11th April 2014: Someone liked my this post in a group after some years on which I then commented: Thank You for liking PERSON after some years of I posting this! Yesterday I wasn't carrying enough money to go to vote because I thought that I would walk but then I saw autos at the stand and so thought of taking one. Moreover, I requested the driver to wait and if it wouldn't be a problem. The driver responded that I can pay later and that there's no issue in waiting and that all the auto drivers at the stand think nice of me. I then had again thought of doing more for the drivers which I would! (y)

I feel sorry for the auto drivers because I've told some of them that they should wear anti-pollution masks on which they've said that they think that the police wouldn't let them due to security issues. In this regard, I also suggest to Google "anti pollution india" and on 1st page is http://www.healthfitnessindia.com/profiles/blogs/anti-pollution-mask-delhi-metro-police

How do you feel as an Indian when you read it and think that how come people have led India to like this? Is this also why the aware and wealthy people seem to be moving their children abroad and also having their grandchildren abroad? How would India be like in the next decades when the people have become very weak considering human potential since this would weaken the people? What are you doing to make things better?

Jab maa aisi conditions mein bachcha paida kare to woh kaisi maa: "Researchers are beginning to suspect that India's unusual mix of polluted air, poor sanitation and contaminated water may make the country among the most dangerous in the world for lungs."

"Delhi has turned into a pollution zone so deadly that children in the Capital have the lungs of chain-smokers, and all the associated respiratory ailments."

The person had liked my post on https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=109501519202151&id=286595084704992&ref=notif&notif_t=like

5th September 2012: I felt like an Indian street dog considering the world when going through a market which sells including expensive things for common man, however, the area has much filth. I also met a person who goes to the same gym and that she was also there shortly before. I shared with her about my anti pollution mask which I was wearing and that I was trying to work to get the auto rickshaws fixed with water coolers to help drivers not get sick from potentially harmful water that they might get from outside and that to also help them save money and that I was learning from drivers that many support my idea if I can get something affordable and that it can be fixed well in the auto. 

Then she asked why I also don't do something for manual rickshaw drivers on which I told her that I'm first targeting one segment and that after that I'll work on manual rickshaw drivers to get them affordable footwear and to see if anything can be done to the rickshaws to make them better like how indoor bikes come in several qualities and that some things in them are critical for us to avoid short-term to long-term injury. Moreover, she and I had also done the spinning class today during which she had said to our trainer that I'm concerned for everyone when I had asked our trainer on her child! Also, a manual rickshaw driver nearby was attentively listening to me as she pointed to me which was nice and that I wish that I can also do much for them.

People keep blaming others including the government and the administration. I don't want to sound like an Indian street dog barking like when I keep clearing my throat due to pollution. I'm doing what I can and that not blaming others or asking for change in government or administration but trying my best to bring change in our society and environment by directly contributing to them. I think that we can contribute much even by making small changes at large scale. If you like then you're welcome to contribute with me to our world and that I'm trying to make www.healthfitnessindia.com a platform to connect, share and collaborate for the same. Best! Shakti

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  • A security guard thanked me that I call him by name. During conversation, he mentioned that there're so many people in remote locations of India who wouldn't even know the name of the Prime Minister. I then thought that there're so many Indian street dogs that which live a very miserable life in cities but we Indian humans still let them grow around us. I wish that we can add value in both regards. I wonder what many of the Indian people do on a daily basis that we've so many severe issues in India. Perhaps the sweets being offered to Gods are adulterated and so Gods aren't helping? Best! Shakti

  • A gym trainer was thankful to me for introducing him to a nice photographer to learn about modeling including getting a portfolio made. Then I told him that people who I introduce to him whether they help him the amount of an ant or an elephant, I wish that he would respect them the amount of the world. I think he liked that too. I wonder often that why things are so highly unfortunate in India and that what has happened to all the Gods who we've read or heard about over the years. Later, while I was talking to an auto driver on some different things and that he was sharing about working much, the auto went through a pot hole which shook the auto much and that within a minute I saw people at a temple and that then I wished that people are praying to reduce the severe issues in India like of high pollution, high food adulteration and high amount of filth in public spaces and that then I prayed to Gods that I would keep doing things to reduce not feeling like an Indian street dog considering the world. Best! Shakti

