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AYURVEDA TO CURE DENGUE FEVER :) Natural Herbs has proved its efficacy in treating such deadly diseases like DENGUE successfully without any side effects. Lets create awareness and spread world wide this piece of knowledge, so that it may help to save a life. Dengue Fever :- Ayurvedic Name: Dandak Jwara Other Names: Dandy fever, Three-day fever, Breakbone fever. What's is a Dengue Fever? Dengue fever is a disease caused by one of a number of viruses. These viruses are spread by the bite of mosquitoes and are transmitted to the human body. The disease is very common in tropical and subtropical areas of the world (including some islands in the Caribbean, Mexico, most countries of South and Central America, the Pacific, Asia and parts of tropical Africa). In these locations, the dengue fever arbovirus is endemic, meaning that the dengue fever virus naturally and consistently lives in that location and the virus are not carried by mosquitoes. Who gets Dengue Fever? Dengue fever can occur to people of all ages. Children usually have a milder disease than adults. What's are the causes of Dengue Fever ? When a mosquito carrying dengue fever virus bites a healthy human, the virus travels in the blood stream and then starts multiplying itself in the whole body. Dengue fever is not contagious, which means one person cannot pass it directly to another. Dengue fever is also a type of arbovirus, which is short for arthropod-borne virus. The main virus causing dengue fever is carried by a mosquito named "Aedes aegypti" which transmits the virus to humans through its bite. An organism that carries a disease, without actually developing the disease itself, is called a vector. Aedes aegypti works as a vector for transmitting the disease. An another cause for dengue fever is a virus name flaviviruses. More than 100 million cases of dengue fever occur every year in a whole world. A little bit percent of these develop into dengue hemorrhagic fever. It is possible for a traveler who has returned to the United States to pass the infection to someone who has not traveled. Risk factors for dengue hemorrhagic fever include having antibodies to dengue virus from prior infection and being younger than 12, female, or Caucasian. What's are the symptoms of Dengue Fever? The symptoms of dengue fever are generally seen in around three days after transition of virus to humans through mosquitoes bite and after that patient starts feeling very weak. Dengue fever, however, is not a fatal disease. Dengue fever may vary on an individual basis for each patient. One should always remember before looking for treatment that over-medication in dengue fever is likely to lead to further complications and some times it may also turn slight serious. A mild attack of the fever may pass off without having to administer any medicine. Some of the main symptoms of dengue fever are listed below: Dengue fever usually starts suddenly with a rapidly climbing high fever, that's why the temperature in dengue fever is called a 'saddleback' type temperature. severe headaches. Retro-orbital pain behind the eye. nausea & vomiting. loss of appetite. rashes develop on the feet or legs 3 to 4 days after the beginning of the fever. Swelling and pain in muscles and joints. The joint pain in the body has given dengue fever the name that is "breakbone fever".The common symptoms of dengue fever may go in around 10 days, but complete recovery from dengue fever can take more than a month. Herbal Treatments for Dengue Fever There is no specific treatment for the treatment of classical dengue fever, and like most people you will also recover completely within 2 weeks with only natural herbs. For severe dengue symptoms, including shock and coma, early and aggressive emergency treatment with fluid and electrolyte replacement can be lifesaving. Some treatment options that may enhance the curing of classical dengue fever are listed: 1)Papaya (Carica Papaya) Juice is the most effective cure for dengue fever. Papaya leaf juice plays a vital role in the restoration of platelets. Carica Papaya juice is a tonic for heart and also used for the treatment of fever, pyrexia, syphilis, diabetes, gonorrhoea, and also for dressing foul wounds. 2) Mix 360 mg of Shunthi Churna with 125 mg of Hinguleshwar and now take this mixture at least 4 times daily, you may take with tea or hot water. If case the temperature of the patient rises beyond 104°F (40°C), then you may apply cold pad, on the forehead till the temperature subsides. 3) Another strong antiviral herb is Ocimum sanctum (holy tulsi), you can directly consume 10-15 leaves of Ocimum sanctum 3-4 times daily, or you can prepare basil tea by boiling 15-20 leaves of basil along with 4-5 black pepper and 50 gm. of Fenugreek. 4) Giloy or Amrita is an anti-inflammatory (that reduces inflammation) and antipyretic (that reduce fever) herb.his wonderful Ayurvedic herb helps in raising the efficiency of protective WBC (white blood cells) and builds up the body's own protection mechanism known as immune system. It is used as an immunity booster in certain ailments like jaundice, hepatic fibrosis and seasonal fevers. Giloy or Amrita has proved very effective in preventing fibrous changes and promoting regeneration of the liver. It is a very good and helpful diuretic agent that helps removing renal stones and reducing urea from the blood. Giloy has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, and anti-allergic actions. Pure extract derived from the dried herb is called the ‘Guduchi Ghana Satva' or Giloy Satva. It is a very fine powder that carries great abilities of the herb Guduchi. The positive thing about Guduchi Satva is that even in minor doses, it works miraculously. 5) The best remedy is to take white inner bark of Neem (Neem antarchaal), Rasont (Daruhaldi) and Satva Giloy, all in equal quantity, ½ tsp with warm water. This protects from all types of infectious fevers. 6) Juice of 1ft. long branch of Giloy and seven leaves of Tulsi; boiled and taken as a herbal drink enhances body’s resistance level up to three times. It also increases platelets count, which decreases considerably in Dengue fever. Cure Dengue Fever Naturally With Natural Herbal Extracts - A Complete Package Arogyam Pure Herbs Kit - To Know More About It Contacts Now :- Regards Dr. Vipul Sharma


