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Skipping / Jumping Ropes

Bhalla International Vinex is one of the world's leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of vast range of high quality Skipping / Jumping Ropes. We are manufacturing and supplying PVC and Cotton Skipping Ropes. It's an economical, portable, and effective way to daily workout and help players to increase their strength, flexibility and muscle tone. Vinex Skipping Ropes are made using premium quality raw material and available in assorted colors and sizes. To know more details about Vinex Skipping / Jumping Ropes, please visit us at - or call us at +91-121-2441111

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Vinex Gym and Fitness Accessories

Take your routines workout to the next level with Vinex Gym and Fitness Accessories. We at VINEXSHOP.COM are Offering a great discount on Gym and Fitness Accessories like Push Up Bar, Waist Twister, Tummy Trimmer, Muscle Builder, Chin - Up Bar, Medicine Ball, Kettlebell, Power Grip, AB Roller, Gloves, Ankle Weights, Resistance Trainer, Exercising Tube, Weight Lifting Belt and much more. For more detail our products and services, please visit us at or call us at +91-121-2441111 or 08126110505
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To get a perfect smile, the use of correct orthodontic appliance is essential. What if something is invisible that fits on your teeth well and it doesn’t make you feel odd as well. Invisalign are invisible aligners that care made of thermoplastic material and these are uniquely developed for every patient as per their teeth sequence. This offers the patient more comfort and it seems like teeth whitening trays. 

Primary benefits and why its better?

Though there are many options to straighten your teeth, invisalign is the best way to straighten your teeth. It offers high level of comfort, convenience and confidence to the patient. The best part about using this particular aligner is that, it will not interfere with the quality of your lifestyle and give you extreme comfort. It will also have a positive impact about how you look and feel about yourself.

As these aligners are invisible no one will even notice them. It is a seamless fit and can be are removable as well. For getting good results of the treatment, one must wear these aligners for 20 to 22 hours, but you may remove them while sleeping, eating and drinking. You can also remove them when you brush or floss, so the oral hygiene can be maintained. Unlike traditional aligners which are fixed using metal wires invisalign aligners will not cause irritation.  Moreover, you can see the virtual results of the treatment plan before beginning with the treatment that how your straightened teeth will look. Thus, you will able to understand how it works for you.

Taking the treatment:

Firstly you should fix an appointment with the invisalign provider and the doctor will discuss your case in detail. They will address the case from simple to complex and determine whether these aligners are a right choice for you.

If the treatment is good for you, the doctor may ask you to visit the clinic every 4 to 6 weeks to check whether your treatment is progressing or not. Depending on the treatment, the need of attachments or ridges will be specified by the doctor. This are fixed to achieve the desired teeth movement.

In the beginning of the treatment you may face some type of discomfort because the aligners will be moving your teeth to the final destination. It won’t be painful, but a little discomfort for few days you may have to encounter.

Other precautions:

Do not smoke when the aligners are on as these may be discolored. Drink alcohol in moderation and do not chew gum. For brushing, flossing and eating always take out the aligners. Do not sleep with the aligners on and these will never fall from your mouth. These will be fixed firmly allowing you to smile freely each time you wear it.

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Plastic surgeries are basically medical specializations concerned with activities of restoration or correction of functions and forms.  Cosmetic surgeries are the most popular variety of this form of surgery and within this sub category it is probably the transplantation of hairs that people goes with the maximum of counts.

Transplanting hair is the process wherein the hair follicles get shifted to the areas that have sparse hairs. These follicles are generally fetched from the backward areas of the skull and are lesser sensitive to hormones. This shifting is done purely in surgical ways. The concept on which the entire procedure is based is the probability of the hair roots that get to shift from the back portion of the skull might start to grow up at their new location with the passage of a certain span.

