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Due to long and inconsistent working hours, many workout routines take a beating. Even after squeezing in some time, reaching your nearest gym may take a while, thanks to traffic and various other factors.

If budget and spacing is not a problem, then you should opt for a multi-station home gym. This world-class equipment is loaded with features and packs a punch while delivering optimum results.

There are various types of multi-gyms available for beginners and advanced users at Body Solid India. So what should you be looking out for in a multi-gym? The points listed below will help you make the right decision!

10824446465?profile=original1)      Weight Stack: A weight stack is the most important component in a multi-gym. Many home gyms use a vinyl weight stack to make them affordable. The more expensive ones use iron. A beginner should look for something between 60-70 kg. An advanced user can opt for anything above 80 kg.

2)      Cables & Pulleys: No one really thinks about cables and pulleys but this is an important factor to be considered while buying a home gym. A lot of cheap models use plastic nylons with poor cables. These add a lot of resistance to the weights, making the selected weight feel heavier than it should. Poor quality cables also make it uncomfortable to train with by causing a lot of grinding motion.

3)      Adjustability: Make sure your body is aligned at the correct level to prevent injuries. Seek expert opinion on adjusting the equipment to meet your personal needs.

4)      Workout Stations: Almost all multi-gyms follow this setup: chest press, pec dec, high pulley, low pulley and leg developer. Your equipment should feature a minimum of these aspects to provide you with a good core group of exercises. Go for a couple of extra options like shoulder press or leg press if you can afford it.

5)      Overall quality: Opt for a product featuring high-standard solid welds, a sturdy steel frame work and tubing. The heavier the user limit, the more durable and stable the equipment is!

These are the features you should look for in a multi-gym. Remember your choice will decide the quality of your workouts. Do not compromise on quality by going for cheaper equipment. We wish you the best in your fitness endeavors. 


Multi-Station Home Gym

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Whey Protein: The Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is whey protein?

Whey is a "complete" protein, meaning it contains all the essential amino acids that the human body requires for proper repair and function.  Whey protein is also a rich source of the branched chain amino acids, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine.  This high-quality source of protein naturally found in dairy, is commonly marketed and ingested as a dietary supplement, was once considered a useless by product of cheese manufacturing.

What are the benefits of whey protein?

Whey protein is one of the highest quality sources of protein and an ideal choice for men and women of all ages. Not only does whey protein provide serious athletes with essential and branched-chain amino acids, it also helps to repair and rebuild muscle tissues.

Whey protein is absorbed quickly due to its short chain length of amino acids which provides optimal recovery and growth.  The health benefits provided by Muscle Gauge whey protein are abundant and include areas such as weight management, cardiovascular health, and bone health to name a few.

What is the difference between whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate?

According to the Food and Drug Administration, whey protein isolate is a natural dairy protein powder made up of at least 90% protein.  Muscle Gauge Nutrition’s Whey Protein Isolate contains 25 grams protein per 30 gram serving (taking flavoring into account).

As a protein source, whey protein isolate contains more protein than whey protein concentrate, which contains about 80% protein.  In addition, whey protein isolate contains almost no sugar, lactose or fat.  Although whey protein isolate packs more protein, whey protein concentrate is the most economical option per gram of protein.

If whey protein concentrate is 80% protein, what is the other 20%?

Every protein powder, whether it's whey, soy, casein, etc., has moisture. In fact, 5% of the total formula is water. Another 3-5% is made up of naturally occurring minerals in whey.  The remaining 10-12% is a combination of carbs and fat.

Is protein powder pasteurized?

Whey protein powder is made from pasteurized whole milk as a raw materials, however whey is processed at low temperatures in a sterile environment to prevent the protein from being denatured.  Whey can be denatured by heat.

High heat (such as the sustained high temperatures above 72 °C associated with the pasteurization process) denatures whey proteins.  While native whey protein does not aggregate upon acidification of milk, denaturing the whey protein triggers hydrophobic interactions with other proteins, and the formation of a protein gel.

What is the expiration date of whey protein?

All whey protein products have a printed best by date on the label or container. Consuming protein past the best by date may cause upset stomach or more severe conditions due to breakdown of the excipients in whey protein powder, such as colorings and flavors.

The likelihood of the product going bad due to micro-bacterial growth is low since whey is stored as a powder in an opaque container free of water and moisture.  Although whey protein products are low in fat, if any fat is present, such as whey protein concentrate, or whey protein blend, the fat can go rancid due to the chemical decomposition of fatty acids from oxygen in the air.  It is best to strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s best by date to be 100% safe.

