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Athletic teams are not only successful, multicolored and well-dressed out but, athletes are fit and versatile as well. It is the calisthenics and regular workout sessions that makes them fit and strong this in turn will results in need for equipment. When seen into an athlete’s fitness we can be very sure that his/her regular workout is what makes them versatile and flexible. It is all about the gears that spotlight on giving that power, during the workout sessions. So it is all with the athletic equipments and it is a good alternative to gym.


Any athletic event or sports program demands the imperative module of physical fitness and body conditioning; they are developed primarily by the athletic equipments. The equipments that are used for standard workout is all that matters when it comes to athletes physical well-being.The athletic equipments are intended to target specific areas of the body which will help the athletes pull off their physical goals and assist them in performing at the top of their game.

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UK Sport has make public a new three-year best coaching programme that will help carry up to 12 people in the run-up to the Rio Olympics in 2016. The £20,000 per person, per year scheme aims to turn those chosen into prospect leaders in their disciplines. “Our plan is to take British coaching from world class to world leading,” said Graham Taylor.

In spite of GB’s third place in the London 2012 award table, an information flagged training as an area for step up. The new money will pay the development costs for those chosen, with their earnings still being provided by each individual sport’s national governing body. In addition, a move to notably increase support of elite coaching for the next cycle will be measured by board in December.

UK Sport Elite Coaching Panel

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British javelin record-holder Goldie Sayers is set to start again full training in the New Year after a positive prediction following elbow surgery. She failed to be eligible for the Olympics final in London after tearing a ligament in her elbow. She saw her doctor again tweeted: “Elbow is healing as it should. My brace is off. “I now feel like I can draw a line under this Olympic cycle and start looking at the next.”

Goldie Sayers

Sayers broke the record with a throw of 66.17 metres at the London Grand Prix in July. However, she suffered the injury as she made her fourth throw and it successfully ended her chances of an Olympic medal. She still attempted to be eligible for the Games final but went out after three no throws – and then had to watch a contest in which she would have won a silver medal had she been fit to battle and able to repeat her Grand Prix throw.

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WADA changed length of bans for drugs Athletes

World Anti Doping Agency tactics to double the length of bans handed out to athletes found at fault of serious doping offences from two to four years. If the outline proposal is passed, the bans would come into force from 2015. Athletes are now suspended for two years for a first most important doping offence and banned for life if they test positive again.

“There is a strong want to make stronger the authorize articles in the code,” said president of Wada John Fahey. “This second draft has done that, repetition the length of suspension for serious offenders and widening the scope for anti-doping organisations to inflict lifetime bans.”

World Anti Doping Agency

Do you get fed up in searching of a quality online sports equipment? Here is a best athletic gear store where you can purchase a variety of sports equipments like discus throw, shot put, hammers, kettle bells, shot put, volleyball and all sort of training accessories with good quality. We carry the largest range of track and field equipments at discount price. Visit our online athletic store and have a great shopping!!!

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A treadmill could be good fitness equipment, giving modest approach to stay fitness with convenience and inexpensive way. Natural exercise is walk or run for individual. These are regular exercises for us.

treadmill.gif?width=250Treadmill is a good replacement for walk or run. On rainy days treadmill is good equipment for exercise. Chances are that you know your treadmill can help you reduce weight and ensure you from the desolates of age related diseases like diabetes and heart disease. There is 3 more benefit of treadmill exercise found in recent study at duke University. A treadmill help alleviate depression.

A treadmill can help to dramatically, although temporarily, reduce symptoms of depression.

Benefit To Using Treadmill

Walking regularly on a treadmill benefit you maintain a healthful musculature body system, which includes your muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons and joints.

Modest approach to walking, on Treadmill keep your joints flexible. This is mostly important if you have arthritis. Walking on a treadmill reducing the impact on your ankle, knee and hip joints because the deck and belt cushion your strides.

Treadmill can improve your cardiovascular fitness, strengthening your heart & reducing your blood pressure.

Using Treadmill regularly can less your risk for Type 2 diabetes, degenerative arthritis, high blood pressure, depression, insomnia and breast and colon cancer.

Walking on a treadmill burning excess calories and keeping your metabolic rate up. It is totally help you to manage your weight.

Benefit of treadmill exercise other than outdoors that may keep you from exercising regularly. You do not have to worry about the bad weather . you can do exercise as per your convenient.

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The time is changing so is the mind of people. We can see that many like to participate in sports event. But one should know all the basics rules of the game and should be properly trained by a professional coach. The coach suggests you to buy some equipment for practicing. The equipments you need to buy should be of good quality. Track n Field Gear allows you to choose from the best quality sports and Athletics training equipment. We sell all kinds of sports gear at very reasonable price. You will be the one to suffer if you buy low quality equipment. You always ask suggestion from your coach for buying equipment.

mini hurdle

If you are into sports and going to start learning a new sport then you would need all Athletics training accessories which are not available in most of the shops. The best place to buy training accessories is Track n Field Gear. Some of the accessories sold at Track N Field Gear are professional stop watch, marker flags, adjustable mini hurdle, shoulder harness, weight sets and accessories, waist harness, counter and No Bo.

weight sets

Professional stop watches are utilized for marking your time while training. It helps you to play in lesser time. As the name indicates a harness is attached to your shoulder which helps you in strengthening your shoulder muscles. The most important set for a trainee is the weight set. The weight set at Track n Field Gear consists of 1 set of dumb bells and a 6ft chrome bar with six 10 lb, four 5 lb, four 2.5 lb and two 25 lb plates. You even get weight bench like abs crunch bench which reduces your ab. You sweat a lot while workout and this means bad odor. So for reducing or eliminating the odor Track n Field Gear has introduced a spray called No Bo. You can carry this anywhere you go and can also be sprayed on stinking shoes, bags etc.