The probable reasons to baldness

These days, the problem with baldness is very common among people. Either for the effects of the water that people bath with or that group of individuals who perspire a lot, are prone to get bald at unusual times. Even people in very early stages of life get the hairs on their head to sparse up. Yet another major reason that is making baldness a very common problem is that of the driving helmets. As the majority of people drives the motorcycle, they are compelled to put on the driving helmet while to ride it. It causes the rate of sweating to go up profusely and the affect is that the hairs start falling off at rapid place. Yet another major reason is the mal nutrition that marks the falling of hairs at rapid pace. All these reason combine to leave the people with a bald head somewhere at the peak period of their life.

The negative effects of baldness

These days the level of competition is very high on all walks of life, the appearance and the look of an individual’s matters a lot. The severe affect of baldness can make a person to cut a very sorry figure in these quotients. Baldness generally makes a young person to look much older in age and often he get to tease by others. This affects his confidence and esteem in severe ways that it becomes really tough for him to retain those necessary factors for success. The consequence is that the individual get to develop an inferiority complex in him after which he finds the advancement in life almost impossible.

Fortunately, these people can see up some hopes with the evolution of the hair transplantation techniques and the gradual development in it.  People seeking for hair transplant in Delhi can now avail the availability of numerous specialized clinics that works on this cause.

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Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital And Research Centre Invites you to a Seminar on School Psychiatry Supported by The Bombay Psychiatric Society on Wednesday, 13th January, 2016 between 09:00 am to 04:30 pm at Convention Centre, Level 1, Kapol Niwas.



9.00 am to 9.30 am
Registration Welcome Note Lamp Lighting Hospital A/V

10.00 am to 10.30 am
Attention Deficit Disorders

10.30 am to 11.00 am
Learning Disabilities

11.00 am to 11.30 am

11.30 to 12 noon
Oppositional Defiant Disorder

12 noon to 12.30 pm
Use of Psychiatric Testing in schools

12.30 pm to 1:00 pm
Occupational Therapy in Schools

1.00 pm to 1.30 pm
Question and Answer Session

1.30 pm to 2.15 pm

2.15 pm to 2.45 pm
Depression and Bipolar Disorder in Children

2.45 pm to 3.15 pm
Anxiety Disorders in Children

3.15 pm to 4.00 pm
Substance Disorder in Children

4.00 pm to 4.30 pm
Question and Answer Session

FOR COMPLIMENTARY REGISTRATION & INQUIRIES Call/Message: Atish Shelar on 9930228809 or eMail: rfh.eventdesk®

EMERGENCY NO.: 022-61305005

Address: Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital a Research Centre, Prarthana Samaj, Girgaon, Mumbai - 400 004

TOLL FREE NO.: 1800221166

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hardcore gym equipments manufacturers in india

In this new era everyone wants to be   fact so we introduce our company as a leading manufacturer of gym equipment health equipment we manufacture hardcore gym equipments like Smith machine with counter weight Lat pulldown seated leg curl extension, Lat pulldown double wide with 80 kg weight stack, Shoulder Press , PEC deck flyes with rear delt Seated tricep extension  play type dumbbell commercial treadmills selected all stations vibrators massages commercial gym plates home gym

Anson Sports gym equipment manufacturer in India and we also manufacture gym equipments in Delhi our industry Was established in 1985 in Jalandhar Punjab India we are known as leading gym equipment manufacturer in India Punjab Jalandhar Ansal Sports Company is engaged in manufacturing of gym machines with the Rapid response rate in this ever increased market demands especially designed buy professionally   skilled experts professional bodybuilders and other fitness consultants around the world and also reputed athletes and professional fitted with bodybuilding experts we believe in our design and manufacture and give you the best gym equipment   to our whole country customers

