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Reasons Why You Should Visit The Gynaecologist

Many people believe a myth in their mind that it is required to visit a gynaecologist only when a woman is pregnant. People believe that it is better to consult the general practitioner in case you are fighting with some womanly issues. So, there is a need to understand that you need to visit gynaecologist not just when you are pregnant, but many other times as well. Though a general practitioner can be able to diagnose the issue, a general doctor may not be able to go to the core of the problem. Read this write-up to understand when you need to approach the .


Here are some of the reasons why you should visit the top gynaecologist :

i) Irregularities in periods:

If your periods either come before or after the expected time, you should put this issue on alert. Suffering abnormal uterine bleeding in adolescent, reproductive years or post-menopause can come with a lot of serious conditions. You should not delay and get in touch with the best gynaecologist around you.

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ii) Problems with breasts:

If you feel that there is a lump in your breast or you feel some kind of discomfort in the breast during the periods, it can be a serious concern for you. If you notice some kind of discharge from your breasts, you should immediately get yourself checked by a gynaecologist.

iii) Problems related to vagina:

If your urine frequency is increased without any reason, you notice blood in your urine, or you are suffering from vaginal discharge that looks like cow’s milk, it is advised to visit your gynaecologist as soon as possible to get to the core of the problem.

iv) Pain in lower abdominal:

Though abdominal pain during periods is a normal thing, there are different types of lower abdominal pains that need to be checked with the gynaecologist. Some of those different types of lower abdominal pains are:

a. Experiencing pelvic pain.

b. Abdominal pain after sexual contact.

c. Abdominal pain as well as a lump in the abdomen.

If you are experiencing any of these issues discussed above, you need not ignore these issues anymore. Make sure to approach the  as quickly as possible.


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