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Wilson Kipsang produced an outstanding run finish to be able to earn the truly great Upper Function through many other Kenyan Micah Kogo. Kipsang, exactly who had taken bronze inside Manchester Olympic convention, produced a overdue surge to be able to complete Kogo and earn your half convention throughout 59 minutes and six seconds. Ethiopia’s Imana Merga had been finally having Britain’s Joe Thompson throughout 6th. Olympic 10, 000m winner Tirunesh Dibaba of Ethiopia received your can easily race on her half convention debut.

Wilson Kipsang

Now here is a great and genuine athletic store – tracknfieldgear, where you can purchase a good quality of athletic training accessories like shotput, hammers, starting blocks, discus, basketball, starting blocks, etc.

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Agility Chutes for Agility Training

For most track and field event, agility is a quality that you compulsorily need to possess. Without proper agility in your body, it would be very difficult to compete in any athletic sport. Resistance training is one of the best ways to improve agility. Speed and agility movement cannot be easily acquired. It takes a lot of time and effort to acquire proper agility and movement. It requires your muscles to be flexible and your reaction time to be high.

Some people are born naturally agile but some acquire it through hard work. However it is important to remember that the right way to achieve agility would be through resistance training that develops the strength of the entire body.

Agility Ring Set

There are many training programs that aim to strengthen the feet and the calves. However this does not contribute to total agility. Yes this would make your faster. However being faster does not mean you will be more agile. True agility comes from the reaction time and the response of the nervous system. This means you have to ensure that your body is in total sync with your movements for you to be totally agile.

There are various methods that you can work out to incorporate the whole body into agility training. You should make sure that while you do your agility training, the speed comes from your hips and not just your feet. Your hips and your abs are the muscle centers of your body. Therefore you should make sure that you derive power out of these areas and not just your feet or your arms.

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Rugby is a tough sport

There is no doubt about the fact that rugby is one of the toughest sports in the world. It originated from American football, and actually it is its predecessor. Some experts are even of the opinion that it is tougher than its originating sport. It is a fact that this sport is played roughly. In the field men and women spend a grueling time playing the sport irrespective of rain, hail, or baking sun. There is no inkling of a question on their toughness. It is essential for each player to be fully fit and ready for each game physically and mentally.

It is necessary to train for long periods off the field. In each sport our homework plays an important role. In every sport it is important to take a few safety measures preventing injuries. Every sportsperson is aware of these life-threatening injuries. Injuries have a significant impact on the career of a sportsperson. Specific accessories are available especially for this sport for the prevention of injuries. These accessories can be classified into various categories of sports equipment or sporting goods . In the normal circumstances it ranges from guards, field gear to training equipment. Purchasing Online sports equipment is a good idea.

Every ardent lover or player of this sport uses this training machine to get geared up for the sport. This machine is commonly called the scrum sled. It is commonly used in the training for American football. This machine affects in more than one way. The main advantage of using this machine is train players understand different aspects of the sport. This machine helps a player in the aspects of developing and increasing the power and strength for pushing. It also helps a player in understanding body posture and dynamics of the game and adjusting to it. This machine is used for the main purpose of developing a harmonized motion. It trains the player to be tough by having two major parts of this exercise. The two parts are called 'Scrum' and 'Ruck'. also provides the athletic gear like discus throw, Hammer throw equipment, shot put , kettle bells, weight lifting equipment are available in our athletic store at a reasonable cost. This ball has a unique shape and it is not similar to the shape of the ball used in soccer. The ball used in rugby is a common form of football originated in United Kingdom.

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Benefits of kettlebells

kbellm.jpgKettlebells are considered one of the best weight loss, stamina building, and stamina building tools in the industry. They originated in Russia and were used by MMA fighters throughout the world. One of the most important things to consider while selecting a kettlebell is to choose the right one. Beginners can go in for lightweight kettlebells. Men can buy 36 lbs and women 18 lbs. Most people would use this size at least for a year or more. Kettlebells are not like dumb-bells in the sense that you can quickly lift up..

Kettlebell training is considered great for cardio. You can burn fat with a few rep sets of kettlebell swings, snatches, clean and jerks. The harder you work the more calories you burn. This is why sprinters and marathon runners are always in top-top shape. Kettlebell training promotes fitness plus anti-aging. Kettlebell workouts can burn in a fun way and increase lean muscle mass, while building better balance and grace. Through kettlebell training, resistance is developed and stress is released out. If you do 20 minutes work out with this equipment you can burn fat. It is perfect for people who have a busy schedule. Not only will kettlebell workouts leave you healthy, you can attain ideal figure, making you feel confident.

