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Throughout India everyone wants to rejuvenate their body by keeping up exercises in their schedule and by maintaining their health regime. Today there are lots of growing concerns over the health and fitness issues. People are more and more stressed about their unhealthy lifestyle and hence there are lots of companies in the market coming up to take care of punter’s health and fitness. With growing concerns, the need to accommodate through these concerns is increasing and therefore people are looking for the best quality Gym Equipment Manufacturer in India to serve their needs and achieve their desires.

Best brand offering affordable gym and Fitness equipment’s

One of the top notch brands in the market accommodating the needs of people is Anson Sports featuring the gym equipments in India at best prices that fits into anyone’s budget and gives 100% satisfaction level. At Anson Sports we create brilliance and promote the finest quality gym and fitness equipments to help you in the long run. For maintaining and make them durable plus long lasting there are certain steps to follow and you can get best possible outcomes if you follow these steps seriously. Whether you are running your own gym or setting up the gym at home, you need certain steps to follow so, here are some of the steps that can help your gym equipment last longer:

• Keep your gym and fitness equipments clean: although it seems a mere step but keeping it clean can help a lot when it comes to make it durable and long lasting

• Read the user manual: reading the user manual becomes significant as it allows you to function the equipment properly.

• Keep a repair kit at your place

A fore mentioned are some of the tactics that you can use to achieve your fitness goals and maintain the quality of your gym and fitness equipment.

Changing behavior of people

Over the past two years people’s search behavior are changing and they are heading towards the healthier lifestyle as they searching for the nutritional foods and healthy recipes. it not only tell us the need to be healthy but the need to remain fit in all aspects of they search for the more healthier diet they are also indulging increasingly in gym equipments and crave for the well-shaped body. Here is the most affordable plus trusted brand that offers gym equipments in India at best prices and gives you a whole new experience of working out and setting up your own gym. Contact for further queries.

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Small specialty hospitals and centres are acquiring latest equipment and technology, investing a significant portion of their annual sales in a single machine to specialise in their niche areas in order to attract high-end customers from corporate hospital.

Last month, Delhi-based Bharti Eye Hospital purchased First LenSx Femtosecond Laser costing about Rs 3.5 crore which reduces complications in laser cataract surgeries to almost nil and increasing safety profile significantly.

 Though procedures done using this machine will be three times more expensive than conventional cataract surgeries, Bharti Eye Hospital's medical director Dr Sudhank Bharti is confident that the demand from high-end patients will be enough to recoup investments in the machine within next 3-4 years.

"The pool of patients who want best services with no cost limitation is fast of increasing," he said. In addition, foreign patients, particularly NRIs, will also provide a customer base for this kind of premium surgery. Similarly, MuljiBhai Patel Urological Hospital, a 140-bed charity centre in Nadiad Town of Gujarat, has acquired robotic-assisted surgery equipment, which costs about Rs10 crore.

The hospital's medical director, Dr Mahesh Desai, said the hospital was among the first 10 in the country to get this equipment, when it bought the system about a year and half back, joining the league of corporate heavy weights Apollo Hospitals and Fortis Healthcare.

AIIMS was the first to get this equipment about 5-6 years back, he said. "We provide the best treatment because charity cannot come ahead of life," he said. He declined to share the financial details of the company. According to Johnson & Johnson Medical India Managing Director Vaidheesh A, there is a "new trend" among smaller hospitals in bigger cities to invest in latest medical technologies for niche specialties, partly necessitated due to competition from large corporate hospital chains. Medical Equipment Manufacturer in China

"They need to differentiate themselves with the best technology and equipment to build their practice and reputation," he said. Increased access to health insurance coverage has also enabled patients to seek superior standard of care, which in turn enables hospitals to recover their investments in these high-end technologies, he said.

Medical equipment companies such as Philips and GE have financing arrangements and flexible payment options where hospitals pay part of the money upfront and rest over installments. A doctor, who runs an ENT centre, said for corporate hospitals investing in such costly equipment doesn't make economic sense as they treat fewer patients in these categories.

