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Whey Protein-A Fiction or a Solution?

Whey protein has garnered a distinguished name in the fitness industry with promises of rapid lean muscle growth & recovery.

Essentially the by-product of cheese-making process and second protein extracted from milk, whey is being used by bodybuilders, athletes, sportsperson and fitness enthusiasts for a long time to attain their health & fitness goals. But, is actually whey protein as beneficial as it is exclaimed by fitness gurus or not? To know the answer, keep reading.  

In order to measure the effectiveness of whey protein, it is essential to first learn about the different forms of whey protein that have different properties.

Whey concentrate is the first form of whey protein that contains nearly 30-85% of protein and the rest is lactose, fat, minerals and moisture. However, it is the least expensive form.

Whey protein isolates is the second whey protein form, which is more expensive, but is pure & easy to absorb form as it is processed using ultra-micro filtration technology in which all lactose and sub-fractions are removed. It is low in lactose & fat, but rich in protein. Also, it is a good source for those who are intolerant to lactose or are on low calorie diet.

Whey Hyrolyzed protein is the third form which is much easier to absorb and is the most expensive form. But, it is condemned for its worst taste.

Each whey form is used to suit different requirements and needs as these possess unique properties.

Whey has a long list of success stories with equal number of failed attempts at building muscles. So, to share where whey stands proud and where it lacks, we bring forth the list of whey protein pros and cons to help you decide better for yourself!



  1. The first most admirable aspect of whey is its quick absorbance. Since, it is micro-filtered, most of its lactose and fat is filtered, hence its takes nearly 30 minutes to get completed absorbed in the body. Thus, whey becomes a perfect choice to be consumed after a workout, when body is in catabolic state and needs nutrients to rebuild & recover muscles.
  2. Another great aspect of whey is that it is loaded with amino acids and is convenient to use. One just needs to mix it with water & milk, shake a bit and it’s all ready to drink. Moreover, a sachet of a powder is a lot easier to carry than an airtight lunch box containing meat.
  3. During muscle building process, individuals aim to gain fat-free muscle mass. Free from fat, lactose and carbs, whey boosts lean muscle mass growth without increasing fat in body.
  4. Whey also works great in healthy weight loss. It enhances satiety level, prevents unhealthy hunger pangs and boosts metabolism rate.
  5.  As per a study, it has been found that the presence of bioactive peptides called lactokinin makes whey effective in lowering blood pressure in people with elevated blood pressure.
  6. Whey has 9 essential amino acids including branched-chain amino acid called leucine, which is most muscle growth promoting amino acid.
  7.  Whey is effective in preventing age-related muscle loss, improving strength and toning muscles.
  8. A research shows that high dose of whey protein decreases the blood levels of C-reactive protein that aids reducing inflammation.
  9. Whey’s Branched Chain Amino Acids such as Leucine with large amount of Cysteine that boosts levels of the cellular antioxidant Glutathione, which reduces oxidative stress and cuts the risk of various chronic diseases.
  10. Also, it works great in enhancing muscle stamina & strength.
  11. Many studies have confirmed that whey decreases cortisol levels, stress and risk of getting cancer.


Though whey possesses a myriad of benefits, but its excessive consumption may result digestive troubles, bloating, flatulence and others. Hence, it is suggested to have limited amount of protein at a given time.

In comparison with other protein sources, whey weighs heavier on the side of cost.

Some of whey protein manufacturers use a lot of additives and chemicals with artificial sweeteners and sugar, which may harm your health.

Whey is not a good option for people who are highly allergic to milk protein.

 Since, whey is prepared through ultra micro filtration process, thus it lacks other nutrients that are good for health. 

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Essentially the by-product of cheese-making process, whey is a nutritive protein source that builds muscles and promotes effective muscle recovery. There are three types of whey protein with different properties and are used to suit varied health & fitness needs.

Types of Protein Are As Follow:  

Whey Protein Concentrate:  This is the first from whey, which as low fat & carb. Its protein amount depends on its concentrates as lower end concentrates tend to have 30% protein, whereas higher concentrations contain 90% protein.

Whey Protein Isolates: Isolates are further processed form of concentrates. Prepared through ultra filtration process, whey isolates have lower level of fat & lactose with at least 90% protein. However, these are more expensive than the first form, but are perfect for those who want low fat, nutritive and tasty protein.

Whey Protein Hydrolysate: Third form of whey, it is predigested form of whey that has gone through partial hydrolysis process. Whey hydrolysate easy to digest, the most expensive form of whey, but it tastes worst.

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Whey protein gets speedily absorbed into the body and promotes nitrogen retention balance that results excellent muscle growth. Also, it gets quickly absorbed in the body and promises speedy muscle recovery post intense workout. It also recovers damaged cells and provides a sudden gush of energy to make the user enable of doing intense workouts. To know more or to buy whey protein, visit our store now.


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