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Tennis Equipment and Accessories

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Football and Soccer Equipment & Accessories

VINEXSHOP.COM is offering a wide range of Football and Soccer Equipment & Accessories like Footballs, Shin Guards, Soccer Goal Post, Rugby Goal Post, Football Pumps and much more. Buy any item in Football and Soccer Equipment & Accessories category and get up to huge discount on MRP with free shipping all over India. Hurry!!! It’s a limited time offer. To see more offers, please visit - or call us at +91-121-2441111

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IAAF Approved / Certified Crossbars

Buy Athletics Crossbars, IAAF Approved / Certified Crossbars Online from Vinex Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. They are manufacturing a wide range of Athletics Crossbars like Fibreglass Crossbar, Crossbar Rope, Elastic Crossbar and much more.  To know more details about our products and services that we are offering to our valued customers, please visit us at -

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The Perils of Turning 30

Let’s face it, growing old is a reality. There is no running away from it; age literally catches up with you. The third decade of your life can prove to be crucial in several aspects. The biggest being- you aren’t in your twenties anymore. So behaving like you are one and ignoring your health might prove to be detrimental in the long run. But then, you’ve become wiser and smarter with experience.

Here, we list down a few things to give you a heads up on the most exciting phase of life. Things especially that concern your health. We promise, it’ll be a breeze. (Take this from someone who is on the verge of turning thirty.)

Those bad habits need to die

Period. You can’t do certain things on a whim and not end up feeling miserable after you’ve done it. This includes smoking, drinking (like there’s no tomorrow) and binging on fast food. These habits don’t have to make their way into your 30s, because they’ll only wreck your health.

An occasional drink is harmless, but jumping at the prospect of happy hours shouldn’t be your thing. Similarly, quit smoking. We’ve already been subjected to the ‘Smoking Kills’ advert at the movies for us to understand that it is really bad for health. Binging on Fries and a burger every weekend (no to midnight snacking as well) is just going to lead to health problems. Make healthy eating your priority.

Exercise regularly


In your thirties, your body’s metabolism slows down and you start gaining a few pounds. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to be a gym rat, but an hour at the gym or an early morning jog and yoga will be sufficient enough to keep you active and productive through the day. Choose any form of physical activity that makes you happy. In the long run you’ll thank yourself for cultivating this good habit.

Don’t skip breakfast

Your schedule might be choc-a-bloc with meetings and deadlines, but there’s always time for breakfast. Skipping breakfast means prolonged fasting. This again, slows down your metabolism and leads to weight gain. In addition, your immunity levels go down and you are prone to frequent infections. All of it doesn’t sound good.

A bowl of muesli and fruit, or a couple of hard-boiled eggs, toast and a fresh fruit juice are a good start to a day. Even if you are on the run, always carry some fruits.

Try to stick to a schedule

Not that you should start leading a life that is controlled by the clock, but following a schedule more or less will give you a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. The idea is to make your day as productive as possible. One simple way to go about it is to just make a list and tick everything, while you’re finishing them off (Let social media not distract you). But always leave some room for surprise. An impromptu trek on a weekend is always a good idea.

Also, you require enough sleep to feel fresh the next day. Bid adieu to late nights. They make you feel sluggish the next day, making you less productive.

Do things that make you feel happy

Finally, it all boils down to this. Your emotional well being is important as well. It’s something we forget along the way when we just follow a routine. This includes being happy with you’re job, with the person you’re dating or married to and the people you are surrounded with (friends/colleagues). They need to feel right at the end of the day, uplift you and make you happy. If that isn’t happening, then you need to fix it right away.

If the 20s gave you a taste of everything that’s out there, 30s gives you the chance to choose from them. It’s these choices that you stick to for the rest of your life. But don’t forget to have a blast, while you are at it.

Author Bio:

Amit is a Content Writer with Care24. He has a passion for reading and likes to keep track with the latest technological innovations in the medical field. Amit makes sure to devote his time to swimming whenever he is free.

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Top 5 Basics of Chiropractic


Chiropractic, it’s a branch of medicine which focusses on diagnosing and curing disorders that are related to the mechanical part of the body, like the spine. Chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine and primarily focuses under the understanding that these mechanical disorders affect health through the nervous system of the body. Chiropractic is the largest alternative medical profession in the world. It is to be noted that even though they work as your primary healers they are most likely to be grouped with the profession like dentistry. The top 5 basics to this branch include:

1. Origin:

Chiropractic was founded by a magnetic healer named D.D. Palmer in the late 1800’s. Now he broadly divided chiropractic in two main categories that are “straights” and “mixers”. In the straights section main focus is laid on vitalism and adjusting spine, while in mixers that is practiced by a majority of practitioners, focuses on mixing chiropractic with medicine.

