San Jose, CA


November 10

What's your FB / Google+ / LinkedIn / website?


Are you a Business Owner?


Are you a Fitness Trainer?


Are you a Doctor or Physiotherapist?


Are you a Dietitian or Nutritionist?


Are you a Model?


Kindly share your degrees, certifications, products, services.

Professional blogger. Write for cosmetic and plastic surgeons industry. Zumba and Yoga instructor

Kindly share your health / fitness / modeling work experience.

I teach local Zumba class at San Jose twice per week and Yoga once every two weeks. I modeled a few times, but nothing on a bigger scale. I do enjoy photography and would not mind one day to model on a more serious level.

Kindly share your health / fitness / modeling goals.

Continue to teach my classes. Possibly introduce 2 new classes soon: kickboxing and boot camp.

Kindly share what you do for your goals.

I am very connected with similar goals and values like people. I stay organized and on top of it all by keeping a busy schedule. If you are passionate about something, yo uwill find time for it.