Anson Sports is committed with the complaint issue of buyers through which we provide best gym equipment at very low prices all over in India to our customers

we are Very proud of US that we manufacture Universal kind of gym equipments ,Our company management believes in bonding of long term business relations with our customers in our country or abroad,  V8 Anson Sports engage in manufacturing gym equipments health equipments ground equipments at very low rate in this competitive market With creating a unique position in global fitness industry

we have a well furnished factory when fully equipped Hitech machines proper grade raw materials powder coating plants bending machines, labour equipped with Hitech machines and proper training and our manufacturing unit is situated at Basti Nau Jalandhar Punjab India

now  we're fully ready to supply and to manufacture any demand of gym equipments for our leading customers in our industry,We have got very nice infrastructure to manufacture gym equipments that gives us strength to  satisfy all the demands of the customer and there ever growing requirements Anson Sports promise you to gives your fitness level an extreme level with your goals and lifestyle

the company is also known for making hardcore gym equipments manufacturer that is also a member of all India sports goods association and sports industry in Jalandhar ,We at Ansal Sports employed with highly skilled professionals to meet every customer personal attention and requirement, the complete process of production from raw material to finished goods is undertaken by the quality management team  and I was MD Mr Varun Anand, our MD Mr Varun Anand  which is very fond of fitness equipments has gained A Remarkable reputation and position of anson sports  in this  latest era of fitness equipment industry,  he has a Moto Orange dream in his life that everyone has to be fit


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Dubai is a charming destination that attracts many tourists every year, but it is also an ideal destination for the best orthodontic treatment. A lot of people are hesitant to smile freely because of discolored teeth. They seek for brighter and whiter teeth for which the Teeth whitening Dubai treatment is quite popular. It is also a safe process. Teeth whitening is all about bleaching the teeth to make it lighter and it can also lighten the present color with the help of existing shades.

Why Dubai?

The Teeth whitening Dubai treatment is ideal for those who want bright and white teeth. Teeth whitening should only be done by an experienced dentist who is a professional as this may put your dental health at risk. In Dubai, the doctors will closely examine the teeth and see if you are capable to go for teeth whitening. They will not put your dental or oral health at risk and will highlight the complications if any. Complications may arise only in rare situations but Dubai doctors will always let the patient know the complete detail before they pursue with the teeth whitening procedure.

People should avoid going to salons or taking home whitening dental kits as these can include a lot of risk. The teeth should be examined by a professional dentist only to get best results.

The process:

For teeth whitening, there are two most suitable procedures offered for best results. Firstly you can choose for the home treatment where you would need to wear the light weight custom made trays with bleaching gel on your teeth everyday for 30 to 60 minutes every day for two to three weeks. Secondly you can choose laser whitening or zoom where zoom uses the light activated agent with hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel. In this process the light will shine on the teeth for 15 minutes and you would need to do 4 sittings in this. The total number of sittings can be completed within a day.

The other process is laser whitening but instead of light, laser is used for whitening the teeth and the process will take around 30 minutes to complete. Those patients who want Teeth whitening Dubai treatment completed within a few hours instead of wearing the trays can go for this treatment. The results will be same and you will get to see that the Dubai hospitals have a comfortable and relaxing environment where the treatment will take place and after a few hours you will be able to return home. The treatment is of high quality and doctors offers promising results. The treatment cost is also very nominal. So, fix an appointment today with the dentist in Dubai and enjoy white teeth without any risk.

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What to Eat for a Stronger Immune System


The right foods can prevent you from getting sick and help you recover quicker if you do fall ill. Here's how to build a strong immune system and help your body fight off the bad guys.

You got sneezed on in the subway. Coughed on in the coffee shop. Your colleagues keep coming to work when they should be calling in sick. And your kids are bringing home illnesses you never even heard of. How the heck are you supposed to stay healthy?

It might seem like seasonal illness is out of your control. And, yeah, sometimes, sick happens. But you have more power than you think.

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Your immune system is an incredible thing. The bacteria in your gut is actually a powerful army willing to fight on your behalf, but only if you feed them properly. And if you do get sick, certain foods can help you recover quicker. What you eat today can determine whether or not you get sick tomorrow.

immune system

Here's how to build a strong immune system and help your body fight off the bad guys.

