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Shot put - throwing and training tips

One of the best throwing events in track and fieldis shot put and it requires precise use of strength and technique. In order to perform well in this event, the athlete requires some disciplined training with fine points of improvement in techniques.

Training tips:

Cast Iron Shotput

  • Split your training session into three phases such as preparation, completion and competition

  • Do Plyometric training, medicine balls routine and fitness endurance training for one day a week.

  • Then practice full shot throws for several days a week and measure your progress and performance goals.

  • During the competition phase, split the routines such as full ball throwing into two days and core training into four days, medicine balls routines into two days and other two days rest from all training.

 Throwing tips:

Competition Iron Shot Put

It is a well known fact that good arms are essential for throwing shot puts, but many of us don’t know that a support from core and legs are also essential.

  • At a time, make a list of exercises to be performed and work with arms, core and legs. Core in sense the muscles around the stomach and back.

  • Hold the shot put in both the hands and start with the overhead drill. Between your legs in a swinging motion, bring the athletic gear and perform many throws during warm up session.

  • Then, move to the pivot drill and hold the shot put with elbow pointing out. Put majority of your weight on your dominant legs and keep that leg in front.

  • Do these drills regularly and practice four days a week. Atleast you need 24 hours of rest in between the practice sessions.

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List of Athletic Events which is going to be played in London Olympics 2012 as given below:



Swimming at the 2012 Olympics are planned to be held in London and it includes 34 different events.

List of events (distances in meters):

  • Freestyle: 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 (women), and 1500 (men);
  • Backstroke: 100 and 200;
  • Breaststroke: 100 and 200;
  • Butterfly: 100 and 200;
  • Individual Medley: 200 and 400; and
  • Relays: 4×100 free, 4×200 free; 4×100 medley
  • Marathon: 10 kilometers


Weight Lifting is an athletic event and in Olympics which participants effort a maximum-weight single lift of a barbell overloaded with weight plates.

List of events

  • Men's 105kg, 56kg, 62kg, 69kg, 77kg, 85kg, 94kg, +75kg
  • Women's 48kg, 53kg, 58kg, 63kg, 69kg, 75kg
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When it comes to athletic equipment, all that is to be had is the quality centered equipment which will help you out in gaining a fit body. We all want to look our best and be fit but when viewed from an athletic side it is even more important for them and for gaining such fitness it is a must to acquire the best equipment that will help then for the same. is one such store where you will get all sorts of sports equipment that are superlative and our products are sure to stand out from others for their quality and durability. We are one such prominent athletic equipment store in Texas offering the best equipment at an affordable rate. Our wide range of products includes the following:

Discus throw

Discus throw

Shot put

Brass Shot put



Fitness equipment

Fitness equipment

Weight lifting equipment

Weight lifting equipment



If you are an athlete who is looking to acquire the best sports goodies then tracknfieldgear is the right place. Our products stand out from others for its rigid quality also they are affordable. All track and field equipment is available at

Athletics are always fanatical about one thing and that is fitness and in order to gain that fitness they have to work out vigorously and for such vigorous workout, quality filled weight lifting equipment are necessary. Such quality centered equipment is available only at

Apart from getting track accessories for outdoor and traditional sports equipment you can also find an extensive set of fitness equipment. Whatsoever your need of athletic equipment, you will not be let down once you visit Tracknfield Gear.

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The time is changing so is the mind of people. We can see that many like to participate in sports event. But one should know all the basics rules of the game and should be properly trained by a professional coach. The coach suggests you to buy some equipment for practicing. The equipments you need to buy should be of good quality. Track n Field Gear allows you to choose from the best quality sports and Athletics training equipment. We sell all kinds of sports gear at very reasonable price. You will be the one to suffer if you buy low quality equipment. You always ask suggestion from your coach for buying equipment.

mini hurdle

If you are into sports and going to start learning a new sport then you would need all Athletics training accessories which are not available in most of the shops. The best place to buy training accessories is Track n Field Gear. Some of the accessories sold at Track N Field Gear are professional stop watch, marker flags, adjustable mini hurdle, shoulder harness, weight sets and accessories, waist harness, counter and No Bo.

weight sets

Professional stop watches are utilized for marking your time while training. It helps you to play in lesser time. As the name indicates a harness is attached to your shoulder which helps you in strengthening your shoulder muscles. The most important set for a trainee is the weight set. The weight set at Track n Field Gear consists of 1 set of dumb bells and a 6ft chrome bar with six 10 lb, four 5 lb, four 2.5 lb and two 25 lb plates. You even get weight bench like abs crunch bench which reduces your ab. You sweat a lot while workout and this means bad odor. So for reducing or eliminating the odor Track n Field Gear has introduced a spray called No Bo. You can carry this anywhere you go and can also be sprayed on stinking shoes, bags etc.

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Like all other spheres of human activity, sporting has also become increasingly competitive and for a sportsperson to excel, he/ she will have to extend to the farthest limits.Most sports spectators must be familiar with scenes like a player not getting up in pain after a fall, a race car driver sitting motionless after a crash or an injured player being escorted out of the game. This is the reason why it is imperative that sportspersons must wear the prescribed safety gear and safety equipment is critically needed for all types of games.Many sports injuries happen during practice. Do not be misled into thinking you only need safety athletic equipmentsduring the game. It is best you became aware of all the safety equipments needed for the sports you are getting trained for.


According to the Oregon Department of Human Services, in the United States, almost one million players of various levels are admitted to the emergency room for sports related injuries but half of these sports injuries are preventable.The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission completed a study in 1996 of baseball safety equipment. It reported that use of proper safety equipment could reduce injuries in baseball trainees by 36 percent.Equipment used to play sports includes goal posts and balls. The National Campaign for Safety Equipment says that, there are 47,900 ball impact injuries to the head and neck per year due to non-use of safety equipments.

Personal equipment that individual players wear is of paramount importance for injury prevention. Knee and elbow pads, helmets and face guards are all crucial. Helmets with face guards are strongly recommended by sports officials. Mouth guards are recommended to prevent tooth loss and injury. Gum shields and mouth guards are worn in sports such as hockey, rugby and boxing, where there is a risk of being hit on the mouth. It is reported that eye safety equipment can prevent a whopping 90 percent of eye injuries. Special types of goggles are used for swimming and racing where things may be flung into the eye.

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