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In this blog post, I share on carbohydrate and diet and nutrition for the health and fitness of people in India and worldwide including related to weight loss and gain. Information is from reputed sources and the references are at the end. 

There are four major classes of biomolecules - carbohydrates, proteins, nucleotides, and lipids. Carbohydrates, or saccharides, are the most abundant of the four. 

Carbohydrates have several roles in living organisms, including energy transportation, as well as being structural components of plants and arthropods.

Carbohydrate derivates are actively involved in fertilization, immune systems, the development of disease, blood clotting and development.

They are called carbohydrates because the carbon, oxygen and hydrogen they contain are generally in proportion to form water with the general formula Cn (H2O)n.

Most organic matter on earth is made up of carbohydrates because they are involved in so many aspects of life, including:

Energy stores, fuels, and metabolic intermediaries.

Ribose and deoxyribose sugars are part of the structural framework of RNA and DNA.

The cell walls of bacteria are mainly made up of polysaccharides (types of carbohydrate).

Cellulose (a type of carbohydrate) makes up most of plant cell walls.

Carbohydrates are linked to many proteins and lipids (fats), where they are vitally involved in cell interactions.

Carbohydrates and nutrition

People think of bread, pasta and rice when they think of carbs, but all these foods are rich in carbs too.

Bread, pasta, beans, potatoes, bran, rice and cereals are carbohydrate-rich foods. Most carbohydrate rich foods have a high starch content. Proteins and fats require more water for digestion than carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the most common source of energy for most organisms and animals, including humans.

Carbohydrates are not classed as essential nutrients for humans. We could get all our energy from fats and proteins if we had to. However, our brain requires carbohydrates, specifically glucose. Neurons cannot burn fat.

1 gram of carbohydrate contains approximately 4 kilocalories (kcal)
1 gram of protein contains approximately 4 kcal
1 gram of fat contains approximately 9 kcal

However, proteins are used in both forms of metabolism - anabolism (building and maintaining tissue and cells) and catabolism (breaking molecules down and releasing/producing energy). So, the consumption of protein cannot be calculated in the same way as fats or carbohydrates when measuring our body's energy needs.

Not all carbohydrates are used as fuel (energy). A lot of dietary fiber is made of polysaccharides that our bodies do not digest.

Most health authorities around the world say that humans should obtain 40 to 65% of their energy needs from carbohydrates - and only 10% from simple carbohydrates (glucose and simple sugars).

Should I go for a high-carb or low-carb nutritional approach?

Every couple of decades some 'breakthrough' appears which tells people either to 'avoid all fats', 'avoid carbs', 'you can't go wrong with carbohydrates', etc. Carbohydrates have been and will continue to be an essential part of any human dietary requirement for hundreds of years, unless a fundamental mutation occurs.

The obesity explosion in most industrialized countries, and many developing countries, is a result of several contributory factors. One could easily argue for or against higher or lower carbohydrate intake, and give compelling examples, and convince most people either way.

However, some factors have been present throughout the obesity explosion and should not be ignored:

Less physical activity.

Fewer hours sleep each night. A study published in the journal SLEEP4 identified an association with duration of sleep and obesity in both children and adults.

Higher consumption of junk food.

Higher consumption of food additives, coloring, taste enhancers, artificial emulsifiers, etc.

More abstract mental stress due to work, mortgages, and other modern lifestyle factors. A study by scientists from the US and Slovakia, revealed that neuropeptide Y (NPY), a molecule the body releases when stressed, can 'unlock' Y2 receptors in the body's fat cells, stimulating the cells to grow in size and number

In rapidly developing countries, such as China, India, Brazil, Mexico, obesity is rising as people's standards of living are changing. However, for their leaner nationals of a few decades ago carbohydrates made up a much higher proportion of their diets.

Those leaner people also consumed much less junk food, moved around more, tended to consume more natural foods, and slept more hours each night. Saying that a country's body weight problem is due to too much or too little of just one food component is too simplistic - it is a bit like saying that traffic problems in our cities are caused by badly synchronized traffic lights and nothing else.

