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Introducing Topend Sports

My website Topend Sports ( is a great resource for fitness industry professionals. A large part of the site is about fitness testing, with over 200 fitness tests described. There is also information about fitness training, nutrition and other sport sciences. Have a look and I am sure you will find relevant and interesting information. If you have any questions, just ask. Rob

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Gym equipments in India

Syndicate Gym Equipment affords you a top quality workout! Syndicate Gym are built to perform to the scrutinizing standards of commercial health club equipment & Cardio equipment in India . Compare the features of the Syndicate Gym equipment and you will find how quality components, precision engineering, state-of-the-art electronics and the best warranty in the industry combine to make Syndicate Gym the premier name in commercial gym equipment & home cardio fitness in India

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Gym, Republic Day (India) [26th Jan 2012]

My post and some comments on my Facebook

Shakti Saran

Our apartment's president is a nice leader. I went to my gym in C.P., however, when I reached there, it was closed with a notice that today it would close at 5pm. I returned and that saw some people in the apartment's park. One of them called me to help setup the park (decorate with flags etc.) for the Republic Day function. I said that I'm very busy and that I would rather hire helpers do this and that tell them what to do. They did have some helpers but I saw the President going along with a helper giving the flag at appropriate distance from each other to be stapled to a ribbon hung across the park. I told the president that a Prime Minister and a President would've others setup the parade, however, my conscience says that I should help even if a bit and so I helped our apartment's president with stapling the flags. Then the president had to leave and that then I left as well and that I also complimented the president of being a nice leader. I also said that I haven't done such probably in a very long while and that I'm so used to doing most everything with my computer including generating related ideas but not doing things like such. If I hadn't gone to the gym then most likely I wouldn't have got this opportunity! Moreover, the person who called me to help setup the park, I asked where're the person's children on which the person responded that they're in the apartment. Perhaps, they're busy and that I would've also been but then I got this opportunity!

P. A. likes this.

Shakti Saran Thank You P. A.!

P. A. Infact I also like doing same kind of work,but never got an opportunity to do this.

Shakti Saran 

Hi P. A., That's alright if you haven't got such an opportunity yet. Many times, things just happen and that one should try to make the best of whatever that happens and that which I think can best happen when the person also has a positive mindset. So, besides our knowledge, skills, experience, and anything else, we should also have a positive mindset for when such opportunities arrive. I wish that you would get all the opportunities that you wish for! Of course, what you do with the opportunities would depend on several things, however, I wish that you would always keep a positive mindset! Also, just like the President and the Prime Minister might not directly setup the parade, they still do work and that at their level. I wish that you would give your best to the work at your level and that I also wish that you would keep getting the opportunities that you wish for. Best! Shakti Saran

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Bugger that word... perfect. Perfect is a state of mind. How about rather than focusing on that, let's look at the first two words... Self Discipline.

Self discipline is the driving force to practice. You have to be willing to focus on achieving and surpassing your goals and nothing else when engaged in the practice. Everybody has their passion. For me, martial arts fills that gap. I've been at it now for over 30 years. At this point honestly self discipline has gone a bit lax. I practice now because it's what I do, but the only time my self discipline to train really kicks in is when I'm doing something new. The material I teach is so engrained in my mind and body... I admit, I slip a bit.

BUT... on the new stuff to learn and do... ooooohhhhh... razor focus comes back, hard edged training mentality surfaces. Nothing else matters except what I am doing exactly at that moment.

Last night in my Chen Taiji Quan class, that showed up happily again. After performing warm ups and a bit of tui shou (Push hands), we performed the Yi Lu (first road or form) routine. We picked two movements to practice. There's a total of four motions. So for the next 90 minutes, I gladly & happily did four motions. Over. And over. And over. Then we grabbed a partner practiced for a while longer.

I left sweaty, a little sore and feeling more fulfilled than when I walked in. Was it an endorphin dump? Yeah sure. Was it self centered accomplishment? Yep. You betcha. Was a light cardio workout? Got that too... More than anything, it was the overriding sense of self discipline radiating. That sense of right then, right there, my focus and determination to do a thing was sharper and more pointed than any other time during my day. I could have done anything, literally anything, better than I normally could at that time.

