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In like manner expressions of a layman, 'Hormonal Imbalance' just means the overabundance or shortfall in the amount of specific hormones in our body. It influences both the sexes and for the most part the ladies in their 40s and mid 50s manage it. Lion's share of the ladies can't watch and dissect the indications they face of hormonal irregularity. We convey to you some surprising indications of hormonal lopsidedness beneath that you ought to watch and be cautious about.

Side effects of Hormonal Imbalance:

1. Weight pick up/misfortune:

Abrupt put on or misfortune in body weight is one of the basic watched signs. A few people feel hungry constantly and continue expending sustenance amid the Hormonal Imbalance entanglement that could likewise bring about the weight pick up.

2. Fatigue:

Weariness and loss of vitality issues in spite of appropriate rest and great measure of sustenance demonstrates the risk of Hormonal Imbalance. Sweating can likewise be taken after alongside weakness. State of mind swings are additionally joined by exhaustion much of the time. Sentiment substantial weariness on customary premise can likewise prompt to stomach related issues additionally muddling the Hormonal Imbalance issues.

3. Irregular Sleeps:

On the off chance that you can't rest soundly and confront sweating issues amid night rest, you have to counsel a specialist work in Hormonal Imbalance cases. It might make you briefly light sleeper. Unpredictable dozes may likewise add to the issues of exhaustion amid Hormonal Imbalance.

Unpredictable Sleeps,Hormonal Imbalance

4. Hair Loss/pick up:

Sudden loss of hair from head and body parts is a peril sign showing Hormonal Imbalance. Other side effect could likewise be the expansion of body hair furthermore improvement of thin layer of mustache and whiskers on ladies confront.

5. Irritation:

Aggravation and irritation on skin is a main side effect of Hormonal Imbalance. Weakness and emotional episodes too add to bothering at such circumstances and enthusiastic disturbance increments also. Melancholy is additionally a symptom of this in numerous sensitive cases.

6. No enthusiasm for sex:

Hormonal Imbalance without a doubt causes the absence of enthusiasm for sex in ladies amid the period. Exhaustion, aggravation, disposition swings, put on or loss of weight and hair and a few different components add to this side effect.

7. Sweating:

The expansion in body warm and different synthetic changes occurring inside the human lab causes over the top sweating amid Hormonal Imbalance. It can be seen amid dozes too now and again.

8. Digestion Problems:

Your body confronting stomach related issues on general examples, and bringing on gastro and acridity issues, most likely shows the indications of Hormonal Imbalance alongside related manifestations.

9. Sensations:

Chilling sensations in body or on tongue are additionally an indication of Hormonal Imbalance issues. A few ladies may feel electric stun sensations also.

10. Infertility and unpredictable periods:

Ladies will experience fruitlessness and unpredictable periods amid the instances of Hormonal Imbalance. This would prompt to emotional episodes, no enthusiasm for sex, tension, sorrow, weakness and other related manifestations of Hormonal Imbalance.

Disease caused by Hormonal Imbalance:

The intricacies of Hormonal Imbalance causes a few sicknesses in the patients. Taking after are a portion of the ailments brought on by Hormonal Imbalance.

Liquor addiction:


Doing combating melancholy, tension, inclination swings, weariness and different issues, many subjects devour liquor consistently in vast amounts bringing about Alcoholism issues.

Liquor abuse creating Hormonal Imbalance


Increment in the quantity of hypersensitivities by the subject is another malady created in the Hormonal Imbalance traverse. The sensitivities may fluctuate from unattractive smells to nourishment things and tidy and untidy environment.

Hypoglycaemia and Hyperglycaemia:

Increment and lessening in the glucose levels causes the sicknesses of Hypoglycaemia and Hyperglycaemia separately in the patients confronting Hormonal Imbalance.

Icy hands and feet:

Diminishing of blood in the body amid Hormonal Imbalance causes the solidifying of hands and feet.

Unsuccessful labors:

Pregnant ladies may confront different inward inconveniences amid Hormonal Imbalance and all that unfortunately prompt to unnatural birth cycles.

