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I wrote this yesterday: I just got my nephew an infra-red gun having target as a turntable with lights and music. Using my iPhone, I've made some videos of him and a girl of six years visiting him. She said "yeh game achcha hai" (this game is nice) and "iss gun se kisi ke car ke tire ko shoot karna hai..." (have to shoot someone's car's tire with this gun). My iPhone is having issues and its battery even ran out once while making the video although the video got saved after I plugged it into my laptop and it turned on after charging for a short while. I've to figure out how to transfer the videos to my laptop so that I can upload it because even though it's connected to my laptop, I'm unable to browse it. 

Today, November 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. I knew that some people were going to visit my relatives (I'm visiting them) to meet a relative visiting from Canada, however, I didn't know that a six year old girl would also visit. She and my nephew are playing with it and it seems with a lot of interest. I've showed them a few things so that they can do it well enough. 

I wish our men and women a safe and secure life. There are pigs and tigers and many other animals and then there are humans. What should be our fight as humans? Indian in general kaisa? Kya waisa jaisa hawaa, paani aur khaana in general uska? Aur yeh sab ki quality kiske jaisi? I wish us best!

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