It is true that many carbohydrates present in processed foods and drinks we consume tend to spike glucose and subsequently insulin production, and leave you hungry sooner than natural foods would.

The Mediterranean diet of the people in Greece or the island of Corfu, with an abundance of carbohydrates from natural sources plus a normal amount of animal/fish protein, have a much lower impact on insulin requirements and subsequent health problems, compared to any other widespread western diet.

Dramatically fluctuating insulin and blood glucose levels can have a long term effect on your eventual risk of developing obesity, diabetes type 2, heart disease, and other conditions. However, for good health we do require carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates that come from natural unprocessed foods, such as fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and some cereals also contain essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and key phytonutrients.

What happens to sugar levels in the blood?

When we eat food with carbohydrates in them our digestive system breaks some of them down into glucose. This glucose enters the blood, raising blood sugar (glucose) levels. When blood glucose levels rise, beta cells in the pancreas release insulin. Insulin is a hormone that makes our cells absorb blood sugar for energy or storage. As the cells absorb the blood sugar, blood sugar levels start to drop.

When blood sugar levels drop below a certain point alpha cells in the pancreas release glucagon. Glucagon is a hormone that makes the liver release glycogen - a sugar stored in the liver.

In short - insulin and glucagon help maintain regular levels of blood glucose for our cells, especially our brain cells. Insulin brings excess blood glucose levels down, while glucagon brings levels back up when they are too low.

If blood glucose levels are rising too rapidly and too often the cells can eventually become faulty and not respond properly to insulin's "absorb blood energy and store" instruction; over time they require a higher level of insulin to react - we call this insulin resistance.

Eventually, the beta cells in the pancreas wear out - because they have had to produce lots of insulin for many years - insulin production drops and eventually packs in altogether.

Insulin resistance leads to hypertension (high blood pressure), high blood fat levels (triglycerides), low levels of good cholesterol (HDL), weight gain and other diseases. All these illnesses, together with insulin resistance, is called metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome leads to type 2 diabetes.

If over the long-term blood sugar levels can be controlled without large quantities of insulin being released, the chances of developing metabolic syndrome are considerably lower.

Natural carbohydrates, such as those found in fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains, etc., tend to enter the bloodstream more slowly compared to the carbohydrates found in processed foods. Good sleep and regular exercise also help regulate blood sugar and the hormone control.

Carbohydrates which quickly raise blood sugar are said to have a high glycemic index, while those that have a gentler effect on blood sugar levels have a lower glycemic index.

The glycemic index (GI)

Carbohydrates enter the bloodstream as glucose at different rates - high glycemic index (GI) carbohydrates enter the bloodstream as glucose rapidly, while low GI carbohydrates enter slowly because they take longer to digest and break down.

A meal with lower GI carbohydrates will raise your blood glucose levels more slowly, and over a longer period - this is better for long-term health and body weight control.

People who are relatively physically inactive (sedentary), and don't sleep at least 7 hours every night are especially vulnerable to the long-term detrimental effects of regular consumption of high GI carbohydrates.

Low GI carbohydrates have the following benefits:

You are less likely to put on weight

Low glycemic diets may be better for weight loss. A diet of foods less likely to spike blood sugar levels helps dieters lose more weight, according to a systematic review from Australia.

You will have better diabetes control

Your blood cholesterol levels will most likely remain healthy

Your risk of heart disease is lower

It will take longer for you to become hungry after a meal

Your physical endurance will improve

Reducing the risk of colon cancer recurrence - if you have colon cancer, there may be a lower chance of cancer recurrence. Colon cancer survivors whose diet is heavy in complex sugars and carbohydrate-rich foods are far more likely to have a recurrence of the disease than are patients who eat a better balance of foods, according to a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

How can I switch to a low GI lifestyle?