Heart Attacks:

Weight pick up or misfortune, weariness and different troubles of Hormonal Imbalance may prompt to Heart Attack among a few subjects over a timeframe.

Addison's sickness and Cushing Syndrome.

Reasons for Hormonal Imbalance:

1. Age: Age is the most widely recognized element of Hormonal Imbalance. Generally ladies in their 50s face it.

2. Breast Cancer Risk: The danger of bosom growth is one of the for the most part watched reasons for Hormonal Imbalance among a few ladies patients over the globe.

3. Obesity: Obesity causes irregular weight pick up which is a side effect of Hormonal Imbalance.

4. Birth Control Pills: Consumption of contraception pills by high school and mid 20s young ladies expands the odds of bosom tumor prompting to hormonal unevenness over a timeframe.

5. Genetic Causes: Some ladies acquire the issues identified with Hormonal Imbalance since birth and face it later in their lives.

6. Stress: High measure of stress causes Hormonal Imbalance over a limited capacity to focus time in both sexual orientations.

Treatment for Hormonal Imbalance:

1. Exercise and Yoga:


It is one of the least demanding treatment for Hormonal Imbalance. Breathing activities, suryanamaskar, running and cycling for 60 minutes or two day by day will lessen the manifestations and danger of Hormonal Imbalance. Set a standard routine of it.

Practice and Yoga decrease the side effects and danger of Hormonal Imbalance

2. Omega-3 Fatty Acid:

In the wake of counseling a specialist, do devour the supplements of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. On the other hand else angle, soya bean, olive oil, walnuts are additionally rich with Omega 3 Fatty acids required for your body to avert Hormonal Imbalance.

3. Vitamin D utilization:

Drain, eggs, fish are rich wellspring of vitamin D. With Doctor's discussion, supplements can likewise be expended. Practice or stroll in morning dawn is likewise fitting.

4. Coconut Oil:

Utilization of coconut oil every day helps safe the body against the indications of Hormonal Imbalance.

5. Restrict admission of meat:

Hamburger, sheep, pork ought to be stayed away from however much as could be expected. Incline meat should be devoured.

6. Water:

Expend eight glass of water (least) day by day with the goal that body keeps up the insusceptible framework important to battle against Hormonal Imbalance.

7. Diet and Meal arranging:

There should be a strict calendar and day by day anticipate the suppers and the things to be devoured, which are prudent.

Eating regimen and Meal arranging Hormonal Imbalance

8. Herbs:

Have a go at devouring natural tea rather than espresso and caffeine things. Utilize natural veggies in plates of mixed greens and sustenance things at whatever point conceivable.

So, as we learn, the symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance can be overcome with a proper diet, routine exercise, sound sleep, avoidance of coffee and alcohol, and intake of supplements on Doctor’s approval. Prevention is better than cure. So it would be better to exercise and have a planned proper diet to avoid any sign of Hormonal Imbalance and lead a long happy healthy life. Better to avoid all the ailments caused by Hormonal Imbalance than go through the procedures prescribed. For nore information you can visit Sehat for the listings of Best Hormone Imbalance Doctors In Hyderabad.

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Small specialty hospitals and centres are acquiring latest equipment and technology, investing a significant portion of their annual sales in a single machine to specialise in their niche areas in order to attract high-end customers from corporate hospital.

Last month, Delhi-based Bharti Eye Hospital purchased First LenSx Femtosecond Laser costing about Rs 3.5 crore which reduces complications in laser cataract surgeries to almost nil and increasing safety profile significantly.

 Though procedures done using this machine will be three times more expensive than conventional cataract surgeries, Bharti Eye Hospital's medical director Dr Sudhank Bharti is confident that the demand from high-end patients will be enough to recoup investments in the machine within next 3-4 years.

"The pool of patients who want best services with no cost limitation is fast of increasing," he said. In addition, foreign patients, particularly NRIs, will also provide a customer base for this kind of premium surgery. Similarly, MuljiBhai Patel Urological Hospital, a 140-bed charity centre in Nadiad Town of Gujarat, has acquired robotic-assisted surgery equipment, which costs about Rs10 crore.

