During a long drive, I saw several people sitting next to burning wood. I also saw that they were generally not wearing enough clothes to keep themselves warm. I'll be printing and distributing this flyer. Very harmful for lungs, heart, brain फेफड़ों, हृदय, मस्तिष्क के लिए बहुत हानिकारक है Properly cover head, ears, face, neck, body, hands, legs and feet with warm clothes and do not go near burning wood गरम कपड़े से ठीक से सिर, कान, चेहरा, गर्दन, शरीर, हाथ, पैर, तलवे कवर करें और जलती लकड़ी के पास ऩही जाए Happy Republic Day! हैप्पी गणतंत्र दिवस! Tell others अन्य लोगों को बताएं www.healthfitnessindia.com – Shakti Saran (I will print and distribute)
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