If you eat cereals for breakfast, switch to oats, barley or bran. Make sure the oats are as natural as possible; milling or grinding can ramp up their GI dramatically.

If you eat bread, only consume wholegrain bread.

Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

If you have a fruit juice make sure you eat all of the pulp (the meat of the fruit).

Eat rice with the husk still there (brown rice).

If you eat pasta go for whole grain ones.

Eat plenty of salads.

Cut out all junk foods, processed foods, foods with too many additives (flavorings, emulsifiers, etc).

How processing affects the Glycemic Index of carbohydrates?

Milling and grinding of foods always raise their glycemic index. Unfortunately, the processes often eliminate other nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins, dietary fibers as well, leaving what is often no more than starchy endosperm (the inner part of the seed/grain, mainly starch).

What is the difference between the Glycemic Load and Glycemic Index of a food?

The GI refers just to how quickly a food's broken down glucose enters the bloodstream. This may be misleading sometimes. For example, a melon has a high GI, however most of it is water. The glycemic load (GL) takes into account the GI of the carbohydrate as well as how much carbohydrate that food has.

GL = (GI x amount of carbohydrate) divided by 100.

For example:

An apple has a GI of 40 and contains 15 grams of carbohydrate. GL = (40 x 15) divided by 100 = 6g.

A small baked potato has a GI of 80 and contains 15g of carbohydrate. GL (80 x 15) divided by 100 = 12g.

The GL is a better measure for calculating the metabolic effect of foods - but it may not always lead to best nutrition.

What is the disadvantage of using just the glycemic load?

Dietitians, nutritionists and endocrinologists say that GL is useful for scientists, but GI may be better for lay people, especially those with diabetes. Many low GL foods do not have the right nutrients, such as butter or fatty meats which have the wrong types of fats for good long-term health.

Experts from the University of Sydney's (Home of the Glycemic Index) suggest that lay people should use GI as a tool that allows you to "choose one food over another in the same food group - the best bread to choose, etc." and not to get bogged down with the figures.

Slow carbs matter much more than low carbs. A well balanced diet consisting of good quality foods is as important as physical activity and good sleep.

Physical activity is a key factor in weight control and good long-term health. It is as important as a good diet and good sleep.

Sleeping at least 7 hours each night is as important as a well balanced diet and physical activity.

If you are overweight and you want to lose weight, focusing on slow carbs is useful. A well balanced and nutritional diet, such as the Mediterranean diet, plus good sleep and plenty of physical activity, is much more likely to lead to long-term success and good physical and mental health.


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Why do the top fitness trainers in India try to go abroad for work?

A top fitness trainer of a top international gym in India shared with me that he's going abroad after having done great here and that the level abroad is much ahead of here. Another fitness trainer shared that he lost opportunities because of how the officials here treated him when he was doing well in international competitions.

For health and fitness professionals and businesses

Get found easily on Health Fitness India WEBSITE


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Before I start sharing about why the top trainers in India try to go abroad for work, I thank God and my web design, graphic design, content writing and online marketing client Life Coach Ms. Jasmin Waldmann who's in India (Gurgaon, Delhi and other cities) from Germany adding value to the health and fitness of people including to trainers in India.

Please get value from and please share about Life Coach Ms. Jasmin Waldmann. I've created her site She just messaged me at 4:26pm (15 Jan' 15) "hi. please call me asap. thanks a lot" and today I've been updating this and other pages on my Health Fitness India Network site with my Health Fitness India Directory site and my Google+ and Facebook links. I'm thankful to the best for enabling so much in our world. 