The immune system is your best line of defense.
OK, gang, it's time to layer on the armor and bolster our defenses. (And I'm not just talking about scarves and winter coats, though those are probably good to have around too.) To stay healthy, energetic and sick-day-free, we have to strengthen our immune systems.

Here's how the immune system works: Our body's battle for immunity begins in the mouth. Bet you didn't know that your saliva contains powerful antimicrobials like lysozyme, alpha-amylase and lactoferrin.

Any germs that sneak past those will confront our stomach's hydrochloric acid.

Then, should they survive, they'll go up against the proteins and chemical compounds in our digestive system that break down bad bacteria.

Finally, our own personal good bacterial population goes to work. They prevent bad bacteria from entering our bloodstream or taking root in our small intestine and colon. Those good bacteria are called probiotics. Think of them as an army against illness.

Feed your bacteria army.
The GI tract comprises over 70 percent of the immune system. That's home to our good gut bacteria, which fight off a whole lot of yucky stuff.

If you want those bacteria to work for you, you've got to feed 'em. They love to chow down on nutrient-dense, fiber-rich whole foods. But processed foods, fats and sugars? Not so much. That's why a balanced whole-foods diet is your best insurance against all kinds of viruses and infections.

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In other words, if your diet is lousy, you'll get sick more often and stay sick for longer. Eating poorly while you're sick will only make you sicker. Good nutrition, on the other hand, enables your body to deliver a swift roundhouse kick straight to those germy invaders.

Prebiotics and probiotics.
Want a ready-to-roll squadron of healthy bacteria? Here's how to keep the soldiers well fed.

Prebiotics (aka bacteria food) help nourish our good microbial friends. Essentially, prebiotics are a form of semi-digestible fiber. You should get at least two to three servings of prebiotic-rich foods each day (more if you're unhealthy and need extra support from your gut flora).

Some of the best whole-food sources of prebiotics are:

* Vegetables: asparagus, garlic, Jerusalem artichokes, leeks and onions
* Carbs: barley, beans, oats, quinoa, rye, wheat, potatoes and yams
* Fruits: apples, bananas, berries, citrus fruits, kiwifruit
* Fats: flaxseed and chia seeds

You can also take a prebiotic supplement. Just remember, supplements are exactly that -- an addition to the real foods you're eating, not a replacement for them.

Meanwhile, probiotics (the bacteria themselves) help us stay healthy and recover faster once we get sick.

If you're healthy, aim for one to two servings of probiotic-rich foods each day (more if you are trying to prevent or alleviate a medical problem).

Some of the best whole-food sources of probiotics are:

* Dairy: yogurt, cheese and kefir with live and active cultures
* Fermented vegetables: pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi
* Fermented soy: miso, tempeh
* Miscellaneous: soy sauce, wine, kombucha

You can also take a probiotic supplement to give your healthy gut bacteria an extra helping hand -- just check with your doctor first. Eating lots of prebiotics and probiotics will help you fight off viruses and bacterial infections. But even the healthiest diet can't protect you from every invader. Sometimes we just get sick.

How to get un-sick.
We've been told a million times there's no cure for the common cold. But is there a way to at least speed up recovery when we're sick? As a matter of fact, there is. Certain foods can help you kick that crummy feeling quicker. For example:

Garlic: It acts as an antibiotic and lessens the severity of colds and other infections.

Chicken soup: Yep, chicken soup actually works. It provides fluids and electrolytes and may contain anti-inflammatory properties that decrease cold symptoms. You have to eat real chicken soup though -- the kind you make from simmering a chicken carcass -- not the kind from a can.

Green tea: It boosts the production of B cell antibodies, helping us rid ourselves of invading pathogens.

Honey: It has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and helps suppress coughs. A few teaspoons in a cup of green tea are all you need.

Elderberries: These have antiviral properties and are loaded with phytonutrients. Elderberry extract may reduce the duration of colds and other upper respiratory tract infections.