Can those who are lactose intolerant eat whey protein?

Whey protein isolate is virtually free of lactose, but may contain trace amounts (<0.5g per serving). Most people who are lactose intolerant are able to safely consume whey without any negative side effects however a medical practitioner should always be consulted before taking if there are any doubts.

Why does whey protein contain a small amount of soy lecithin?

Whey Protein contains a very small amount of soy lecithin to help it dissolve more easily and completely in foods and beverages.  After membrane filtration, spray drying is utilized to turn the highly concentrated solution of protein into an instantized, ready to mix powder for a broad array of commercial applications.

The instantizing process typically involves the use of soy lecithin (a natural component found in a number of foods) in trace amounts (<1 wt%) that is lightly coated onto the whey particles during the spray drying process to enable the protein to readily disperse in water.

This is written by Christine Hronec (food scientist) 

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10 Reasons to Have Your Own Treadmill at Home

Treadmill is effective fitness equipment that is ideal for home use. It is affordable, occupies less space and great for those who want to lose weight and improve fitness at the same time.

Working out on this equipment does not put pressure on joints as compared to walking or running on pavements. Now-a-days, treadmills are known to offer special monitoring of heart rate and blood pressure. Let’s take a look at 10 reasons why you must own a treadmill at home:


1)    Ease of use: A treadmill is very easy to use.  There’s no rocket science involved in operating a treadmill. Just wear your walking shoes, hop on the treadmill and keep up with the belt. 

2)    Customization: You can customize your exercising programs on treadmills! Every individual has a different level of endurance so one can vary the speed as per his/her convenience.

3)    Burning Calories Faster: You can burn calories faster on a treadmill as compared to other fitness equipment. In fact, a treadmill is only next to a cycle and rowing machine when it comes to burning calories faster.

4)    Lose Weight: As you can burn calories faster on a treadmill, you can lose a lot of weight in few days. ! This is a primary reason for people to invest in a treadmill for home use.

5)    Variety in Workout: Treadmills offer a great variety in your workout routine. You can even raise the incline of the platform of your treadmill to get a feel of walking up the hills!

6)    Measuring your workout: A treadmill comes with a dashboard that shows you track of your workouts – distance covered and your speed when running/walking.  Also, many treadmills come with built-in heart monitors, which allow you to maintain your desired heart rate.

7)    No Age-group limit: Any individual between the age group of 25-50 can work out on a treadmill. People with arthritis, joint or knee problems should ideally consult their doctor before use.

8)    Corrects your posture: According to a popular research, there is a huge difference in the way our body positions itself while running on a treadmill and while running on a free ground. When you run on a treadmill, your body posture is maintained and you tend to lean less forward.

9)    Boosting Stamina & Endurance: Exercising for 30-45 minutes a day will assist you in developing your stamina and endurance. It is recommended that beginners walk at a pace less than 4 mph on the equipment to prevent stress and fatigue. One can then increase the intensity of walking to build stamina.

10)  Comfort & Privacy: Treadmills are great if you love to work out at the comfort of your home. It can be used by your family members as well. You can listen to music, read a book or watch television while working out. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about bad weather and busy pavements either.

By spending about 30 minutes on a treadmill daily, you will observe significant results in your overall fitness. So, what are you waiting for? Order one today from Fitness World and get started!

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Is-it-Right-Food.jpgDo you see the marathon runners and wonder where do they get the stamina and energy from?

If you ask yourself, do you think you can reach the office on the 8th floor on time if there was no elevator? In today’s modern world it is very easy to see young people complain of tiredness, low energy and stamina. Most of us cannot run, jump or even exercise for more than 30 minutes without grasping for breath. How did we come to this stage, when our forefathers could actually walk for distances carrying heavy loads every day without any tiredness? 

It is natural to get tired after a heavy physical work that needs high energy expenditure. However, we tend to get tired even after a little physical exertion such as climbing stairs or standing for long hours. Find out why you get tired physically when in mental stress. Before, we move on to make any conclusions about our physical inabilities causing tiredness, lets divert our attention to some other aspect of our lifestyle. Did you know that poor diet can also lead to low energy and stamina? Here are 6 dietary habits that could be hampering your energy and stamina...Read More

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14th November is celebrated as World Diabetes Day every year. This day calls for a global awareness campaign on Diabetes. So, read on to discover 5 rare facts about Diabetes that will help you remain aware.

