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May I help? First, I'm looking for study abroad programs to market in India and it would be great to work with others to help our world.

Now, when I remember going to USA for college from India, I had almost no idea that I would pursue Computer Science. I did have a computer and the Internet during high school years (around 1997) and that I was told by friends that I was the first in my extensive friend circle to have one. Having a computer perhaps gave me some thoughts of doing something professionally with it but I had no specific thought of studying CS. I had enrolled for Electrical Engineering primarily because my dad was himself an Electrical Engineer and that he had a related business (closed now and he also moved into CS) and that I was good enough in Science and Maths with some experience in dad's work and so perhaps had thought that EE would be great for me.

Within first year of college at Georgia Tech including after exploring much by meeting people of several disciplines and also visiting labs and talking to graduate students and professors, I changed to Computer Science and that over a decade, I've worked at some different companies including my own on some different things by applying CS. I still remember a top professor from EE in Robotics and another from Aerospace Engineering who both gave me (a 1st year student) their valuable time in personal appointments to share with me about their fields and the one in Robotics let me explore my interest in robotics by letting me work on a robotics arm at a lab under supervision of a graduate student and the one in Aerospace Engineering had a graduate student take me to lab and show me a helicopter and how the various disciplines come together.

Even though I keep learning online (in fact, I've a page to help others learn online who might not be aware of these great resources), I believe that going to physical environments for learning has irreplaceable values. For my entire college years, I had a long distance relationship with my gf (who's ex now) and that even though we expressed greatly by using the technologies, the coming together was just something else. Regarding education systems, I've thought a lot and written a bit over the years. I hope to contribute increasingly to education and I wish that study abroad consulting work would also help me with increasing knowledge, experience, funds and contacts for the same.

I would be doing the study abroad consulting work through my company Jeevika Socii Pvt. Ltd. in New Delhi which currently does recruitment work through its brand Career Partner Jeevika in Sanskrit means what one does for a living and Socii in Latin means Allies. If there's anything that interests you in doing with me then kindly share with me. Thank You and All the Best! Shakti

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Just got back from gym. Some hours ago, I had shared on my FB and Google+ a video PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2013 in which a monk child was jumping ahead and up on his head. Some hours before that, I had shared what Bill Gates has said "And if I could wave a wand, I'd love to have a way to measure how exposure to risks like disease, infection, malnutrition and problem pregnancies impact children's potential—their ability to learn and contribute to society." which is published in this article After those two shares, I thought of my yesterday's (Republic Day) share of the Bengal Tiger photo and then thought that if all humans only just maximized their basic level of health and fitness then how great would that be for mankind and our world overall.

After several days, I again carried my visiting cards to my apartment complex's gym which mentions my web-site (thankfully it comes as a top link when searched for data privacy software). Before carrying the cards, I wrote on them my Health and Fitness India network's web-site When I reached the gym, for the first time I saw a group of school and college going people and that I shared my cards with them. It was a nice conversation with them and that I wish that they would get value from my efforts. I also shared with them about I getting a lot of acne which might be due to having a lot of egg yolks during past two months as I was experimenting with egg yolks as a source of protein. Now, I'm having egg whites only without the yolks.

Before going to the gym, I went to the boiled egg vendor. I saw the vendor's little girl giving egg to a little boy on paper. I didn't clearly see if the paper had ink on it or not but since the vendor lady was there, I shared with her about not serving on paper with ink on it. I had shared the same with them some years ago and then didn't notice them serve on paper since then but then I've rarely gone to their shop until past few months when I've become regular again. She said that it's expensive to use paper plates because to get them cheap, they'll have to travel far. I shared with her that they can think of buying in bulk since they've to keep using it and I wish that they would even use it for a single boiled egg. I told her that others might not even realize the issue and that if we'll tell them then they might also care about it (and as more and more people would care, that should lead to technical and business innovations towards improving society and environment overall). I then thought of this as being a potential opportunity for someone who can bring paper plates in bulk to this area (Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, U.P.) and that sell to several customers while adding value to society by sharing with food vendors about the issue of using paper with ink for serving food on it.

During gym, I remembered a nearby area around where I haven't been in a while and where I often saw pigs eating from garbage. Highly unfortunately, that area is next to a market and is on a major road of the area. I wish that we humans would do everything that we can do for making our food, water, air and land as great as possible. I also wish that we humans would at minimum maximize our basic level of health and fitness. Thank You and All the Best! Shakti

I've also shared the above in the Security and India (SAI) LinkedIn group discussion post

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I-20 each of us improve lives of 20 people

What if we can start I-20 in which each of us can try to improve the lives of 20 people who generally don't use the Internet and aren't as educated as us?