You can see below my LinkedIn article in which I share that God is Amazing and mention 6:24pm and this article is about top fitness trainers in India going abroad and a wonderful international trainer coming to India. Moreover, dad just gave me the newspaper to see the iPhone 5c upgrade offer and my aunt in Switzerland had just called mom about she gifting me a mobile by buying it online. Dad's mobile number has 426 in it! I wish my efforts would also help more and more people in India to learn about health, fitness, beauty, fashion, career, security and more. This is my LinkedIn article

A boy was cycling fast and passed me by while I was walking. It made me think that he would be breathing in air that much more and deeply. Then I thought if he would be taking in harmful to very harmful chemicals in air due to pollution that much more and deeply. This made me think about the top trainers in India that do they take in harmful to very harmful chemicals in air that much more and deeply. You might get value from my LinkedIn article "On India's Republic Day, do you wonder?"

A day after writing above about my aunt calling:


Thank You God for my uncle and aunt who're moving to India after a decade in Switzerland!

They give me much. Yesterday, I had wished them that they would do great!

Today I saw the 10 year graph for Swiss Franc to INR (link below)

19 Jan 2005 00:00 UTC - 16 Jan 2015 09:32 UTC
CHF/INR close:71.09358 low:32.56447 high:75.19262

Difference is of 42.62815 between 10 year low and high.

Yesterday, I had written related to them that God is Amazing and 426.



Kitne Indians jab apna sadna realize kare to bahar jaane ki sochne lage ki apne human potential ko to maximize karun agar kahin aur bhi par apni duniya mein to sahi?

How many Indians when they start realizing that they're rotting that they think about going even if somewhere else in our world to maximize their human potential?

What an advantage! An RJ said this while talking about Nicole Kidman that she has both Australian and US citizenship. This reminded me of a friend who told me that his roommate went to Australia and now has a citizenship there and that he also wants to go abroad. His roommate is doing very well and is now in India getting married.

I shared with him that how many people in Bangalore having several MNCs would be listening to this and would value this like him. He has shared about wanting to go abroad since several years, however, he doesn't make even the basic efforts properly which is to give IELTS like for Canada.

I also told him about a recent news that people in Bangalore on average breathe polluted air as if they had smoked six cigarettes a day and people in Delhi on average breathe polluted air as is if they had smoked twenty cigarettes.

Do you wonder how many graduates from IITs and also those not from IITs try to go abroad sooner or later? Is that also why things are like this because those who're highly aware and care much generally go abroad or else how could the conditions be like this in general?

I also shared with my friend that what would his child in future say about the quality of mother's milk given the harmful chemicals in air, water, food, land and products going into the girls who'll later become mothers? Is this also why even the fitness trainers who I've known and some of them who're seemingly top quality try to go abroad?

I think he can do well abroad and then can also get great reception in India as an NRI like his friend gets according to him. He has around nine years of experience including in TCS about which there was news that the company is letting go of people above eight or so years of experience and so he wants to join another company because of the atmosphere of uncertainty there. I wish him best!

Over the years, some different fitness trainers in India having top certifications including the international ones and having worked at top gyms in India and having several personal training clients in India have shared with me about trying to go abroad for work.

I'll keep sharing in this blog post from experiences with trainers in India trying to go abroad.

18th October 2015: Why Indians want to work abroad? Some different fashion designers working for reputed Indian brands have shared with me how they're not paid or their pay is delayed by months. Is that also why Indians try to study at fashion design colleges abroad so that they might work abroad after that?

Later they can also come to India and even do work at high levels. A major e-commerce company in India has hired their head of products who went abroad and then came to India for this job. I've created the Fashion Designers India site. You can ask me for details.
Also, what about fitness trainers working in India? I've heard from several fitness trainers in India that they're not doing well. Are you a trainer and getting fooled by any fitness certification businesses?
Do you wonder what quality milk and related products you, your mother, child and family in general will have during the great time of Diwali and have been throughout the year? Do you ever check? How to easily check? Can we take things to somewhere nearby and get them checked well? What quality levels do you see of the expensive things got from abroad?

31st October 2014: Some high-quality Indian trainer said why people in India have to bring trainers from abroad to India. Aren't the trainers in India capable enough.

I responded that build valuable relations with (good to great) trainers abroad to bring even higher value to people in India.

The same trainer said that why are several of his experiences negative with people in India.