The hospital's medical director, Dr Mahesh Desai, said the hospital was among the first 10 in the country to get this equipment, when it bought the system about a year and half back, joining the league of corporate heavy weights Apollo Hospitals and Fortis Healthcare.

AIIMS was the first to get this equipment about 5-6 years back, he said. "We provide the best treatment because charity cannot come ahead of life," he said. He declined to share the financial details of the company. According to Johnson & Johnson Medical India Managing Director Vaidheesh A, there is a "new trend" among smaller hospitals in bigger cities to invest in latest medical technologies for niche specialties, partly necessitated due to competition from large corporate hospital chains. Medical Equipment Manufacturer in China

"They need to differentiate themselves with the best technology and equipment to build their practice and reputation," he said. Increased access to health insurance coverage has also enabled patients to seek superior standard of care, which in turn enables hospitals to recover their investments in these high-end technologies, he said.

Medical equipment companies such as Philips and GE have financing arrangements and flexible payment options where hospitals pay part of the money upfront and rest over installments. A doctor, who runs an ENT centre, said for corporate hospitals investing in such costly equipment doesn't make economic sense as they treat fewer patients in these categories.

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Around two in five of new fathers are concerned about their mental health, according to a survey, which highlights that it is not just mothers whose wellbeing is at risk after having a child.

Parenting charity NCT, which carried out the research, said extra responsibilities, changes in relationships and lifestyle, and the inevitable sleep deprivation are among the factors that can impact on men’s mental health.

It said the results, published on Thursday ahead of Father’s Day, illustrate the importance of men being encouraged to speak up about their experiences.
NCT psychologist Dr Abigail Easter said: “Awareness of perinatal depression among fathers unfortunately remains low. Postnatal depression is typically associated with mothers and often fathers are forgotten during this important time, with almost no specific support available to men.
“Sadly, stigma around mental health still exists and many men may find it difficult to confide in others about how they are feeling. It may be particularly difficult for dads to open up following the birth of their baby when there are additional expectations on new fathers.”
Easter said that mothers were given more opportunities to seek help and there were more services available to them. So, even when some dads were willing to talk about their depression, they might not know where to get help.
Just as men are advised at antenatal classes to keep an eye on their partner’s mental health during and after pregnancy, women should be urged to do the same, said Easter.
“Mums should look out for warning signs such as their partners feeling unable to cope, not sleeping or crying,” she said. “If women think their partners are struggling, then opening up a dialogue is often the first step to helping men access appropriate support.”
NCT invited men and women to complete online questionnaires during their baby’s first year (6-9 months), and a year later (18-21 months). Of the 296 first-time fathers who responded to the first survey, 38% said they were concerned about their mental health.
Although the number of respondents was relatively small, it chimes with previous research.
A 2010 study funded by the Medical Research Council found that by the time their first child is 12, 21% of fathers have had at least one episode of depression, with the highest risk being in the child’s first year.
An Oxford University study published last month, which followed 15 first-time fathers, found that five showed signs of mild to moderate depression two weeks after their child’s birth, and one showed symptoms of moderately severe depression at six months.TOSHIBAPLT-805AT
Easter said it was possible that the burden of being a modern dad was affecting men’s mental health as well as the traditional pressures, such as increased financial responsibility, although there was insufficient research to state this with any certainty. Another worry for new fathers is concern about their partner’s mental health with almost three quarters (73%) of first-time dads who completed the NCT survey identifying this as a worry for them.
When Adam Davies and his wife Hayle had their first child, Nia, in May 2009, the problems started almost immediately.
“As soon as my wife and daughter came home, that changed things significantly,” said the 40-year-old father of two. “My daughter had really bad colic – it kept her screaming constantly when she was awake. She would eventually wear herself out from crying and go to sleep. That was the only way it stopped.
“I found myself not wanting to spend time with my daughter so I’d find reasons to stay late at work or go to work early. I also have a lot of interests so I would spend time pursuing them.”
He said he felt he was a “bad dad”, failing to live up to the ideal presented in the media.
Life became so unbearable for the account manager from Wiltshire that at one point he told his wife: “If I had anywhere else to go, I would do it [go there] now.” But it was his wife who eventually provided him with the way out of his depression after six to nine months of “hell”. 
“She recognised the substantive things in my behaviour,” he said. “She found an article in a newspaper about a father who had gone through the exact same things I had gone through. She didn’t tell me to read it, she just left it somewhere. The headline was enough to catch my eye and draw me in. It brought tears to my eyes as I suddenly realised I wasn’t the only one going through it. I was able to talk to Hayley about it and go through it, which I hadn’t before "ALOKA UST-5546 "

