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I'm copy-pasting text from the HUMAN (Honoured & United Martial Arts Nations) group file I'm thankful to Jake Samuel Abinett for mentioning my comment which is at the very bottom of the text. I wish that these comments would be of value to humans worldwide. I wish the HUMAN group and our members all the best! Since HUMAN is an open group, I've taken the liberty of sharing its contents here which includes comments of our members. I've done this also because the public content on the Health and Fitness India network is indexed by search engines and I wish that more and more humans would find us and then connect, share and collaborate with us. Best! Shakti Saran

Copy-Pasted Text:

Filed here is a list of comments made by friends and members of HUMAN (Honoured & United Martial Arts Nations). Some of these friends and members might not remember saying these said comments here, but I myself did remember ALL OF THEM! A HUGE thank you to all friends and members for making HUMAN the group and organization it truly is today! Without you all, HUMAN would not exist! Here are the comments: 


"Jake, I am incredibly impressed with what you have done, getting together many martial artists across the world! You are a year younger than my son and I think you've done more to get people together than some of us older martial artists. I wish you good luck and the hopes that you get to meet and work out with many of the great ones out there! I send you bows of respect! Hopefully, one day, we'll (HUMAN) all get to meet together and have a great time sharing with each other! I look forward to that! Take care and live well... always!" Ned Tsouprake 


"Thanks for all the great Bruce Lee quotes Sensei Jake, and thanks for HUMAN, a great martial arts organization!" Tom Wake 


"Jake is a fine young man and a spiritual, mental and physical warrior! He heads a good organization!" Tom Wake 


"Thanks to all HUMANS for your support to Mr Jake Samuel Abinett, he proved to be a gentleman, raised to any inconvenience with the great manners of a Samurai. OSU!" Ismael Palessi Mendez 


"Wonderful and powerful logo, as well as organization! I salute your martial/warrior spirit Jake Samuel Abinett!" DrPrabhu Karuna Reiki Master 


"The first time I am seeing a close up photo of you Jake Samuel Abinett, you look very familiar! We have must met before in previous lifetimes, I can "see" the ancient warrior lineages in you! This is a great photograph, and your look is surely that of a seasoned warrior!" DrPrabhu Karuna Reiki Master 


"Thanks Jake Samuel Abinett for creating such a group of people who can share their ideas and passion without ego." Wes Derequito 


"Please feel free to go to the HUMAN group, to get a truly diverse AND interesting look into the martial arts! I APPROVE THIS GROUP 100%! Everything from great students to great teachers of all kinds. Ninjutsu... it's there. MMA... it's there too. Shotokan Karate, Wing Chun... everything. The people are insightful, and have their own in-depth view into all the things we love. Thanks Jake Samuel Abinett!" Hanif Phelps 


"Hello Jake! I hope our HUMAN group will become the biggest organization in martial arts matters to promote one day works like events, sports, humanitarian services and martial arts leadership in many ways. This idea is realistic because today many ancient and modern systems are existent and people are innovative like never before. Maybe one day we all will work together as one martial arts family and the name of it might be HUMAN!" Martial Arts Trainer 


"Without Jake Samuel Abinett, we would not only have this group but also he is a wonderful, astute administrator who has created a place for ALL martial arts disciplines to be self expressive and tolerant of others." Felicity Bremner 


"I'm happy for Jake Samuel Abinett, he is a very humble hearted gentleman! OSU!" Nino's Martial Arts 


"HUMAN is a wonderful organization, created by a decent, humble and genuine person, and deserves to be protected by us all." Tom Burke 


"To all my martial arts friends, please check out the group HUMAN (Honoured & United Martial Arts Nations), if you are not already a member. A very interesting group of martial artists from around the world, with great postings and interplay of all. I highly recommend this site! Started by Jake Samuel Abinett... good work Jake!" Ned Tsouprake 


"I am honoured to be a member of this group. Among such a marvellous, intelligent and inspiring group." Sandra Lundrum 


"Mr. Abinett, I just wanted to thank you personally for creating the HUMAN group. I really enjoy it and felt 100% accepted, however it took me a while for me, myself, to find my own nitch. And I believe I finally found it. And for that is why I wanted to say thank you." Heath Osage 