I responded that harmful chemicals in air, water, food and land could be rotting the people here. I wish our efforts would help to improve things.

29th May 2014: Yesterday someone visited and said ki aap to jaante hai ki hindustan ke log kaise hote hai related to products with harmful chemicals being sold in India. 

I had met him for the first time. He had come to deliver some product of a top international brand. He had shared on a variety of products sold in India related to harmful chemicals. 

I wondered that what were his experiences that he said such a thing and that how many others would also say such a thing. Is this also because of the mother's milk that Indians are drinking that Indian people think and say about Indian people like this? 

Indian suar, kutte ya sher ke bare mein kaha hota to samajh mein aata ki shayad woh aise hai kyunki woh janwar hai, lekin insaan ke bare mein bhi aisa general mein kaha. I'm sure there would be better people also, however, still how many Indian people would be getting milk of mother's tested since harmful chemicals in air, water, food and land would be harming that milk and then the Indian people since they're babies. 

Suaron ke group mein to sher jaisa hona bhi na samajh mein aaye lekin insaan to duniya ke best se easily seekh sakta hai aur apne aap se bhi seekh sakta hai. Mere kitne relatives aur jaan pehchan ke hain jo ki India mein very senior to top reach karne ke baad abroad jaa rahe hain. I wish ki woh aur Indian logo ko bhi sikhate honge ki best kaise hai aur best kaise bane. 

Next generations mein kitne Indians sochenge ki maa ka doodh hi achcha hota to kitna achcha hota. Yeh to insaan hi soch sakta hai, na hi suar aur na hi sher. I wish us best.

Hence also I think that the top Indian fitness professionals are getting international certifications and also trying to work abroad because more people in India might value it.

25th May 2014: When girls in India start drinking mother's milk then do they start becoming inferior from their initial human potential and does that make them suffer even more in life due to harmed mind and body?

21st May 2014: Fitness trainers who work at places without uniform air cooling risk their health. Do you realize what can happen to the health by working out and body getting hot and then quickly going to a much cooler area and this happening several times in a day? Sudden change from hot to cold can harm health. "Eye infections, respiratory infections and muscular spasms are caused by this change in temperature," Dr Shah said.

19th May 2014: I'll share the details later. First, I'll share in brief. I asked a trainer that why doesn't his employer who has the contract to manage the gym gives him some gym t-shirts so that he can be a lot more comfortable doing his workout and work. This trainer seems to sweat much when he works out and his non-gym t-shirts seem to make it much worse for him. This can be an issue at the lower-end gyms in India where there's no standard apparel provided by the gym for the trainers and the trainers might not know well enough about the gym t-shirts to buy themselves.

There can also be issues faced by the trainers at the higher-end gyms which can eventually make the top trainers want to go abroad unless they start their own business in India and also do well. Of course, there would be good gyms here too, however, how many of them keep losing their top trainers who generate the highest revenues for the gym? A gym or fitness center will have to do increasing well to retain their top employees. If you require professional assistance in this regard then you can also ask me. 

I've heard great things about experiences abroad from the top certified and experienced trainers in India who've traveled to or even worked abroad. I'm not saying that a fitness trainer can't have great experience in India, however, how many of the top fitness trainers in India working as employees think that they're having the best experience that there can be for them. Also, is it because the employers of fitness professionals in India just can't do enough to retain them or don't want do what's required for any number of reasons?

Today I wore my site embroidered cap to the gym. The trainer who I mentioned above said that the people abroad have such good bodies on which I responded that if his conditions like air, water and food were as great then he would also be much better by doing the same amount of workout which he does now. Moreover, he'll be able to do even more in the same amount of time when the environment would be much better. He also tried to share with me something about front dumbbell raise shoulder exercise which I thought was more of textbook knowledge than the experience of getting a more diverse workout while keeping the workout safe. Although, I'm thankful to him to share with me his thoughts which I think he did for the first time ever about my workout.