He describes family life now as great and hopes other men might benefit from hearing his story as he did from reading the article about another father. Davies said it is right that the focus is on women, given what they go through, but men should not be forgotten. “All the posters are aimed at women, about post-natal depression or ‘breast is best’,” he said. “Even if there was one A5 poster alongside them for fathers, it would make a difference.”
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People like me and many of my colleagues around this part of the world work in BPO specially concentrated to graveyard shift to attend the time zone of clients. As my personal experience is concerned for this sector, many people come to work here mostly of tender age, fresh college pass-outs, at the pink of their health. But, to my wonder, as recent surveys reported in medical bulletins in India and Philippines, 57% of these people are suffering from fatigue, 43% are suffering from insomnia. Remarkably, there are some other medical problems like recurrent Urinary tract infection, erectile dysfunction, obstructive renal conditions, mental stress and boredom, obesity, diabetes, high lipid profiles and many more. The work schedule, lifestyle specially the food habit, addiction, leisure time management all are more or less responsible for this old age syndromes attacking in early age.

Let’s work with some simple dos and don’ts to avoid all these hazards:

1.     Food Habit

Eat adequate protein and protein supplements: Fish, eggs, meats, soya foods, milk and milk-made, pulses etc.
Eat measured carbohydrates: cereals, oats, and sprouts etc
Eat more rich anti-oxidant foods to energize yourself like amla (Indian gooseberry), sweet potato, berries, citrus, grapes, grape-fruit, spinach, tomato, onion
Drink adequate water – at least 4 - 4.5 liters/day. Start your day drinking fresh water (about 1 liter); this keeps you energetic throughout the day.
Drink Green Tea rather taking white tea or coffee but limited. Too much tannin or caffeine in regular course is not recommended.

Eat more green and leafy vegetables, consume more salads and boiled vegetables

10824443891?profile=original2.   Exercise & Fitness Management

Exercise, by any means, has to be in the schedule of every regular worker. You may go for Gym, freehand, swimming, walking, yoga or any procedure of your own choice which will lead a physical and mental fitness. Any of these practices help to increase reflex and keep many health hazards far away. You may try for some outdoor sports events for relaxation. A regular work out session or some little practices as walking instead of short distance vehicles, stepping up floors by staircase avoiding lifts are absolutely necessary to keep yourself fit for long run.


3.     Sleep Management

As you are running after a different time zone the biological clock of the physique has to be adjusted. Remember, sleeping is the factor which gets mostly effected by this odd schedule day (night) outs. You must have to maintain a complete 7-8 hrs sound sleep everyday to keep your physique and mind fresh and energetic for daily work. In daylight, if it is seems to be challenging for you try every possible means to sleep peacefully before you go out for the day. In sudden odd shit, if you are supposed to sleep, do everything possible to make it happen, as:
a.     Use curtain to stop day light to hamper your sleep
b.     Use a closed door separate room
c.     Avoid TV, Computer or Smartphone, don’t keep them beside or pillow
d.     Avoid regular tasks on sleeping time; remember this is your midnight and your day is about start after a few hours
e.     Talk with your partner if he/she runs into a different time zone regarding romantic practices
f.      Shut down or make phones silent and other gadgets and inform regular callers not to disturb you in sleeping hours; Try to avoid “I am 24/7 available”