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The most common form of Diabetes - Type 2 Diabetes - hardly come with any symptoms. This is why it is infamously known to be the silent killer. About one-third of every diabetic patient are not aware that they are suffering from the disease.

Diabetes affects health by raising blood glucose level. This excessive raise renders the cells unable to transfer glucose into energy. Thus, it keeps accumulating in the blood.

This excessive accumulation is dangerous, as it may damage your vital organs like heart, kidneys and eyes. In the long run, this accumulation may also cause stroke, heart attack, or coma. Causing death without prior symptoms is the reason why Diabetes is known to be the silent killer.




Diabetes is often mistaken to be of two types. Other than Type 1 and Type 2, there also exists a third type - Gestational Diabetes. As is apparent from its term, this Diabetes affects women during their pregnancies. If a pregnant woman’s blood sugar rises abnormally, she is diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.

Indian women are generally more vulnerable to Gestational Diabetes. By staying under extra care during pregnancy, they are more likely to consume calorific food. Gestational Diabetes often converts into Type 2 Diabetes after delivery!




In spite of celebrating World Diabetes Day annually, much awareness about Diabetes remains unspread. Lack of awareness and health service during Diabetes is dangerous. Neglecting a diabetic patient can cause severe complications, including amputations.

Diabetes is, in fact, the leading cause of amputations. This is why foot care is important for diabetic patients throughout their life. It is as important as taking a regular dose of insulin for Type 1 diabetic patients.




According to the World Health Organisation, total diabetic deaths is likely to increase by more than 50% in the next 10 years.

And over 80% of the upper middle income countries are going to suffer from diabetic deaths. So, beware of this silent killer named Diabetes!




Being the second largest population in the world is not the only bad news for India. It is also the Diabetes Capital of the world!

Approximately 40 million Indians are currently suffering from diabetes. This number is most likely to increase to 70 million by 2025. Thus, 1 among every 5 diabetic in the world is most likely to be an Indian!

The major cause of diabetes in India is their central obesity. Apple shaped bodies are found mostly in India, the reason why Indians suffer from Diabetes more than any other nationalities. 


Diabetes constitutes of 6% of the world’s population. Early diagnosis is the best prevention against this silent killer. So, keep visiting your doctor routinely, especially those with family histories. 

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Fewer Mammograms

The American Cancer Society has revised its guidelines for when and how often women should receive screenings for breast cancer.

The group suggests women start yearly breast scans at age 45 instead of 40 and for healthy women to have scans every other year at ages 55-74.

Historically there has been much disagreement over the right time and frequency for mammograms.

New suggestions are more aligned with those of a US government panel.

Announced on Tuesday, the advice is aimed toward women at "average" risk for breast cancer, and doctors suggest more screening for women at higher risk.

Higher risk factors include certain genetic mutations and family history of cancer.

"The most important message of all is that a mammogram is the most effective thing that a woman can do to reduce her chance of dying from breast cancer," said Dr Richard Wender of the American Cancer Society.

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Traditional Remedies

Milk Weed

The white sap from this common weed, also known as petty spurge, was described by Nicolas Culpeper's Complete Herbalist (1826) as "a good treatment for warts".

Don't try this at home, however, as its also an irritant.

Milkweed made its way from its native Europe to Australia, where biochemist Dr Jim Aylward had it in his garden.

"My mum grew it for 20 years and swore by it," he says.

"She always told me to put it on my skin to help sunspots."

In 1997, Dr Aylward isolated its active ingredient, ingenol mebutate, which he discovered was toxic to rapidly replicating human tissue.

And recent clinical trials of Picato, a gel derived from milkweed sap, suggest it is effective at stopping lesions turning into skin cancer


Leeches were one of the more civilised methods of bloodletting, a popular cure for disease.

For the Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, any imbalance in the four bodily "humours" (blood, black bile, yellow bile, and phlegm) would cause disease.

And the best way to correct this was to drain the excess - often blood.

Fast-forward to 1830s Europe, and bloodletting was big business.

Use of leeches to treat almost all ailments had reached its peak, with France importing about 40 million every year.

With the rise of "rational" science, and no evidence to back it up, bloodletting died out.

But recent advances in surgery mean leeches are back on the wards.

Hospitals such as UCLH in London use these bloodthirsty worms to drain excess blood after microsurgery, which helps to promote natural healing.

They can be used in postoperative care of skin grafts, or after lost fingers and ears have been reattached.

They produce a protein that stops blood clotting - and this gives tiny veins time to knit themselves back together.

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