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Ergonomic car seat design in India

India has lots of issues with roads and lots of people travel on them and suffer pain and injuries in the short to long term. Can an ergonomic car seat design help the people in India to avoid or reduce pain and injuries?

Below I've shared content from an article about this.

Based on a detailed analysis of information from peer-reviewed scientific journals and texts, automotive engineering reports, and the National Library of Medicine a series of requirements for the optimal car seat design have been developed. Ideally, the optimal car seat should have:

Adjustable seat back incline (100 degrees from horizontal is optimal)
Changeable seat bottom depth (from seat back to front edge)
Adjustable seat height
Adjustable seat bottom incline
Seat bottom cushion with firm (dense) foam
Adjustable lumbar support (horizontally and vertically adjustable)
Depth pulsating lumbar support to reduce static load
Adjustable bilateral arm rests
Adjustable seat back incline (100-degrees from horizontal is optimal
Adjustable head restraint with lordosis pad
Seat shock absorbers to dampen frequencies between 1- 20 Hz
Linear front-back seat travel to allow differently sized drivers to reach the pedals
Seat back damped to reduce rebounding of the torso in rear-end impacts


If you know any companies or shops which make or sell ergonomically designed car seats then please comment below or contact me.

I've met police and other govt. officers over the years and I think that if they can have ergonomically designed car seats then they can avoid or reduce pain and injuries and then they can do their work even better and also live a much better life.


Shakti Saran

Health and Fitness India Creator

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Someone asked about my advertising work's deliverables including with numbers.

Then I realized I should stop/remove the things which I've been doing for that person in goodwill and when I can then come up with a newer quotation (most likely much higher than the first one) to include much more specifically the value that I would deliver and also mention the things I did as goodwill as part of deliverables. I think as business, it would be acceptable by this person to receive as per quotation and nothing less or more. I wish this person the best!

My initial advertising work proposal PDF for this person includes:

Hi ,

Thank You for letting me share my advertising proposal for you.

I'm sure you realize that advertising has to keep going on to retain and grow clients.

Moreover, the advertising expense needs to be appropriate to the expected revenues.

I have a large and growing social and professional network through LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. I have over 3000 connections on LinkedIn several of who are Directors, VPs, Owners and Senior Professionals including in Delhi area and which is growing.

I have created a variety of increasingly valuable sites including , , , , (launched few days ago) , and others.

I'm launching two e-Commerce sites this month, one in India (local market for now in Delhi area) and another in USA (global market).

My sites are indexed increasingly well by the search engines and several of my site pages come on the 1st page of search engines. This helps me to keep growing my audiences.

To do your advertising work, I suggest doing these things:

1. Share in relevant Facebook groups including those related to the class/workshop locations

2. Share through my LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook profiles, pages and groups

3. Share through my sites in different ways

My above efforts can get you a growing online presence for the short to long term and which should increasingly help you in retaining and growing clients.

My fees for the next 6 months will be only 1500 INR per month which is about 50 INR per day. I would say that this will be one of your best investments for your work. As you'll get value from my efforts and would want more then I would offer more valuable ideas to you.

I suggest that you start for one month with me and if for any reason that you aren't satisfied then you can discontinue my service. If you're ready to start then I'll message you my bank details. I look forward to being of increasing value to you.

Best Regards,

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11th April 2014: Someone liked my this post in a group after some years on which I then commented: Thank You for liking PERSON after some years of I posting this! Yesterday I wasn't carrying enough money to go to vote because I thought that I would walk but then I saw autos at the stand and so thought of taking one. Moreover, I requested the driver to wait and if it wouldn't be a problem. The driver responded that I can pay later and that there's no issue in waiting and that all the auto drivers at the stand think nice of me. I then had again thought of doing more for the drivers which I would! (y)

I feel sorry for the auto drivers because I've told some of them that they should wear anti-pollution masks on which they've said that they think that the police wouldn't let them due to security issues. In this regard, I also suggest to Google "anti pollution india" and on 1st page is

How do you feel as an Indian when you read it and think that how come people have led India to like this? Is this also why the aware and wealthy people seem to be moving their children abroad and also having their grandchildren abroad? How would India be like in the next decades when the people have become very weak considering human potential since this would weaken the people? What are you doing to make things better?

Jab maa aisi conditions mein bachcha paida kare to woh kaisi maa: "Researchers are beginning to suspect that India's unusual mix of polluted air, poor sanitation and contaminated water may make the country among the most dangerous in the world for lungs."

"Delhi has turned into a pollution zone so deadly that children in the Capital have the lungs of chain-smokers, and all the associated respiratory ailments."

The person had liked my post on

5th September 2012: I felt like an Indian street dog considering the world when going through a market which sells including expensive things for common man, however, the area has much filth. I also met a person who goes to the same gym and that she was also there shortly before. I shared with her about my anti pollution mask which I was wearing and that I was trying to work to get the auto rickshaws fixed with water coolers to help drivers not get sick from potentially harmful water that they might get from outside and that to also help them save money and that I was learning from drivers that many support my idea if I can get something affordable and that it can be fixed well in the auto. 

Then she asked why I also don't do something for manual rickshaw drivers on which I told her that I'm first targeting one segment and that after that I'll work on manual rickshaw drivers to get them affordable footwear and to see if anything can be done to the rickshaws to make them better like how indoor bikes come in several qualities and that some things in them are critical for us to avoid short-term to long-term injury. Moreover, she and I had also done the spinning class today during which she had said to our trainer that I'm concerned for everyone when I had asked our trainer on her child! Also, a manual rickshaw driver nearby was attentively listening to me as she pointed to me which was nice and that I wish that I can also do much for them.

People keep blaming others including the government and the administration. I don't want to sound like an Indian street dog barking like when I keep clearing my throat due to pollution. I'm doing what I can and that not blaming others or asking for change in government or administration but trying my best to bring change in our society and environment by directly contributing to them. I think that we can contribute much even by making small changes at large scale. If you like then you're welcome to contribute with me to our world and that I'm trying to make a platform to connect, share and collaborate for the same. Best! Shakti

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