Kettlebell training is inexpensive and convenient. Minimal space is needed to perform Kettlebell exercises. Kettlebell exercises can yield maximum output with minimum cost.

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Usually track and field events are isolated into two groups one is track group and the other one is field group. Under the track group events like running, hurdling will come whereas the field group includes jumping, vaulting and throwing events. All together track and fieldsports comprises marathon race vaulting, foot racing, jumping, relays, hurdling, shot put, discus throw and hammer throw along with various objects with different weights.


To play any of the events in track and field you require athletic gears. You may find out all kinds of athletic gear in nearby athletic gear store. Even there are many websites available which provides all sorts of athletic gear. Online shopping made your task easier because you need not go out and search your choice of stuff. You can choose several numbers of equipments based of your preference by just clicking on the website. But you need to pay some extra attention while shopping via online because there are some fake websites available which makes money from you. Always try to search and purchase athletic gears from a well known company. Now let’s see a brief detail about one of the most stimulating events in track and field called discus..

The discus throw brings in to mind the reflection of ancient Greek participants trying their ability on the rises of Olympus. A disc is the main equipments in discuss throw. Contestants need to throw the disc to a long distance and whoever will throw at the longest distance will be called a winner.

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DePaul track and field head coach Dave Dopek announced the men’s and women’s schedule for the 2011-12 outdoor seasons. With the indoor season already in progress, the Blue Demons can look forward to eight usual season outdoor competitions, their only home meet of the season. Following the end of the indoor season, DePaul travels to Tallahassee, Fla., for the Florida State Relays on March 23-24 before venturing to Cincinnati, Ohio, for the Oliver Nikoliff Invitational from March 30-31.

DePaul’s road swing then comes to halt on April 6 and 7 when the Blue Demons compete in the Chicagoland Championships hosted by the University of Chicago. The DePaul women are set to battle that Friday, April 6, while then compete on Saturday, April 7. On April 14, DePaul heads back on the road to Columbia, Mo., for the Tom Botts Invitational before frequent to Chicago to host the DePaul Invitational, held at Lane Stadium on April 21.

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List of Athletic Events which is going to be played in London Olympics 2012 as given below:



Swimming at the 2012 Olympics are planned to be held in London and it includes 34 different events.

List of events (distances in meters):

  • Freestyle: 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 (women), and 1500 (men);
  • Backstroke: 100 and 200;
  • Breaststroke: 100 and 200;
  • Butterfly: 100 and 200;
  • Individual Medley: 200 and 400; and
  • Relays: 4×100 free, 4×200 free; 4×100 medley
  • Marathon: 10 kilometers


Weight Lifting is an athletic event and in Olympics which participants effort a maximum-weight single lift of a barbell overloaded with weight plates.

List of events

  • Men's 105kg, 56kg, 62kg, 69kg, 77kg, 85kg, 94kg, +75kg
  • Women's 48kg, 53kg, 58kg, 63kg, 69kg, 75kg
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When it comes to athletic equipment, all that is to be had is the quality centered equipment which will help you out in gaining a fit body. We all want to look our best and be fit but when viewed from an athletic side it is even more important for them and for gaining such fitness it is a must to acquire the best equipment that will help then for the same. is one such store where you will get all sorts of sports equipment that are superlative and our products are sure to stand out from others for their quality and durability. We are one such prominent athletic equipment store in Texas offering the best equipment at an affordable rate. Our wide range of products includes the following:

Discus throw

Discus throw

Shot put

Brass Shot put



Fitness equipment

Fitness equipment

Weight lifting equipment

Weight lifting equipment



If you are an athlete who is looking to acquire the best sports goodies then tracknfieldgear is the right place. Our products stand out from others for its rigid quality also they are affordable. All track and field equipment is available at

Athletics are always fanatical about one thing and that is fitness and in order to gain that fitness they have to work out vigorously and for such vigorous workout, quality filled weight lifting equipment are necessary. Such quality centered equipment is available only at

Apart from getting track accessories for outdoor and traditional sports equipment you can also find an extensive set of fitness equipment. Whatsoever your need of athletic equipment, you will not be let down once you visit Tracknfield Gear.

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