"I am honoured to have been asked to be an Administrator of a collection of beautiful spirited people, who deep in their own hearts live with humility and benevolence. Thank you Jake!" Shizuka Kaji 


"I have to say thank you for the creator and founder Jake to this great group where I am a member and admin for his wonderful work to us." Kitty Lumy 


"Realising that you are instead an open-minded young man who shares knowledge without trying to own it or suppress it, a true paragon of what martial arts should be about... well let me just say I'm more impressed now with you than ever. I wish I could double-like your page now!" Lincoln M. James 


"To one of the GREAT minds in martial arts, keep up the good work for all of us martial artists out here." Tom Wake


"Thank you for founding HUMAN." LilyAnne Lawson-Williams


"Jake, it would not have come to pass without your initiative. Thanks for taking the first step!" Jin Kim 


"I would first like to thank Jake for bringing us all together and creating a space where the typical lines of our martial arts cultures do not exists. I have learned a lot and I have met some great people. Then, I would like to thank the people of the group for your friendship and for sharing your knowledge and experience. Thank you!" Paul Diem


"The best group." Mauro Sulcis


"Well done mate - your group must be one of the most well known and well liked on FB. Congratulations." Dave J. Lomas


"Great group, great people, great friends." Simon Ashley 


"My kind friends thanks this group and especially to all of you! I'm becoming a better person! Groups like these and people like all of you are welcome in my life!" Rosita Farsaci


"Good people here... good job Jake." Sasa Ilic 


"I will give my all to ensure our strengths as we use it in pursuit of the elimination of evil... If we can apply a martial tactic, we don’t need to be strong, the force and energy is all around us, and when we are threatened, we will use the force and energy of the threat against it. Unity is what is required to achieve this desire. Thank you Mr Jake for your efforts in promoting unity among us." Matin Enahoro


"Always live the life you love, and love the life you live. Thank you very much Jake Samuel Abinett." Shizuka Kaji 


"Thank you Jake. Your group reflects your personality and your main quality I.e. human. Take care my friend." Martine Ahavah de Petter


"Thank YOU Jake!" Sifu Chee


"We are HUMAN…" Prateek Sharma


"Good job! And thank you." Dale A Bertram 


"Jake, one family under the sky so all people are human. Now, about martial artists, they learn to nurture a balanced emotional body, mental strength, so that speaks in favour of being strong in a world of turmoil. Appreciations to the courageous souls that seek their inner guidance, and also, great joy by connecting with likeminded/hearted people. Martial arts is still an art of self-discovery. Until we learn to not fight ourselves with the others, that reflect ourselves. Thank you, we are emerging with the knowing of the beautiful humans that we are. Speaking not of fear, speaking of wisdom, with a smile, not denying, and with great intent of integrity in honesty. Words turned into actions as well. I am honoured to be part of that soul family. Love is the keyword, balance, inner strength, and wellbeing to all." ZW Komaya


"It's an honour and pleasure to be part of this. Great job Jake Samuel Abinett in bringing this and keeping it together!" Wes Derequito


"Mr. Jake and to all that are here and to those that will come here: this place has become the blessed shores of peace. A place, though digital, a place where one such as I can come here, young minded to the world yet hungry for wisdom so to share back to those that have taught me and to those seeking such as I do. The reality of fear is that it works quickly and strongly and can last a life time. But so is peace quick and strong and too can last a life time. The only difference is which one do we see before us. And like all darkness, only a light will save us. With Jake’s gracious effort to create a light and the blessedness of all those here that see this truth and effortlessly support it without fail prove that no amount of blood could ever define family, only our love for others. And for that I love everyone of you." Heath Osage 


"This is the true core of martial arts; coming together to encourage each other, sharing knowledge, suggesting ways to protect oneself, all that; not whose belt is blacker, who has more stripes, who has won more tournaments, and/or who has trained under the best master. Jake, well done and thank you." Lincoln M. James


"Be HUMAN." Shakti Saran

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Comment by Shakti Saran on March 7, 2013 at 10:36am

Girls you'll be mothers also of sons. If you're great then also try to make other girls great including by reducing the severely harmful land, water and air pollution and food adulteration which would also affect everyone's mindsets. Also stay fit and learn martial arts as a necessity. Even if your generation greatly suffers now, you can make it much better for others and for yourselves in future. Best!