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Eriksson appointed as new coach for UK athletics

Peter Eriksson will replace for Charles van Commenee as head coach of UK Athletics. Eriksson, 59, was the UK Paralympic chief coach and assist guide the team to 120 medals at the London Games. In concluding third in the overall medal table, Britain’s medal tally was 17 more than the aim which had been set by support body UK Sport.

Peter Eriksson

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Athletics Shoes and its types

When you are shopping for athletic shoes it is significant to understand what you are getting and why there is so much importance on the type of shoe. Designers have taken into deliberation the fact that people want relieve but their feet need different types of needs depending on the sport they play.

Athletic shoes

Athletic Shoes

This type of shoes supports a broad variety of shoes that fit particular sports. There are several kinds including running walking, training, hiking and jogging. To find the best walking shoe you will want to ensure that it has enormous shock absorption.

Also, a rocker sole will make sure that you your foot is permitted to roll correctly when you are walking. If you are looking for a shoe for jogging, you want a relaxed cushion, stability in the heel, good reaction and it should be light weight and have air vents so your foot will breathe.

Track and Field shoes

These shoes will be used for football, soccer or baseball. For this type you will need something that is studded, spiked or cleared and you will need amazing that is comfortable but also has separable or replaceable parts.

Although athletic shoes are very significant for the definite sport you are playing many people want something they can wear all the time, and there are a variety of department shoes.

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Features of Weight Lifting Exercises

If you are eager to develop your muscles and remain physically strong and agile, then you should start weight lifting exercises. Weightlifting is also one of the Track and Field Events.As a first step, you must identify the weightlifting exercises that will work best for you - after studying your present fitness level, the goals you wish to achieve and the time frame.


To obtain a total body makeover, you must choose a combination of weightlifting exercises that will work on each of the muscle groups. Your major muscle groups are the back, the chest, the shoulders, the biceps, the triceps, the quadriceps, the abdominals, and the legs.

Before commencing the weight lifting exercises, make sure that your daily workouts do not last beyond 45 minutes - as weight lifting for long hours can have negative effects.

  • The squat is a simple and yet an important exercise performed by squatting down with a weight held across the upper back and standing up straight again. If need be, you may use lifting belts to help support your lower back.

  • The next significant weight lifting exercise should be the leg press that is performed being seated by pushing a weight away from the body with the feet. It is preferable you use the leg press machine – but, you have to be cautious as overloading the machine can result in serious injuries.

  • You should include the commonly practiced deadlift into your list of exercises. The deadlift is performed by squatting down and lifting a weight off the floor with the hand until standing up straight again. You can use athletic equipments like dumbbells, barbell, trapbar or Smith machine.

  • The leg extension exercise is performed while seated by raising a weight out in front of the body with the feet. The legs extension serves to also strengthen the muscles around the knees and is an exercise that is recommended by physical therapists. You can use the leg extension machine for quick results.

  • The leg curl is performed while lying face down on a bench, by raising a weight with the feet towards the buttocks. This is an isolation exercise focusing on the hamstrings. It is preferable to use a leg curl machine.

  • The snatch is widely practiced and it is one of the two current Olympic weightlifting events. The nature of this exercise is to lift a barbell from the platform to locked arms overhead in a free flowing movement. The barbell is pulled as high as you can manage.
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Ennis also named Olympic athlete of the year

Olympic heptathlon winner Jessica Ennis has been voted Olympic athlete of the year by British athletics supporters. The 26-year-old, who extra gold at London 2012 to her world and indoor titles, established 48% of the choose. She ended only 4% ahead of double Olympic distance runner Mo Farah in the poll, organised by UK Athletics.

Jessica Ennis

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Shot put is an athletic field event. It is well familiar in the Olympics and about every nation contributes in the occasion. Nations take a lot of pleasure in the Olympics. Just like every other athletic events, shot put also involves 3 places for winners. Gold for First place, Silver for second place and Bronze for third place. There are rules keep up for the shot put as well. The shot should be made of iron or brass, it should weigh about 7.26 kgs for men and its width should range between 110 to 130 millimeters. The woman's shot on the other hand consider about 4 kgs and its diameter is about 95 to 110 millimeters.

Shot Put

Competitors can touch the inside of the circle's rim or stop board but cannot touch the top of the rim or stop board while attempting a throw. There is a throwing circle and the shot put should not touch the external area of the throwing circle. The athlete cannot leave the circle while the throw is in progress as well. There is a general misconstruction that shot put is a game involving strength and brute force. The method is more difficult than what it sounds and the athlete performing the art is usually more exactly capable.