Remember, a peaceful sleep in regular basis could keep many hazards away from your life

Remember, a peaceful sleep in regular basis could keep many hazards away from your life
4.     Personal life & Social response
Personal and social life is one of the vital factors of our life. The weekend hangout at a alcohol party, disco, late night party at friend’s place are not the only means of enjoying and recharging life. I am not asking you to condemn all those things as an old grandfather. Keeping a few friends’ party in schedule, also keep some good quality time for your family, your parents, spouse, love, pets, local club or different organizations where you might enjoy some other kind of cultural activities. Some other socialization activities like gardening, home décor, reading, or learning something for higher study or just mental refreshment is good enough to keep your mind cool and control health positively. Medical Equipment Manufactrur in China
5.     Time Management

This is the most essential factor. If you cannot manage your time you are losing a lot of things. Even, with your strong mindset to do something positive change in lifestyle might go in vain for the lack of time management. You might have to take a short distance vehicle instead of walking, a lift instead of staircase, a junk food instead of purchasing or cooking something healthy, a quick drink to release stress for the time instead of exercising some good activities. So make your daily routine very cautiously and try to maintain that in a religious way.

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How Do Indian People Stay Healthy?

Since ancient times, India’s philosophy of nature has concerned itself with the big picture and commonality in regards to space and natural phenomena. It has heavily influenced Ayurveda’s belief that the life is composed of “space”, which is in turn born of body, sensation, organs, mind, and the balance between them, and that humans too are a part of nature in themselves. Medical Equipment Manufacturer in China

The most important part of many Indian people’s lives is mealtime. A popular Indian proverb says that “Illness is cured in the kitchen”, which should give you an idea of how much they value a balanced diet (and why they use so many spices and herbs in their cooking). India’s best-known, dish, curry, is designed to properly balance what India believes to be the six essential flavors (salty, sweet, bitter, spicy, sour, and richness) which leads directly to healthy living. India also has many other proverbs about herbs, a sign of how many different varieties of plants grow there.

This is how Ayurveda adopted Indian beliefs and came to consider all plants to be herbs and all medicine made from herbs to be equivalent to food. Because herbs have no side effects, not only can they help restore the body’s balance even after it’s been damaged by an unhealthy diet, stress, and other environmental factors, they can help already healthy people to feel even better than most other people their age.

Indian people’s very way of life is based on Ayurvedic principles. Indeed, it is little exaggeration to say they are one and the same. And when one sees how well it works for Indian people, it’s easy to see how the teachings of Ayurveda can help all of us to lead healthier, happier lives.

Medical Equipment Manufacturer in China
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See below a variety of selected videos and online resources for Kettlebell Exercises

Fitness and Bodybuilding Workouts for Health and Fitness in India!

For health & fitness enthusiasts, professionals & businesses!

Get found easily using Health Fitness India site!


Also, stay updated with Beauty Fashion Fitness India on GOOGLE+ FACEBOOK

Below watch growing number of videos and articles of mostly women and some men trainers performing Kettlebell exercises and workouts for fat loss, strength, power, cardio-vascular endurance, muscular endurance, speed and flexibility.

Ladies, don't be turned off by lifting weights because you see a girl with lots of big muscles. It's very difficult to get lots of big muscles. 

Doing weight training with a nutritious diet and proper rest will give you a healthy and fit body and you'll not look like a man! Don't be scared of weight training ladies! You'll burn fat, shape your body, have strength and feel beautiful!

"The reason the kettlebell is so great is that there’s offset center of gravity," says Laura Alton, a certified trainer, physical therapist, and Russian kettlebells certified instructor at the Cooper Fitness Center in Dallas. 

That means your body has to work harder to maintain balance. In so doing, you work many different muscle groups -- and get your heart rate up at the same time.

Hoisting the heavy metal bells not only helps strengthen your arms and pecs, but also works your core, heart, and lungs.

Riva Rahl, MD, medical director for wellness programs at the Cooper Fitness Center says "If you're doing it appropriately, the benefits are huge."