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4 Little Known Facts About Hair Transplant

Aging is a natural process that affects every individual throughout their lifespan. This natural process brings with itself an array of changes that include wrinkling of skin, greying of the hairs and eventually, hair fall. While the process itself cannot be avoided or slowed down, the changes itself can be stopped, if not reverted.

10824470652?profile=originalHair transplant surgery is an innovative way to reverse hair fall and treat other hair related problems like male pattern baldness and alopecia. While the procedure was reserved for the most exclusive class of people and celebrities in the past, more and more people have been jumping into the wagon, persuaded by the promising hair transplant Results.

Here are a few Hair Transplant facts that you might not have known:

Hair Transplants are a Permanent Solution

Hair Transplant procedure is a permanent solution to address your hair fall and balding problems. Essentially, your own hair is transplanted throughout the head, thus masking the problem areas. There is a certain degree of commitment when it comes to hair transplant procedure. You cannot simply get rid of the results as easily as you can take off a wig. A reputed hair transplant doctor in Delhi recommends that you should go for a consultation before you commit to the surgical procedure.

Post-Surgery Care is Essential

DermaClinix, which is a popular hair transplant clinic in Delhi offers consultation with dermatologists of repute who can advise the patients about the pre-op and post-op care which is an essential part of the procedure. While hair transplant procedure is not a major surgery, there is still some scarring and proper care of the transplanted area needs to be taken to make sure it does not get infected. In case of any blisters or infection, immediate medical attention should be sought.

There are Many Types of Hair Transplant Procedures

There are different procedures in hair transplantation, two of the most used ones being FUT or a strip strategy and FUE, also known as Follicular Unit Extraction. The FUT is honed broadly because of its cost viability; however, it leaves a scar which can be successfully covered by the hair specialist by methods for a "Trichophytic closure". With this sort of conclusion, hair develops along the scar line in this way concealing it. FUE is a non-surgical tool or no suture method which is prescribed for the individuals who might want to keep the shorter length of hair and leaves a far better result than FUT. In this process, each follicle is individually harvested from the back of the head and transplanted on to the problem sites.

Adjust Your Expectations

10824470087?profile=originalHair transplantation does not necessarily leave you with a head brimming with thick and luscious hair. Hair transplant results will differ as indicated by the sort of hair, the degree of sparseness and the measure of hair accessible in the benefactor territory and a myriad other factors which would vary from individual to individual. Hence, it is always advisable to consult a doctor before opting for a hair transplant procedure.

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Three Advantages of Open Rhinoplasty

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Open Rhinoplasty is one of the methods to perform nose surgery. In this technique, cartilages of the nose are exposed by removing the back of the skin. This is where a small incision is made on the columella by the surgeon. It is the column of the skin between the two nostrils. Several additional incisions are made inside the nose. In most cases, external incisions are made in a zigzag pattern so that it is inconspicuous from plain sight.

When your plastic surgeon is performing an open nose surgery, the lower third of the nose is visible. The cartilage at the tip and the lower part of the nose are the parts on which the surgeon works. Once the surgeon has access to the cartilages, he can reduce, modify and reshape them.

There are several advantages that are related to open rhinoplasty.  Here are some of the many benefits associated with open nose surgery.

Allows improvement of the nasal in severe and complex cases

Given that the surgeon is able to visible the entire nasal structure, the nasal tip cartilage can be easily modified and reshaped by sight and not feel.

