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Some women are unhappy with the shape of their breast. The feel with small breast they wouldn't look attractive as they want to. This hampers their confidence. Having larger, fuller breasts makes many women feel more attractive, alluring and self-assured. Women with abnormally small breasts (macromastia) are often embarrassed about their appearance, In fact, small-breasted patients feel less desirable or attractive. Breast implants or Beast augmentation not only give them a fuller bust but an important boost in self-confidence.Breast augmentation, sometimes referred to as a "boob job" by patients, involves using breast implants or fat transfer to enhance your breasts. During the initial consultation, the doctors understand the patients' expectation. The doctors examine whether the expectations would look good on the patient's body understanding the body proportion. Along with that, the doctors perform chrisalic 3D simulation in which patient image is used to simulate the 3D model and on those 3D model, different breast implants experiment. This enables patients to see what sort of implant would look good on them or not before the procedure.More info:
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Vinex Kid’s Javelin

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NEW DELHI: Government's ‘Heal in India’ initiative to strengthen medical tourism in the country has seen several patients from Africa and Gulf countries come to India for treatment.

A robust public-private partnership has played a key role in pushing forward government's national strategy and roadmap for medical and wellness tourism.

There has been a steady increase in the flow of patients from Africa and Gulf countries who opt to come to India for various treatments and surgeries.

Patients from Cambodia, Myanmar, Maldives, and Uzbekistan today prefer India over Malaysia for cosmetic surgery, dental treatment, organ-related treatments, and orthopedic surgery.

Medical Value Travel Facilitators (MVTF) have played a key role in this growth story. GoMedii is one such healthcare technology platform. It aims to work closely with the government to organize the highly fragmented medical tourism industry by bringing all services under one roof.

The platform seeks to promote India’s quality and affordable healthcare as well as budget-friendly allied services that make treatment costs 50-80% less vis-a-vis other popular medical tourism destinations like Turkey and Malaysia.

Rohit Singh, co-founder, GoMedii, said they have been playing an active role as an MVTF in Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the SAARC regions that are the primary markets for medical tourism in India, with Bangladesh and Africa contributing a lion’s share of traffic.

Rohit feels Africa is a largely untapped market offering great potential.

Abhishek Chandel, the co-founder, said empowering patients and their families with the right information remains their key goal. Our platform boasts a network of 100 plus hospitals providing quality and affordable treatment, he says.

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If you notice any signs or symptoms such as hypotension, fever, sunburn-like rash, and end-organ damage visit a doctor. These can be symptoms of toxic shock syndrome which is a life-threatening disease. You should get toxic shock syndrome treatment before it harms you.

Get Toxic Shock Syndrome Treatment In India

Toxic shock syndrome is an uncommon, life-threatening result of certain types of bacterial infections. Generally toxic shock syndrome results from toxins produced by Staphylococcus aureus (staph) bacteria, but the condition might also be a side effect of toxins produced by group A streptococcus (strep) bacteria.


Anyone, including men, children, and postmenopausal women can get affected by toxic shock syndrome.

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Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation is an important part of recovery after stroke. Stroke survivors and their families can find workable solutions to most difficult situations by approaching every problem with patience, ingenuity, perseverance and creativity. Early recovery and rehabilitation can improve functions and sometimes remarkable recoveries for someone who suffered a stroke. Stroke rehabilitation can help you regain independence and improve your quality of life.

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