Comment by Shakti Saran on March 11, 2013 at 3:35pm

Dear Women, If you can't even protect well your milk from getting adulterated which could cause serious physical and mental issues in your babies since their childhoods then what can you expect when such heinous crimes are done by your children or your children aren't able to protect themselves from such crimes because they're weak and/or they haven't been brought up to protect themselves well. Do you think the society and environment are getting worse and that the issues would affect more and more people? How would it be in the next years and decades with land, water, air and food becoming more and more harmful? What are you doing about it? Like living like a slave?

Also whether the law and enforcement is working properly or not, how can one expect from the law and enforcement to act as a significant deterrent to all or even most such incidences given a very large number of people spread on a significantly large piece of land having a very low level of overall development. Moreover, putting restrictions on women because of crimes against them is like saying that it's the fault of women and so they must be restrained which if said is a most unfortunate thing to say and which I think would further worsen the issues also because this might imply to criminals that those not obeying the restrictions deserve to be harmed. Once a woman told me that another woman told her that "Aurat aur gadhe to pitne ki liye hi hote hai" (Woman and donkey are for getting beaten). The son of that woman used to regularly beat his wife. I wonder how seemingly respected, wise, and well-to-do people in society think of putting restrictions on women as the solution. 

Of course, the women have to be as careful as required, however, rather than locking them up, they've to be made into fearless warriors. Teach them to kill if required. I wish I was taught since childhood to also value health, fitness and survival against predators like during times when many people lived like that and which has critically helped us in our survival as mankind. Rather than getting mentally trained to commit suicide, get them mentally and physically trained to kill which doesn't mean that they commit crimes but it surely means to be able to protect oneself in the worst scenarios. I somehow believe that everyone would wish for their family and friends to be able to protect themselves. So why just keep it to wishing? Let's do it. Suar Suar mujhe log bole must not be acceptable. Chote Mote Suar Teri Muththi Mein Kya Hai song must not play inside. Your safety depends critically on you. This also matters to men because this would help our world and which would also help men. shares article about adulteration of milk of Indian mothers capable of causing neuro-behavioral problems in infants such as disorientation, concentration problems, confusion and irritability.

Comment by Shakti Saran on March 14, 2013 at 12:57am

Some comments in the HUMAN Facebook group on my post above: 

PERSON It is a sad article you wrote, as this kind of violence towards women seems so critical to the future of so many people; men and woman alike.

It is a wise way to educate, it is even wiser to incorporate.

Shakti Saran Yes PERSON, It's very sad and unlike several people who say what can they do, I'm at least trying something which I think could make things better. I wish that everyone would do their best for our world while doing the best for themselves. Thank You for your support. Best!

Comment by Shakti Saran on March 24, 2013 at 1:21pm

Someone asked me few days ago why there are so many issues in India. I asked why are there so many breeds of dogs, so few breeds of tigers and then human? I said similar to this: sadak ka chota kutta bada kutta (street small dog big dog) way of doing things and jungle ka tiger way of doing things can't be human way of doing things because dogs and tigers would be ignored, harmed or moved out of society.

I wonder what our best Indian colleges teach that things are so unfortunate in India. When I recently shared with a 60+ year old relative that whether pure pig's milk be better than highly adulterated cow's milk including for little children then he seemed to get very upset and said that people wouldn't drink it but if science can show that pig's milk is beneficial without any harm then why still go for highly adulterated milk because which could also greatly harm kids minds and bodies and that could further greatly harm our society and environment.

Comment by Shakti Saran on March 26, 2013 at 9:09pm

What would the small business do? When I suggested a friend who runs a salon to bring a computer to the salon then he told me about having computer issue which he got checked and was told that the computer's processor has an issue and that means expensive repair. It took a little while, however, I've fixed his computer and have installed Puppy Linux! I've configured my Netgear wireless USB on it and when I Google'd my name "Shakti Saran", my LinkedIn profile came as the first link!

If the people would keep harming each other whether deliberately or unintentionally then the society and environment would only keep getting worse. I've been clearing my throat throughout the day because last evening I had practiced martial arts outside and that there's very high pollution around here. It feels highly unfortunate that how've been my previous generations in general that we've such issues today. I wish that my next generations would think much better of its previous generations. We're not pigs, dogs or even horses, tigers. We're humans. Let's do our best!


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