If you're thinking about trying kettlebells, you should know these three things:

1. Technique matters

2. Work with a trainer

3. Look for a smooth handle

For details, http://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/features/kettlebells-smart-replacement-dumbbells


Swing - Lisa Shaffer - Kettlebell Basics -- scroll below for more videos

Kettlebell Tutorial: Push Press

Kettlebell Swing

Ice Chamber Kettlebell Girls teach Girl Scouts

7 year old girl, kettlebell snatch 

A quick video on benefits of kettlebell

StrongFirst SFG Kettlebell Level I Technique Standards

(Swing, TGU, Clean, Press, Squat, Snatch)

Selected Strength Training Systems -

Kettlebell Training Is Great For Young Female Athletes

This is the Beauty in Strength - Muscular Girls and Women - Health and Fitness India blog post which has several images to help motivate girls and women into fitness and also bodybuilding if they want to:


3 Things to Know Before Trying a Kettlebell Workout by Jennipher Walters

1. Form is king.

2. It's all about momentum.

3. Go heavy or go home.

For details, http://www.shape.com/latest-news-trends/3-things-know-trying-kettlebell-workout 

Misalignment in Kettlebell Lifting 


Kettlebell Workout: DOs and DON'Ts, Common Mistakes VIDEO


There are 3 main events/disciplines in kettlebell sport; (i) the jerk, (ii) the long cycle clean & jerk, and (iii) the snatch. The jerk requires the athlete to clean two kettlebells to the chest once, and then jerk them overhead as many times as possible. The long cycle clean & jerk requires the athlete to clean both kettlebells prior to each jerk. The snatch, which is the only event that uses one kettlebell, is performed by swinging the kettlebell between the legs and brought up to the overhead position in one uninterrupted motion.

The athlete is only allowed to switch hands once during the time frame. Professionals compete in weight categories using 32 kg kettlebell(s) for men, and women using 24 kg kettlebell(s). Each event is tested for maximal repetitions in the ten minute time frame without setting the kettlebells down.

A judge is assigned to each athlete to ensure that only proper repetitions are counted. Because the athlete cannot set the kettlebell(s) down, efficient technique must be used to last the entire ten minutes.


Fitness - Kettlebells For Beginners - Tutorial 1

Fitness - Kettlebells For Beginners - Tutorial 2 

ICKB Girl demos Good vs. Bad form in Kettlebell Lifting

Kettlebell Pyramid Circuit Workout

Full Body Kettlebell Workout Circuit "California"

Fitness Blender's Beginner Kettlebell Workout - Kell's Kettlebells Routine for Total Body Toning

Kettlebell workouts for Fat loss

Kettlebell Beginner Workout ~ Tone It Up!


20 Minute Kettlebell BootCamp Workout

Kettlebell Training For Real Women

Kettlebell Exercises, CrossFit Workout, Fit How To

Open European Kettlebell Lifting Championship 2012,

Belgorod, Russia - Women's Snatch

Kettlebell Workout for Butt and Thighs

How to Do Kettlebell Swings | Sleek/Strong With Rachel Cosgrove

Kettlebell Routine for Total Body Strength

Quick Fat Burning Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebell Practice - A Woman's Touch 

This is a combination of some of my favorite moves. Some are very powerful and others require more flexibility and balance. Diversity is the name of the game for me.

4 Ways Kettlebells Melt The Mommy Belly

KETTLE BELLS for Women - Group Demonstration

Kettlebell World Championship - Women's Division IUKL 2011

See comments below for updates!


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Kettlebell India www.facebook.com/KettlebellIndia

Kettlebell - Women - Health Fitness India - Fat Loss, Strength, Power, Cardio and Muscular Endurance, Speed, Flexibility


Steve Cotter will also be at Sheru Classic in Pune, India! 

Sheru Classic is the biggest Pro Bodybuilding Show/Health and Fitness Expo in Asia and showcases the biggest name in Bodybuilding and fitness industry.  

Date: October 26, 2013 & October 27, 2013 

Time: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM 


Stadium: Balewadi Stadium, Pune

Parking: Paid parking available on-site

We Be Clubbin'! Indian Clubs with Steve Cotter!