1. Always warm up before you get involved in practice sessions or a real happening. Warming up allows you to avoid injuries and give your best show. Muscle pulls and strains and even muscle tears are the regular injuries that can take place when warming up is neglected.

2. As you begin your throw, keep in mind to stand towards the back of the circle with the shot maintain at the back of your neck. This allows you to balance the shot's weight as well as keep away from over stepping the line whereas you throw.

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List of Athletic Events which is going to be played in London Olympics 2012 as given below:



Swimming at the 2012 Olympics are planned to be held in London and it includes 34 different events.

List of events (distances in meters):

  • Freestyle: 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 (women), and 1500 (men);
  • Backstroke: 100 and 200;
  • Breaststroke: 100 and 200;
  • Butterfly: 100 and 200;
  • Individual Medley: 200 and 400; and
  • Relays: 4×100 free, 4×200 free; 4×100 medley
  • Marathon: 10 kilometers


Weight Lifting is an athletic event and in Olympics which participants effort a maximum-weight single lift of a barbell overloaded with weight plates.

List of events

  • Men's 105kg, 56kg, 62kg, 69kg, 77kg, 85kg, 94kg, +75kg
  • Women's 48kg, 53kg, 58kg, 63kg, 69kg, 75kg
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All about Hammer Throw and its Importance

One of the most popular events in the track and field contest is Hammer Throwing. This type of sport was developed numerous centuries ago in England, Ireland and Scotland. The hammer throwing occasion can be traced back to an instance when the Tailteann games were taking place in Tara.

This competition was done by an athlete taking and alternation of the object on top of the head and throwing it as far as could be with the athlete standing in one spot. The distance thrown was then measured from the line where the athlete stood that was marked down on the field. The longest distance hammer throw recorded then was 130 to 140 feet.

Hammer Throw

Your preparation should be divided into three separate stages,

1. Focus on preparation,

2. Focus on precompetition work,

3. Actual contest itself.

This sporting happening in 1900 was included into the Olympic Games, which nowadays is a very big part of track and field. One other thing that altered was the sector as it is at present 34.92 degrees.


1. Execute must be specialized for weight, length, diameter, handle and center of gravity.

2. Thrower must stay in the circle until put into action lands.

3. The competitor must wait until executes has landed before exiting the back half of circle under manage.

4. Any throw that lands in the division and is not a foot foul is a correct throw.

From our Athletic Store you can find various hammer throw equipment like gloves, handles, wires, throwing puds, brass, iron hammers etc.,

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When it comes to athletic equipment, all that is to be had is the quality centered equipment which will help you out in gaining a fit body. We all want to look our best and be fit but when viewed from an athletic side it is even more important for them and for gaining such fitness it is a must to acquire the best equipment that will help then for the same. is one such store where you will get all sorts of sports equipment that are superlative and our products are sure to stand out from others for their quality and durability. We are one such prominent athletic equipment store in Texas offering the best equipment at an affordable rate. Our wide range of products includes the following:

Discus throw

Discus throw

Shot put

Brass Shot put



Fitness equipment

Fitness equipment

Weight lifting equipment

Weight lifting equipment



If you are an athlete who is looking to acquire the best sports goodies then tracknfieldgear is the right place. Our products stand out from others for its rigid quality also they are affordable. All track and field equipment is available at

Athletics are always fanatical about one thing and that is fitness and in order to gain that fitness they have to work out vigorously and for such vigorous workout, quality filled weight lifting equipment are necessary. Such quality centered equipment is available only at

Apart from getting track accessories for outdoor and traditional sports equipment you can also find an extensive set of fitness equipment. Whatsoever your need of athletic equipment, you will not be let down once you visit Tracknfield Gear.

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When you want to get trained the right way and increase your potential, you choose the best coach and get the right tips from them to enhance your potential as well as performance. When you are working hard to follow up with the tips and advice your coach gives, you will need necessary sports equipments to support you at each and every step. It is very important that you find the right place for getting good quality sports equipments in Texas.

If you were thinking about getting first class sports equipments in Texas then you might feel happy to find a wide range of quality sports equipmentsand other training materials at Track and Field Gear. They supply a large variety of sports equipments at a very reasonable price that is affordable as well as comfortable for using. On top of everything we will have to keep in mind that using the right sports equipments and gears is very much important, as it maximizes the potential and performance that you bring out during the events as well as to make you practice perfectly during the practice session

Training Hurdles

On the other hand we will have to keep in mind that wrong training accessories or low quality sports equipment that we get will be turning against us and reduce out potential and in some worst cases tend to give physical trauma as they malfunction during the practice sessions. Always ensure and check again the quality and comfort of the sports equipments that we get as it is very important to use good training sports equipments.

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Olympic heptathlon champ Jessica Ennis has been named the women’s European athlete of 2012. The 26-year-old from Sheffield turns out to be only the third British athlete to win the tribute following her British record win in August. The Sheffield-based Ennis, whose image decorated posters promoting the London Games; fell only just short of the 7,000 point fence while claiming the gold medal.

Jessica Ennis

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