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There are dozens and dozens of different type of fitness equipment out there so keeping track of them can be quite the task, even for an expert. The constantly influx of new type of innovations and equipment also do not help and can intimidate newcomers to the fitness world. We have compiled a list of the most common terms regarding fitness equipment and break them down to simple to understand, non-jargon explanations. We have also detailed which body part the equipment targets, if applicable. If words like ergometer, P80 console and smith machine baffle you, this list will be your friend. We have gathered up all the fitness equipment names that we could find and we are constantly adding to this list.

Ab Bench

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: abdominals

An ab bench is a fitness bench that is generally at a decline, usually with padded leg rollers to hook your legs or foot around to perform a crunch or sit-up. There are also adjustable versions of these where you can perform different exercises on.

Adjustable Bench

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: N/A

Similar to a flat bench, but they are adjustable to either become a flat bench, an incline bench or a decline bench.


An abbreviation for the Precor AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer) which is an all-in-one elliptical machine. It is able to change strides and adapt to the user without any manual adjustments.Medical Equipment Manufacturers In China

Arc Trainer

Category: Cardio

Body Parts Targeted: hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteus maximus, core (if it includes upper body: triceps, biceps, back)

A cardio machine created by Cybex that closely resembles an elliptical, but the independent floating pedal mechanism further reduces impact on your lower joints.

Assisted Chin Dip

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: triceps, deltoids, pectorals, abdominals, biceps

An assisted chin dip machine is a tower with two protruding rods. Some machines will have the user either kneel or stand on a weighted platform. The user starts with their arms at a 90 degree angle and extends their arms to perform the exercise.

Flat Bench

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: N/A

A flat bench is designed for users to lie flat on top of. It is designed to support users while they are performing bench presses.

FreeMotion Fitness

A fitness equipment manufacturer that produces both strength and cardio equipment. They are best known for their FreeMotion Functional Trainer, which uses pulleys and cables to allow a more dynamic range of motion.

Functional Trainer

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: Entire body

Functional trainers are all-in-one fitness machines that usually look like one large tower. Many of them utilize cables or pulleys in order to accommodate a wide variety of different exercises. Functional trainers target upper body, lower body and the core. The type of exercise varies depending on the model.

Hoist Fitness

Hoist Fitness is a San Diego based company that produces strength-training and indoor cycling products for commercial and home markets.

Incline Bench

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: N/A

A weight bench where the user's head is higher than their legs. Generally used in bench presses and curls.

Weight Bench

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: N/A

A weight bench (sometimes called a fitness bench) is a padded board supported by legs and its primary purpose is for weightlifters to sit or lie down on. There are various types of weight benches, including an incline bench, a decline bench, an ab bench, a preacher curl/curl bench and an Olympic bench.

Advanced Medical Equipment

The Advanced Medical Equipment industry consists of companies engaged in the manufacturing of high-tech medical equipment. The industry includes MRI, PET and CAT scanning diagnostic equipment, Semi-auto Chemistry Analyzer , x-ray, ultrasonic, electro-medical, laser, and other medical machines and equipment, Twelve channel ECG machine,

Twelve channel ECG machine
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We are the leading manufacturer of gym equipment in Jalandhar Punjab India VRL Delhi based company who used to Manufacturer gym equipment at very low cost we Manufacturer gym equipmentGym equipment manufacturer in Hyderabad Delhi Pune Mumbai Gurgaon Himachal Pradesh Shimla Solan Baddi Himachal Pradesh Haryana Jammu and Kashmir Srinagar dal sonmarg Gulmarg Jammu Bari Brahmana Choti Pathankot Amritsar New DelhiWe are the manufacturer of equipment and Gym in LudhianaWe manufacture gym equipment n Ludhiana Amritsar Jalandhar Patiala Bathinda Mohali Hoshiarpur Batala Gurdaspur Pathankot Moga Abohar Fazilka Malerkotla Sangrur khanna Ludhiana Phagwara Kapurthala Muktsar Barnala Rajpura Patiala Ferozepur Kapurthala Chandigarh and all major parts of Punjab
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Syndicate Gym Equipment Manufacturer10824443895?profile=original is One of the most advanced gym equipment manufacturers in India. We are trustworthy fitness machine company manufacturers offering quality Gym equipment in India.Syndicate Gym Equipments Manufacturers are among the leading Manufacturers,Suppliers and Distributors of a wide range of quality hardcore commercial/Gym equipments.These are designed in collaboration with professional exercising experts, professional body builders, health & fitness consultants as well as reputed athletes and engineers, 

for more details visit

E-mail us on :-

Or call us on the number :- 09316970498

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Gym equipment in India - Gym equipment