Now the next thing to do... increase that self discipline arena to more than just one aspect of daily life.

But as with everything practiced... ONE STEP AT A TIME!

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Hi All,

Yesterday someone mentioned to some people that he wants to get motivated back into the LESMILLS BODYCOMBAT class and that he had been highly regular with it before. I mentioned that he could've hit a plateau and that then shared some things on which someone else mentioned that whether I had a read a book because what I was mentioning was very similar to the book. I told him that I haven't, however, I had once hit a plateau and that then my martial arts teacher had shared about it with me on which I've thought and worked on by myself since then. One thing of difference between the book and me according to the person was that I had mentioned that when in a plateau, be in and enjoy it and also try to come out of it simultaneously whereas the book didn't mention about coming out of it simultaneously. The person mentioned that he would scan and send me the pages of the book which mentions plateau which is very kind of him and that I gave him my card having my web-site on it for my contact details.

Also, I'm sharing this which mentions:

As I was once told by a very wise teacher, "If you find yourself on a plateau, sit back and enjoy the view." Plateaus in martial arts are often inevitable, so if you want to continue your training, you will have to manage it in some way. However, it is important for you to understand that being stuck is just another opportunity for you to rub against the tough spots. Because after enough rubbing and polishing those tough spots, you can be certain they will eventually become smooth enough for you to slide right off your plateau.


Shakti Saran

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Hi All,

Some govt. economist told me that asian people work alot and so people here don't have time to pub club like the west. I asked him what about chinese and japanese pubbing clubbing on which he didn't say anything. I told him that different people can have different perspectives and that I'm not interested in judging (whats right and wrong). However, I think that particularly for single guys and women in general the reasons are different and not because they don't have time because asians work alot as he says. I told him that in my experience for single guys and women in general there's alot of difference between here and where I've stayed in the west.

Recently, I had shared "Amartya Sen: snakes and ladders" on the Chief Marketing Officer - India Facebook page and on the Privacy and Security Community Google+ page. The article mentions "The India-China comparisons tend to concentrate mostly on the horse race of relative rates of overall economic growth, rather than their comparative performance on the respective use of the fruits of economic growth."

Also, "To take a classic contrast – that between China and India – India may be now growing almost as fast as China does, but China seems to be making much greater use of this opportunity for development purposes. For example, government expenditure on health care in China is nearly five times that in India. China does, of course, have a larger population and a higher per-capita income than India, but even in relative terms, China spends a much higher proportion of its GDP in governmental expenditure on health care (more than 50 per cent higher than India as a percentage of GDP)."

Also, "Even though India is now growing nearly as rapidly as China in terms of GDP, the gap between the two countries is growing – rather than diminishing – in terms of values of most social indicators of living standards, such as life expectancy, infant mortality rate, mean years of schooling, the coverage of immunization."

Also, "However, it is not merely China, but even contrasted with our neighbours in South Asia, India’s relative position has persistently declined over the last two decades, compared with Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and even Bhutan. Bangladesh, which has overtaken India in nearly all the social indicator, may be blessed with an activist NGO movement that is a world beater, and also Bangladeshi women seemed to have been more mobilized for the cause of economic and social and political change in a way that India has not been able to match."

Over the years, I've heard from several people ranging from low to high class in India that they don't have time to exercise. I wish for them that they can make time for their health and fitness because I think that it's our health and fitness that critically makes our lives well. I also wish that people learn better on things and that for which I also share free online resources including from the best universities on

Also, I had recently posted on my page's wall a few things which I'm sharing here:

"To get high on medals table, India should look the China way"

"India is currently witnessing a sporting revolution" is a Non Profit Organization committed to enriching quality of life through safe and effective exercise and physical activity.

I wish everyone a Very Happy New Year! I wish that everyday is like a New Year for everyone which brings nice new things including new and nice things to the old things.


Shakti Saran

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