It's easier to write on the Internet and which we can keep doing because it's also of value, however, we must reach others also and that printing out valuable materials for them or even just speaking to them might make that crucial positive impact for advancing India and our world. Please do it if you like. It's not about what we'll get today but what our world would get till humanity would exist and I'm sure that if they'll improve then it should also help us during our lifetimes. Thank You and All the Best!

Bill Gates: And if I could wave a wand, I'd love to have a way to measure how exposure to risks like disease, infection, malnutrition and problem pregnancies impact children's potential—their ability to learn and contribute to society. Measuring that could help us quantify the broader impact of those risks and help us tackle them. Following the path of the steam engine long ago, thanks to measurement, progress isn't "doomed to be rare and erratic." We can, in fact, make it commonplace.

I've also shared this in the Security and India (SAI) LinkedIn group discussion post:



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Important Technique of Shot put - Rotational

Shot put is a game which is actually demanding and hence, one must go through a warm up meeting before playing the actual game. The warm up session can include exercises such as skipping, running and make bigger which can help to loosen the muscles of the player and get him ready for the exhausting activity.

The rotational shot put technique is a complex one and is normally effort by the experts in the game. In this method, the athlete throwing the shot has to place his important leg at the middle of the ring. The other leg swings and turn the body and when it is planted, the other leg do again the same process. After this the participant throws off the shot.
Shot put Technique
Proper shot put techniques can be learned by taking education in this game from a reputed coach. Any one can rules the glide and the spin technique with regular carry out and hard work. Try to growth your show at every spirited event to become a good shot put player.
Young competitors, other than start shot putters, will obviously settle to the more direct glide technique. Most world class male throwers like Christian Cantwell use the rotational shot put technique. For example, the shot put throwing circle is smaller, requiring a tighter turn. But the main difference contains the implement itself. While the discus is held at the end of an extensive throwing arm, the shot ruins close to the thrower’s neck near the middle of the rotation creating steadiness more difficult.
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-DH Medicals

Partnering with the leaders in the pharmaceutical distribution space, Dialhealth will launch India’s best-managed pharmacy supply solutions, enabling a hassle-free experience for you, your doctors, and hospitals while taking care of your every medical need.

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.In a Nutshell:

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-DH Smart Care and DH Community Connect
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We Care, By Providing:
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Contacts Us

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Yesterday evening, the person who opens/closes the gym told me that I lift the most weight there. I told him that I'm a small guy and that there are so many much bigger people and also great bodybuilders and that I wish that I can keep improving lifelong. Then I searched for videos on Kashmir given the highly unfortunate current issue. Besides other videos, I also watched Defending the LoC Part-1, Part-2 and Part-3 Salute to Sipahi (Soldier) who laughs off the fear to protect me. This salute is to all Sipahis worldwide who protect humans. Imagine a world in which all such soldiers unite against those disregarding the universal human values.

After these videos, I read a spiritual article (I usually read an article at night with dad who generally gives it from one of the books). It was about mann (mind) and that it has ichcha-shakti (power to desire) and sankalp-shakti (power of intention). I've thought of several times to also go to gym in the morning for doing cardio since I lift weights during evening. I went to gym once in the morning some days ago the day after I reactivated the Health and Fitness India site I reactivated it sooner than I had thought thinking that if we can't be healthy and fit then our heads might not remain in the proper place for long. Given current events, things seem very unfortunate in India and that being much healthier and fitter should help us do much better.

Today morning, I woke up without any alarm and that when I saw the time it was few minutes before 7am and that the gym in my apartment complex opens at 7am. However, I felt that I hadn't recovered from yesterday evening's workout well enough. I've to speed up recovery with nutrition products. For some months, I'm regularly eating eggs, often kala chana (bengal gram), sometimes soya and then lentils, oats, milk and other veg. food as protein sources. So I rested for another hour and half and then went to gym.

A different person opens/closes the gym in the morning. I spoke to him in general and that when I asked his name, he said Manveer! (Man here stands for Mind and Veer for Brave). He said that he wants to do business after some years. I told him that he can start today by selling imported and affordable anti pollution mask made using Defense technology which will be a great service to society and he can also earn well on the side. He told me to show it to him which I would. I wish that all of us can keep improving our society and environment worldwide. Best!

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