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Best Dental Clinic in Gurgaon

Everyone desires to have healthy gums, which are necessary to maintain the overall health of individuals. Various type of gum problems which can be corrected with the help of periodontist includes minor gum inflammation to serious disease with profound damage to soft tissue. The treatments offered include scaling and root planing or root surface debridement. Aspen dental caters to the requirements of the patient by providing effective and suitable treatment. Maintaining healthy gums and oral health is highly essential. To correct any type of dental, gum, and oral problems, get in touch with the best dental clinic in Gurgaon Aspen Dental.

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Our world is changing every day, the increasing pollution rates and industrialization are directly affecting our health and giving rise to various diseases along with skin and hair fall problems. Few medical studies from all around the world have proven that the hair and skin related problems have increased by a significant number.

Baldness and heavy hair fall have become a serious threat to today’s generation. For many years most of us spend days searching for the right products like medicines, shampoos, and other techniques for our problem but most of us fail to do so and left with no option other than spending the rest of our lives playing as a bald person. But with the improvement in the hair transplant technology in metropolitan cities like Chennai, we can now fill happiness in their lives.

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure by which we can transplant hairs from hair rich parts of our body to hair deficit parts. This method can be used as a permanent solution for hair fall and is used by thousands of people in Chennai.

The hair transplant in Chennai is a systematic process which is divided into two phases, in the first phase hair follicles are removed from different hair rich parts of the body such as legs, face and other parts of the head. In the second phase, the extracted hair follicles are then planted on the hairless portion. This procedure of hair transplant is known as Follicular Hair Transplant (FUT). There are two methods for performing follicular hair transplant, strip harvesting hair transplant, and follicular unit extraction hair transplant.

In strip harvesting, a region with optimum hair growth is searched from different parts of the body. Once found, the strips of skin are taken out from the body and then transplanted on the hairless region of the head. This procedure is time-consuming and takes a bit more time to grow hairs.

In follicular unit extraction, hair clusters along with their roots are removed from the hair rich areas of the body and then manually planted on the hairless region. Both of these techniques are popular worldwide but the strip harvesting method is used more often by the doctors.

If you are looking for a fast safe and pocket-friendly hair transplant clinic in Chennai with a team of highly trained professional doctors then you can go for DermaClinix. Healthy hair, a happy patient is the main motive of DermaClinix. It is a place for complete skincare and hair care solutions and the best thing they operate throughout the country so even if you are not living in Chennai you can get a treatment in the other cities.

It may happen sometimes that because of some medical anomalies few people start experiencing side effects after the hair transplant procedure.

Some of them are discussed below-


This side effect mainly occurs with the people who are prone to scarring. This side effect is extremely rare but if you are suffering from it, you need strict medication because in some cases the patients start to develop a genetic predisposition towards extreme scarring.


The main reason for cysts is the improper growth of hair follicles, sometimes the hair follicles damage your skin by pushing themselves deep into the skin layers which results in small lumps on the skin. They automatically disappear from the body but in some cases, they can become dangerous.


Numbness is the most common side effect which occurs in the donor areas after the hair transplant procedure. It can last for around five months and if it remains even after five months then you must consult a doctor.


Right after the surgical procedure some patients suffer from swelling on their forehead and on areas surrounding the eyes. The swelling can last for around two days and in very rare cases it can cause the black eye to develop.

All these side effects are very rare and you don’t need to worry about anything because in the past few decades there is a huge advancement in hair transplant technology and if you are willing for one such surgery then you must go for it.

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Victim of hair loss? Thinking on the lines of a hair transplant? Availing the services of the best hair transplant surgeon in India is the best option. More and more people are choosing this hair restoration method to get back their lost confidence and hair back. Desirable results also churn in which does mean they are safe. Though it is a safe procedure, but there are some complications you need to be aware of.

Though the side effects of hair transplant vary from an individual to another one, you are likely to experience some problem with grafting and you enjoy good looks without any risk being part of it. But there are some side effects and let us go through them in details.

Hair Becoming Thinning

After a hair transplant you may feel that the hair is about to grow. This is not the case though, as patients do face loss of hair after surgery. It is referred to as shedding and works out to be a normal process after a surgery. The hair root is intact and the shaft falls down creating new space for the hair to emerge. For a couple of weeks hair fall is common, but if it stretches for a longer period of time, it does indicate that you have got the surgeon performed from an in experienced surgeon. Any top notch clinic does perform counselling sessions for a client.


One of the minor side effects of hair transplantation is numbness. This is going to stretch for weeks after transplant. But if it goes beyond repair avail the services of a doctor.


Hair transplant patients do experience a degree of itchiness. Due to evolution of crabs it does take place, and this is exactly after the procedure of grafting. With the help of a shampoo or moisturizing oil this problem could be overcome. If the problem exceeds a desired level, then it is suggested to visit a doctor.


No matter if it is a full hair transplant risks or nicks are bound to be there. The chances are pretty high that you would need to face some infections. For this reason it is suggested that a few bouts of antibiotics or a counselling session is necessary before you head for a hair transplantation procedure.

These are minor risks associated with hair transplantation procedure, though it should not be major ones.

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