy and hence competitor can also be a collaborator. Also, protein-based foods in India are very expensive particularly when it comes to supplements. Also, their prices seem to be rising and that a bodybuilder once told me that when some protein supplement business in India starts doing well then it starts to adulterate it to increase margin. I wish such businesses in India well including to not adulterate supplements and to make supplements increasingly affordable. I also wish the imported products which are already known for high quality and no adulteration can become increasingly affordable. How are the masses going to look up to Lord Hanuman or even a human of great might.

    We must share with people that a critical issue is the quality of population and we've to raise its quality including by not doing things which reduce its quality for sustaining and improving our society and environment.

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