Placement of the cartilage graft becomes easy

Grafting is done using cartilage from other body parts, namely behind the ear, for building a nasal bridge. This surgery can be performed easily with an open nose surgery method. It is primarily because of this reason that grafting is usually done in open nose surgeries then closed nasal surgery. The surgeon has better control when it comes to the placement of the graft and chances of graft movement are less. This method might also be the much better option for a revision nose surgery procedure depending on what has to be corrected.

It is easy to perform open nose surgery than the closed rhinoplasty method

By exposing and accessing the cartilages of the nose to make the internal parts of the nose visible, it will be much easier for the plastic surgeon to perform the surgery. It becomes possible for the surgeon to understand the anatomy and make necessary changes.

It is these above-mentioned advantages that make open rhinoplasty highly popular among plastic surgeons. If you are thinking of undergoing nose surgery in India then you can be assured of getting the most effective and lasting results. The cost of open nose surgery In India is lesser in comparison to other parts of the world.

For more details about rhinoplasty surgery please visit:

You can send your photographs and medical report

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Best Diet Plan To Cure High Level Of Urea And Creatinine - Avoid Kidney Failure and Dialysis

Diet Plan:

A higher concentration of the creatinine is due to a disorder of the kidney. So, it is better for us to decrease the load upon the kidneys. Kidney acts to maintain normal balance of water and electrolytes in our body. Some modifications in the diet are necessary, such a reduction of intake of protein, phosphorus, potassium and sodium.

Low protein diet is recommended to reduce creatinine level.

Person should reduce the intake of water or fluid also. Restriction of sodium reduces the pressure of the blood as well as reduces the chances of peripheral edema. Person should be restricted to eat high potassium containing dietary supplements such as tomato, potato, nuts and chocolates. Person should be restricted from eating high concentration of phosphorus food supplements such as dairy products including milk, curd, cheese, shellfish, nuts, pork, soyabean foods,etc.

The daily requirement of the protein for an adult is 1 gram per kilogram body weight per day. A child and pediatric age group need more protein as compared to adults because protein is an essential element for bone growth. People should avoid sodium rich foods such as salt, baking soda, cured meat and fish, cheese, pickles, instant soups, roasted and salted seeds and nuts, snacks, fast food such as egg products and ham biscuits, canned vegetables, etc.

There are many varieties of fruits and vegetables that are advised in kidney diseases. They are:

It is advisable to take peaches, broccoli, onion, grapes, cabbage, pepper, cherries, cauliflower, apples, celery, berries, cucumber, pineapple, eggs, plums, green beans, tangerine, lettuce, watermelon and pears.
Restrict the intake of oranges and orange juice, asparagus, nectarines, avocado, kiwi fruit, raisins or other dried fruits, bananas, cooked spinach, potatoes, cantaloupe, honeydew, pumpkin, prunes, etc.

See Herbal Remedies :

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For persons who have prominent muscles band or loose skin around the neck, a neck lift surgery can do wonders. Not only it enhances appearance but also boosts the confidence. It is counted among the popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the world. An increasing number of people are opting for it to improve their look. The results of this procedure are outstanding adding to its popularity.

The Neck Lift surgery tightens the excess skin causing self-consciousness and occasionally annoyance in people too. If you have a lax skin in the area around the neck that makes you look unattractive then you this is just the perfect remedy for you. Some people consider lower facelifts in combination with the neck lift for tightening the loose skin so that they can appear young and rejuvenated.

For those who have minor problems, completely non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures might be considered. However, it is important to know that only a neck lift procedure would help you achieve the desired goal with changes that will last for many years to come.  The plastic surgeon tailors each procedure according to the individual need of the patient. Each patient is different so are his or her objectives of undergoing this procedure. The procedure lifts and tightens the skin around the neck in an effective way.

Make sure you look for an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon who has the speciality in performing this procedure. Not only do they pay attention to the individual needs and goals, but also recommend the best approach for getting rid of the problem.  They will advise you on your options so that the best approach can be selected for you. No cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure can cease the natural process of ageing and its effects on the skin. However, cosmetic surgery procedures can slow down time in an effective way.

With the advancement in the medical world, there has come some dramatic changes in the treatment approach. Of all parts of the world, India is one country that has caught the attention of people who want to undergo plastic surgery procedures. The medical tourism in India is witnessing a new horizon with more and more people thronging to the country to benefit from a range of plastic surgery procedures, neck lift surgery being the one. In recent years, the country has become home to some of the world renowned and leading plastic surgeons. You can get the best results for neck lift surgery in India at an affordable cost. The cosmetic surgeons along with the staff make sure that patients get the quality care and comfort before, during and after the surgery.

Get Opinion, Quote, Medical Visa Invitation and Assistance at Every Step of Your Treatment in India. You can send photographs and medical report at:


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