  • Today I asked an auto driver why there're so many mosquitoes on which he responded to look at the amount of filth across the street which the apartment complex residents nearby throw there. He then showed me another place that he stinks a lot because of the same. I asked him that if people keep their houses clean but make the places outside their houses filthy then they don't consider the places outside their houses as their own? He and another person sitting with him essentially responded that what people think is that at least they're clean by throwing trash outside. I asked them that how can they be clean if the places outside their houses are filthy? I then mentioned that talking about this doesn't help but doing can. I then asked them that what do they do since they don't like this? I then suggested the driver to tell ten people to keep the place outside their houses clean by throwing trash in a proper place and that also ask them to tell the same to another ten people. The driver said that he can get around forty drivers to share with. I also suggested him to share with them to check the food that they eat for whether it's not harmful and on pollution that it's harmful for them. The driver whose name is Krishna told me that he'll give me the feedback tomorrow.

    The world is amazing because within this month I was going to launch a English, Hindi and Urdu printout on food adulteration, pollution and cleanliness for the auto rickshaw drivers starting from nearby my residence and that perhaps now I'll also be able to prepare it with Krishna since I was going to do it with some other drivers who I've known for a while. Within next week, I'll be gathering the required information from official sources and that then get them translated within another week and that then get them printed for distribution. I'll put names of official sources. I'll check on whether I can put my company's name on printouts. If anyone can provide me inputs for anything then that'll be great. Best! Shakti

  • Even if one considers kundli which might be very general or even the ideal scenario, given the many issues in India including high pollution and food adulteration I think one should also consider getting Indian mother's milk tested for adulteration for the best of their babies. http://www.healthfitnessindia.com/profiles/blogs/gym-trainer-marria...

    Today I got an sms "Aapki Kundli Mein Chhupa Hai Aapke Jivan Se Jude Har Swal Ka Jawab, Jaane Apne Business, Marriage Love Life ke baare mein. Dial 011-47344330" Shortly after that sms, I received an sms from my previous gym trainer that I should add him on Facebook and that he shared his email id. I've suggested him some different times to connect with me on Facebook and that I've also shared my user id with him before. He had mentioned to want to do modeling before and for which I had found him a photographer for him to get inputs. I also found him a person who runs a company that provides training in ACE, ACSM and other fitness certifications and that I would've requested that person to help him since he can't afford those certifications. However, he still didn't try to add me to his FB by himself so that I can communicate with him better since we don't meet often and that I also connected him with others of value for him.

    I then remembered about a person who keeps writing to me for help regarding job, however, he doesn't do whatever I suggest him like he was going to meet me but then he didn't. He had recently sent me some attachment on FB but which came as unavailable when I clicked the message. Dad had previously told me about him since he had been dad's student earlier that he just talks but doesn't do. Perhaps it's their kundli that even though I'm willing to help them and that with my best, however, they've been like this for a while and so I've decided to not add the previous trainer to my FB and that to not discuss further with this person for helping him with job because my efforts for them would most likely get wasted. Before leaving my previous trainer, I had even told him that I'm leaving that gym, however, I can continue with him elsewhere if he finds me another gym on which he hadn't done anything.

    Two days ago, the trainer had called me that there's someone who wants to get a web-site for 10k, however that person hasn't been properly reachable for a discussion which further wasted my efforts. I've recently started growing my IT company which also does Website Development, SEO, and Custom Software Development work to pursue all levels of work since there would be customers who would first invest little and that then grow from there. My team has worked on hundreds of web-sites over the years and that we would like to discuss and share with you on your Website requirements. I can also get directly involved in a project depending on the requirements of the client. Otherwise, my partner works primarily to manage the team for executing the project and that I provide much higher level inputs as the project requires. Best! Shakti

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