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I watch several videos and then share those which seem to cover valuable details. 

Also, kindly note that the different videos might cover the different valuable details and hence before doing an exercise, it'll be best to watch all related videos and consult a personal trainer and a general doctor since I'm neither of those two but a fitness enthusiast who shares valuable resources to save time and effort of people. 

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Warm ups: mobility exercises will prepare the body to move quickly and efficiently


Top 10 Exercises Done Incorrectly and that How to Do Them Correctly by NHS


Muscle Anatomy Of The Trunk -

Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

Back & Shoulder Exercises For Women by a Female Fitness Model

Back Workout - 5 Back Exercises for Mass

Instructional Fitness - One-arm Dumbbell Rows

Instructional Fitness - Pull Downs In Front

Instructional Fitness - Seated Machine Rows

Instructional Fitness - Seated Cable Rows

HOW to Deadlift Properly:

For Strength, Size and Performance (Correct Technique) 

From http://stronglifts.com/deadlifts-lower-back-pain-injury-technique/

5 Reasons Why Deadlifts Are Killing Your Lower Back (details on above website)

1. You're Pulling Instead of Pushing.

2. Your Hips Are Too High.

3. You're Rounding Your Lower Back.

4. You're Hyper-extending Your Lower Back.

5. The Bar Is Away From Your Body.

Instructional Fitness - Rope Pull Down

Instructional Fitness - Rear Pull Downs

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