Like other moderate, low-impact, weight bearing activities, such as brisk walking, cycling or aerobics, dancing can help:

  • strengthen bones and muscles without hurting your joints
  • tone your entire body
  • improve your posture and balance, which can prevent falls
  • increase your stamina and flexibility
  • reduce stress and tension
  • build confidence
  • provide opportunities to meet people, and
  • ward off illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis, and depression

So if you're tired of the treadmill and looking for a fun way to stay fit and healthy, it might be time to kick up your heels!

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  • Pacesetting is generally one of the most harmful leadership styles. Today in some dance class, the instructor led a lot like that and worse the class had all types of students and that my dance partner was neither able to remember well the steps nor was able to perform them correctly which could also lead to accident and injury. The instructor could've led and taught very differently given the range of students.
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