I think that almost every trainer who has been at this gym has asked me that from where to buy sports shoes, track pants, and gym t-shirts and he also asked today. He also mentioned about my cap which says my site. Today I wore it for the first time and got it recently embroidered with my site. I told him that there's a large building next to Mandi House metro station where he can get such items at reasonable prices. I thought that it wouldn't make sense to share shops that sell such items for much higher prices. I also said that I'm trying to start custom printing of t-shirts and if it happens then his employer can buy from me gym t-shirts branded with company or gym name or anything else.

Also, if you know from where people can buy fitness apparel at lower prices then share with me and I'll share it here.

If you are a fitness trainer, nutritionist, dietitian, martial art instructor, aerobics instructor, dance teacher, yoga teacher, Kettlebell trainer, CrossFit trainer, TRX trainer, BOSU trainer, ViPR trainer, gym, fitness center, a shop selling fitness t-shirts, track pants, shoes, protein supplements or anything else related to health and fitness or doing anything related to health and fitness then also register free in the Health and Fitness India Directory on

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A part of alternative medicine for hundreds of years, detoxification is about resting, rejuvenating and nourishing the body from the inside out. Given today’s toxic world, it is imperative to give the system a shine from the inside every once in a while. And Cleanse High, a nutritional organic liquid cleanse, has made this easier than ever before. We talk to Sindura Borra to learn more.

CLEANSE HIGH DETOX is a nutritional liquid cleanse that will clean your digestive tract in 8 vitamin-rich beverages (each day) made from whole, organic fruits and vegetables, herbal teas, raw nuts, fresh herbs and spices.

Cleansing is definitely a rejuvenating experience. However, it’s good to recognize the following signs of detoxification – as you may experience one or more of these:
Headaches, Bad Breath, Bowel Irregularity, Skin Breakouts, Fatigue, Irritability

To keep the body feeling good during the cleanse, it’s recommended to:

  • Rest and Relax. Plan for a less productive day.
  • Drink Plenty of Water. one full glass in between every two beverages.
  • Keep Exercise Short, Light and Low-Impact
  • Get Good Night Sleep

Whether you are starting a DETOX with Cleanse High, or just need to hit the reset button, our one-on-one nutritional care will help you be on the right track.

Luke Coutinho,is a Leading nutritionist, Health and Lifestyle Coach, author and motivational speaker who practices in the field of nutrition, health, preventive and alternative treatment. His workshops speak on topics related to health, nutrition, lifestyle and disease.

Luke designs customized food plans to combat Obesity | Weight gain | Diseases | Cancer | Hair & Skin | General well being and uses a 'coaching method' to help one achieve their goals.

If you've been experiencing any of the following symptoms 

  • Tired                   
  • Sluggish
  • Stressed
  • Minor  Aches and Pains
  • Digestive or Elimination lrregularities
  • Struggle to Lose Unwanted Pounds

For Consultation & Details write to us

Weight Loss & Diet Plans

Our beverages are ready-to-use and door delivered, so all our clients need to do is substitute them for the day’s solid food and consume them in the order  that’s specified. It’s that easy!

Place your order on

Phone - 800.869.8686

reach us,

Plot 658, Ayappa society, Madhapur, Hyderabad. PIN: 500081


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Detox for a Healthy Insides - CleanseHigh

CLEANSE HIGH is a nutritional ORGANIC LIQUID CLEANSE made from whole organic fruits and vegetables, herbal teas, raw nuts, fresh herbs and spices.
It will bathe your digestive tract in minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients. while you are on a Fast.

Good Nutritional Help & Fitness Regime Tailor Made for Your Health is Very Essential and as Rare. Fortunately We Met LUKE COUTINHO, a Leading nutritionist, Health and Lifestyle Coach who practices in the field of nutrition, health, preventive and alternative treatment.
Cleanse High Work was much appreciated and thanks to him, he happily agreed to Join our Board as Head Nutritionist.