IKFF Kettlebell Lesson with Steve Cotter - Snatch Insertion - Part 1

IKFF Kettlebell Lessons with Steve Cotter- Snatch Insertion - Part 2

IKFF Kettlebell Lesson 2 with Steve Cotter - Depth of Squat in Swing

IKFF Kettlebell Lesson 3 - Finding the Rack

IKFF Kettlebell Lesson 4 - Hip Flexibility for Rack Position

IKFF Kettlebell Lesson 5 - Shoulder Flexibility for Rack Position 

IKFF Kettlebell Lesson 6 - Snatch Trajectory Part 2 - downward component 

IKFF Lesson 7 - Breathing for Kettlebell Snatch

I'll keep adding videos in COMMENTS below.

If you would like any other videos of Steve Kotter added here then you're welcome to share with me! Sign Up link if you haven't yet and send me a message!


Shakti Saran


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Hi All, 

I'd like to thank Ms. Sonia Bajaj to consent for the interview with the Health and Fitness India network. Our Q&A are as follows:

Photo: Ms. Sonia Bajaj, Fitness and Nutrition Coach, giving award at MISS North India 2013. Facebook photo link


1. Why did you decide to enter the fitness industry? 

After delivering 2 boys as any other woman tried to cut down on that extra fat on my body. Tried all kinds of yo yo diets, paid a good amount of money to the so called dieticians. Kept on going through the same circle of loosing few kilos on scale, and as soon as quitted the diet, went back to square one.

Finally planned to give up all diets, started exercising and eating a balanced diet, which could be followed life long. I saw such awesome changes in my body, not only in terms of fat loss, but also in terms of strength, stamina, agility, power.

I became a happier soul, more confident. So decided that if can share my experience with all those men and women who are struggling for years to lose fat in a right way, so that it never comes back, would be a great achievement for me.

Hence totally dedicated myself to promoting health and fitness.

2. What are your specialties as a fitness professional? 

I've done my group certification with Reebok.

I've done my Personal Training certification with AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EXERCISE.

I'm certified in Pilates, Kickboxing, and Prenatal and Postnatal workouts.

I've done workshops in TRX AND BOSU workouts.

I'm a certified nutritionist by BFY MUMBAI.


3. What's a great piece of advise that you've given to a client?

I see a lot of excellent and certified fitness coaches here in India. But what I have realized is that what we need as per the times is Fitness motivators.

We have to train the brain before training any other muscle group. People give it up very fast, everyone is looking for a short cut.

4. Can you please share any major mistakes that fitness professionals make?

My piece of advice to my clients and every one reading this is that take care of your body.

Just give 30 minutes 5 days a week to yourself.


5. Where do you see yourself professionally in the next five and ten years from now?

Few year from now I see people following what I try to enforce today;



Her professional and contact details:

Sonia Bajaj




The Entire List of Health and Fitness Professional Interviews


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In the comments below, you'll find updates on Indian fashion, wear, style, trend for women and men.

Also, see Western fashion, wear, style, trend - Women, Men - Health Fitness India 


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In the comments below, you'll find updates on Western fashion, wear, style, trend for women and men.

Also, see Indian fashion, wear, style, trend - Women, Men - Health Fitness India


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International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, 25 November By resolution 54/134 of 17 December 1999, the United Nations General Assembly designated 25 November as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and invited governments, international organizations and NGOs to organize activities designed to raise public awareness of the problem on that day. Women's activists have marked 25 November as a day against violence since 1981. This date came from the brutal assassination in 1960, of the three Mirabal sisters, political activists in the Dominican Republic, on orders of Dominican ruler Rafael Trujillo (1930-1961). On 20 December 1993 the General Assembly, by resolution 48/104, adopted the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women. "Millions of women and girls around the world are assaulted, beaten, raped, mutilated or even murdered in what constitutes appalling violations of their human rights. [...] We must fundamentally challenge the culture of discrimination that allows violence to continue. On this International Day, I call on all governments to make good on their pledges to end all forms of violence against women and girls in all parts of the world, and I urge all people to support this important goal." Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Message for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 1. November 2012 http://www.un.org/en/events/endviolenceday/index.shtml
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Several pages of photos of muscular girls and women who reflect beauty in strength!

