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We can know the signs of many diseases occurring in our body through our urine. But today we will know that if there is a high amount of protein in the urine then this is a sign of which disease

First of all, let us know how we know that the amount of protein in our urine is high. If we see foam in our urine while urinating, then we should understand that the amount of protein in our urine is increased. is.

At such a time, we should get proper examination of our urine and get proper treatment after taking proper advice from the doctor.

The possibility of kidney stones increases due to c. It can also be a symptom of some other disease, but we should not ignore it.

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Medisys 100% whey protein is scientifically tested and clinically proved mixture of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. It works wonderfully well during pre as well as post workout sessions. It serves as the function of building lean muscle mass. Raw material for this product has been imported from some of world’s most reliable resources.

Glutamine on the other hand, is most available amino acid in our body. It is responsible for muscle protein development. During heavy workouts, level of body glutamine goes down that may lead to muscle breakdown. Hence, it is needed to be supplemented externally. Supplementing with medisys glutamine fuel keeps your performance coefficient at its best.

Features and benefits of Whey Protein and Glutamine combo:

• Reduces muscle loss.

• Enhances muscle recovery from fatigue.

• Builds lean muscle mass.

• Maintains the muscle glycogen reserves.

• Maintains a good amount of nitrogen stores in the body.

• Leads to new muscle synthesis.

• Supports workout by providing energy thrust.

• Boosts muscle protein metabolism in constructive manner.

• Strengthens the immunity.

• Great taste and fat solubility.

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Shakti Saran

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10824450262?profile=originalCommonly called the exercise of 20 minutes or half an hour intake of whey protein powder or take any good protein diet is fruitful for muscle. Most people only give you advice protein shake because he begins to digest faster than solid food. Our minds may ask whether that would not benefit much from taking protein after 30 minutes. And why it is called.

First, answer the first question. It does not matter when you are whey protein powder diet. But here are the terms and conditions applicable. Learn why it is now recommended. Gym trainers who know very well the importance of protein are the same. In bodybuilding, becoming a man or woman and described the many rules and regulations are not keeping in mind with the general trend, they are created based on routine. The number of people who is really goes to the gym in the morning but not have diet. The man who goes to the gym in the morning before he was about seven or eight hours sleep occurs. People should eat one or two hours before bedtime. This way you will see the start time of the workout is already at a gap of about 10 hours. People, who eat something in the morning even boiled potatoes, peanuts, bananas or take things like juice, milk  before going to gym empty stomach as many people go to empty stomach.

The body requires a lot of energy during gym, so this energy recovers from your body or whey protein diet intake. In the space of two workouts to burn energy is achieved. Before you go to the gym, which is eaten and it was deposited in muscle energy. People, who do not eaten immediately and went to the gym in their case the energy stored in muscle is used as the fuel.

With this in mind, it is said that three quarters of an hour before going to the gym, and the gym immediately after carbohydrate diet should drink whey protein shake like that. There are people who are gyming should try them that they are the more energy than they burned in the gym, or food from the stomach. Please try not to use that energy you have to put in the reserve. Now the man to start exercising good quarter of an hour before he was taken to the gym immediately after the diet eaten either nothing will. But whose muscles are hungry, they just need to hurry. 

Overall, the thing already put petrol in the tank so that the engine runs recklessly. 

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Yesterday evening, the person who opens/closes the gym told me that I lift the most weight there. I told him that I'm a small guy and that there are so many much bigger people and also great bodybuilders and that I wish that I can keep improving lifelong. Then I searched for videos on Kashmir given the highly unfortunate current issue. Besides other videos, I also watched Defending the LoC Part-1, Part-2 and Part-3 Salute to Sipahi (Soldier) who laughs off the fear to protect me. This salute is to all Sipahis worldwide who protect humans. Imagine a world in which all such soldiers unite against those disregarding the universal human values.

After these videos, I read a spiritual article (I usually read an article at night with dad who generally gives it from one of the books). It was about mann (mind) and that it has ichcha-shakti (power to desire) and sankalp-shakti (power of intention). I've thought of several times to also go to gym in the morning for doing cardio since I lift weights during evening. I went to gym once in the morning some days ago the day after I reactivated the Health and Fitness India site I reactivated it sooner than I had thought thinking that if we can't be healthy and fit then our heads might not remain in the proper place for long. Given current events, things seem very unfortunate in India and that being much healthier and fitter should help us do much better.

Today morning, I woke up without any alarm and that when I saw the time it was few minutes before 7am and that the gym in my apartment complex opens at 7am. However, I felt that I hadn't recovered from yesterday evening's workout well enough. I've to speed up recovery with nutrition products. For some months, I'm regularly eating eggs, often kala chana (bengal gram), sometimes soya and then lentils, oats, milk and other veg. food as protein sources. So I rested for another hour and half and then went to gym.

A different person opens/closes the gym in the morning. I spoke to him in general and that when I asked his name, he said Manveer! (Man here stands for Mind and Veer for Brave). He said that he wants to do business after some years. I told him that he can start today by selling imported and affordable anti pollution mask made using Defense technology which will be a great service to society and he can also earn well on the side. He told me to show it to him which I would. I wish that all of us can keep improving our society and environment worldwide. Best!

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