2. Scope:

Chiropractors mainly focus on providing services that don’t involve the use of surgeries or having to take regular medications. They mainly deal with back and neck pain even though they also focus on other areas sometimes. There is no common consensus amongst them as to they should only focus on spine and back or not. A chiropractor has the authority so as to refer their patients to respective doctors if they find out that the patient’s condition involves a suitable specialist. Practicing chiropractic should be done according to the laws of the country in which it has to be done.

3. Training:

Many universities teach chiropractic as a course and some of the Best Chiropractic School in USA, offer first class professional degree in this field. Upon successfully completing the course the students might have to pass a certain exam according to laws in his or her counties to get licensed to perform chiropractic services.

4. Treatments:

Chiropractic mainly focuses on spinal adjustment and manipulation. In other treatment they include physical wellness, medicinal exercises, everyday living, changing unhealthy habits, removing stress, cryotherapy etc. The reason mixers are so famous is because they diversify this filed.

5. Money:

The chiropractors that get a formal training from one of the Best Chiropractic school in USA have an added advantage of hands on training and correct scientific procedures, so they can attract a lot of customers but for those who practice it traditionally have to rely on luck and need to show progress to retain their customers.

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While water is essentially replacing fluid, tea replaces fluids but it as well contains antioxidants so it’s got two things going for it. What makes tea healthier than drinking water; it’s because of the fact that tea is not just a comforting and pleasant beverage, but it also contains remarkable healing properties and often tea has been referred to as ‘wonder drink’.

Drinking three or more cups of tea each day is as good as taking plenty of water but tea has many benefits unlike taking water. According to UK nutritionists, they found out that tea does not only rehydrate like water but it also protects against heart diseases and other cancers.

One doctor by the name Dr. Ruxton said, “Drinking tea is actually better for you than drinking water.” Taking four cups of healthy tea can cut drastically the chances of having a heart attack. Other benefits that can be derived from consumption of fit tea is protection against tooth decay and tooth plaque and it also helps in bone strengthening this is through its content, fluoride.

According to experts, tea contains flavonoids which are the key ingredients of tea that promote health. In addition to the presence of flavonoids, fit tea also contains guarana which was used by Indians during great famines in order to reduce the hunger sensation and also restore energy and vitality needed in such times.

Guarana found in fit tea also helps greatly in sharpening memory through its antioxidants. It improves intellectual performance. It increases concentration thus making it a perfect beverage of students, sportsmen and any other person who has a need to remain alert and energized.. Guarana also reduces the effect on stress. In increasing the blood circulation, guarana is effective in both preventing and slowing down the progression of different diseases.

Since tea contains caffeine, it has over the years been perceived that it is dehydrating but according to nutritionist Claire Williamson, this is just a myth. If you had a really strong cup of fit tea, you would still have a net gain of fluid.

Basically, taking a cup of fit tea helps the body in great way unlike just taking water. Having covered the above ways in which tea is healthier than taking plain water, I would encourage you to grab a sample of our fit tea today. It’s so much affordable yet with priceless benefits.

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Eat Less Drink more liquids

10824447475?profile=originalLast summer I made an effort to drink the proper amount of fluids for my body because I noticed that I suffered from some of the afflicted effects of not consuming enough water: my skin was dry, my urine was yellow, and I was low on energy. I thought I would share a few tips to stay healthy and active by taking more fluids. Similarly, an almost universally held belief that people who are overweight just need to eat less and drink more fluids.
Here are just a few benefits, among hundreds, of drinking more water:
  • Water fires up your metabolism. When you drink water first thing in the morning it foster your metabolism by a whopping 24% for 90 minutes!
  • Water helps you think. Your brain is made of 75% water, so drinking extra water gives your brain more fuel to operate on.
  • You’ll eat less, since water operates as an appetite suppressant.
  • Water helps your body flush all toxins and eliminate waste products.
  • Water helps to reduce the risk of many diseases and ailments, including bladder and colon cancer.
  • Water enhances your complexion. Water moisturizes one's skin, keeping it “fresh, soft, glowing and smooth”. It also helps to get rid of wrinkles.
  • Water saves most of your money! I love living regally, and last month I spent  less money going to coffee shops, bars, and other places where I only drank water.
Food also has a great impact on your energy levels:
Just like what you drink, what you eat has a big impact on your energy levels. During the experiment, I removed all of the caffeinated, sugar contents, and alcoholic drinks from my daily diet, I realized how much food affected on my energy levels after I could confine its trappings.Interestingly, during the experiment I identified few eating tactics that gave significantly high energy to get things done:
  • Eat in smaller portion, more frequently.
  • Stay away from processed, sugary foods that will spike up your blood sugar levels.
  • Slow the hell down.
  • Constantly ask yourself whether you’re hungry. So that one can eat less.
If you’re serious about wringing every last ounce of productivity out of your daily regimen, I think you should adopt these tactics, too - try it and see.

You have got many healthy choices for organic drink at
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