I think that generally there's no one single look that's the ultimate best to all people at all times. For some people, a girl or woman might be a lot more muscular than they might find as beautiful, however, there can be people who will find that muscularity, strength and fitness as beautiful

Ladies, don't be turned off by lifting weights because you see a girl with lots of big muscles. It is generally very difficult to get lots of big muscles. 

Doing proper weight training with a nutritious diet and proper rest will give you a healthy and fit body and you'll not look like a man!

Don't be scared of weight training ladies! You'll burn fat, shape your body, have strength and feel beautiful! 

1500+ International Fashion Brands and Models are streaming their latest updates on FASHION DESIGNERS INDIA www.fashiondesignersindia.com

Victoria's Secret - Like its heaven on earth, Masters of art, beauty & creativity !!!

See many videos on www.fashiondesignersindia.com/fashion-brand-victorias-secret

Where are the fashion bars/pubs in India where such shows are streamed and fashion related events happen? Reply on BFFI - Beauty Fashion Fitness India Google+ Facebook

Victoria's Secret Angel Workouts

Female Fitness and Bodybuilding workout motivation - HEARTBEAT

Female Fitness Motivation - I Believe in Fitness

Female Fitness Motivation - Girls who lift

Female Fitness Motivation The New Future

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I wrote this yesterday: I just got my nephew an infra-red gun having target as a turntable with lights and music. Using my iPhone, I've made some videos of him and a girl of six years visiting him. She said "yeh game achcha hai" (this game is nice) and "iss gun se kisi ke car ke tire ko shoot karna hai..." (have to shoot someone's car's tire with this gun). My iPhone is having issues and its battery even ran out once while making the video although the video got saved after I plugged it into my laptop and it turned on after charging for a short while. I've to figure out how to transfer the videos to my laptop so that I can upload it because even though it's connected to my laptop, I'm unable to browse it. 

Today, November 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. I knew that some people were going to visit my relatives (I'm visiting them) to meet a relative visiting from Canada, however, I didn't know that a six year old girl would also visit. She and my nephew are playing with it and it seems with a lot of interest. I've showed them a few things so that they can do it well enough. 

I wish our men and women a safe and secure life. There are pigs and tigers and many other animals and then there are humans. What should be our fight as humans? Indian in general kaisa? Kya waisa jaisa hawaa, paani aur khaana in general uska? Aur yeh sab ki quality kiske jaisi? I wish us best!

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The vision is not just about hygiene - it is about fostering employment. Please watch http://www.ted.com/talks/arunachalam_muruganantham_how_i_started_a_sanitary_napkin_revolution.html and share its details with people who might benefit from it. 

When he realized his wife had to choose between buying family meals and buying her monthly "supplies," Arunachalam Muruganantham vowed to help her solve the problem of the sanitary pad. His research got very very personal -- and led him to a powerful business model. (Filmed in Bangalore as part of the TED Global Talent Search.) 

Arunachalam Muruganantham created a system of simple machines to make modern sanitary napkins -- giving millions of women in his home country and around the world access to hygiene. 

From http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19095641 

Right now, he tells me, only 2% of women in India's countryside use sanitary towels; the vast majority use unhygienic rags to deal with their periods. 

The Indian health authorities believe that increases the risk of reproductive tract infections which put women's health in danger. 

"I am going to make India, my country, a place where 100% of women use sanitary napkins." 

He suggests that might create no fewer than a million new jobs. The vision is not just about hygiene - it is about fostering employment.

I've also shared this in the "How to Succeed in the Markets of Poverty, Ignorance and Injustice?" LinkedIn discussion on http://lnkd.in/NiE4Fp.

Great contribution! We all can share this to reach the women who would benefit from this even if through our mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, friends and others. Please do so!

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