Quality tested Gym equipment in India with unique design with standard accessories in Punjab .Syndicate gym industries known for commercial grade fitness equipment manufacturer in India 

Multi gyms Prices starts from 2x2 and 4 x 2 pipe

4 station - Rs 18,000

6 station - Rs 22,000

8 station - Rs 32,000

10 station - Rs 42,000

Single stations machine

Butterfly machine Rs 14,000

Bench press machine Rs 14,000

Lats pull down machine Rs 14,000

Contact for more inquiry

Syndicate gym industries

M- 09316970498 ,09803473908

Facebook page : Gym equipment manufacturer syndicate


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Gym Equipment Factory Products in India | Delhi

Large variety range professional commercial Gym equipment in India | Syndicate Gym Industries manufacturer equipment in their factory unit in Punjab Jalandhar .

50000 square feet factory where we manufacturer hi standard quality Full covered 10824437681?profile=original

Visit us or call us : M - )9316970498 , 09803473908

Facebook Page : Gym equipment manufacturer syndicate

Youtube: Syndicate gym

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Syndicate Gym Industries Manufacturer largest manufacturer Commercial Gym Equipment in Punjab. We design Seated chest press in our unit in Jalandhar (Punjab ). we have latest type of machinery that help to produce the Quality Fitness equipment. Plate loaded Chest press in 100 x 50 mm with powder coating with double varnish polish for extra glossy. 

Gym Equipment Catalog.doc


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Syndicate Gym Industries Design Gym equipment manufacturer Punjab , Gym equipment Supplier in Jalandhar with latest design curves in Gym products. Dumbbells manufacturer in Jalandhar and Rubber coated plate manufacturer in Jalandhar India . 

Full Gym setups all over India - More than 300 setups all over India manufacturer and Supplied by Syndicate gym Industries 

Basti nau , Jalandhar '

M-09316970498 , )9803473908

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In India Leading producer Commercial Gym equipment. Custom made Multi gyms with Powder coated . Wide commercial range include treadmills , Cardio equipments. we produce latest Fitness Products in India . Download Gym equipment Price list


Contact : Syndicate gym industries

Basti nau , Jalandhar

Punjab , M-09316970498


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Gym Equipment Manufacturer In India

10824437290?profile=original10824437900?profile=originalSyndicate Gym Equipment Best Quality Fitness Equipment Brand in India for Gym Equipment Exercise Equipment, Health Club Equipment, Multi Gym and Home Gym. Our wide range of Commercial Machine is in demand by our clients. We have workshop with 10,000 square meters at Jalandhar and warehouse-assembly unit in Jalandhar with latest machines that are required to perform various manufacturing process to bring out quality health equipment. Our Hardcore equipment is continuously improved to provide user satisfaction.


0181-4618232, 09316970498

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Seated Row Plate Row - Syndicate Gym Industries

10824437452?profile=originalSyndicate Gym industries manufacturer Seated Row first time in our unit. its a multi color machines we are manufacturing in our unit. Syndicate gym industries manufacturing these fitness equipments and exercise equipments in Jalandhar Punjab. our unit having all latest machines like Pipe Bending machine of Soco, Mig welding of Kemppi Germany, Cnc laser cutting machines, Powder coating plants. These equipments help to improve our Gym equipments better in performance.

L- 0181-4618232, M- 09316970498 

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Lat Pulldown Machine | Syndicate Gym Industries


Syndicate Gym equipments manufacturer commercial gym equipments and fitness equipment in pulldown is as close to free weight pull ups as you can get without actually using free weights! Any strength inequalities between left and right sides will soon be ironed out with this machine. Constructed from 150mm x 50mm box section tubing with 3mm wall thickness. Powdercoated black finish is hard wearing and non marking. Height adjustable seat with ultra tough hard foam pads, 1mm thick synthetic cover. This machine is backed by our lifetime frame guarantee, plus 2 year warranty on all machine parts. Rated for commercial use.

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