If you Party like a Rockstar, we will help you recover like one. Nutrient Rich Hangover Kit Freshly Made on Order & delivered.

For every party there's a price to pay, and that's Hungover Sunday, or even worse if Monday!
After a crazy night you need a cure that calms, soothes, and relaxes your stomach, works wonders on headaches and indigestion. Alcohol is diuretic, you lose a lot of vitamins and nutrients,during a night on the town.

Cleanse High Hangover Kit will help your body rebound, reduce alcohol toxins & ease your hangover the right way.
Damage Control Taken Care Of

Good Body = Clean Food
Let's work towards a beautiful body.
Step 1: 3Day Detox to cleanse your body .
Step 2: Tailored good food plan to suit your weight / health goals.
Step 3: Tailored exercise regime.
Step 4: Dedication.

Love to help :

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Kettlebell India Certified Fitness Trainers List

These certified kettlebell fitness trainers in India are getting found more and more !!!

Names & Links

Abhinav Malhotra (site designed by me)

Dr. Nikhil Lad

Annie Sharma IKFF Workshop Certificate

For kettlebell videos and articles of mostly women and some men trainers:

I'll start soon a separate blog post focused on male kettlebell trainers in our world.


Contact me Shakti on Google+ LinkedIn Facebook HFIN

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As a sports player, if you're not marketed well by your coach or manager then you could be missing wonderful opportunities which you deserve including sponsorship and jobs. 

A senior sports coach in India said that when someone would win a medal then they'll do marketing. I said that sports players should be marketed from the start like when the players participate in small sports events.

This way the coaches and the managers would help the careers of sports players because when the sports activities of the players would be publicized regularly then more people could learn about the sports players and which could help the sports players to get sponsorship and also more motivation if the player starts to grow a fan following.

Moreover, this would help the sports players to get other jobs later if they'll have much of their sports details online because people with jobs would be able to find them better.

This would also help the sport because the new people wanting to join it would see that they'll have much better support from coaches and manager for their careers. 

If you're a sports player, coach or manager and want to do much better marketing then you can get professional inputs from me. I can share with you free to very affordable options to better meet your marketing goals.

Contact me Shakti Saran Google+ LinkedIn Facebook HFIN

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Peanut Butter
Besides being packed with protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Peanut butter is the muscle-building food that is also known to help support the repair of muscles after injury.

Cold water fish
When it comes to getting lean and packing on the muscle, cold water fish swims far ahead of its competitors. The fish is extremely high in protein. Another plus that will get you hooked is that the fats found in fish are healthier compared to other protein counterparts, chicken and beef.

Can we say any more about this bodybuilding bird that has become a gym rat's best friend? Chicken has a good protein-to-fat ratio. chicken breast is approximately 200 calories, 20 g of protein and only two grams of fat. It's one of the most versatile foods for salads, wraps, sandwiches or even on it's own. Whatever your fitness goal, this bird has got you covered.

These quick and easy treats are staples to the any fitness meal regimen. They are loaded with approximately 7 grams of protein at the very low cost of only 60 calories per medium-sized egg. It's also important to note that eggs are high in BCAAs, which aids in muscular growth and development. Be sure to include a few of these in your daily dietary arsenal.

Broccoli has more vitamin C than an orange and contains high amounts of antioxidants that will help to repair your muscles and bulk up your immune system. It also contains phytochemicals which have anti-estrogen properties that help lower estrogen levels, increase testosterone and help fight off body fat storage.

Beef is a tried and true go-to among those looking to add size to their frame, while simultaneously staying lean. Approximately 100 grams of beef contains 30 grams of high quality protein and is a strong source of creatine and L-carnitine, which have both been shown to boost cardiovascular health and aid in muscle growth. You wonder why gym goer's have been coined "meatheads." But before you run to your local butcher, take these quick tips: Always ask to have your meat wrapped in paper as opposed to plastic and opt for the leanest cuts such as top round and flank steak.

Mens Fitness.

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