What about "feed a cold, starve a fever"?
Should we really fast while feverish? While there could be a degree of truth to the old saying, our bodies are complicated. Science hasn't given us a firm, one-size-fits-all answer yet.

Here's all you really need to know: Listen to your body. Our own appetite cues probably give us the clearest picture of what we should eat (or avoid eating) when we're sick.

For example, very few of us want to eat when suffering from influenza or gastroenteritis. That's because flu-like bugs and bacterial infections create inflammation that leads to appetite suppression. So, if your body's telling you not to eat, you should probably listen.

What are you eating most of the time?
It's cool to think about the power of specific foods, but if you really want to give your immune system a boost, consider how you eat most of the time. For example:

* How much are you eating? Consistently over- or undereating could compromise how the immune system responds to invaders. If your diet is broken, it's time to fix it.

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* What's your fat intake like? Chowing down on an abundance of fats (especially saturated fats and omega-6 fatty acids) could harm your gut and compromise your immune system. On the other hand, a moderate intake of healthy fats, such as nuts, olive oil and avocados, can supply a good source of vitamin E, which may help minimize your risk of influenza and respiratory infections.

Hooked on sugar? Added sugars and high-glycemic-load diets may reduce white blood cell function and encourage inflammation, damaging your overall immune system.

* Getting enough protein? On the other hand, dietary protein insufficiencies and/or depletions in iron and zinc may lower overall immunity. In general, one palm-size portion of protein for women and two palm-size portions for men should be included at each meal.

* Are you eating the rainbow? Lots of fruit and vegetables are needed to get the vitamins and minerals your immune system needs. That includes iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, selenium, copper, folic acid and vitamins A, C, D, E, B6 and B12. So, boys and girls, do what your mother told you and eat your veggies.

Remember: An overall, healthy balanced diet that supports your immune system is your best bet to avoid getting sick in the first place.

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Plastic surgery happens to be the medical specialty that is concerned with the objective to restore or correct the forms of the human body and the functions related to it. Cosmetic surgery is the most popular form of plastic surgery tough there are several categories of surgeries that comes within this heading. Plastic surgeries often include various forms of microsurgery, reconstructive surgeries and several other forms to treat ailment like severe burns.

This article shall discuss to some extent the most popular forms of plastic surgery in Delhi that the people there can opt for

Surgeries for reconstructive objectives

This form of plastic surgery gets performed to readdress functional impairments that might be the results of burns.  Traumatic injuries, like the breaks and the factures of the facial bone also comes within this category. Apart, congenital and development abnormalities can also be attempted for re orientation through this route. These surgical activities are usually attempted to improve and enhance the functioning of the damaged body parts. In some cases, for bringing back the affected organs to its normal appearance, the surgeons go for the reconstructive surgeries.

The removal of the tumors are the most common example to this surgical attempts, apart from cases like laceration repair, surgeries on the hands, repairing scar marks that can be treated with it as well. The formation of the outer ears for burnt out patients happens to be yet another milestone that the success of this surgery have got crowned with. Last but not the least, the reconstructive surgery can equally fit to the breast alterations purpose where it had benefited millions of ladies worldwide.

Cosmetic surgery

Aesthetic surgery is involved with the techniques meant for the betterment of one’s look and appearance. Specifically, it comes of higher utilities if one has to restore his normal look or should he desire to retain a younger look compared to the actual age. People associated with the media or the glamour world, becomes compelled to go for this surgery often as the way they look matters with these professionals. Tough the expenses involved are of higher ranges, people who can afford them probably do not think twice to go for it.

Apart from the ones discussed above, there are several modifications and manifestation of this form of plastic surgery, the purpose and objective for which is complete different from each other. Budding surgeons, these days, very often specializes on this niche surgical skills as they get better career potentials doing so. However, to establish as a reputed and distinguished caliber of plastic surgeon one has to spent several of years in trade to get the real time feeling of the probable dynamism that lies within this gamut.

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