Things to Know About India Hydroponics

Hydroponics is rightly termed as the future of gardening. It has changed the way people grow plants. It is a term that refers to process of growing plants in the water. If you are looking to grow your own herbs or vegetables at home but are stopped by the lack of adequate space, this can be the best option for you. It involves cultivation of healthy plants without using the soil medium. Rather, it uses the nutrients in the form of a water solution rich in minerals. The solutions contain all the nutrients required by a plant to grow. With proper sunlight, your plant will grow a lot better under this procedure. There are many benefits of India hydroponics that you can avail with this unconventional form of gardening.


The Benefits of Hydroponics?

This form of gardening has become a popular choice for the people in India because it offers sustainability to the resource consumption when compared to conventional methods of growing plants.

Hydroponics allow the plants to grow 50% faster by providing consistent supply of nutrition. You can harvest the fresh produce throughout the year from a hydroponic garden.

It is a great method to sustain environment and maintain the purity of grown products. There is no need of harmful pesticides and herbicides that are used in the conventional soil medium of gardening. The produce of hydroponics is absolutely fresh and healthy.

The water supplied to a hydroponic system can be retained and reused for a long time unlike the soil gardening that uses a consistent supply of fresh water.

It is a great option for the modern homes that lack spaces in the backyard and have very small balconies. It also works well in the indoor spaces.

What is a Nutrient Solution?

Unlike the traditional gardening methods, India hydroponics systems use water and nutrient solutions for healthy growth of plants. You can buy these solutions from the market or make your own solutions depending on different needs of the crops you are growing. A proper mix of nutrients includes primary nutrients, secondary nutrients, and micronutrients. This mix is diluted in filtered water for making the growth solution for your hydroponic garden. There are mixed views about using these solutions for gardening. Some people compare them to the steroids that make plants grow fast than the traditional soil-based gardening. Here, you need to understand that plants do not absorb soil. They need nutrients required for growth irrespective of the medium through which these nutrients are supplied.

How to Invest in Hydroponics?

When setting up a hydroponic system of gardening, you should consider the size and root development of a plant to be grown. Choose the crops that can grow better in moisture. You can use only a nutrient solution or a growth medium for gardening using this method.

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