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Today at gym, IPL was going on the treadmill screen that I had got on and that I saw cheerleaders and that then thought of reading more about them since the little IPL that I've seen including due to being very busy, I've mostly seen international girls and that some weeks ago a girl at a dance school in Delhi had asked the salsa dance teacher whether he could help her work at IPL as a cheerleader on which I had also told her that I could try to find for her on how she could perhaps do that but that we didn't interact since then because I haven't been able to go to that dance school since then including due to being very busy. 

It's awesome that we've international girls including due to reasons mentioned in the article and that I wish that besides from a few nations mentioned in the article, even girls from North America and other parts of Europe and also Asia come to India as cheerleaders! There're several things of value mentioned in the article http://post.jagran.com/three-cheers-for-indian-culture-say-ipls-foreign-cheerleaders-1334241437 I also wish that several Indian girls if they want to then get awesome opportunities like these including internationally to perform as cheerleaders at top sporting events! From the little cheer-leading that I've seen in IPL, I do think that much higher quality professionals can also be brought in since cheer-leading itself is a sport with a lot of advanced moves and sequences and that one can watch high quality cheer-leading videos online. I wish that IPL would help with the same including to help the interested girls in India to advance in this as a sport! Best! Shakti Saran

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